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I think the biggest crisis we have today is one of perception. People perceive that we can just tinker with the current system and it will magically work better to meet these new needs.

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The Industrial Age system has reached its upper limit, and vast expenditures of money to improve the current system are going to yield minimal results overall. We need to help people understand that piecemeal change is not going to improve learning outcomes. We must have paradigm change.

Reinventing Schools

We have been doing that at the Robert Frost Charter School. We created a public charter that brings in the Montessori philosophy as well as project-based learning. While we still have to work within the constraints of the existing system—which can be a challenge—we have mixed-age classrooms where everyone is with the same teacher for three-year blocks. We evaluate children as they achieve the Common Core standards.

A first grader, for example, could easily be working on third- or fourth-grade standards in math, yet might still be working at first-grade standards in language areas.

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They meet with their peers and have group lessons, maybe four or five kids who are working on the same skills. Then they move on for independent practice at their own pace. Some may move on faster than others. There is a fear of change for some, but once they see that the change works, they are on board. We work with the entire range of the population at our school and have great successes with everyone.

They were unhappy with the experience their children had in the public schools, and got together to create this public charter to do things differently.

Reinventing Schools - It's Time to Break the Mold (Electronic book text)

In our book, we list over schools we found that are working in this new paradigm. The vast majority are charter schools or private schools, because, unless the whole school district adopts this new approach, any school that does change will be incompatible with the rest of the district, and the district will work to change it back to what it was. Years ago, during George H. It was a fantastic school that fit this Information Age paradigm, but it has now reverted to a regular school because it became incompatible with the rest of the district.

I think it does need to be organic.

See a Problem?

Martin Luther King Jr. It can happen through many different paths.

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One way is for a district to engage its citizens in dialogue to discuss what they want the schools to accomplish. That was the process I facilitated in the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township in Indiana for 12 years, working with them to help evolve the whole culture of the school system. There are many different routes, but the most important outcome of a paradigm-change effort is to change the mindsets of the stakeholders.

In the beginning, there were definitely some concerns from the traditional public school about how this was going to impact them. But we are now starting our third year and they are starting to understand that we are part of the solution and that we are not trying to displace them. It has become more of a collaborative relationship. The Case for a Fundamental Change Chapter 2: Examples of the new Paradigm Chapter 4: Tools for a Paradigm Change.

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Reigeluth and Jennifer Karnopp have written a book that should be read by educational leaders sincerely and devotedly concerned about the future of education in the 'Information Age' and enhancing the thinking skills of their students. This is a good book. Truly progressive, charter, and private schools could benefit greatly from some of the ideas in [this] book. It is easy to read, very compelling, and an important plan for changing the paradigm in directions sorely needed at all system levels. Reigeluth and I have been colleagues for a long time and have built our respective models on similar learner-centered principles that are truths about the nature of learning and change.

I greatly admire Charlie's skills and know this book will make a huge difference for all our children and ourselves. It brings a needed message of hope in these troubled times.

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Some are blissfully unaware of it. Repeated attempts to resolve the crisis have failed and will continue to fail because the approach to resolving the crisis short-term quick fixes otherwise known as piecemeal change is outdated and ineffective. This is, therefore, a book that must be in the hands of every policy-maker, state superintendent of schools, and school system superintendents who recognize the crisis and who want to do something about it. Duffy While there are many views about what ails our public education system, few disagree that it is in need of change.

It’s Time to Break the Mold

We collectively lament the fact that the U. In Reinventing Schools, the authors focus their attention appropriately on changing the underlying structures of our education system that were built for the Industrial Age and offer a new vision of a wholly different kind of system to meet the needs of the Information Age.

As a nation, we have talked and tinkered long enough with piecemeal solutions. It is time to tackle the difficult but necessary challenge of whole system transformation. Reigeluth and Karnopp offer a robust systemic approach through their "six core ideas of the Information Age education paradigm" that can provide us with an overarching vision for aligning the numerous fragmented change efforts underway towards a common goal of building the kind of schools our children deserve and our nation needs.