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The Mayer Lemon Tree is a dwarf lemon tree that is designed to grow indoors. They produce a sweeter than average lemon after the second year. Mine is in my "garden" room that is a tiny spare bedroom, not big enough for a queen. It is southern facing, and kept warm enough to sustain my tree as well as my Aloe Vera, and climate controlled enough to remain in the temp zone needed for fermentation.

Oh, and it's also self pollinating and doesn't need bees! We have a fig tree in our bedroom right now with a grow light to help it out. Can't remember our zone right now, but we're north of the 44th parallel. We want it to be strong enough to transplant outside eventually, though we've tossed around the idea of doing some kind of greenhouse planting instead.

I tried a fig tree I have grow lights too! I couldn't get the watering right! It was a coworker who couldn't believe that such a tree existed. She loves lemons, so I had her try it. The rest are mine. Lemon cake with lemon glaze. We don't get Meyer Lemons where I live, unless some specialty shop imports them, and you have to pay their weight in gold. Speaking of rooibos, I have a mug of it with dried fruit in it. Just what I needed for my break from working on taxes.

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Please stay alert, and be careful. Especially your me-not-me coworker. Does your company know about this last incident, and are they prepared for more dumb shit VB and co might pull? Maybe this will help with cheering you up. Here is a cat in its solid form , one in liquid form , and one in gas form. At the very least, we hapless bastards have each others backs at times like these. Stay strong and carry on my friend. Here's some further cat science that won an Ig Nobel last year. If you have a restraining order, contact your legal department with the video footage and the note.

Legal and my lawyer knows. I don't suspect that much will happen, but we are battening down the hatches once more. It is genuinely concerning that they're escalating like this. Your safety is seriously at risk. I really hope you're taking precautions. As is the co-worker, and work.

I would have thought they would have realized by now that she isn't me, and left her alone! Logic won't work, hence why it's a delusional disorder. The only reality that exists to this woman is the one in her head. Anything else is just the evil Lizard People or whatever trying to trick her and turn her away from the greater truth.

See, the problem with her legitimately believing you are a shape shifting trickster demon is that, in her head, it makes perfect sense that you changed your appearance just enough to throw off the nonbelievers in order to escape her divine justice I figured when they served her the R.

I guess that is too logical though? Maybe it was a ploy with the other demons to try and throw her onto the trail of a normal human??? VB has never met Sam, only spoken to her on the phone. She thinks coworker is Sam because VB had flowers delivered to work addressed to Sam, and coworker took them to a hospital to donate. VB was waiting outside and saw coworker leave with the flowers, therefore coworker is ID'd as Sam.

She then followed coworker home. This bitch just doesn't know when to quit. Someone needs to ping Satan and tell him one of his brides escaped and is practicing necromancy without a license. Do you think he would make a house call to take her back? If so i would gladly sacrifice my soul to make the call Unrelated, I have saved so many Sam and Dean "memes" that my Google photos recognizes them as faces and asked me for their names so I could find their pictures easier.

How does VB even sleep with that my bitchiness in her heart. As both interviewer and interviewee have to dress to the nines, the air conditioner is on for once, keeping the office at a chilly degrees ]]. Liatris, your resume certainly shows promise. A century of occult education, mentored under three false idols, and plenty of extracurricular blasphemy.

If I were to accept your application to practice necromancy, who would you like to resurrect? I can't just loan out all the extremely evil souls at once. You may want to suggest that the new place be bought with an LLC or something like that. You can often look up real estate transactions or property tax details with owner information online quite easily.

It would be easy to get coworker's name from the current property address and then find the new place with that name. Renting would be another option for not being as easy to find.

The Bitch Is Dead

If she can swing renting while the house is on the market or buy a new place while waiting for this one to sell, it might be a good idea? Even if she doesn't have any open houses, you can put together a really good idea of how a house is laid out from pictures of a realtor listing. Right now she is getting it ready as most people around here won't start looking until next month.

That's when the market really heats up. So she was planning on putting it up then. Do you rent or own? When coworker moves, I can see VB looking up your name and address. I'm sure she can.

