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I understand completely, as well as buying a new truck, we are also beginning the home search. Oct 18, 8: It is always nice to have new ideas on the Forum! Amber--I am the mother of three great kids, the youngest of which graduated from high school in June.

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For me, the older my children got, the more I really liked them as people. Life with a youngster is still vivid for me, though, and I send you all the patience and prayers that I can. Hint--Take a nap when he does! Gypsy--I had a friend in high school who wanted so much to go to Australia that she married an Aussie and moved down there. The marriage didn't last, but she stayed on at his family's ranch and continues to live Down Under to this day.

One day soon, I hope to get down there to see your wonderful country. Edit MzWhizz, I moved this from the introduction thread. That thread is ONLY for introductions, please post any comments or greetings to those introductions to the Chat thread. Welcome to a wonderful forum I have something in common with both of you.

If that is your real name, then that is what we have in common, I'm an Amber too Gypsy: I am a fellow Australian Harry Fan! When we moved out here our slam-dunk two week escrow took two months to close during which time all the jobs were taken. Three years later we re-financed, only to deal with the same thing weeks to months. The first time it was the escrow company; the second time it was the loan officer--a now-former friend of my mother-in-law.

Here's hoping you get to move in before Thanksgiving! After my stay at home and study-week I got so hopelessly far behind on the thread it took days to catch up. I didn't want to Obliviate, because then I always miss out on important things going on. I hope she gets better again soon. Welcome to the forum, all newbies.

You have found your true home here, I'm sure! I've lived in here for almost a year, and I can say I have never been in a friendlier forum family. You know, when we were kids, we were usually really nice to each other. We used to go on extended-family trips all around southern Norway and to Denmark, never any fighting. But when we turned Let's just say that my cousin once removed and me, who had been best friends since we were 3 suddenly weren't best friends anymore.

Nothing really happended, we just grew to think the other one was hopeless. It took most of high school to get us on speaking terms again. We are friends again now, however. It really is an exhausting process, my biggest question is this: Why is it when I gave people my work number to call, does everyone from the bank, the real estate agent, and the inspection company insist on calling my home number and leave messages for me at home asking to call back right away?

Don't they realize I'm at work? Isn't that the reason I gave them a work number? Thanks for letting me vent. Hubby is out of town today so I had to cancel my meetings and quit being a Slacker Mom. Can't get in to the doctor for another hour so I thought I'd pop in here and say hello. Jack - home ownership is worth the headaches, but I don't understand the telephone number thing either.

We have cell phones, work phones - why do they insist on calling home? It kind of scares you. If they are so stupid that they call the wrong number, why do we continue to do business with them? Have a butterbeer and "take a deep breff" as Daughter says when I'm losing my cool. No time to read over posts, so my most humble apologies.

Just wanted to stop by to say I'm still job hunting, but at least I have internet service and email at my home now. I have changed my email address here on the forum I need to get back to searching for employment? Oh, all right, but running out of money is sooo much fun! Gee, that's something my kids haven't had in a while. Now I've jinxed it and they'll both come home with gunky eyes.

Now Michael, it was '76 that we drove from Missouri to North Dakota. I remember that we made up a song that supposed to quiet Bekki down but actually made her cry harder. I also remember you singing "Rhinestone Cowboy" for most of the trip. Slacker mom item Have bought frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to put in the kids lunchboxes. They thaw out in an hour and are ready to eat by lunchtime. I would love to join the auntie group. I have had that problem as well with people calling me at home. I almost passed out with shock when I bought a new cooker from a company that understood that a mobile means that I am not at home.

You have my sympathy with buying a new home. The last time I moved I was selling and buying at the same time.

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I was a wreck. No, I'm alive and still a Muggle and I've been too busy to post. Please post a pic soon! Long car rides, I know the feeling, except my little sister and I are usually the ones doing the bickering. My parents liked it more when she slept the whole ride. I shall leave you with this: As such, I am duty bound to be a Yankee "fan" if I must identify myself as a fan of any type.

