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Download e-book for kindle: This booklet celebrates the Arctic, exploring the normal heritage that has so encouraged generations. Don't let go of the potato or don't give up a testament to the enduring spirit of the Cajun people. A spicy country sausage used in Gumbo and other Cajun dishes.

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  • A community butchering which involves several families contributing the animal s --usually pigs -- to be slaughtered. Each family helps to process the different cuts of meat, like sausage, ham, boudin, chaudin, chops, and head cheese. Each family gets to take home their share of the yield.

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    This process was done in late fall to provide meat throughout the cold months. Hot, spicy pork mixed with onions, cooked rice, herbs, and stuffed in sausage casing. Slang for Acadians, the French-speaking people who migrated to South Louisiana from Nova Scotia in the eighteenth century.

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    Cajuns were happily removed from city life preferring a rustic life along the bayous. The term now applies to the people, the culture, and the cooking.

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    A hot pepper that is dried and used to season many Louisiana dishes. A rich, spicy tomato-based soup or stew made with fish fillets, onions, and sometimes mixed vegetables. The word originally described those people of mixed French and Spanish blood who migrated from Europe or were born in Southeast Louisiana and lived as sophisticated city or plantation dwellers.

    The term has expanded and now embraces a type of cuisine and a style of architecture.

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    A succulent, tangy tomato-based sauce. A smothered dish usually made with crawfish or shrimp. Crawfish and Shrimp etouffees are New Orleans and Cajun country specialties.

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    Fais-do-do Fay doe doe: Ground sassafras leaves used to season, among other things, gumbo. A stew made by browning then removing meat from the pan, making a roux with the pan drippings, and then returning meat to simmer in the thick gravy.