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That's part of why I'm so flabbergasted that they went for her when they now know who was really behind it all It feels kind of redundant to say she's not playing with a full deck of cards, really I guess I never considered as the demon of illusion that I could falsify legal docs to throw her holly ass off my trail. Land title trust companies do this where you buy the property in the name of a trust so your real name isint tied to it anywhere on the real estate web sites.

I think we all learned a scary lesson about not just disposing of crazypants stalker gifts because of this saga. I was one of the people that encouraged Sam to give the flowers to someone as opposed to throwing them away, because it seemed like such a waste. Especially for that other co-worker who is now having to sell her fucking house just because she took some flowers to a hospital!

Probably an excellent idea. If I was her I would be changing jobs to a new state, and never volunteering to drop off stuff for anyone ever again. I'm so completely baffled as to how someone as delusional as VB could have FMs willing to help her. I just- my whats have departed. I almost wonder if she made up some much more reasonable lie to accuse you of to the FM? On the one hand VB told complete strangers about her delusions when she thought they were religious folk, and I'd think that anyone she knows well enough to turn into an FM would be similarly religious.


I never considered that! I figured she had found a goodwill, and raided their trash bin or something like that. Which truthfully is also very much a possibility I'm not an expert on all psych units, but generally you can wear whatever you want. You have to remove any strings or laces and you can't have a belt.

Dead Men Don't Rape Lyrics

So unless her pants were falling down and she was wearing sneakers with no laces or she had no street clothes with her, there's really no reason she wouldlook any different than anyone else. I think voluntary psych might be one thing but involuntary hold while facing pending criminal charges is probably not that lenient.

I can see what kind of mind can snap and seriously decide that another person is a literal demon who needs to be slain. It's nuts, and terrifying, but I get it. That flavor of psychotic break isn't actually that uncommon, so far as psychotic delusions go. What amazes me is how often other people listen to the crazy person. That FM listened to VB rant at her about you, and believed her enough to come looking for you, to deal with the demon in human form.

That's just beyond insane to me. I think some women can play on the "I'm just a poor weak little woman" angle and get people to do stuff for them. If they're old ladies or otherwise frail, even better. I had a crazy great aunt who could con people, at least in the short-term. Then you have weak-willed people who get sucked into Bizarro World. Is it possible that VB has made friends in the hospital she is in and they are just delusional enough to believe her, but sane enough to be able to leave the facility?

If so, I would find out who she is socializing with and what she is discussing with them, if you can! Maybe now that she's being forced to take her meds her delusions are gone, but her hatred of OP remains, so now she tell people believed lies. Pardon my language, but Fucking Hell!!! Where does she keep finding these people, and why the fuck won't they quit?!?

Damn, I'm so sorry that being a decent human being has attracted this amount of crazy to your life. Please continue to be safe, and I'll keep hoping for an asteroid to fall from the sky and obliterate this bitch. And the FM doesn't even have the story straight wtf. But there is no logic with these people. Has VB's son been informed too? I wonder if he can identify a potential candidate an unhinged enabler bestie, etc. As soon as I hear I called all the lawyers and him. The last thing I want if for someone to ambush them!

Can I second this, but add that wasp spray is cheap, effective, and most of them spray feet See, I thought I was evil, and maybe so but this is my thought. I mean, if you happen to use it to defend yourself because it happens to by the door Wasp spray may be frowned upon but if your assailant is unknown and you use it in defense Wasp spray just tastes gross and stings a little, you'd have to really wash somebody in it to get the desired effect.

Like you do with sandy potatoes. It's to bad using things for outside of their intended use can backfire badly for the person defending themselves. If not, I'd fully endorse bear spray so long as it's legal in the state you live. Bear spray is considered mace here because we have a lot of bears. It, my cat ears keychain, and the mace are considered a self-defense "tool", not a weapon. Even with my meager self-defense classes, I would be considered a tool not a weapon, like my sensei.