I haven't heard from Julia in a while? I hope she's alright. I, too, hope that Julia hasn't gone missing! Two kids home sick with some icky respiratory thingy. Poor Hayley and therefore mom has been up since 4 a. Even the puppies are sleepier than usual today. I keep chanting to myself: Don't get it; don't get it; don't get it. Well, to chime in on the baseball rivalry, hubby and I are aligned with the Red Sox.

Off to make some tea to stay awake until an appropriate bedtime. Have a good evening. Good luck job hunting. I am having lots of fun too watching the money roll right out of my bank account. I gets lots of helpful advice from people saying "Oh but you did save up lots of money just in case this happened right?

I too have gone through the joys of home buying and the ever fun re financing. It's all stress now but it will be worth it when you finally own your own home. Plus, there is the tax write off. Haymoni and Catherine, I hope the kids get better soon! I hope the two of you stay healthy, because if it's anything like my house, it really doesn't matter if mom becomes sick!

I still have to take care of everybody. ICThestrals and Padfoot, I'm sending employment charms your way! And Acceber, I'm rooting for the Red Sox for nothing else than just a change of pace. Louis is going to win it all anyways, so it really doesn't matter. Being from Cleveland, it is hard watching Manny Ramirez in someone else's uniform, but I wish him all the best.

I will be home tomorrow with the Pink-Eyed Daughter. It is right before my busiest time of year at work, but maybe I'll get started on the packing for Disney World. It's been a really disgustingly busy couple of weeks. They told us teachers not to search the web "for fun" any more at work. Now I'm only supposed to look things up about the things we're studying in school "The Outsiders" is next; good book.

Nonetheless, sorry for once again zipping ahead to recent entries, but hopefully everyone is doing wonderfully! I'm rooting for the Red Sox too, but if not them, Houston. I don't want St. Louis How my St. Louis relatives would torture me! I am now about to give birth to a brand new baby ulcer.

Second, please no "pics" of your new baby ulcer? Here's hoping you and Cynde both have the best luck in getting a job. One that we'll all be jealous of when you get it!! Well, part of our state got hit with some severe storms yesterday -- there were some bad thunderstorms and a few tornados. Luckily none here in my area, but it was bad in the lower half and eastern side of the state. FYI for those who are "thinking" about trying to fry their 1st turkey here soon. Which I highly recommend!!! That way, when we are ready to fry the thawed out turkey we know exactly how much oil to add without it overflowing.

Paul Newman and a ride home. Talk about ruining a perfectly good book with a movie! Dally was supposed to have an elfish face and hair so blonde it was almost white - Matt Dillon??? Patrick Swayze as Darry was good, but you couldn't get close enough to see his eyes. Book-Darry had eyes like ice. Diane Lane was pretty good as Cherry - how pretty is she??? Hinton the author who wrote the book in her teens as I recall actually played the nurse that Matt Dillon is hassling. I'm pretty sure I swiped a paperback copy of that book from my high school. It has to be around here somewhere, along with my black-handled switchblade.

The internet connections at UConn are working just fine. As Accio Sirius mentioned, I do indeed have midterms this week, two of them tomorrow in fact. I've been studying in a very Hermione like fashion, although I've been lurking all along. I realized that the playoffs bring out the worst in me and I don't like it very much, that combined with frustration and midterms is making me not happy right now. My only real experience is basketball and I've been a Laker fan for over 20 years.

What's more, I'm tiring of pointing this out. Anyway, I always found myself a much better sport when the Lakers were clinging to a series lead than when they were up or Don't put it off 'til later, cuz I'm sure you're a first-rater! Ok, now I'm sleepy and old, because positive reinforcement is just not not my style. I am far too much of a kid myself to even consider bringing one into the world.

