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James Hunter of Rolling Stone described the song as being a "dynamite jam The song charted on music charts based solely on radio airplay throughout the country. It charted within the top 40 of the Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 chart in , peaking at number From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mad Club Mix ARC provided, but this review was voluntarily and honestly written. Apr 12, Reviews from the Heart Kimberly Anne rated it it was amazing. I don't think I've fully recovered from the awesomeness that This Time Around truly is.

I love finding an author that I enjoy reading time and time again, but even more so when you can see the author's work getting better and better with each story.

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I find this amazing especially when you don't think that there is anyway for them to improve upon their talent. Stacey has always delivered characters that I love, and stories that I want to hold onto long after the final words are read. This Time Around was no exception. Cooper was not at all what I was expecting as an actor needing to escape Hollywood for a while.

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He was amazing and just lost enough that these two would be perfect at helping each other find their way. I found myself getting frustrated with the story because I wanted them to hurry up and get together. I knew that they weren't meant for each other and didn't want to wait, of course there wouldn't have been a story to read if that had been the case so I am so grateful that Stacey made me wait for these two to find their way.

This Time Around is the first book in the Love in the Heartland series and I cannot wait for the next one. Apr 10, Heather C rated it it was amazing Shelves: This Time Around is beautiful and inspiring. It makes you embrace who you are and fight for what you want. And Cooper might have just made my very short list of sweet guys that I fell for. Rebecca is recently widowed and running her family farm by herself. When her Uncle, a LA Talent agent, tells her he's sending her one of his clients to help her out because he needs to escape, she had no idea her life was about to change.

She didn't want the help but once he arrived, things sure did change.

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Cooper's soon to be ex wife was the love of his life but she's been cheating on him and all he wants to do is remove himself from the toxic life she has created. While not keen on the idea of being on a ranch in Kansas, he finds that that it is in fact the one place that will give him the peace he needs. And so much more. This Time Around is a super sweet and endearing second chance romance that will make your heart flutter and keep you swooning.

I enjoyed both Cooper and Rebecca and haven't pulled for such a sweet couple like them in a long time. She's stubborn, smart and kind and he's patient, strong and supportive. These two find each other at the perfect time and just know they are right for each other. If you want to swoon, feel the love and laugh at a goat called Pepper then you need to read this book!

Apr 04, Dayang rated it it was amazing.

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  • She's one of my faves. It focuses more on the simple life On taking a step back and just breathe It's far from reading about whiny, ungrateful A-Listers. This story revolves around a widowed farm girl named Rebecca and an award-winning actor named Cooper, who needed to escape th I was so excited to receive an ARC of this book, and particularly because it's from Stacey Lynn!

    This story revolves around a widowed farm girl named Rebecca and an award-winning actor named Cooper, who needed to escape the limelight for a little while One is more broken than the other One is brave enough to take a risk, the other is scared sh! This story will definitely take you on an emotional ride I had been in a book-hungover for a couple of days and none of my current reads got me out of my funk until I read this one I was enthralled by the story of Cooper and Rebecca from the very beginning.

    And eventhough it's mostly drama, it's not draining at all. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did! Apr 05, Tanja Kezmic rated it it was amazing Shelves: While reading it my heart was breaking for both of them. They had so much happened to them and they were still fighting to try and piece their life back together again. Copper was such a well written MC. I loved how he understood what Rebecca needed in order to heal. His love for her was felt with every word while reading. I was crying so hard for him when he opened up to her and was willing to leave everything behind him and s 4.

    I was crying so hard for him when he opened up to her and was willing to leave everything behind him and she just couldn't accept it. This story is heartbreakingly beautiful. It will steal your heart and much it has mine. Apr 22, Clare rated it it was amazing Shelves: A really good story, I enjoyed this. Apr 15, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Apr 01, A.


    Blog rated it it was amazing. This Time Around was such an amazing story! Take one damaged, heartbroken, strong, determined woman Rebecca throw in a HOT, also heartbroken, sincere, man Cooper and what do you get????? I loved how the story progressed and also the relationship development between Rebecca and Cooper ; it was spot on, not too fast an Oh my goodness!!!! I loved how the story progressed and also the relationship development between Rebecca and Cooper ; it was spot on, not too fast and not too slow.

