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It is likely that the mass conversion of the people to Islam was responsible for the rapid borrowing of Arabic words. As such, the acceptance of Islam exercised a profound influence on the socio-religious life of the people as well as on their language. Research Hypotheses Word-borrowing is a universal linguistic phenomenon; Lexical borrowing is an outcome of a sustained contact between different speech communities; The sociocultural changes are reflected in the advancement of a particular linguistic community; The vocabulary of a language is a reliable source for indicating the sociocultural changes during a specific period of time; With the cultural synthesis, the process of linguistic amalgamation influences the linguistic scenario of linguistic communities in contact.

Scope and Limitation of the Study This paper is restricted to a linguistic analysis of loan words from Arabic in Urdu.

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It discusses, rather briefly, the contact of Muslims with the people of the Indian subcontinent resulting in a sociocultural synthesis and in a process of linguistic amalgamation. The sociocultural changes not only brought about a process of linguistic amalgamation, but gave birth to a new language, later, known as the Urdu language. This article discusses the impact of the borrowings from Arabic on the overall morphological system of Urdu.

It focuses on the morphology loan words: Review of Literature The study of linguistic borrowings, especially lexical ones, has interested linguists for centuries together. However, to the best of our knowledge, no such attempt has been made in the specific area of Arabic loan words in Urdu, discussing the derivational and inflectional processes including hybrid formations and the process of 'nativization' of thses words in the present-day Urdu vocabulary. This paper does not discuss the phonological and semantic changes as regards Arabic loan words in Urdu. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is four-fold: To understand the extent of borrowing lexical items from Arabic into Urdu in different domains, To analyze the impact of Arabic loan words on Urdu vocabulary, To investigate the process of 'nativization' and 'hybrid formation', To analyze the impact of the borrowing of the Arabic words on the overall morphological system of the Urdu language.

The sources of this data are: The data relate to Standard Urdu and Standard Arabic languages. Method of Analysis Fairly a large number of words Arabic loan words used in the present-day Urdu were collected. These loan words were categorized according to their occurrence in different domains with a view to ascertaining the extent of borrowing. These words have been transcribed phonemically.

In Urdu, some of the speech sounds of Arabic have been neutralized. The phonemic symbols used are the following: Domains of Loan Words As stated earlier, Arabic loan words are attested in a large number in the present-day Urdu vocabulary. They occur in almost all the domains. The following are some of the examples of the Arabic loan words in Urdu belonging to different domains.

Words Belonging to Religious Domain Among the nouns borrowed from Arabic and having to do with Islamic belief and doctrine are: Words Belonging to Domestic life Arabic loan words also exercised a profound influence on the domestic life of the people.

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This can be attested in the adoption of many words used in almost every walk of life. The Arabic loan words can be traced in words of administration, art and learning, medicine, education, domestic items, months, days and directions. Some of these words are given below. Commonly Used Expressions Arabic words that made their way into Urdu were not confined to lexical items but extended to commonly used expressions. Some of these expressions are listed below: The above expressions are used by speakers very frequently as a part of their culture, sometimes, not understanding the meaning.

Nominals Like in other languages, most borrowings into Urdu have been nouns, but some adjectives have also been borrowed. A few prepositions and adverbs are also attested. There are quite a few verbal compounds attested as hybrid formations. A review of the present-day vocabulary reveals that instead of coining new words, Urdu has shown a marked tendency to go outside its own linguistic resources and borrow from other languages including Arabic. While borrowing words from different languages for centuries together, Urdu has built up an unusual capacity for assimilating elements of other languages.

The use of affixes from Arabic and Persian turned out to be a fertile source in word building. As stated earlier, through centuries of association with Arabic, Urdu enriched itself not only by word borrowing, but also by accepting new affixes. The following are some of the affixes from Arabic, commonly used not only with Arabic loan words, but with words borrowed from other sources. Some of these affixes prefixes, infixes and suffixes are analyzed below: Derivational Morphology of Loan Words: These morphemes are used with Arabic words as well as words from other sources: The following are some examples: As such, the prefix la- and bila- are added to Urdu words with as much freedom as to Arabic words.

It seems that I la-1 is in free variation with la- in certain Urdu words. The morphophonemic analysis of some Urdu words in present-day Urdu phonology reveals the tendency of free variation between la- and na-. Some of the examples are tabulated below: Prefix na- with Arabic loan words Exclusive to Urdu It is evident from the above analysis that Urdu has made a generous use of prefixes, infixes and suffixes to form new words.

As stated earlier, Urdu has been extraordinarily hospitable towards Persian to the extent that the present-day vocabulary contains a large number of Arabic words with Persian prefixes. Prefix Word Gloss ba: Prefix be- with Arabic words The prefix bsd- meaning 'bad, wrong, without', etc. Prefix Word Gloss bnd- dua: Prefix bdd- added before Arabic loan words 4. Arabic Infixes in Urdu An infix is a morpheme that is inserted within another morpheme. Urdu, does not offer examples of infixes in words of Indie origin. However, Arabic exploits this morphological possibility to a great extent.

In the process of borrowing, Urdu, has adopted a few Arabic loan words with infixes. Some, some of the examples with infixes are tabulated below: Infix used in Arabic loan words in Urdu The above example takes -a- as the infix, converting a singular noun into a plural noun. In addition to -a- meaning plurality, another infix creates a new word meaning Noun 'doer'. The following Arabic loan words in Urdu, offer examples of another infix converting a noun into another noun as a doer: Ndqs 'impression' - naqqas 'a person who inscribes the impression' raqs 'dance' - raqqas ' dancer' The infix in these words changes a monosyllabic into a disyllabic word.

The last consonant of the first syllable is repeated, and then the infix -a- is added creating new words. Arabic Suffixes in Urdu In Urdu, suffixes of Arabic and Persian origin change the lexical category of words to which they are attached. Such a process of derivation is quite common to Urdu with Perso-Arabic as well as Indo-Aryan suffixes. These suffixes occur quite frequently with Arabic loans. Some of these are illustrated below: In certain cases the suffix -i is added to words meaning 'related to': This Arabic suffix -z is also attached to Indie words as well: Inflectional Morphology of Loan Words Arabic language, belonging to the Semitic Family of languages, is known for its morphological complexities.