He or she might try to play with my LEGOs or read my comic books! I remember that movie, mainly because Marie was a squealy teenybopper when it came out. It's the same reason I know the lyrics to Duran Duran's entire catalog up to their first breakup, anyway. They had the radio on the 80's station at work recently, and I found myself singing along to "Save A Prayer"; it was most embarassing. I'd just like to say I'm back. Best wishes for all the birthdays, celebrations I missed but I had to use the cheat button mark as read to get along with this thread.

Off to lunch it's Everyone has a good day. Jack - hang in there too, the completion makes it all worth it!! Septentrion - pleased you had a good time. We all have our flahsback moments. My freshman roommate in college had a Duran Duran poster, and sadly, I didn't mind at the time. I may have even gone to see them in concert, but I can't be sure--I may be repressing that memory. I've been on a Cheap Trick kick lately, trying to recapture those moments of dancing around the room with high school friends and squealing over Tom Petersson who just by the way, in his prime, could have played Sirius.

I try not to regret too much from my past as it is pointless, but I'm glad nobody has pictures of me from a Journey concert. Anybody else trying to repress an embarrassing concert event from their youth?

I liked Journey, but I went to the 2nd concert to see Bryan. I saw the Stray Cats. It had been raining and a mudslide had formed on the lawn - what a riot! I don't choose to forget my 7th grade obsession with Duran Duran and how many times best-buddy Lisa and I watched the Hungry Like the Wolf video we taped from Friday Night Videos because MTV hadn't made it into our neck of the woods yet.

Those were good times that we laugh about. If I really dredge up the "need to be forgotten" memories, I might think about, in the same year, that some friends and I performed to the song "Freakazoid Robots" in the middle school talent show. In one of them, we all dressed up for the Headbangers' Ball. Our attire consisted of dog chains, leather, ripped clothes, bizarre hairstyles, and anything too tight and too short that would give our mothers apoplexy.

I can't believe that we actually went out like that. What WERE we thinking? Have a great Wednesday. How could you ever have been such a dork Catherine? I was cleaning out my closet and found a jean jacket waaay in the back that I had cut into a vest. My concert pins from Stray Cats and Journey were still on it. Did anyone have a GQ Wall in college? We would buy "Gentleman's Quarterly" does that magazine still exist??? Needless to say, we often had to go to the library to study! Off cource I was 15 in , during the boring mid-nineties. I barely owned any clothes that werent black, army green, brown, grey or I also used mascara in my eyebrows, and went to school looking like that.

Add glasses, acne and braces, and you get the picture that 15 wasn't my prettiest age. Maybe I'll post a picture of myself at that age once. I'm off to join Winky in numerous bottles of butterbeer. This is what I get for sharing. You'd think I'd learn my lesson! It was very brave of you Catherine. I'm sure if someone dug far enough, there would be something on Loopy. I will admit just about all of my college misadventures, but since I minored in photo-journalism, I was the one taking all of the pictures, so there is no hard evidence on me. I only gave a website because I like to back up my statements with proof; I knew I was right to begin with being an insufferable know-it-all and everything.

And no, that was not me at the Huey Lewis and the News concert in ' Oh, and here's more. I was sooooo busted this weekend.

I was taking my 15 year-old niece to her grandmother's. I was trying to do the bonding thing by agreeing with her that I totally hate Avril Lavigne however you spell that chick's last name too. Anyway, my niece, who always has control of the radio, was flipping through stations and I said "Oh wait, I like that song" at one point. I had no idea whose song it was, but you guessed it. I had just told her to stop on one of Avril's little ditties. I had a ticket for Fleetwood Mac, but had to sell it to a friend, as I developed a stiff neck.

I don't know what was more painful - the stiff neck, or missing the Fleetwood Mac concert! Stevie Wonder and Ringo's All Starr Band are ones I'm still wanting to go to; but I don't even know if they're touring over here in the near future But, as they say, each to his own! Its an excellent book, which I'm looking forward to teaching. I agree that the movie is off a bit, especially as far as Dallas goes; Matt Dillon is too all-american for that part.

