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Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near borrowed time borrow a page from borrow ditch borrowed light borrowed time borrowing borrowing days borrow pit. Statistics for borrowed time Look-up Popularity. Time Traveler for borrowed time The first known use of borrowed time was in See more words from the same year. More from Merriam-Webster on borrowed time Rhyming Dictionary: Comments on borrowed time What made you want to look up borrowed time?

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A History Focusing in on what we do best. Ghost Word The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. His love for Roger so clear and so strong. Early in the book, he describes his relationship with Roger. He says they're married, if not by law, but doesn't like the words husband, or partner, or lover. And whilst this sounds distant, or cold, he explains 'friend' so well, and so beautifully, that you can feel the love radiate whenever it's used.

I couldn't recommend this book enough. Jul 06, Jordan rated it liked it. Even though I know now that the drug had turned on Roger, I still can't understand how we could have had no warning. Hope had left us so unprepared. Now we would learn to borrow time in earnest, day by day, making what brief stays we could against the downward spiral from which all our Even though I know now that the drug had turned on Roger, I still can't understand how we could have had no warning.

And so after Roger's death two years later, Monette begins the painful journey of remembrance, tracing the warning signs, treatments, and tragedies that marked Roger's final months. As with his other memoir, Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story , Monette writes about homosexual issues to bring them out of the closet sorry, had to do it, ba dum chhhhh.

It's an incredibly brave move, especially considering the turmoil it caused for Monette: I admire the man, and the couple, even more now for their honesty, bravery, and love.


Living on Borrowed Time

The problem here, and the only reason this book gets three stars, is a lingering cowardice. Brave as it is, Monette seems to go to great lengths to hide behind extraneous details, and so buries the emotions of his most tumultuous experiences. In Becoming a Man , Monette confesses to waxing poetic when he's uncomfortable, and it's plainly evidenced in Borrowed Time. He introduces too many friends and loved ones, popping in to show their concern and support for Roger.

There are so many, that they seem to blur together into a veritable cyclone of homosexuals Hurricane Cher, if you will , touching down in the memoir sporadically, and distracting me. In retrospect, I suppose this establishes a sense of community, this outpouring of support in a historical time of darkness.

And yes, okay, Monette's celebrity connections are kinda fun, irrelevant as they are: One other teensy-weensy point of contention: Monette refers to Roger as his "friend" throughout this book. Even Monette's explanation, that Roger cannot be confined to the label of lover or the bourgeois labels of husband or partner, just seemed pretentious and counterintuitive. It felt at odds with his objectives, of honoring Roger, of exposing AIDS for what it is, and for bolstering homosexual love.

I see your reason, Monette, but I disagree. Beyond my bitching and moaning, however, Monette's first memoir has proven to be just as moving as his later works, and leaves me excited to dive into his essays, Last Watch of the Night: Essays Too Personal and Otherwise. Buy this title from Powell's Books. Jul 01, Samer Lawand rated it it was amazing. The true story of human neglect due to ignorance and self indulgence in what does not impact us is truly sad. This is a story that had opened my eyes to the horrors caused by AIDS.

The sad truth I think the horrors caused by those that ignored AIDS and tried to hide the truth are more severe than the devastation of the disease. May 10, Celeste rated it it was amazing Shelves: I bought this from a search I ran on Amazon. The writing was poignant and full of raw truth. It was not over indulgent in the writing, which is so easy for a talented author to do in a memior. As one would expect, it was loaded with sadness, but there were so many instances of light moments and memories that balanced the emotional tone of the work.

It didn't push away heterosexual readers or people who haven't faced AIDS head on. I know it's hokey, but I felt I bought this from a search I ran on Amazon. I know it's hokey, but I felt as if I knew Paul and Roger both, and I felt some grief knowing that one died when I was in middle school and the other when I was in kindergarten. And the memoir captured the fright of the early days of the AIDS pandemic.

I never knew until I read this. The details rocked me. I remember thinking to myself on how I wouldn't be able to recall such details about my life or my husband's life for such a book. I admire Monette's ability to comb it all together so beautifully. I think people should read this book. It delves into what love, real love, is, and it taps into the tunnels of fear we all have on the subject of losing our partners. It makes me appreciate my life and all that is still possible in it.

It makes me angry at those who called it a "gay cancer" and thought it was God taking out the trash. How could they think that about people? What I like most is all that this book has stirred up in me. I revel in the awareness it's given me. The author wrote other books, but I don't know if I will read them. View all 5 comments. Oct 27, Michael Andersen-Andrade rated it it was amazing. Borrowed Time was written almost 30 years ago, yet I've only just read it now. Thirty years ago I couldn't read a book like this.

I was at Ground Zero of the Plague Years, San Francisco, and my coping mechanism at that time didn't allow me to read books about the Plague. I'm not proud of that fact, but we all have our ways of coping with acute danger and fear. Although I escaped the virus, at that time I still didn't know I was not personally at risk, and every small bruise or cough could trigge Borrowed Time was written almost 30 years ago, yet I've only just read it now. Although I escaped the virus, at that time I still didn't know I was not personally at risk, and every small bruise or cough could trigger a massive anxiety attack.

Although I was a prolific reader, this was one subject I could only process in tiny bits, like a short article in the gay press, but an entire book? During the late 80's I was a Shanti volunteer who provided practical in-home support to several clients--all of whom died, of course--so I didn't completely hide my head in the sand, but reading about the Plague was a huge trigger and one I avoided in large doses to maintain my sanity during those horrific years. Paul Monette, on the other hand, was a profile in heroic courage.

Both this book and his autobiography, "Becoming a Man", are brilliant. I'm grateful I survived the Plague Years, and that I'm mature and centered enough now to truly appreciate the heartbreaking beauty of this book. Mar 22, Gina rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was worth every heart-breaking sentence.

I realize that it could not have been even a fraction as difficult emotionally to read as it must have been for Monette to write. I can only thank him for doing so. Just fifteen months between Roger's beginning suramin treatment and me on ribavirin. Now we know that stride could have been made in '82 or '83 if the government hadn't been playing ostrich.

Spilled milk, people tell me; you can't undo the past. But can't w This book was worth every heart-breaking sentence. But can't we measure the spill? Not that freedom alone will serve it up: But when it finally happens, two men in love can't rejoice out loud--joy of the very thing everyone burns for--without bracing for the rant of prophets, the schoolyard bully, and Rome's "intrinsic evil. Jun 12, Homeschoolmama rated it really liked it. This was on a friend's list, and since I love memoirs, I picked it up at the library. I haven't read anything like this before.

The context couldn't be more foreign to me- Gay intellectuals of 's West Hollywood. The writing is superb though. Paul Monette was obviously a gifted poet, narrator and archivist. Despite what your views are on gays, and I'm certainly , as one reviewer stated, "not a worshiper of the gay couple" this book is worth reading. It's a very good picture of the AIDS realities during the 80's, the marginalization of the gay population, and the real horror that was so present at this time.

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It's a bit much for me but the writing was so obviously good. I'm curious now to read his memoir, Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story. Jan 22, Sascha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Especially those against gay marriage,. I can't believe it has been over 20 years since it was published.

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It is the most signifiant book I have ever read. The truest love story. And when I read the book, I felt an immediate connection to the author, Paul Monette,. He went on to write other masterpieces about his life livi i read this book the day after Thanksgiving when I was I met him at a book reading in , and we became pen pals.

He even sent me the manuscripts to one of his books of essays!! I was devestated when he died in , but I'm still good friends with his last lover, Winston Wilde. We even went on a gay cruise to Alaska last August. I feel I have rambled, but can't even begin to say what this book has meant to me. Aug 19, Angie rated it it was amazing.

To say this was a good book almost seems inappropriate, because to judge it as a literary piece given the fact that it tells a true and devastating sorry just seems…. Monet To say this was a good book almost seems inappropriate, because to judge it as a literary piece given the fact that it tells a true and devastating sorry just seems….