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  6. So knowing how to fight with my two tools, I would never be convicted of anything. I will be getting bear spray today as my local sporting goods store sells it. I'm starting to think anyone coming to the office asking for either one of you needs a heavy-handed pat down under the gaze of at LEAST 5 burly absolute brutes. THEN they can claim to be your relative.

    Funny thing is that only my DH knows where I work and my office carpooling. The rest of my family knows that city by that grocery store. Seriously, I can't believe this cluster all basically stemmed from "WAAH the mean lady did her job and wouldn't let me sabotage my son's honeymoon! I look back at what has happened, and I tell you what, I can't believe it. It seems like some crazy movie that you leave going, "No way that could ever happen. No one is ever going to believe this when I'm old and telling horror stories to my grand As for you and your coworkers, FFS, stay safe.

    All you young ones, with the crazies after you, you worry me, you know? I'll just toddle away with my cane, and mutter to myself about what is WRONG with these faux religious idiots. Diabitch and My Hair.

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    Diabitch Called About Spring Break. Diabitch Freaks Out past story. We are going to see Diabitch for Spring Break. Vacation Bitch Is Back in Custody. Diabitch makes a play. How to Walk to Catch Women. Diabitch "Forgot" DDs Birthday. Diabitch is Love Bombing. DD Ruined Diabitch's Christmas. To be notified as soon as SamoftheMorgan posts an update click here. Excuse my language, but this situation is fucking bullshit for you. Good on you and your company for taking this seriously and taking all necessary precautions.

    Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

    I desperately hope that this delusional whacko gets jailed soon. I know it isn't fair and it's really stressful. I hope things get easier and these bitches leave you alone. Could it possibly be the sister she was meant to be staying with when she was actually in your area? Crazy might run in the family. Wasn't she a member of a crazy church? Perhaps the "We" is the members of this church? I hope you stay safe and vigilant. Your "grandmother" sounds like she's not slowing down on the crazy. Part of me says, "Enough already! On a good note, we got the makings for our very own penis garden!

    The shaft is a Sky Pencil Japanese holly will max out at 8ft high and the balls will be 2 encore azalea bushes max 3ft high in a lovely autumn embers color that will bloom 2 to 3 times a year. If they had had a penis garden badge, maybe I wouldn't have gotten kicked out of the Girl Scouts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

    Log in or sign up in seconds. Tell us some crazy. Mother-in-law and Mom related posts only Other people can be involved but they cannot be given their own thread. Fictional MILs in the megathread. Acronym-based cast lists are OK but unnecessary - just give us the story. MIL nickname guidelines 3. Shaming is not okay If you disagree be civil and respectful. Remember the human and remember that many posters here are dealing with disordered personalities and disordered upbringings.

    No trolling or "MILpologizing" Don't be deliberately antagonistic. Don't defend, excuse, or otherwise sympathize with the MILs. Playing devil's advocate in a support sub rarely turns out well. Nobody posts here if they're dealing with normal MILs. Trying to convince OP that MIL was "just trying to be nice" amounts to gaslighting and won't be tolerated. No backseat modding Our rules are here in order to foster reasonable discussion, support, and advice. Using our rules as ammunition against another poster does not further these goals. If you see someone breaking a rule, report it and move on.

    Attempt to rules lawyer a mod and you will lose. Attempt to triangulate the mods using PMs instead of modmail and you'll lose. No exit posts If you feel you need to go, do it quietly. I'm not really too tight about it because I know we have something special. On November 8, , Lady Gaga released the original version of the song featuring her vocals, in which she performs the chorus and a verse.

    The Artpop Ball tour, but the audio was never officially released. The video ends with a hard cutoff of the string ensemble to a black screen with white text reading "Death to Molly". So it's really just time to move on. Following the release of Good Kid, M. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Top Dawg Aftermath Interscope. Retrieved October 26, Retrieved November 30, Retrieved November 15, Retrieved November 16, Tour in Glendale with triumphant one-man show of force".

    Retrieved October 30, Retrieved November 23, Archived from the original on November 7, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved June 30, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved May 23, Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on December 3, Retrieved November 25, Retrieved December 8,