Dally is supposed to look meaner than that. What do you think about the karate kid playing Johnny or that kid who plays Ponyboy? At least, mostly, they stuck to the plot unlike SOME movies. I just finished showing the kids the movie "Charly" based on "Flowers for Algernon". Egads, it features Charlie going off on some motorcycling free loving self-discovery journey! Tears for Fears recently got back together too.

I tried to get tickets but alas, earwax, I failed. Anyone here besides myself guilty of wearing "side ponytail"? Just to share in the embarrassing youth stories, one of my first concerts was in '88 when I went and saw Bros does anyone remember them??!! Oh the joys of youth! Thomas Howell seemed a bit strained in this movie. He has developed into a very good actor though. And, yes, I did wear a side ponytail - how about the endless braiding? Well, if I must be included in this collection of geeks then I'll out myself too.

My first concert ever was Michael Jackson and his brothers on the Victory Tour.

My girlfriends and I had a slumber party afterwards. Simon was last because his hair was shortest. I was down the shore with a friend when Live Aid happened, and we were crabbing and flounder fishing that day and we made her Dad bring the transistor radio out on the boat so we could listen to it. I did get to see The Hooters open the show, which was a big deal since they were Philly Boys. I was purchased by a cadre of students and some teachers, who all chipped in to save me from the "Freak" guy.

Aside from carrying 6 people's books and getting their lunches I had to perform on stage. I was dressed all in "Pleather," with studded belts and boots, hair teased out and Adam Ant make-up on, lip-synching "Hopelessly Devoted to You" while dancing with a giant stuffed mouse. Now I don't feel like the only freakazoid on the Forum! He also saw Live Aid there. Speaking of the State Fair, I am looking forward to it. Where else can you eat yourself sick, ride things that make you sick, pet smelly animals and watch VERY interesting people?

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To this day, I still don't think my mother knows that I went. I was "going to a friend's house" for the night. We had some horrible seats, but we danced like idiots the entire time even though we were the only ones dancing in the nose-bleed section. It was quite fun. Hope everyone is having a great day! I will also admit, I still have a soft spot for Jon, especially since he cut his hair! I will also admit that when I went to my first Blue Light Disco a disco for kids run by the local police I was 13, I wore a black mini skirt, with knee high black and white striped socks, and doc martin shoes, and white t-shirt, I had my hair in a low pony tail with a huge piece pulled out of the front in a long curl hanging down the side of my face, my sister helped me get ready and we both thought I looked sensational!

I look back now and thank god no-one took my photo! Back before he developed a conscience and got political, I was all over John Cougar. But alas, earwax, his sex appeal exited stage left when the name "Mellencamp" entered stage right. I have all his early albums, even the self-titled debut which has him sporting a pouty, made-up, Billy Idolesque look. On the album he sings "I Need a Lover", which, would you believe, he wrote and Pat Benatar did the cover.

Mind you, I only went to see Journey because John Cougar was the opening act. And if you think one's as bad as the other, I assure you, you are wrong. Their big album Slippery When Wet came out a year after I was born. I love 'em, even if Jon is responsible for that whole hair thing Alas, I have no more 80s music story considering that when they ended I was five. I love Duran Duran to this day. I adored Billy Idol I actually own quite the collection of 80's pop compilations. I have a thing for Robert Palmer in the worst way. He is Simply Irresistible.

Color me clueless, but what does "Rebel Yell" really mean? I wish I could come too! I love the NC state fair! Do they still have the performing tigers right next to the chicken barn? You can see those tigers drooling Be sure to watch the animal races I think they had goats, ducks, and other assorted animals.