Arabic, like other Semitic languages, has maintained an elaborate inflectional system over the centuries, while Urdu has minimized inflectional morphemes. In both Urdu and Arabic, nouns have inflections for number with a difference. In Arabic, nouns have inflections for number and case. In Arabic, there are three inflections: As against this, Urdu nouns have inflections for number only and there are only two inflections - singular and plural, and certain Arabic loans also confirm to these rules See Table However, it is interesting to note that despite the absence of dual number in Urdu nouns of Indie origin, Urdu has borrowed a few Arabic nouns exhibiting duality and they are still in use.

Some of these words are the following: Nativized Forms By nativized forms we mean those forms that have Arabic loan lexemes followed by native suffixes as well as suffixes from other sources. A large number of Arabic loan words in Urdu are nativized. The nativized Arabic words can be classified into the two different categories listed below: Some of these verbal formations with different verbal native elements are listed below: It is interesting to observe that in the case of verbal formations, the loan items Arabic nouns always precede the verbal items. Adjectives and Adverbs Among the Arabic loan words in Urdu there are a few adjectives and adverbs.

Some of these are listed below: The main findings of this paper have been summarized below: Urdu, has borrowed from Arabic not only the lexical items but also the affixes. Borrowing has resulted in Hybrid formations: Such examples are used exclusively in Urdu. Some of the loan words have been completely assimilated into the morphological systems of Urdu to the extent of being nativized.

One of the most important factors responsible for such an influx of loan Arabic words into Urdu vocabulary in the domain of religion has been the spread of Islam in the subcontinent. Most of the loan words are used by the speakers of Urdu, irrespective of their religious and cultural affiliations. Bahri Publications, [Beg, ]. Linguistic Survey of India. Motilal Banarasi Das, [Grierson, ]. A Pocket Arabic-English Dictionary. Darel-Ilm Lil Malayin, [Baalbaki, ]. The Arabic Contributions to the English Language.

Wiesbadan, [Kaye, ]. The present text does not aim to include all of them in order to make a classification, but to select only the most popular ones and on the basis of their construction to group them in accordance with different patterns used in the process of their formation.

Astazi, numarul lor este intr-o permanenta crestere.


Ordo Templi Orientis

In articol, autoarea nu-si propune sa cerceteze toate eponimele din aceasta sfera pentru a le clasifica intr-un fel sau altul. Ea se multumeste doar cu cele mai intrebuintate si le supune analizei din perspectiva formarii. The fact that human body remains to be an enigma for human knowledge is really curious. Thousands of years have passed from the day when people were not interested only in the world around them, but also in the world inside them.

They focused their attention on their inner space. And a lot of questions began to appear - what is the structure of the body, how different organs and systems function and what the purpose of them is and so on, and so forth. At the beginning it was very difficult to find any answers to these questions, no matter if the responds are true, or not. Everything coming out of the body was examined with interest as a way of finding out what was going on in the mysterious regions inside.

There were a few instruments which were used to enable the doctor to see into the body. In the absence of X-rays, scans and blood tests, diagnosis usually had to rely on the patient's answers to questions and on what everyone could recognize through their senses As a result, new instruments were created and new methods began to be used in order to help human knowledge to reveal the mysteries of human body.

And another difficulty appeared here - this time not in the field of medicine, but it is a linguistic one - how these new instruments and methods to be called, whom to be named after. As a basis for these new terms, of course, the names of their discoverers were used. The word, with which terms of that kind are called, is "eponym". Eponyms take an important role in the terminological system of every language. In the sphere of medicine they emerged for the first time in 16th and 17th centuries.

Clinical eponyms came into view a little bit later, in 19th century, but their number is permanently increasing In the present research it is paid attention on those Bulgarian clinical terms which are the most popular and are familiar even to the ordinary people. That is why the list with clinical eponyms does not claim to be full and complete because the main purpose is an attempt for classification of them to be made. The selected eponyms and facts about them are compared with the data introduced in "Dictionary of Foreign Words in Bulgarian Language" by A. There is also an eponym with a Russian origin, one with a Dutch origin, one with a Czech origin, and another one with an American origin.

All the thirty-nine clinical terms come from the surnames of their discoverers. In order to be classified14, these eponyms are divided into two major groups in accordance to the principles, used in their formation. The first group covers terms formed by the means of conversion or created by combination of root usually the personal name of the discoverer and a suffix, carrying its own meaning. Such terms are called monobasic. The second group includes eponyms that are compound terms.

All these units are used only in the colloquial speech. The meaning of the suffix -uh is "pertaining to or of". It denotes character or condition too Compound terms In the Bulgarian clinical compound terms two subgroups could also be distinguished according to their structure. The first one includes compound terms containing an adjective, 12Joseph Babinski is a French neurologist but with Polish origin.

In English - the suffix -ine: The suffix - inum usually indicates a relationship of position, possession, or origin. It is added to a noun base especially a proper name to form an adjective to see http: The suffix -Ala is added to a noun to form a diminutive of that noun to see http: They are used to form a noun relating to some action to see http: In English - the suffix -graphy: The suffix graphia is with Greek origin and means "something recorded or pictured" to see http: The suffix -therapia is with Greek origin and means "a course of treatment, therapy" [Arnaudov, , p.

The suffix gramma is with Greek origin and indicates something written, drawn, or otherwise recorded, as in electrocardiogram [Rothenberg et alii, , p. The suffix -scopia is with Greek origin and used in compound words, it means "to look, to examine with the help of an instrument" [Arnaudov, , p.

Mep3e6ypecKa mpuada , xauuopoBa Kyxuna29 chh. McuinuzueS caou , e6cmaxue6a mph6a33, cpaAonueBa mphda34 chh. The second subgroup includes compound terms containing a common noun, the preposition na that expresses possession and a personal name: In conclusion we can say that in Latin clinical terminology is followed that the personal name is given a grammatical form for Genitive, singular and that form is added to the common noun.

Terms like Mantoux' testum and Mantoux'reactio are rare here but are the preferred one in "Nova Terminologia Medica Polyglota et Eponymica". Principles for phrase syntax are wavered Basedowi trias, but stratum Malpighii. The same is the situation about the usage of capital and small letters.

Sometime the adjective is derivated from the name of the discoverer and it is added to the common noun praeparata galenica. In English clinical terminology the adjective is derivated from the scientist's personal name and it is added to the common noun. Often the adjective in English is substantivated. In both Latin and English systems the usage of terms formed by the combination of Greek and Latin terminoelements are found.