His writing was lush and beautiful and eloquent. I will definitely be looking into his other titles. Dec 01, Timothy rated it really liked it Shelves: AIDS epidemic, and Monette's partner's diagnosis, illness and death. Fiercely sorrowful, unsparingly angry. This book has substantial gaps in its political insight; it is primarily a story of the ravages AIDS wreaked on white rich gay men's community in Los Angeles in the mids.

But it is still one of the best political memoirs I've ever read, for its sheer determination and clarity of "Grief is a sword, or it is nothing. But it is still one of the best political memoirs I've ever read, for its sheer determination and clarity of vision. Love and rage, Monette's got it down. Be careful with this one, especially if you have major ghosts to mourn. It will break that grief open; it will rage through you and may break you apart. Aug 30, Bev Wall rated it it was ok. What can I say about this book.

I liked it OK, but I wasn't in love with it. The story is about the 2 years that he suffered with AIDS before he died. It is basically a love story that is very detailed and not necessarily richly , and tells a story about two gay men and the world they lived in in the 's. Sorry, but I couldn't finish this book - it was pages o What can I say about this book.

Sorry, but I couldn't finish this book - it was pages of constant whining. Please combine these books 5 12 Nov 09, On Brink of Summer's End http: In novels, poetry, and a memoir, Paul Monette wrote about gay men striving to fashion personal identities and, later, coping with the loss of a lover to AIDS. Monette was born in Lawrence, Massac Interviews: Monette was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in He was educated at prestigious schools in New England: He began his prolific writing career soon after graduating from Yale.

For eight years, he wrote poetry exclusively. After coming out in his late twenties, he met Roger Horwitz, who was to be his lover for over twenty years. Also during his late twenties, he grew disillusioned with poetry and shifted his interest to the novel, not to return to poetry until the s. In , Monette and Horwitz moved to Los Angeles. Once in Hollywood, Monette wrote a number of screenplays that, though never produced, provided him the means to be a writer. Monette published four novels between and These novels were enormously successful and established his career as a writer of popular fiction.

He also wrote several novelizations of films. These works are two of the most powerful accounts written about AIDS thus far. Along with fellow writer Larry Kramer, he emerged as one of the most familiar and outspoken AIDS activists of our time. Since very few out gay men have had the opportunity to address national issues in mainstream venues at any previous time in U. He himself died of AIDS-related complications in In his fiction, Monette unabashedly depicts gay men who strive to fashion personal identities that lead them to love, friendship, and self-fulfillment.

As one clone puts it, the original dies two minutes at a time, while the clones die everyday. But it's Worth It.

borrowed time

The Twelve reveals this to be the case with Marvel Mind Excello, a telepath with superhuman intelligence. His powers come from the shrapnel of a radioactive isotope that have been lodged in his brain, and the shards burrow a little further in every time he uses his powers, meaning that it's only a matter of time before they kill him. As long as the watch is ticking, Charlie can't die. In the climax he has to decide whether to save Anne-Marie or the watch.

Mother Gothel in Tangled keeps herself alive with the magic of Rapunzel's hair.

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Initially it only kept her young, but after a certain time Gothel couldn't remain alive without the magic. Hell to Pay , Amanda Waller is revealed to be dying from something terminal, thus gathers the Suicide Squad to go after the "Get Out Of Hell Free" card so she can get out of this once she does go. The Big Bad is also suffering from this: The Flashpoint Paradox but is running out of juice.

If it wasn't for Bronze Tiger's last heroic act, he would have died with the card and escaped to torture Barry and the other heroes. In Discworld , Albert is a wizard who took the opportunity to work for Death rather than die. Thanks to taking shopping trips and making visits back home, he has about 15 minutes left in the real world, but if he stays in Death's country, he's safe. Coin's father in Sourcery places his soul and mind in Coin's staff to try and cheat Death that way.

It is at best a qualified success. Happens twice in Reaper Man , both in a literal sense. The first time, Bill Door saves Sally Lifton from dying in a fire by giving up some of the life from his life-timer. A far more literal example in The Magister Trilogy.

Borrowed Time | Definition of Borrowed Time by Merriam-Webster

The titular mages are a brotherhood of sorcerors who have managed to become immortal, and hence can ignore the Cast from Lifespan cost of all magic in this setting, making them all but omnipotent. They are united by two things. First, their one Law: No Magister shall ever kill another. Second, the secret of their immortality. To become a Magister, you must deliberately burn up your own lifespan, then at the moment of death, latch on to someone else's life.

From that moment, the Magister will use their "Consort"'s lifeforce both to keep himself only men are capable of doing this, for some reason except this isn't actually true alive and to cover the cost of his magic. When the Consort dies, the Magister simply latches on to someone else.

In The Witchlands , Merik mysteriously survives a bomb that went off right next to him. It eventually turns out that that's because he's still connected to his Threadbrother Kullen, who's Cleaved, making him almost invincible. Kullen warns Merik that the prince will live only as long as the Thread between them still exists. An odd case occurs in poem Dialysis , where the subject is being kept alive by machines and, because of this, she can't die the machines will restart her functions the moment they stop , so she counts down to when the machines will no longer work, in which case, if the machines "die", so will she.

Lovecraft short story "Cool Air" features Dr. When the cooling unit breaks down, it's revealed that Dr. The New Avengers had an episode about an enemy agent who had a bullet working its way toward his brain, and was desperate to kill Steed before that happened. Burai of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

His days were numbered- literally. He already died once before the events of the series when his sleep chamber collapsed while he was still inside during his suspended animation, but Clotho, the Spirit of Life, revived him to assist the Zyurangers, but only for a limited period. Burai's remaining time was represented by a flickering green candle that would gradually melt down with each passing hour and the only way Burai could preserve his limited lifespan was by staying inside a "lapseless room".

Because of this, Burai would only get out of his room to assist the Zyurangers whenever they seriously needed him. The longer Burai would stay outside his room, the less time he had left to live. When he came back, Tommy, the American equivalent , knew he had only a few morphs before he would lose his powers. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue gave us another Sixth Ranger who was actually Living on Borrowed Time , cursed with a snake marking that would move higher on his body with each morph. If it reaches his neck, it's adios. Of course, given the nature of the trope In Babylon 5 , captain John Sheridan was killed but later revived with an infusion of life energy.

He is later told that he only has a maximum of twenty years left before this energy burns out. Clara's finale in Series 9 of Doctor Who.

bor′rowed time′

She dies for real in the first of the three parter, but the Twelfth Doctor pulls her out of the timestream a second before her death in order to save her halfway through the third. However, according to the universe, she is dead, as in she died and that's the end of that. So while he didn't save her life, he did make her The Ageless for as long as she wants , until she heads back to her timestream to face her death. Also, from the same setting, the Ultramarine Primarch Roboute Guilliman, who was also stabbed in the throat with a poisoned sword and frozen in permanent stasis field just moments before death.

An Urban Legend says that he is regenerating despite it being physically impossible in the stasis. In the game itself, there's the Black Templars Chaplain Grimaldus - who has a special rule called Only in Death does Duty End , permitting him to ignore fatal wounds as long as he continues to hold his nerve and focus on the Emperor's Will, although it's specified that even if this lets him finish out the battle, he's considered to die at the end.

In a way, the Dark Eldar, and it's their own fault too. Unlike the Craftworld Eldar, the Dark Eldar continue to engage in the murderous debauchery that spawned Slaanesh. As a result, Slaanesh's claim to their souls is even stronger. The Dark Eldar delay the inevitable by placating Slaanesh with the souls of others — and the toll grows higher and higher with time.

Beneath all of the depraved hedonism, the Dark Eldar live with a deep existential dread knowing that they are only delaying their inevitable damnation. It is distinctly separate from the theme of the rest of the book, as on its own it has no sexual connotations. It grants the target a recently-dead character one extra day of life for every level the caster has.

The flavor text is especially poignant: A life cut short.