Oh yes, and be sure to find the maple sugar cotton candy in one of the exhibit halls. And the fellow selling that cool slicer kitchen gadget? It's not really as cool as he makes it look. This may be a historical "urban legend," so if it is incorrect, I will stand to learn something. In a modern setting, without the historic connotations, I suppose it could be thought of as a rallying cry of the underdog against the mighty, or ruling forces. The first "real" grown-up roller-coaster I ever rode was called "The Rebel Yell" and, to my eight year-old self, it seemed rather frightening.

Flannagan, who took me on this roller-coaster over his wife's protests! Good night to all. I'm off to the fair tomorrow, so I need me rest! However, I will not post that here. What does Billy Idol sing about Nothing like fun and excitement in the neighborhood! This afternoon, a friend came over with her kids so we could canvas my neighborhood selling popcorn for Cub Scouts. On the way back, we came to a house that had an alarm going off.

We could smell smoke. We looked around the house, it appeared to be vacant and had a for sale sign. We decided to be cautious and called I clearly told the operator that the house appeared to be vacant and that while I could smell smoke, I could not be sure it was from the house or from outside in the neighborhood somewhere. I did say the alarm was going off. I was concerned that maybe some kids broke in there and set something on fire.

Well, within just a few minutes, 2 fire trucks and an emergency response vehicle came screaming into the neighborhood. Naturally, all the neighbors came out to see what the fuss was and I found out THEN that the alarm has been going off since Tuesday! The real estate agent had been called loads of times about the alarm from various neighbors I am only 5 houses down and never heard it. Wanna bet he gets his butt out there and turns it off now? I feel bad that the fire department came out for nothing but I also felt it was better to err on the side of caution.

The firemen were very nice, talked to the kids and told them to come down to the station for a tour. The smoke we smelled was coming from behind the house, in another yard. Not a salad shooter. It's a flat thingie that slices random objects into thick or thin slices, and can also cut potatoes into french fries.

It can be handy Serendipitously, it ties in with talk of State Fairs. And yes, Marie was there too. Though I later went on to become a metalhead and a fan of QR's music, I have to say that to this day they were the worst live act I've ever seen. We booed them off the stage. I will also freely and proudly admit that I have seen Warrant live three times The Kiss shows were better, although spandex does not look well on year-old men.

Oh, and I'd like to echo ShelterGirl: I would have posted earlier, but I was trying not to throw up. I am not exaggerating. It was hard, but in the end my dinner stayed where it was supposed to. I did however, have trouble breathing, but, thank G-d, I'm still alive and my breathing has returned to normal. On that note, sweet dreams everyone, I'm going to sleep.

I never got to see Warrant, I don't think they ever made it to Australia, but I was a big fan, and as for Kiss, I just recently saw them here, and even though they are now about , they where great! Also another concert i loved was Aerosmith, I was in love with Joe Perry even though he was old enough to be my dad! They used to do shows there quite a lot before they hit it big so there might be some truth to that story. However I did go to school with a girl who dated the singer from Twisted Sister. I pretty much missed all the fun of the 80's What a shame!!!! Somebody find Gina Snape and ask her.

She should remember the 80's in NYC. Sleeping Beauty Congrats on your Dads Retirement!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go to that. Alas, that tour didn't come very close to Middle of Nowhere, Virginia. Plus, in those days, bucks for a block of four tickets if I remember correctly was absolutely outrageous. Also, if I remember correctly the show was lousy.

They couldn't sing and they sure as heck couldn't dance. In fact, It wasn't any fun at all I'm trying to make him feel better. The first sentence was true though. To all you baseball people Just be happy that you're team made it to the World Series. My team hasn't gone since I think I missed that one, as my grandmother wasn't even born. Regulus, the baby pig, weighs about 11 oz currently. I can't see just reaching and saying "Sorry Sirius, we need dinner tonight" because we are so used to them being a pet here in the US. Somehow, because of that, I don't think we will be seeing guinea pig on many US menus.

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Well, this is getting me nowhere fast. I need to head to the gym where I am going to brave the usually all male weight area sans my gym partner. I hope there is another woman in there! See everyone later this afternoon. Tim, your list is way too respectable! My very first concert was either Tom Petty or Elvis Costello.