Such types of synonyms are called absolute synonyms or lexical doublets and their meaning and stylistic usage is completely alike [Georgiev et alii, , p. They could be observed only in scientific terminology [idem, p. Different patterns of term-formation have different degree of productiveness. The most profitable of all, from the presented types of construction, are those models which are typical for the two subgroups of compound clinical terms.

The monobasic Bulgarian eponyms with Greek origin are more creative than those with Latin origin. It is very interesting how words and language in general, illustrate and depict changes in human knowledge and life. Ancient doctors rely on their senses to feel and understand their patients'pain, while modern medicine relies on innumerable complicated instruments to discover and describe the same - human pain.

But neither the ancient doctors, nor contemporary scientists can discover and explain everything New facts and innovations are permanently appearing, and the new words especially new terms , created for naming them, have to be described and classified. Dictionary of Language and Linguistics. Dictionary of Medical Terms for the Nonmedical Person. Barron's, [Rothenberg et alii, ].

Nova Terminologia Medica Polyglota et Eponymica. Enescu", Iasl, Romania Abstract This paper presents an analysis of the progress in Roman portrait during classical antiquity, without reaching the issue of a footprint that puts Late Antiquity and Christianity on statuary. In this study interest is focused on the artistic development ofronde bosse imperial sculpture, on the official propaganda which operated at a maximum level and very directly for this artistic area.

Rezumat Lucrarea prezinta o analiza a parcursului portretisticii romane in perioada Antichitatii clasice, fara atingerea problemei amprentei pe care si-o pun Antichitatea Tarzie si crestinismul asupra statuarei. Accentul cade, in acest studiu, pe evolutia artistica a sculpturii ronde bosse imperiale, precum si pe propaganda oficiala, care afunctionat in cazul acestui domeniu artistic, in mod nemijlocit si la nivelul maxim. Atata originalitate cata a fost in sculptura ronde bosse romana, ea s-a adunat parca in intre- gime in genul portretului, de neegalat cu arta nici unui alt popor antic.

Este explicabil, astfel, motivul pentru care statui de zei nu prea gasim in arta acestor oameni care totusi iubeau foarte mult clasicismul grecesc, ale carui exemplare sculpturale le colectionau si le reproduceau. Romanii nu aveau cum sa fie interesati de conventionalele chipuri ale zeilor greci, idealizate dar prea generalizate. In portretistica romana gasim, in plus fata de greci, pe langa interesul fata de portret in ansamblu, si noutatea redarii chipului feminin: Nu eternele zeite elene erau modelele, ci femeile reale si respectabile.

Insasi redarea carliontilor parului cu burghiul este o inovatie tehnica a romanilor, buni mestesugari, carora, in aceasta privinta, nu le era greu sa experimenteze mereu si care au avut si alte contributii tehnice valoroase si autentice, cum ar fi marcarea prin adancire a pupilei si chiar conturarea irisului.

Asadar, artistii, pe langa rolul lor de mesageri ai proslavirii celui portretizat, au incercat sa atinga si coarda sensibila a privitorilor prin intermediul modalitatilor proprii acestei arte, sculptura tridimensionala - o arta care se adreseaza vazului, dar invita si la un altfel de perceptie, cea tactila, romanii exploatand nevoia de contrast intre suprafete netede si rugoase, intre plin si gol la care se adauga si contrastul intre lurnina si umbra, daca ne referim doar la vizual. Acest lucru, la nivelul strict al genului preferat de ei, portretistica, se putea obtine doar prin vibrarea in diverse moduri a suprafetei plastice a volumului, precum si prin accentuarea expresivitatii chipului cu ajutorul materiei, a texturii pietrei sau bronzului, adica a texturii pielii personajului, urmarita detaliat, trasatura cu trasatura, rid cu rid.

Devenita cea mai puternica natiune din Europa o data cu sfarsitul razboaielor punice, Roma va incepe politica de expansiune. Incep si forumurile si sanctuarele acestei puteri sa fie populate cu statui ale personalitatilor politice sau militare48, realizate de sculptori intr-un stil ciudat, in care se compune un corp realizat in maniera clasica, cu un cap neidealizat, care pastreaza aplecarea dintotdeauna a romanilor spre realismul portretistic. Tipic romana prin rigiditatea fara corespondent in arta greaca este statuia in bronz Arringatore, cea l.

Dar bronzul era rezervat mai ales busturilor. Portretul-bust este inventat de etrusci, probabil, sub influenta mastilor mortuare ale inaintasilor, al caror cult era foarte puternic, cum se constata in statuia Barberini, de la inceputul sec. Aceste masti erau purtate de actori in timpul funeraliilor, modelele de ceara ale stramosilor decorand sali special amenajate, pentru a se afla permanent in familie. Desigur, nu erau considerate opere de arta, dar chipurile era necesar sa semene cu cei trecuti in nefiinta, fapt ce i-a determinat pe artisti sa-si formeze un stil in care sa surprinda cu exactitate trasaturile individuale, nu personalitatea, ca in cazul statuilor grecesti.

Asupra realismului fizionomic - aceste portrete impresioneaza prin redarea neinduratoare a tuturor denivelarilor fetei si a cutelor pielii - se vor concentra toate preocuparile sculptorilor inca din timpul Republicii. In diverse materiale teracota, piatra, marmura aceste lucrari releva toate realismul maxim, impins pana la accentuarea expresionista a modificarilor datorate inaintarii in varsta, avand ca rezultat un chip care, de fapt, devenise expresia retorica a idealizarii romanului cu o integritate morala care insufla respect, cu o vointa oglindita pe chip in care isi va afla originea viitoarea redare a ideii de autoritat - de exemplu, un cap din i.

Acest naturalism al simplitatii umane este valabil si in cazul portretelor de femei, la care batranetea este redata fara afectare, dar cu oarecare delicatete. Atitudinea solemna, insemnele rangului, vesmintele pun in evidenta pozitia sociala a acestor oameni indragostiti de putere, de orice fel de putere, foarte usor de reprezentat in armura, dar dificil de redat in nuditatea eroica a clasicismului elen. Acest fapt este dovedit de statuile de acest fel ale generalilor, generalul de la Tivoli fiind un exemplu tipic de astfel de redare - cu mantaua, paludamentum, aruncata pe umarul stang, cu platosa la picioare53 si cu un chip aspru, ridat, dar cu un corp atletic, clasic grec, cu o carnatie modelata delicat, elenistic.

