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Her eyes, for example, are confined to a strip across the top of the cover while her mouth is located near the spine in a box independent of her eyes. The longest-running series of books to feature Nancy Drew is the original Nancy Drew series, whose volumes were published from to Nancy also appeared in titles in The Nancy Drew Files and is currently the heroine of the Diaries series. While Nancy Drew is the central character in each series, continuity is preserved only within one series, not between them all; for example, in concurrently published titles in the Nancy Drew series and the Nancy Drew on Campus series, Nancy is respectively dating her boyfriend Ned Nickerson or broken up with Ned Nickerson.

Nancy Drew Diaries is the current series and started in This is a reboot of the Nancy Drew: The series is described as "A classic Nancy Drew with her modern twist". While similar to the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series, this series includes situations and problems typical in young adult "tween" books.

The mystery element is not always the main focus of the characters, and often Nancy states she is avoiding mysteries or "on a break" from sleuthing. Nancy often acts timid and scared, in book 16 The Haunting on Heliotrope Lane she says she is glad she "hasn't peed herself from being scared". This Nancy does not navigate in the world of adults as previous versions of the character.

The first person narration reveals a juvenile voice with a passive role in the action and a lack of motivation in solving mysteries. In book 12 The Sign in the Smoke Nancy does not solve the mystery, a secondary character comes up with the solution. In several books Nancy stumbles upon the solution to the "mystery" and acts amazed at the reveal. This is in contrast to the set-up of previous Nancy Drew series.

Attempts to make Nancy's character more modern and less perfect have resulted in a confusing and often conflicting representation of the iconic Nancy Drew character. The character of Nancy Drew seems to be more popular in some countries than others.

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Other countries, such as Estonia , have only recently begun printing Nancy Drew books. Nancy's name is often changed in translated editions: Cover art and series order is often changed as well, and in many countries only a limited number of Drew books are available in translation. Five feature films, two television shows, and four television pilots featuring Nancy Drew have been produced to date. No television show featuring Nancy Drew has lasted longer than two years, and film portrayals of the character have met with mixed reviews.

Nancy Mitford’s Two Good Novels

In , Warner Bros. Adams sold the rights to Jack L. Warner without an agent or any consultation; thus, she sold all and any film rights to Warner Bros. From to , four films in the series were released. All of them were directed by William Clemens , written by Torchy Blane writer Kenneth Gamet, and had the same primary cast:. The four films were released as B-films a shorter film shows before the main picture, which usually lasted around 60 minutes:.

The series was announced by Warner Bros. However, for unclear reasons, Farrow and White were replaced by Clemens and Gamet, and production was delayed to August. The first two films did well enough to allow Warner Bros. After the second film, Warner Bros. Gamet was once again re-hired to write for the series, and completed writing the eight films. Shortly after production of the fourth film wrapped in May, Warner Bros. Although they initially announced the Nancy Drew series would be converted into two-reelers, they cancelled those plans days later.

The fifth film was written, and may have been produced. Frankie Thomas believes that he and Granville made five films, not four. The films took many liberties from its source material. Granville's portrayal of the Nancy was portrayed to be ditsy, absent-minded, and more scheming than that of the books of the time, where Nancy was intelligent, sharp-tongued, and quite ahead of her time. Carson Drew of the books was portrayed as an older, feeble, more of a hands-off parent, while John Litel's Carson was young, handsome, much more athletically fit, and tried his best to restrain Nancy from getting into danger.

The recurring character of the older Hannah Gruen was replaced with Effie Schneider, Hannah's teenage niece who had appeared in the book the first film was based on. Effie and Hannah's characteristics were merged, although Effie's fidgety, frightful nature retained prominence for comedic effect. In addition to these four, new character Captain Tweedy was added, to portray the stereotypical bumbling, clueless cop that mirrored Steve McBride in the Torchy Blane series.

The characters of Bess Marvin, George Fayne, and Helen Corning, did not appear in the film series, and were never mentioned or referred to. In addition to the character changes, the tone and pacing of the films was also matured and altered for comic effect and to accommodate a wider audience. The films changed the less-severe crimes and adventures of the books into gruesome murders, that are often spearheaded by dangerous criminals.

While book Nancy was usually treated with authority and equal respect to other adults while solving the mystery professionally, the films portrayed Nancy as a meddling school girl who chased adventures, much to the misery of the adults and peers around her. Critical reaction to these films is mixed. Some find that the movies did not "depict the true Nancy Drew", [] in part because Granville's Nancy "blatantly used her feminine wiles and enticing bribes " to accomplish her goals.

Adams did not like the films, and resented the studio for its treatment of the character; she did, however, keep a personal autographed photo from Granville on her office desk for many years according to her employees, and may have used John Litel's portrayal of Carson Drew to revamp the character when she revised the books in the s and s. Contrary to Adams, Benson was said to have liked the films of the time, despite them being different from the character she wrote. To promote the film, Warner Bros. The series become somewhat of a cult success after the films started appearing on cable channels such as Turner Classic Movies.

The films were arguably ones in which all five cast members were notable for in their careers. Granville recalled making the films fondly, and stated her favorite film of the series was Nancy Drew… Trouble Shooter. A new film version for Nancy Drew had been in the works at Warner Bros. However, nothing came into fruition until the mid s. On June 15, , Warner Bros. This film saw Nancy move to Los Angeles with her father on an extended business trip, and picking the house of a murdered movie star as their house to solve the cold case.

Before the release of the film, Roberts, Fleming, and Weintraub had signed on for two Nancy Drew sequels. But with the mixed success of the first film, and Roberts' decision to move onto other projects, these films were never made. As with the earlier Drew films, reactions were mixed. Some see the film as updated version of the basic character: On April 20, , Warner Bros. The film will not be related to the previous film starring Bonita Granville. This series is regarded as the most faithful series to the books; Martin is often regarded by many Nancy Drew fans as the best actress to portray her.

The series was also faithful in its tone of smaller mysteries, such as haunted houses or theft. The first season originally alternated with The Hardy Boys; The Hardy Boys was met with success, but the Drew episodes were met with mixed results. In the second season, the format shifted to present The Hardy Boys as the more prominent characters, with Nancy Drew mostly a character in crossover episodes although the character did have some solo episodes.

Martin, who was 24 years old at the start of the series, left midway through the season, and was replaced by year-old Janet Louise Johnson for the final few episodes. When the series came back for a third season, Nancy Drew was dropped from the series, with it now focusing completely on The Hardy Boys. But soon after the change, ABC cancelled the series. Nelvana began production of another Nancy Drew television show in Nancy is now a year-old criminology student, moving to New York City and living in upscale apartment complex "The Callisto". Nancy solved various mysteries with Bess, a gossip columnist at The Rag , and George, a mail carrier and amateur filmmaker.

Ned worked on charity missions in Africa, but did make a few appearances. Both shows were cancelled midway through their first seasons due to low ratings; the poorly syndicated half-hour shows aired in a slot outside of prime time on the newly launched The WB and UPN networks.

The movie was intended to be a pilot for a possible weekly series, which saw Nancy and her friends going off to college in a modern setting, and Nancy pursuing a journalism degree. Like the s films, this pilot also took a more mature turn, with the mystery being a drug bust, and Nancy having a falling out with her father.

The pilot aired as part of The Wonderful World of Disney series, with additional scripts being ordered and production contingent on the movie's ratings and reception. Sarah Shahi and producer Tony Phelan later admitted the pilot was not in good quality. Thomas had previously starred in the film series in Considine's role. Although a pilot was produced in April , the series could not find a sponsor. With legal troubles and the disapproval of Harriet Adams, the idea of a series was eventually abandoned. However, Kidder was injured during filming of the first episode when the brakes failed on the car she was driving.

The pilot was not finished, and the series was cancelled. This one would revolve around Nancy as she is about to head off to college, only a "family tragedy" holds her back another year, and she finds herself in a "ghostly murder investigation". Computer games publisher Her Interactive began publishing Nancy Drew computer games in Some game plots are taken directly, or loosely taken, from the published Nancy Drew books, such as The Secret of the Old Clock ; others are completely new ideas and are written by the Her Interactive staff. The games are targeted for a younger audience with the rating of "ages 10 and up" and are rated "E" "Everyone" by the ESRB.

They follow the popular adventure game style of play. Players move Nancy by pointing and clicking with the mouse around in a first person virtual environment to talk to suspects, pick up clues, solve puzzles, and eventually solve the crime. Lani Minella has voiced the Nancy character since the first game in up to the most recent game, Sea of Darkness , the 32nd game.

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The 33rd game, Midnight in Salem , will be voiced by a new actress. Minella, who has voiced Nancy for 17 years, was let go from the role. Her Interactive said that the community has been nothing but supportive of Minella, and that their overall goal is to keep creating noteworthy games. The most recent game has won various awards. The Hidden Staircase and Nancy Drew: The games have received recognition for promoting female interest in video games.

While most of the games are computer games, with most available only on PC and some newer titles also available on Mac, Her Interactive also have released some of the titles on other platforms, like DVD and Nintendo Wii system.

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Her Interactive is currently in production of Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem and is expected to release the game Spring It was designed to help children develop skills in computer programming. The app has also won a variety of awards: Oh, that would be really cool to do a hard-boiled noir take on them.

The series, a hardboiled noir take on the characters, finds characters Frank and Joe Hardy accused of murdering their father, Fenton Hardy, and turning to a femme fatale-esque Nancy Drew to clear their names. Del Col credits editors Matt Idelson and Matt Humphreys with helping him shape the direction of the series. The series debuted to positive reviews, with praise going towards its noir-themed tone. It works on every level and still fully embraces the heart of who they are.

Drew, who was absent for most of the first issue. She is a pitch-perfect modernized femme fatale, who could hold her own up against any present-day Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, or the like. A number of Nancy Drew products have been licensed over the years, primarily in the s, s, and s. In Madame Alexander produced a Nancy Drew doll. The doll carried binoculars and camera and was available in two outfits: Harriet Adams disapproved of the doll's design, believing Nancy's face to be too childish, but the doll was marketed nonetheless.

Various Nancy Drew coloring, activity, and puzzle books have also been published, as has a Nancy Drew puzzle.

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A Nancy Drew Halloween costume and a Nancy Drew lunchbox were produced in the s as television show tie-ins. According to commentators, the cultural impact of Nancy Drew has been enormous. Many prominent and successful women cite Nancy Drew as an early formative influence whose character encouraged them to take on unconventional roles, including U. Nancy Drew's popularity continues unabated: Many feminist critics have pondered the reason for the character's iconic status. Nancy's car, and her skill in driving and repairing it, are often cited.

Melanie Rehak points to Nancy's famous blue roadster now a blue hybrid as a symbol of "ultimate freedom and independence.

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Nancy is also treated with respect: Male authority figures believe her statements, and neither her father nor Hannah Gruen, the motherly housekeeper, "place Some critics, such as Betsy Caprio and Ilana Nash, argue that Nancy's relationship with her continually approving father is satisfying to girl readers because it allows them to vicariously experience a fulfilled Electra complex.

Unlike other girl detectives, Nancy does not go to school for reasons that are never explained, but assuming because she has finished , and she thus has complete autonomy. Similar characters, such as Kay Tracey , do go to school, and not only lose a degree of independence but also of authority. The fact of a character's being a school-girl reminds "the reader, however fleetingly, of the prosaic realities of high-school existence, which rarely includes high adventures or an authoritative voice in the world of adults.

Some see in Nancy's adventures a mythic quality. Nancy often explores secret passages, prompting Nancy Pickard to argue that Nancy Drew is a figure equivalent to the ancient Sumerian deity Inanna and that Nancy's "journeys into the 'underground'" are, in psychological terms, explorations of the unconscious. For this reason, Nancy Drew has been called the modern embodiment of the character of "Good Deeds" in Everyman.

In the end, many critics [] agree that at least part of Nancy Drew's popularity depends on the way in which the books and the character combine sometimes contradictory values, with Kathleen Chamberlain writing in The Secrets of Nancy Drew: In , Nancy Drew and her novels were discussed in the Young Adult themed issue of the academic journal Studies in the Novel.

Woolston's essay titled "Nancy Drew's Body: The Case of the Autonomous Female Sleuth" for a detailed discussion of the heroine's impact on popular culture. The essay also discusses links to Nancy Drew and feminist theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the fictional character. For the film, see Nancy Drew film. The Nancy Drew Files. Nancy Drew on Campus. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. List of Nancy Drew characters. List of Nancy Drew books.

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Edward Stratemeyer and the Stratemeyer Syndicate. Stratemeyer Pseudonyms and Series Books. Journal of Popular Culture. Keeline, James D The Hidden Window Mystery First ed. The mystery at Lilac Inn First ed. The Hidden Window Mystery Revised ed. There are two, and only two, good Nancy Mitford novels: All other Mitford works may be discounted. Wigs on the Green is inexperienced satire, if not actually propaganda, of the fascist movement. And — I argue — only by reading them autobiographically, can we read and enjoy them thoroughly. Reading literary work autobiographically often gets a bad rap.

I would argue that there are really two authorial surrogates: Jassy, who ran away to the United States to marry a film star , is an easy anaologue of Jessica Mitford, the coolest Mitford sister who ran away to the United States to better realise her dreams of Communism. There is some comic value in understanding that Nancy Mitford wrote Linda as a surrogate of herself, and her last lover Fabrice as an analogue of Gaston Palewski, her real-life lover. Carolyn Lewis: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Love In A Cold Climate has fewer such passages, imbued with the shades of light and sadness that prevent The Pursuit of Love from being classed quite comfortably as an entirely comic novel. But that is the main point: Here is probably my favourite one in the entire novel: There was always some joke being run to death at Alconleigh and just now it was headlines from the Daily Express which the children had made into a chant and intoned to each other all day. After this they tapped it out to each other, on doors, under the dining-room table, clicking with their tongues or blinking with their eyelids, and all the time in fits of naughty giggles.

I could see that Alfred thought them terribly silly, and he could hardly contain his indignation when he found out that they did no lessons of any sort. This was so like Aunt Sadie. Norma is in her fifties, a cross, complaining old country-woman who cares about horses and little else. Looking back in old age, she said that the picture of the sunlit stable-yard with its companionable horses and dogs remained her idea of heaven. Her sister Jessica wrote in Hons and Rebels that the child Pam actually wanted to be a horse, and grew up to marry a jockey called Derek Jackson. Her husband was indeed an expert horseman who won many steeplechases and rode in the Grand National.

Compare that, please, to this quote from Love in a Cold Climate: My next caller was Norma Cozens, who came in for a glass of sherry, but her conversation was so dull that I have not the heart to record it. It was a compound of an abscess between the toes of the mother Border terrier, the things the laundry does to sheets, how it looked to her as if the slut had been at her store cupboard so she was planning to replace her by an Austrian at 2s a week cheaper wages, and how lucky I was to have Mrs Heathery, but I must look out because new brooms sweep clean and Mrs Heathery was sure not to be nearly as nice as she seemed.

I make Montdore walk down there every day. At the very start Mitford lays out her thesis statement on Lady Montdore: My cousin Linda and I, two irreverent little girls whose opinion makes no odds, used to think that he was a wonderful old fraud, and it seemed to us that in that house it was Lady Montdore who really counted.