They were within a week of each other and I can't remember which came first. Best concert I've ever been to was R. It was the Fables of the Reconstruction tour and they sang Happy Birthday to a friend of mine. Now, without Bill Berry, they are just mediocre. Denise, Our piggie is quite the piggie. I'm not sure how much he weighs, but he is a big fellow. My in-laws were in Peru last year, where they dined on guinea pigs. I made them promise not to tell my daughter that story. Our guy seems pretty socialized, but he will make that chuddering noise if you pet him in the cage, but not while you are holding him.

I thought he like us! However latter teenage years 80's include Genesis, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, monsters of rock therefore artists far too many to mention. I remember watching live aid on the TV and wishing I could have been there so I am really envious of anyone who as.

Yeay I am so pleased, butter beers all round My first was New Kids on the Block, with Tiffany as an opening act. Of course I was sporting the teased hair with side ponytail, acid washed jeans, and a day-glo orange shirt with the neck cut out like in flashdance. Could that be any more embarrassing???

That was followed by seeing Richard Marx is that how he spelled it? I use to go to King's Dominion all the time. I love the Rebel Yell backwards! To this day, that and the Grizzly are my favorite roller coasters. I guess I'm just partial to the wooden ones. As far as guinea pigs go, I think I could eat pretty much any animal, but ever since I was a kid and my good friend's grandparents from China asked to buy my labrador, for nefarious reasons, I don't think I could stomach dog.

I agree with Accio Sirius. I've only seen a picture of the front of the club from some VH1 Behind the Music episode. To have gone to The Whiskey would really be something too. John Cougar sounded a lot like the Michael Stanley Band - a local Cleveland band that missed fame by inches - when he first came out. I am back from my excursion to the North Carolina State Fair. It was at least 10 times as large as our county fair.

I felt like the country mouse coming to the big city! Eponine and her sister Dobby's Tea Cosy were there, along with the very adorable children you see in their avatars. A glitch prevented us from hooking up with Shelter Girl, but she was there. You can also buy fried candy bars, Oreo cookies, and Twinkies. This sign made us laugh so much that I took a picture. We "Know-It-Alls" couldn't help noticing that they misspelled the word "gator.

We had a great time at the state fair. Catherine, you missed the deep fried snickers bar. It was more like deep fried heaven covered with powdered sugar. That did not go over well at all, but she is all smiles again now. I hope everyone is having a great day! Catherine, it was great to meet you, now I can put a face with the name when I read your posts.

I feel so left out again! I wasn't even born until '91! And I've never been to a concert either, although I would very much like to go to one. My cat's sitting next to me purring and being cute because he wants dinner. He's the tabby if you remember some of my previous avatars. Actually I am here reading the forum when I should be packing.

My computer gets unhooked tomorrow and packed up into the moving van. Let's just hope that it is not raining on Sunday when we are putting my stuff into storage. Catherine, I really laughed at the last item. Yes, you see some very interesting things at the Fair! Yes, I've been to numerous cool concerts - but as you might have noticed, the acts have always been older than me!

But they still have the capacity to entertain You'll be happy to know that after last night's events my dinner stayed where it was, although my stomach did still hurt today. She's still in the hospital, but she sounds a lot better than she did the last time I talked to her. She says hello to everyone, she misses us all, and she sends out hugs to everyone. The amount of hair spray and the hours I spent achieving my big hair.

I was a freshman in college when I saw my first concert. The last concert I attended was The Pink Floyd. Since then I have only been to orchestra concerts. I am tempted to take my daughters to a Phil Collins concert, but probably won't. There is a video on MTV now that just cracks me up about Betty, I hope you feel better soon.