Se ajunge inca pe la mijlocul acestui secol la o maturizare a portretisticii romane, care va cunoaste, in cazul portretizarii oficialilor, un realism mai putin brutal, oarecum idealizant, ce lasa loc redarii aspiratiilor interioare. Interesul pentru cautarile psihologice este rezolvat artistic fie prin figura lipsita de rigiditate, pasnica, dar si impunatoare, modelata fin, cu un dinamism elenistic al parului, a bustului lui Pompei ilustratia 4 - imparat ale carui statui deja in sec. Ilustratia 1 Ilustratia 1 Ilustratia 1 Ilustratia 1 In ultimile decenii ale sec.

Acesta va pastra invidualizarea fizionomica, in cazul omului obisnuit - una dintre directiile artei portretului -, dar va dori si promovarea unui model eroic, imperial, dupa modelul lui Alexandru eel Mare, a unei imagini a autoritatii absolute a monarhului elenistic, la care se adauga si interesul pentru redarea calitatilor psihologice necesare unei asemenea imagini - energie, discipline, stapanire de sine -, care vor constitui, cu timpul, prototipul cetateanului roman.

Exemplu al acestei evolutii este transformarea portretului lui Augustus, de la busturile din tinerete, cu chipul hotarat si puternic, dar si elenistic-visator -, la statuia din Via Labicana, din ultimul deceniu al sec. O exceptie a sculpturii ronde bosse romane in general este statuia considerata postuma din cauza picioarelor goale 55 a lui Augustus de la Prima Porta, Vatican ilustratia 5. Idealizarea nu era o caracteristica a artei romane, dar, atunci cand se dorea glorificarea personajului in cazul de fata, conducatorul suprem, autointitulat imparat , era necesara o opera de o inalta calitate artistica, sculptorul intorcandu-se spre idealul elenistic.

Aceasta transfigurare era intentionata, fiind vizibila in decoratia simbolistica a armurii56 imparatul poarta cuirasa si paludamentum-ul , in atitudinea adlocutio a imparatului, cu un corp construit dupa toate canoanele clasicismului grec57 si reprezentat in contrapostul traditional. Dar era aplicata, aceasta modificare de viziune, pentru a exalta nobletea imparatului, intr-o adevarata capodopera de cm58, realizata intr-o viziune romana autentica.

In scop propagandistic, idealizarea isi pune amprenta si asupra figurii, calme si imperative in acelasi timp, usor individualizata, dar in care nu se mai pune accent pe precizarea varstei, imparatul este infatisat aici la o varsta ideala, 35 de ani, intruchipand atemporala suveranitate, eterna si divina. Simbolismul Amorasului calarind pe un delfin de pe postament este evident: Iar evenimentele istorice contemporane ilustrate pe platosa, inconjurate insa de personaje mitologice si alegorice, simbolizeaza noua era augustana.

Nobletea este si atitudinala, virtutile sunt incarnate in tipul sculptural al eroului admirat si respectat, precum si in eel al femeii decente, grave, sprijinindu-si, cuviincios, cu o mana barbia59, un exemplu fiind doamna din grupul statuar din bronz aurit de la Cartoceto, cu o tratare elenistica a vesmintelor si coafurii, in contrast insa cu lipsa de dinamism plastic si vioiciune proprii elenismului.

Asadar, in portretele succesorilor lui Augustus, clasicismul dur se mai resimte inca in aceste chipuri ale Iulio-Claudienilor, care, pentru a-si justifica filiatia, vor cauta, prin rigiditatea si echilibrul reprezentarilor monumentale, asemanarea cu Augustus. Evolutia se va orienta apoi 55Chatelet et alii, , p.

Marea sculptura se va folosi de procedeul roman al alipirii unui corp atletic, idealizat, un cap realist, rezultand o combinatie artificiala, emfatica, pusa in slujba sacralizarii imaginii imperiale, ca, de exemplu, in acele statui jupiteriene, mai ales cea a schiopului Claudius ilustratia 8 , exagerat de impunator in ipostaza simbolica de stapan absolut, ca si zeul cu ale carui atribute - sceptru, vultur - aparea reprezentat, dar si cu vasul de libatie in locul trasnetului.

Ilustratia 5 Ilustratia 6 Ilustratia 7 Ilustratia 8 Epoca flaviana aduce conceptia artistica republican-realista a portretelor suveranilor, dar un realism mai matur, care nu putea face abstractie de clasicismul augustan, axat pe redarea esentei naturii umane, si nu putea uita nici de afectarile excesive iulio-claudiene. Pe chipul lui Vespasian sinceritatea trasaturilor fizionomice - riduri, chelie -, a caror existenta ramane de necontestat, trece totusi pe planul secund, in spatele unei expresivitati care cuprinde o gama intreaga de trasaturi psihico-morale: Oricum, se exploateaza aici ideea de intelepciune a varstei, nu idealismul tineresc din portretele augustane.

Dar modelajul rafinat, cu umbre indulcite, trimite la sculptura senzuala a clasicismului grecesc tarziu. Un oarecare romantism si detasare senina se simt in portretele aulice, un exemplu fiind statuia lui Domitian de la muzeul din Vatican, in comparatie cu franchetea fireasca, daca nu chiar brutala a surprinderii celor mai amanuntite particularitati, atat fizice cat si caracteriale, din reprezentarile cetatenilor particulari, de exemplu portretul nesofisticat al unui om de afaceri, Lucius Caecilius Jucundus, Napoli, Muzeul National, un prototip al capului de familie, cu o privire autoritara si plina de demnitate.

Frumusetea doamnelor de la curte este insa recunoscuta in aceasta epoca din care dateaza busturi-portet cu atat mai credibile cu cat sunt originale, un exemplu fiind eel al unei femei cu trasaturi fine si inteligente, cu un gat gratios si cu pieptanatura care constituie centrul de interes al lucrarii, la care plasicitatea sculpturala provine din jocul subtil de lumini si umbre ritmat de parul carliontat, coafat dupa moda timpului.

Sinteza acestor cautari este un pitoresc rafinat care marcheaza epoca flaviana si care va fi semn distinctiv si in epocile viitoare. Dimensiunea propagandistica din portretistica este regasita in continuare si in sec. Statuara din epoca lui Traian se intoarce spre ordine inflexibila si spre clasicism, spre simplitatea unei figuri imperiale senine, nobile, cu o privire hotarata ilustratia 9 , in care 45 ridurile varstei sau ale oboselii sunt redate plastic cu duritate, ca in vremea Republicii, o fata despre care numai frumoasa sau infrumusetata nu se poate spune ca este, nici macar prin pieptanatura simpla care urmeaza conturul craniului, o figura in contrast puternic cu stilul elenistic fn care este realizat torsul.

