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A few of my favorites are Brambleberry. I encourage you to use a lye calculator super easy and make your own. I do not recommend the mixes. I have found them to be very irritating and no better than over the counter otc soap. Sometimes you find amazing things in funky stores like the dollar store, discount food stores, just have to do a little "shopping" and research. I use just plain coconut oit as lotion and even to tame fly aways on my hair! It is the best body lotion I have ever used - and you can cook with it too! I get essential oils and shea butter at the health food store.

You can get glycerine soap and beeswax at HobbyLobby. You may also be able to get these at the health food store but I know they are less expensive at HobbyLobby. Where do you purchase the ingredrients for all of these? The oils, shea butter, glycerin soap, bees wax etc. I have no clue where to start looking for these items. I know the salt, baking soda, corn starch stuff like that but, I don't think I'd find the others in Safeway etc, Yeah I'm a guy but, I am interested in learning how to do it.

Do you mix the baking soda with water?? And do you mix the vinegar with water?? Have any of you tried no poo? Not shampooing at all? I know it sounds gross but I have not shampooed my hair in three years and it is better than ever. I have very thick, hard to manage hair and I used to use all types of products in it. My daughter told me about going "no poo" and I tried it. I rinse my hair with 1 T baking soda and then rinse with 1 T cider vinegar. My hair now needs no product and I have not spent money on products. Also, it is healthier because your hair is not in a cycle of being stripped of natural oils from shampooing.

My son in law no longer has dandruff since going no poo. I noticed a lot of people wanting Lye-free alternatives in the archived comments. You can use Soapwort or Soapnuts to make liquid soaps. You don't get the foam that you do from sulfates, but you can use a foaming pump that is supposed to help a bit if you feel you can't live without the suds.

This has been so helpful!! I'm giving up all my traditional beauty products to go all natural and all homemade in six months, and I just recently made my own lotion - http: I'm thinking it was my mistake, though Gonna give it another try! It was from the -happy-homesteader section. I have been thinking about making our own soaps and this article really pushes for trying it. Does anyone know which place or places are best for purchasing the ingredients pertaining to quality and price?

I recently have become addicted to making soap. I was able to use my local library for find a book detailing how to make soap in the crockpot. I have made a Castile soap olive oil, lye and water which turned out well, and a couple of batches of lard based lard, canola oil, lye and water soap. All have been great to use, and give to friends and familes as gifts. The first one I had purchased years ago at Goodwill. It lasted through the second batch of soap before I burned the motor out. The second melted the plastic casing in my hand as I was using it.

A stick blender makes getting to trace much easier than hand stirring, which can take up to 2 hours. Etta, for your shampoo bar, you said to use 3 lbs cold, distilled water. Is this tap water 55 to 65F; well water 50 to 55F? Thanks so much, Bill. I hope I am not posting the same thing twice! I have been making soap for about 14 years now.

We do not use expensive additives like cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil etc. Our soap is made of pure Olive Pomace Oil, sometimes with beeswax and always fragranced with pure essential oils.

If you use beeswax, it speeds up tracing time quite a bit, but the temperatures have to be adjusted. For g of Olive Oil, I use g Beeswax and add about ml of essential oils at trace. I allow the block to cure for about a week or two before cutting into loaves and then bars. I then let them cure and dry so that they are about 2 months old when wrapping.

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Use a stick blender to bring the oils to trace. Otherwise you will stir till you are old and grey. Have a look at http: Your magazine is excellent,and I enjoy it very much, but when I print any of your article the font is too small. I would to see if the font can be made a little bigger for printing. I just made goat milk lotion, and it was great until it soured! Sorry about the last post not being very clear. I'm asking about the shampoo recipe - do you make it like you would make cold process soap?

Etta Perry; Do you make this like you make cold process soap? I'm new to this so I'm sorry if this is a "newby" question.

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I learned to make soap about 10 years ago. Soon after I learned how to make beer. It's an easy process. Well worth the time. And, you know exactly what is in it. I made a shampoo bar several years ago and am looking for my recipe to make it again. My only caution for soap making is working with the lye. It burns the skin and isn't so pleasant in the nose if you stick your head over the pot of lye water. It can take a while to cure.

Recipes to Make Your Own Soap, Lotion and More

If you use it too soon, it will still have too much water in it and won't last long. Hey there all, When I was up visiting a dear friend who was ill in my old stomping grounds of B'ham, Washington, I took beginning and intermediate soap making classes! It was fun, I learned a lot, and found that home made soap is the feline's vocalization! I'd subscribe again in a heart beat! If you have a penchant for quality coffee information go to: I took two Soap Making classes while visiting my old stomping grounds in B'ham, Washington.