I think I will pass on the Pig Butt on a stick. I had never heard of fried candy bars. I haven't been to a State Fair in 15 years. Maybe I will just have to go again someday. That, and you've got to love a band called "Bowling For Soup" I've been to the Whiskey a Go-Go , but not when it was cool My wife, on the other hand, used to do band photography down on the Sunset Strip in the mid- to late's. Yes, my wife is cooler than me and I'm OK with that. Julia, next time you talk to Betty let her know her hugs are most definitely returned in kind.

I was at most 5 years old I was born in '85 , but I do remember being subjected to the side ponytail look by my cousins and their Evil Crimping Iron of Doom! Ooh, and bicycle shorts with big t-shirts tied off to the side. I was tragically too skinny to fill out the shorts. I am a child of the 90's and as such am profoundly disturbed by "I Love the 90's. I haven't done the state fair thing in a while. I might have to make a trip Let me be the first to say Happy Friday to all! Especially since Saturday will be unhappy for me, since I have to take an English exam. Can't they tell I speak English goodly already enough now?

Farewell, and may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. Ten years ago we already felt that the 80's were waaaaaaay back in the past. Having Guinea pig for dinner, how unethical! My friends family bred rabbits for food. I always thought it was so sad going into their shed and seeing all the cute little bunnies about to become roast. It's Friday, meaning that I now look forwards to a couple of days of unplugging the intellectual parts of my brain. Haven't been at st. Mungo's for a while This is a busy weekend for us, with lots of Halloween socializing to do.

Tomorrow afternoon the kids will attend a Halloween dress-up party, and the hosts, once dusk falls, hang up a huge white sheet and show movies in their backyard, which is always very cool. The mom who gives this party is one of the original, unashamed Slacker moms, and that makes going to her house so much fun. My friend and I are bringing our food "contribution"-a huge amount of Chik-fil-a chicken nuggets. No cooking, no clean-up--W00T! Must run to a boring meeting. I don't even have a "real" job, and yet I cannot escape boring meetings, alas earwax. Have a great weekend.

I don't know about cool but I definitely feel old. I still live in fear that my mother will find out half the things I did as a kid. I love your list, wanna' trade. As for eating the Guinea pigs no matter how big they got I can't see eating them either. You would probably need a herd of them to feed your troop, not very cost effective. Please give lots of hugs and love to Betty for me. I've been going through a bad patch myself, I think it has to do with the change of the seasons and the upcoming holidays.

But this too shall pass. Thank God the weekend is finally here although Friday could move a little faster if you ask me. Hope everyone has an excellent Friday, even if it is moving a bit slowly, and a most exciting and happy weekend. Reid - Oct 22, I have a big maths exam next week, and I really must study.

For some reason, I have this big problem when I study I open the books I might "hit" the books - literally I read a few paragraphs, then I start thinking Yes, I look around my room, and suddenly, computer games that I haven't played in years suddenly seems interesting, or magazines I have read before, sounds like a good substitute for notes. It is a situation that I am not proud of - perhaps there is a club for people like me Or even worse my closet needed straitening and maybe even color coordinating my clothes in the closet.

I would somehow justify not studying because the cleaning needed to be done. In other words anything to do other than study My home was very clean when Finals came around, and I got very little studying done. I also seem to recall that the fates karma or something used to work against me as well. Has anyone ever seen the movie "Murder by Death"? It is a somewhat amusing spoof of murder mysteries.

Anyway, I must have managed to see that movie on tv times during law school because it would always come on as I sat down to study. I wouldn't give it a passing glance right now, but at that time, it suddenly became "Must-See-TV. Good to see you. How are the Italians? Hmmm, that's a little bit too -- well let's just say I "don't" think I would ever try them myself. I'm sure if anyone is brave enough to try them, I can just hear it now "They taste just like chicken!!! That we are thinking of her and miss her terribly. So glad to hear that when you talked to her she sounded better!!! Wish I knew how to do one of those online Get Well greeting cards like we did for when Kip was in the hospital a while back.