    The supporting characters also played a huge part of the story as well which I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will see all of them again Apr 10, Love N. Books rated it it was amazing. Petra and ellie both hit this one up. So this is a Petellie review. Pet is the more responsible one of the duo. Cooper was a great character. He's the guy you always hoped existed. Hot as fuck, surrounded by tons of gorgeous women and still true to a fault.

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    Would never consider straying. I loved that Cooper was a celebrity but still had emotion and feeling. Still wanted traditional love while being the hottest celebrity hunk in the scene. I liked Rebecca just as much. I thought she was kind of stubborn about letting Cooper in, but I can kind of understand that since her husband definitely threw her a curve she never expected. It would be hard to trust again.

    Rebecca struck me as a selfish bitch at first. She was so damn snooty and snotty I was like "da fuck The way that Cooper adored the little goat, Pepper, was adorable and the whole aspect of the farm was pretty realistic. I thought you were going to go into love I liked that her friends, neighbors and family were so supportive, but I thought they should have pushed her a little harder to face what had happened.

    I'm kind of surprised that the paparazzi didn't dig up all her dirt when she was connected to Cooper.

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    • I think Jenny would have been all over telling them everything. I got the impression they left her alone because she was such a snotty bitch about it all? I'm also surprised that no one else in town knew what had happened between Rebecca and her husband.

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      Small towns know everything. But speaking of small town shit. Fourth of July was amazing. I could vividly picture that whole scene. She was such a bitch! The revenge that Cooper had was epic. Quite possibly my favorite part of the book. But I'm a bitch that way. His plan made everything.

      The scandal in this book. It made my insides tingle and my blood flow. Like more than sex. The only thing that left me hanging was the whole issue with the cattle. That was a plot hole for me. What Pet means is that there was no cattle sex. We both dug it a lot. For me this is ellie I loved the contrast of a soulful celebrity hunk and a small town rancher girl that has been through hell. It was a great balance. Sexy, humorous, and gave me lots of feels. And readers are dumb if they don't pick this one up. I loved this emotional and beautifully written romance! Set on a ranch in Kansas, it tells the story of a young widow trying to keep her family cattle ranch from sinking while dealing with her grief and a Hollywood A-list actor sent there to escape a heartbreaking scandal.

      This Time Around (Love in the Heartland, #2) by Stacey Lynn

      Then it was Joseph. It was time to move on. To live and not simply survive. Maybe it was time to find my way on a weeded path I never would have taken on my own. Sometimes those journeys could be the best. Apr 10, Chasing Away Reality rated it it was amazing.

      She always delivers a heartfelt and raw story while bringing depth and emotion to each of her characters. Their pain becomes your pain, and their love for one another becomes more palpable with each moment. The author also organically and seamlessly unfolds their story, giving them an opportunity to heal, find peace within, and experience love beyond what they could ever imagine.

      As with all her stories, Stacey has Cooper and Rebecca living in the real world. Their problems are ones that we all could face. They have realistic expectations of what they want in life. There's also a sense of community and family among their friends, so much so, that you could see yourself living your life right alongside them. Yes, Cooper is a Hollywood heartthrob on the run from his turbulent life, but he's so much more than that. After all, isn't he just a person doing a job he loves? Like most everyone, Cooper wants to be happy. Fortunately for him and us , his agent and Rebecca's uncle, Max, decides to step in, giving him a little push while helping his niece out at the same time.

      While Cooper is open to this new adventure of life on a farm, Rebecca fights his intrusion with every ounce of control she has left. And with Cooper charming his way through her friends, she desperately clings to her ability to keep him at arms length. Through their interactions during daily activities, learning to work side by side and through their emotional turmoil, Rebecca begins to see the steadfast, caring man that Cooper is. Furthermore, she realizes he may be the only person to whom she can tell her secrets and find solace from her pain.

      As she begins to let go, Rebecca struggles to find closure in regard to her husband's death. I feel like she needed to have a heart-to-heart with his best friend, Ryan, about what happened.