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In , McKay published a book of verse called Songs of Jamaica Gardner , recording his impressions of black life in Jamaica in dialect. He remained there only a few months, leaving to study agriculture at Kansas State University. In , he published two sonnets, "The Harlem Dancer" and "Invocation," and later used the form in writing about social and political concerns from his perspective as a black man in the United States.

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McKay also wrote on a variety of subjects, from his Jamaican homeland to romantic love, with a use of passionate language. Vincent Millay and Lewis Sinclair.


Losing faith in Communism, he turned his attention to the teachings of various spiritual and political leaders in Harlem, eventually converting to Catholicism. McKay's viewpoints and poetic achievements in the earlier part of the twentieth century set the tone for the Harlem Renaissance and gained the deep respect of younger black poets of the time, including Langston Hughes. He died on May 22, Claude McKay, who was born in Jamaica in , wrote about social and political concerns from his perspective as a black man in the United States, as well as a variety of subjects ranging from his Jamaican homeland to romantic love.

Geochemical variation of Quaternary basaltic volcanoes in the Turkana Rift, northern Kenya.

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J African Earth Sci , 8: Campbell Smith W, Petrographic description of volcanic rocks from Turkana, Kenya Colony, with notes on their field occurrence from the manscript of Mr. Quart J Geol Soc London , The geothermal activity and geology of the northern sector of the Kenya Rift Valley. Geology of the Loiyangalani area. Rpt Mines Geol Dept Kenya , Africa and the Red Sea. Late Quaternary caldera volcanoes of the Kenya Rift Valley. The maps shown below have been scanned from the GVP map archives and include the volcano on this page.

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Clicking on the small images will load the full dpi map. Very small-scale maps such as world maps are not included. The maps database originated over 30 years ago, but was only recently updated and connected to our main database.

We welcome users to tell us if they see incorrect information or other problems with the maps; please use the Contact GVP link at the bottom of the page to send us email. References The following references have all been used during the compilation of data for this volcano, it is not a comprehensive bibliography. Dodson R G, Geology of the South Horr area.

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Geol Surv Kenya Rpt , Eruptive History There is data available for 12 Holocene eruptive periods. Photo Gallery A northward-looking aerial view shows the summit caldera of Kakorinya volcano of The Barrier volcanic complex with Lake Turkana in the distance.

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Fresh-looking lava flows and tuff cones occur along the shores of Lake Turkana. Teleki's Cone on the northern flank and Andrew's Cone lower left foreground on the southern flank have been the source of historical lava flows. Samburu Marsabit project Map Type: Mapping and Charting Est.