Este un chip care traduce simbolic implinirea unei vieti respectabile, fapt vizibil si in cazul figurii sotiei imparatului Traian, Plotina, ori a Marcianei, sora acestuia ilustratia O indepartare a fastului si a stralucirii, o modestie plina de demnitate, care era nota timpului in ceea ce priveste portretistica doamnelor de la curte, opusa elegantei celor flaviene, o noua emfaza, cea a austeritatii, care se va regasi in tot secolul, inclusiv in busturile Sabinei, sotia succesorului lui Traian, Hadrianus, cu o coafura cu carare la mijloc, cu un coc ca al reprezentarilor de zeitati grecesti, ori in statuile sale, cu aceeasi pozitie retinuta, cu mana dusa, pudic, sub barbie.

In general, vesmantul barbatilor, toga, se scurteaza si se simplified modul de tratare a drapajului In perioada adrianica, o Epoca de Aur, de pace si de prosperitate a Imperiului, imparatul insusi61 introduce spiritul elen in arta, un clasicism care reinvie traditia artistica greaca a statuarei aflate acum la polul opus robustetii celei traianice. Apare o tipologie sculpturala noua, senzuala, care este intruchipata in busturile si statuile favoritului lui Hadrianus, bithianul Antinous ilustratia 11 , infatisat ca Apollo, Hermes, Dionisos. Perfectiunea unor trasaturi armonioase, canonice, delicate, melancolice, cu o nuanta romantica, sta la baza unei sculpturi ronde bosse stilizate, conturarea pupilei, un procedeu care apare in acele timpuri, imprimand trairi sufletesti acestor chipuri, care, altfel, ar ramane reci si distante.

In statuile lui Antinous, idealizarea clasicista copleseste renumita redare fizionomica in care excela artistul roman. Numai ca aceasta perioada artistica este una de un eclectism provocator. Acest imparat - cu aplecare spre filosofie si servindu-se de filoelenismul sau in scopuri propagandistice - introduce in sculptura moda barbii grecesti, in chipul roman atragand acum atentia contrastul dintre parul carliontat al coafurii elene62, pe care lui Hadrianus ii placea s-o adopte, si fata tratata foarte neted; portretul este, la randul lui, idealizat dar modelat plastic prin inovatii exclusiv romane.

Acestea se refera la artificii tehnice: In timpul domniei lui, portretul nu mai includea doar capul, ci era cuprins intreg bustul, care avea un rol deosebit prin importanta care putea fi, astfel, acordata vesmintelor - de exemplu, in acest caz, haine militare, desi domnia sa a fost una pasnica. Imparatul se lasa reprezentat chiar ca un conducator victorios, calcand in picioare inamicul, acesta de dimensiuni foarte reduse in raport cu Hadrian - in celebra statuie de la Hierapytna, Istanbul. Este o exceptie acest tip de reprezentare: Imbracat cu paludamentum si cuirasa, cu o coroana de lauri pe cap, imparatul este redat fara individualizarea trasaturilor, prevestind conventionalismul fizionomic al suveranilor Antichitatii Tarzii.

Aceste modalitati tehnice aduc acum si transmiterea, prin posibilitatea orientarii privirii, a unor stari sufletesti, melancolice sau exaltate, inexistente anterior in portretistica romana, un exemplu fiind bustul lui Antoninus Pius cu o privire contemplativa, precum si cu parul si 60Wrede, apud Turner, , p. Croix et alii, , p. Sau portrete care oglindesc doar seninatatea interioara, ca in busturile flatante ale lui Lucius Verus, unde se observa foarte bine contrastul factual amintit, si chiar cele ale lui Marcus Aurelius, cu o fata impasibila, cu pleoape lasate, ceea ce conferea un plus de spiritualitate65, proprie ambiantei incarcate de dragoste pentru cultura imprimata Romei de acest imparat-filosof.

Nici in a sa admirabila statuie ecvestra din Piata Capitoliului nu se doreste evidentierea razboinicului, ci a autoritatii calme; asemanarea cu modelul exista, dar numai ca fundal al surprinderii adevarului moral si psihologic. Este un adevarat apogeu al artei portretisticii romane, tipizanta, dar expresiva, sustinuta aici si de monumentalitatea intregului grup statuar, construit din volume mari - desi o oarecare lipsa de vigoare, specifica viitoarelor forme ale Antichitatii Tarzii, diferentiaza realizarea calaretului de cea a calului, modelat martial, dar cu naturalete si cu o perfecta stapanire a redarii miscarii incordate.

Marcus Aurelius este imbracat ca pentru razboi, cu tunica si paludamentum, si este surprins in pozitia de salut66 - a ostirii si poate chiar a noastra, privitorii sculpturii. Este un gest al unui imparat victorios, dar mai mult de binecuvantare a intregii lumi decat autoritar Maiestuosul monument constituie si astazi model pentru sculptori; este singura statuie ecvestra imperiala pastrata atat de bine dintre sutele despre care stim ca ornamentau orasele Imperiului: Regasim in bustul lui Commodus tanar cautarile psihologice antonine, care se simteau aici in spatele conventionalismului portretului, regasim dorinta de a reflecta, pe chipul mandru, zbuciumul trairilor interioare.

Dar aceasta spiritualizare va ajuta la concretizarea viitoarei conceptii neoplatoniste: Asadar, cand este vorba despre manifestarea aportului propriu, artistii romani sau greci, dar care lucrau dupa gustul romanilor insa erau atrasi de surprinderea trasaturilor fizionomice ale oamenilor, dragostea pentru faptul istoric, pentru consemnarea realitatii si a oamenilor acestei realitati era la baza exersarii permanente a simtului observatiei al sculptorilor si a nevoii ca aceste fizionomii sa fie cat mai aidoma cu modelul.

Din fericire pentru arta, portretizatul era flatat, in mod foarte ciudat, tocmai de aceasta asemanare, pe care el insusi o cerea, nu de lingusirea care era aplicata doar in cazurile unora dintre imparati, prin coroana cu care erau reprezentati, ori prin adaugarea unui corp al unui zeu grec. Dar capul, chipul mai ales, ramaneau cele ale comanditarului, mandru de asemanarea fara menajamente redata, chiar daca acest lucru era uneori in defavoarea lui. Astfel insa, el era unic70, incomparabil si identificabil, ceea ce era suficient pentru orgoliul fiecaruia, si suficient pentru posteritatea care, astfel, va lua cunostinta de chipul lui neidealizat.

Desigur, prea marea sinceritate si dorinta de exactitate duceau obligatoriu la lipsa imaginatiei creative, la obtinerea unor efigii, a unor portrete remarcabile. Arta romana de la republica la Constantin. Meridiane, [Brilliant, ]. Univers enciclopedic, [Chatelet et alii, ]. Art Through the Ages. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers, [Croix et alii, ]. Monumentele publice ale artei romane. I, II, [Hannestad, ]. Arta in istoria umanitatii. Enciclopedia RAO, [Hollingsworth, ]. Harry Abrams, Qanson, ]. The Illustrated History of Art. Crescent Books, [Piper, ]. The Dictionary of Art.

Grove'Dictionaries, [Turner, ]. Rezumat In articol, abordam apelativele din limba franceza, din perspectiva structurii, continutului si valorilor pragmatice. TIpoSdeMe dudpmude de zpaMamuxa. Iordan, Iorgu, Robu, Vladimir. Limba romana contemporana, ; Goian, Maria Emilia. BuKtnop, wto tbi flejiaeniB? Ecjth B3aTb flBa npwMepa: Et puis, excusez-moi, mon general, mais je ne suis pas militaire La main coupee, p. Jinija hjih nepBoro Jinija mh. Parle, cheri81 du Puissant! Parle, fleur de la nation!

Elle sent la mimosa et la paquerette et c'est la bouche a toi, homme noir, qui est la perdition des mouches par le souffle qu'elle leur envoie et qui les assassines! Avouez que vous n'en pouvez plus! Comprends-tu, 6 le plus geant du monde visible a l'oeil nu, ton tuyau digestif est si petit que les macaronis ne pourraient y penetrer, et que c'est ton oesophage qui entrerait dans le macaroni ce qui amenerait ton deces par subrogation suffocatoire.

TaK, Korfla mbi roBopwM: Bucuresti, [Goian, ]. Bucuresti, [Iordanet alii, ]. HayKa, [AGpainoBa, ]. Pyccxuu cunmaxcuc 6 naynnoM oc6em,enuu. Cunmaxcuc o6pam,enuH na MamepuaAe pyccxozo u cepdoxopBamcxozo h3uko6. Tom , [PyAtreB, ]. HayKa, [PyAtreB, ]. Cunmaxcuc coSpeMennozo pyccxozo H3uxa. We address some issues that occurred in a media controlled interaction a TV debate. Rezumat Studiul nostru reuneste cateva observatii referitoare la conditiile speciale de desfasurare a unei dezbateri televizate, intr-un context situational special al comunicarii.

Abordam cateva aspecte care au aparut in cadrul unei interactiuni mediate controlate de tip dezbatere televizata. Studiul reprezinta o analiza de caz a dezbaterii televizate Nocturne, al carei moderator este Marina Constantinescu si al carei invitat este Gigi Caciuleanu, coregraf si dansator renumit, roman din diaspora. Astfel, avandu-se in vedere prima perspectiva, dezbaterea televizata este o structura ierarhi- zata de schimburi verbale, fiind guvernata de reguli institutionale si de ritualuri.

Ea este, in ace- lasi timp, tributara unui context continand elemente fixe legate de locul in care se desfasoara dezbaterea, elemente conjuncturale legate de participantii la dezbaterea televizata Studiul nostru reuneste cateva observatii referitoare la conditiile speciale de desfasurare a unei dezbateri televizate, intr-un context situational special al comunicarii.

Perspectiva conversationala Asa cum s-a mentionat anterior, dezbaterea televizata este o structura ierarhizata de schimburi verbale. Ea este determinata de prezenta a eel putin doi protagonisti, care, alternativ, 83Charadeau, Ghiglione, Vorbitorul, care isi planifica discursul la nivel cognitiv, trebuie sa semnaleze acest proces de planificare receptorului, pentru a-i indica faptul ca mai are sa-i spuria ceva sau ca este dispus sa-i cedeze cuvantul, marcand, astfel, posibilitatea unei interventii a partenerului.

Secventele in discutie formeaza un schimb conversational de replici, avand caracter dialogic si inscriindu-se sub semnul obligativitatii Suprapunerile sunt, in 89Kerbrat-Orecchioni, , p. In dezbaterea televizata analizata, suprapunerile apar deoarece vorbitorul in curs este intrerupt de catre celalalt participant la interactiune: Exista mai multe moduri in care ascultatorul poate sa-i arate vorbitorului ca vrea sa vorbeasca.

Se aproba, se impartaseste opinia alocutorului, cu alte cuvinte, se considera ca ceea ce afirma alocutorul este adevarat. Asentimentul este marcat, in dezbaterea televizata pe care o analizam, de mar die pragmatice ale acordului de tipul da si exact. Marcile pragmatice ale acordului, confirmarii, adeziunii indica acordul din partea interlocuto- rului, in privinta asertiei transmise de catre vorbitor: Da, ca marca a confirmarii, ocura intr-un schimb de replici rntre cei doi protagonisti ai dezbaterii televizate analizate, Marina Constantinescu si Gigi Caciuleanu: Dezacordul se exprima, mai rntaL prin reluarea, in forma negativa, a frazei contestate sau prin marci pragmatice de tipul: Locutorul isi exprima Stati, , p.

In dezbaterea televizata la care facem referire, functioneaza, ca marca a dezacordului, adverbul de negatie nu: De remarcat si prezenta in actul conversational a marcilor pragmatice ale atentiei in cursul actului conversational. Intr-un anumit punct al conversatiei, interlocutorul vrea sa semnaleze propria disponibilitate la realizarea comunicarii si propria participare, cu marci pragmatice de tipul: Se inscrie, astfel, in politetea pozitiva maniera in care Marina Constantinescu, moderatorul si realizatorul dezbaterii televizate fn discutie, isi prezinta, la inceputul emisiunii, invitatul: Discursul lui Gigi Caciuleanu este unul argumentativ prin excelenj: Astfel, una dintre strategiile argumentative utilizate de catre dansator este repetitia, repetarea unui sunet, a unui cuvant sau a unei structuri morfo-sintactice ajutand vorbitorul in cazul nostru, Gigi Caciuleanu sa insiste asupra unei idei care, altfel, ar trece neobservata de catre ascultator in cazul nostru, Marina Constantinescu si telespectatorii programului national TVR1: Recurgand, in cadrul dezbaterii televizate in discutie, la invocarea numelor unor personali- tati ale culturii universale - de exemplu, numele lui Olivier Messiaen compozitor francez , eel al lui Joan Miro pictor spaniol , eel al lui Constantin Brancusi si al lui Pablo Picasso, eel al lui Johnny Hooker muzician american , numele pictorilor rusi Ivan Aivazovsky si Vassily Kandinsky in cadrul partii netranscrise din cadrul dezbaterii televizate analizate -, Gigi Caciu- leanu vrea sa sustina opinia impartasita, de altfel, Marinei Constantinescu, in cadrul dezbaterii televizate la care facem referire, potrivit careia dansul lui Miriam Raducanu nu era numai dans, era cultura.

De aceea, si dansul lui Gigi Caciuleanu, discipolul Maiastrei, este, asa cum el insusi afirma in cadrul dezbaterii televizate urmarite, cultura, spirit, cizelare, zbor si nu pasare: Grande grammatica italiana di consultazione. Bologna, [Bazzanella, ]. Dunod, [Charadeau, Ghiglione, ]. Cum putem citi gandurile oamenilor din actiunile lor. Editura Trei, [Collett, ]. Style in Language, Discourses and Literature. Corpus de limba romana vorbita actual. Editura Cermi, [Hoarta Carausu, ]. Elemente de analiza a structurii conversatie. Strategii argumentative si persuasive in discursul politic romanesc actual, in Actele celui de al 7-lea Colocviu al Catedrei de Limba romana decembrie Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti, Editura All Educational, [Ionescu Ruxandoiu, ].

Elemente de pragmatica lingvistica. Paris, [Kerbrat-Orecchioni, ]. Tubingen, [Levinson, ]. Tubingen, [Meibauer, ]. Dialogul in romana vorbita. Editura Oscar Print, [Nastase, ]. NEL, Noel, he debat televise. Armand Colin, [Nel, ]. Principi di analisi argomentativa. Bologna, [Stati, ]. Dansa analizeaza prezentul simplu cu sens de trecut sau viitor, prezentul continuu cu sens de viitor, trecutul simplu sau continuu cu sens de prezent, mai-mult-ca-perfectul sau perfectul continuu cu sens de trecut ipotetic, trecutul simplu ipotetic cu sens de viitor si trecutul continuu cu sens de viitor in trecut.

Preliminary Remarks With a plethora of factors at work blurring the notoriously tenuous distinction between 'time-correlated' Tense cf the grammatical category "which correlates most directly with distinctions of time" , and 'temporal-structure' featuring Aspect cf the grammatical category "representing distinctions in the temporal structure of an event" , one might with good reason express doubt whether establishing hard and fast principles for differentiating them is at all a sensible task.

English, the highly regarded Professor of Linguistics claims, "exhibits a minimal tense system with a two-way contrast between past and non-past forms", more precisely it has only two tenses past and present marked morphologically, all other time characteristics being expressed by aspect. And indeed, with both aspect and tense referring to time - though in clearly different ways - and, furthermore, with distinctions within each category marked mostly on verbs, the two grammatical categories are so closely knit together in English that, in time, the bond between them has been rendered, so to say, shatter-proof.

Which facts induced me to dwell on the semantics of such tempoaspectual blends in this particular unit. Transposition of Temporal Reference 2. Simple Present for Past Time 2. The historic SP The historic SP is used as a stylistically marked device to refer to past time mainly in casual conversation, when relating incidents or recounting plots of books or films also called 'popular narative style'. Its major discourse effect is conveying dramatic immediacy by foregrounding the key event in a narrative, a strategy optionally reinforced by prefixing a signal-adjunct to the subject-verb string, e.

Doctor Testifies in Horse Suit" A subtype closely related to the historic present is the use of SP for more vivid commentaries on no longer living artists and their work, e. The reporting present The reporting present is used for communication, or reception thereof, in recent past time, to suggest that the reported information is still valid, e. I hear you're leaving". The SP is also preferred for reports originating with no longer living world authorities on certain subjects, as well as highly revered books such as the Bible, e.

The Historic PsPg s.


Unlike SP, which can be stylistically deployed in fictional narrative, PsPg is confined to the popular type, e. In matrix clauses recourse to SP is a stylistically marked device typically connoting a degree of certainty attributed to the future, which only semantico-pragmatic descriptions of present and past tense boast as a rule. For instance, it is used to refer to immutable events, with futurity additionally signalled by insertion of time position adjuncts, e.

She's on leave next week. PsPg for Future PsPg for Future is used to refer to intended events, more precisely future events, the occurrence of which is already now taken for granted, usually with a time adjunct acting as semantic chaperone, e. She told me just yesterday that she is now a regular BA. The use of PS is also possible in the last sentence, if most likely to give rise to a rather undesirable ambiguity in terms of strictly temporal validity of subclause predication. I wondered whether I could have a word with you in private. A further use akin to the one exemplified above is that which occurs in hypothetical subclauses immediately dominated by wish, as in: The form were - as employed in the last sentence for all persons of be - is the only relic still in use of the subjunctive which was originally required by the semantico-pragmatic conditions described above Informal English tends to regard this use of were as rather 'stilted' and prefers was instead for 1st and 3rd person singular.

I have been waiting for half an hour. Past Tempoaspectual Blends Relating to Future 2. PPg for Future Time in the Past PPg can be used to express future arising from arrangement predetermined in the past, e. Types of Extended Structure. Featuring Tempoaspectual Blends Though not infrequently fairly long word strings themselves, tempoaspectual blends can further combine with up to three auxiliaries - modal, passive and lexical ones - to form a so- called 'extended' verbal group structure The main types and subtypes of such extended structures are being illustrated below, with the lexical verb leave at the head, and may and be due to standing for modal and lexical auxiliaries respectively.

Marking of the tense - which will be the canonical present, 3rd person singular all through the series of examples - is on the 'leading' auxiliary also called 'operator'. Extended Structures with Two Auxiliaries: Extended Structures with Three Auxiliaries: Extended Structures with Four Auxiliaries: However, general opinion on discarding such hyperextended structures as verbal infelicities varies considerably. Unfortunately, neither scope limit nor space availability allow me to address the issue in more detail in the present chapter, so I shall have to confine my references to the extreme views.