Dearly loved both classes and I look forward to making my first batch of Black Bear and Grizzly Bear soaps.

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It's fun, economical and undermines the mass produced junk that ruins more skin than helps. This is the recipe that I have used for shampoo for 2 years. I have not bought shampoo or conditioner in 2 years. I have several people that buy this bar from me. The final product, that soap, contains no lye and is safe to use. Hi Linda, According to Berthold-Bond's book, the deodorant can be stored indefinitely in a glass jar with a screw top - no need to refrigerate it.

As for the essential oil, use a few drops per ounce of baking soda. Is there another way to make soap????????? How many drops of oil do I add to the deodorant recipe? And how long will the recipe last. Should I store it in the fridge once its in a paste form. Or, maybe I could store the dry ingredients and add the oil before applying. You could use a new clean spoon every time and just dab it on. Thanks to everyone for sharing their wonderful recipes!

Regarding shampoo, I've been using the following recipe to make shampoo for my kids: An easy shampoo recipe. In a spray bottle, mix together one part aloe gel to two parts liquid castile soap. Add a few drops jojoba or olive oil and a few drops essential oils optional.

Natural Body Care Recipes: How to Make Your Own

Then, just spray on wet hair. I use it every time I wash my hair. Stimulate your senses with Lemon Poppy Seed Scrub. Wash away your worries with a Fizzy Mojito Foot Spa. Filled with all-natural ingredients like shea butter, essential oils, and brown sugar, each recipe in Organic Skincare Recipes gives you the opportunity to mix up your own beauty products--without any of the hazardous chemicals you'd find in store-bought brands. Whether you have sensitive skin or just want to switch to a natural beauty routine, these step-by-step instructions will teach you how to use oils, herbs, and other easy-to-find ingredients to make amazingly effective organic skincare recipes.

With the beautiful, soothing products in Organic Skincare Recipes , you'll always be just a few moments away from the luxury of your very own home spa experience, and an easy escape into tranquility, relaxation, and indulgence. Read more Read less. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. Ships from and sold by 8 trax media.

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  • Organic Body Care Recipes: Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Natural Beauty Skin Care: Here's how restrictions apply. Review "Consider this recipe collection a wallet-friendly reprieve from pricey day spa treatments and the perfect companion for your next crafternoon with your girls. Adams Media; 1st edition February 18, Language: Start reading Organic Skincare Recipes on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers.

    Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention skin care easy to follow care recipes highly recommend love this book recipes easy recommend this book great book ingredients oils natural organic body jessica oil bath lip specific. Showing of 63 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I just purchased this book and it's great for a beginner [skincare crafter] like me. DIY recipes have always intrigued me, and overall this book is a good addition to my general DIY book collection.

    Tons of great choices for facial masks, bath concoctions, etc. The one and only eye recipe entitled "Eye Cream" is really not a cream at all, but a recipe made up of several oils.

    DIY All Natural Moisturizer - Homemade, Natural Skin Moisturizer

    Same for the facial moisturizers on pages 28 and While oils in skin care recipes are to be expected, I am not a fan of just oils. The Comfrey Infused Oil looks great, but it calls for fresh comfrey. I don't have access to fresh comfrey and it does not specify of dried can be substituted. I am assuming so, but it would have been nice for the author to state so.

    Another issue is when referring to other recipes within the book as in the case of recipes within recipes , the author only provides the chapter, rather than the page. It's much faster to have the exact page than flipping through a chapter. Lastly, there is no Resource section.

    Still on the hunt for a better book. I have my eye on Shannon Buck's upcoming book, soon to be released. It would have recieved 5 stars from me if all the recipes had been accurate. For example, the cocoa butter body butter said it would yield 8 ounces when it only yielded 4 ounces. That's a big difference when one is trying to figure in the costs. I ended up essentially paying double what I was anticipating to make that batch. I was extremely careful in my measuring and cooking so I know I followed the directions accurately. In the same recipe it says to add the essential oils twice in a row.

    Not a huge deal but sloppy editing is annoying to me. That being said, I've made two other recipes out of the book that turned out perfectly and were really quite good the lip balm and whipped Shea body butter. Made a few of the recipes to moisturize and tone for myself and my daughters.

    Happy with the results so far. Leave my skin ever so soft. Ready to try more. I love this book it has some of the best recipes very detailed and easy to understand with lots of information would recommend this book to anyone. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I had a lot of fun with this book-enough to purchase after borrowing from the library. I hadn't made skin care products before and the recipes were easy enough to follow.

    Most of the recipes I made and I made a lot of them turned out and I have gone back to making more of the same one when I ran out rather than searching for a new recipe from a different source. There is enough variety with several recipes covering each area: