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I will want to feel alive when I tell others my stories just like that little old man who shares his stories about is dusty days while working the ranch or that lady who retired as a head nurse from a hospital she worked at for decades. Maybe it is selfish of me to want to have others see the passion on my face when I talk about my experiences or the words I right.

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Here is a little homework for us all. The very next time you have the opportunity to listen to your grandparents, parents, or random elders stories and experiences no matter if they are good or bad watch them tell it. Watch their body language and facial expressions. Listen to the passion they set in their voice as they tell you. For them it may be another first experience and happiness all over again. My wife at the time was in the hospital a couple of weeks before bed ridden and a week or two afterwards. I dropped Julia off at her own baby shower. With my wife at the time being out of work for maternity and hospital stay insurance would only cover so much and things were tight.

With help from friends and family and a great deal of hard work we made it. We were the lucky ones. The money goes to help families with premature babies, research, vaccinations and medical breakthroughs. I accepted the challenge for After I accepted we talked a little more.

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I wanted to find out if there was a way to get my little girl involved so she can learn more about giving and volunteering? Afterwards they asked us to be there success story and be next years Ambassador Family for the fundraiser. Julia would have to get up and speak at the fundraiser to hundreds of people. Again we said yes. The Signature Chef Auction is not until November however we will help raise money through out the year along with helping Julia learn to speak in public.

We were lucky Julia was healthy with a true heart and a conscience. This will be a great learning experience for the both of us along with anyone else who would like to help. I am hoping you all will raise money for this cause. I could tell you it was a dark starry night but I would be robbing the full Moon of its glory that night.

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Standing at her door holding a handful of wild flowers with as many colors and sizes possible thinking it took me forever to pick them. In the end I created my own bouquet beca On sale today http: I am ordering more books for the Christmas and other holidays for this season. I am going to run a special I think.

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The dead line for this deal will be November 30th so I can place the order and have them here before the holidays. I Googled my book this morning below are some of the people trying to sell new books as used books.

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One claims millions sold. I so hope he gets it.

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We know you will like it enough to share with a friend. See all 2 brand new listings. About this product Description Description. This book will make you laugh, shed a tear, and maybe start, help or save a relationship. This book will make you think, daydream over a picture, or if you're lucky it will make you want to roll your eyes.

Off Asides: Dallas Cowboys vs New Orleans Saints, Tequila

We kw you will like it eugh to share with a friend. Crystal and I decided to turn beer talk into reality. Beer talk is when you hangout around a fire pit or at a kitchen table and jabber about what you want to do with your life until you get so excited that you can actually see it in front of you. So we planned how we wanted the book to turn out and created A Cowboy's Random Thoughts with or without the Tequila. All I am saying is if you want to watch a dream come true, have a beer while sitting around a fire pit.

Just decide you are gong to make to happen and do it. Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. The fries were crispy and wonderful and I personally do not like fries. The burger in fact will go down for me as one of the best I have had. Which is saying something since I am a cook in a restaurant myself.

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  • We will be back for sure. I shall dream of that burger until then. The first night I came it was a little empty but it was a Tuesday night. The music was great. Then I came back on Thursday and Jerry Don was playing. If u ever want to hear some good music and are int own u should stop by. The bartenders are fast and attentive. Went here over the weekend for my future sister in laws bachelorette trip. It was probably one of my favorite places for dancing while we were there, there was a dance floor on the bottom level and then another one in a back corner room.

    I loved both but we mostly stayed upstairs. Bartenders were pretty nice, drinks could have been a lot better for the price though. The place was pretty clean, I mean it wasn't dirty or anything, I guess what you'd except for a club haha. I did see some guys smash two mostly full beer bottles in the floor and walk off and the bartenders just looked at the mess and then shrugged her shoulders. I would say that almost all of the staff was super awesome except on of the bouncers outside, Saturday night, the one checking IDs, he was kind of a jerk. I don't need people to kiss my butt when I'm out but I also don't expect people to be just cocky and rude for the hell of it.

    Other than him and the drinks, I loved it. We went Monday night. The service was kind of slow, place seemed understaffed, but the waitress was really sweet. Food was decent for previously frozen, flash fried bar food. Drinks were a bit steep compared to other venues we'd gone to.