Then we all could get on there and leave her a little message for her to see when she got out. Well, it's looking like it's going to be another rainy weekend here. Jack -- Hope you will be feeling "up" again soon too. Don't like it when one of us in our forum family is feeling down or sick. Hey, so good to see the little leprechaun "dancing" again!!! Hmmmm, there is a club for procrastinators? I just might have to join that club, I think I would fit right in there!!!

Yes, I will definitely have to give that some thought -- later on sometime that is. Hope everyone has a great Friday, a great weekend -- well heck just a great everything.

Classic Mittens Pattern #615

That everybody gets all of their studying done early so they can have some time to "play" later on. Priorities "must" be put in order here. Loopy -- "Murder by Death" oooooh I love that movie!!! I've seen it a gazillion times too, along with "Clue"!!! Both are classics for me. Like the Charlie Chan series, the Thin Man series, etc I now know what my procrastination technique is this year I really need to log off I really need to log off - well I seriously doubt that will happen. Sorry about the disgusting part though. Let the packing for Disney World begin!!!

I am so dreading this! Actually it's all the laundry afterward that is upsetting. I am looking for a kind soul who would be willing to translate something for me and then give me phonetics on how to actually say it. I am kinda looking for something other than French, Spanish or Italian though. If my husband were here, I would get him to translate it into Arabic and actually will email it to him but that could take some time. I, [name], promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and obey the Law of the Pack.

One of the requirements is to learn 10 words in a different language, I thought learning the Cub Scout Promise would be more fun and way more nifty. So if there is anyone willing to do this, drop me an email denise hp-lexicon. Jack, indeed neon was popular for one brief moment in the 80's. I once offered to buy Joey Ramone a drink at a bar on Avenue A and he looked at me like I had eight heads. I wasn't hitting on him, either. Maybe that was his problem! It makes me sad that 3 Ramones are now deceased. I've never seen Blondie perform, but I've seen Debbie Harry loads of times at different events--performing at Wigstock, shopping in SoHo, schmoozing at art gallery openings.

She was also a guest on the RuPaul show once and I talked to her because my friend at the time was RuPaul's personal assistant. She wasn't a friendly person. The first record I ever bought was a "Copa Cabana" '45 by Barry Manilow because we were dancing to it in my dance class and I wanted to practise! It was a cassette tape and I recall the plastic cover breaking after about 3 days.

My father took me to see Rick Springfield at Great Adventure with some friends when I was a young teen pre-teen maybe. But the first concert I ever went to was actually a very small show. Black Flag to an audience of about 50 people. And I'd won the tickets no less! Duran Duran performed at the Virgin MegaStore in Times Square last week and I was a little sad to miss it because I was a huge fan of their's in the early to mid-eighties. NYC is such a great place because we get to see so many people and host so many interesting events. I see famous people all the time.

But quite possibly nothing will ever top when I met Alan Rickman in November of last year Loopy's faith that I would have a "name" for the dreaded disease will, so unfortunately, prove unsatisfactory. I do have a name, but I know he won't like it. The desire to study, do , achieve, "anything else" but the needed goal will go "undiagdnosed" still as "Underachiever Syndrome. My hubby, when a big paper or grant is due, decides that his lab or yikes, worse! How many times did you go on Rolling Thunder? Or Rednuht Gnillor as it was called when they shifted it backwards?

Unfortunately I am at work this morning actually every Saturday morning , and this afternoon am doing a small make-up job. But then tonight I'm finally catching up with some friends for dinner and tomorrow I get to see one of my beautiful little nephews get baptized. Unless otherwise noted, KnittingHelp. If you have a question regarding a pattern please try contacting the pattern designer.

If you need assistance with a particular technique you may wish to ask other knitters in the KnittingHelp. Started from the thumb with an easy lace pattern. Contemporary Irish Knits Pattern book. Basic Men's Mittens Beginner. Fingerless or full mittens sized for the whole family.

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