Sitting at the opposite end of the 'negotiating' table is Trask, who informs readers that some English speakers find "ill-formed" even such more benign extended structures with only three auxiliaries as exemplified by "My house has been being painted for two weeks now" To be perfectly candid about it, the examples I singled out above as awkward sounding look indeed more like ill-conceived lexematic monstrosities, the product of a logician's mind set on working out the combination possibilities of the five variables involved: A University Course in English Grammar.

Prentice Hall International Ltd. A Dictionary of Grammatical Terms in Linguistics. Routledge, [Trask, ].

in münchen Ausgabe 1/ by InMagazin Verlags GmbH - Issuu

Rezumat In articol, se face o incercare de a cerceta cuvintele incidente englezesti din perspective textuala. Luate insa din perspectiva textului, aceste unitati se prezinta ca parametri ai coeziunii acestuia, deoarece motiveaza alte unitati structurale ale textului, unindu-le intr-un tot intreg logic si contribuind astfel la transpunerea intentiei autorului textului. The theories of text analysis have produced a great number of interpretations and definitions as far as the text concerns, dealing with the definitions of the text, text integrity, text cohesion and coherence, etc.

Still this issue is opened for discussions. This research makes an attempt to prove that parentheses have a linking function in the text, connecting close and far located parts of the text, contributing to text cohesion, acting as markers of relations of motivation that unite different parts of the text in one communication discourse. Parenthetical constructions are the very elements that help to create an orderly structure of the text, systematizing the ideas in logical chains, introducing more clarity to the information intended by the writer. The roles of pa- rentheses have been studied and analyzed by many grammarians within the frame of the sen- tence, which unfortunately did not reveal the real functions of these language units in English.

Actually, the real role of parentheses can be determined only within the text boundaries. Hjelmslev confirmed that it is the text and not the sentence that can be considered the highest unit of the language, because initially the language exists in the form of texts, consequently, - it is a linguistically meaningful initial sign of a language, it is the direct basic datum for any linguistic analysis, while the other language units can be deduced from the text by means of linguistic analysis.

Metzler are offering a battery of theories about the text, some of which seem to us relevant enough to the study of the role of parentheses in text cohesion. It is the text that carries the whole of the information intended by the author and not its components, which, however, are each scraps of the writer's intentions. A text is a unity of ideas each of them having its own place in the structure into which they fall. We can't get a preliminary glance over the picture intended unless we read cautiously all of the text and try to digest it cramp by cramp, piece by piece. How is it possible to understand the real intentions of the author and not be misled by some dubious word or expression?

One of the ways that is sure to provide with the most eloquent information about the author's position in the text is the study of the elements that carry "personality-marking" coloring of the writing, that is, the study of the role of parentheses in the text. Parenthetical elements are first of all the bearers of the emotional side of the text.

It is with their help that the author "imposes" his her perception of the information, his her feelings over the reader. The reader sees the things through the writer's eyes, he she is led by the writer into the chosen direction, that helps him her go through the same events with the characters, experience the same feelings. The text is regarded as a succession of different speech acts connected by relations of motivation between its fragments, which are nothing else but speech acts.

If talking about the relations of motivation between the elements within the structure of the text, undoubtedly, the use of parenthetical constructions can become helpful in detecting and decoding these relations. Parentheses are the markers of the conclusions one can make after a critical evaluation of the information, after understanding the logical connections between the parts of the text. In order to get a better idea about the roles of parenthesis in the text it is worth mentioning the notion of the "text block", used by A. The four levels of "text blocks" seem to be a favorable framework for the analyses of the roles of parentheses in text cohesion.

The examples of parentheses analyzed proved that these language units are active elements that help to establish relations of motivation between different parts of the text, in such a way creating text blocks that are united by one theme. Let's consider the cohesive functions of parentheses in a text block of the first level and namely, within one sentence.

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Mit Elmar Wepper, Gundi Ellert u. Krimidrama nach Friedrich Ani: Was zuerst wie ein klassischer Raubmord aussieht, wird nach und nach sowohl von der Schwester des Opfers als auch vom ermittelnden Kommissar bezweifelt. Eine Frage der Perspektive Inspector Barnaby: Ein missratener Sohn Silent Witness; 0: Decoder siehe Mittwoch Mit Sandra Bullock, George Clooney u.

Mit Keira Knightley, Mark Ruf- chersolisten. Bei jeder Witterung falo, Hailee Steinfeld u. Mit Nadja Becker, Steffen Groth u. Di Diamantweg-Buddhismus siehe Di Kommissar Thiel und Professor Dr. Mit Christiane Felscherinow, F. Ein aberwitziges Raodmovie mit ei Real Madrid - FC Sevilla; dazw. Sie kombinieren Flamenco mit Batic und Leitmayr ermitteln in einem Mordfall, der sich um Kinder dreht, die selbst bereits Kinder haben. Ein ehemaliger Geheimagent muss auch nach Beendigung seiner aktiven Laufbahn weiter seinen Mann stehen. Mit Elke Haltaufderheide u.

Mit Alexander Fehling, August Diehl u. Mit Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon. Mit Dennis Farina, Alan Rickman u. Der tote Mann und das Meer 1: Mit Jeff Bridges u. Airplane OmU siehe Freitag P 1 CLUB Mit Helena Bonham Car Oberanger 26 ter, Callum Keith Rennie u. Mit Bernard Blier u. Die Vorschau Klassik auf Seite 71 Moderatorin Marie- Das Augustinum kennenlernen s.

Frauenplatz 12 blum u. Mit Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt u. Am Eingang Crossing Jordan; Benno — Vom Stadtpatron und einer Stif- Jahrhunderts, zwischen traditiound Pflanzen. Szenehauptstadt Berlin Suburgatory; 1: Haydn, Vivaldi und W. Ein Road-Movie von der Flucht zweier weiblicher Nacht der Sinne — Kurioses und Unbekann- Faszinierende Verfilmung von H. Raus von zu Haus!? Ein Liebesdrama, das einem werdenden Ehemann Jerry Zucker. Mit Eddie Murphy u. Mit Rowan Atkinson, Harry Yulin u. Mit Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks u. Stephanie Lottermoser siehe Samstag Mit Maj-Britt Nilsson u. ORF 2 Zeit im Bild; Mit Elfi Eschke, Andreas Vitasek u.

Geschlechterposse zwischen einer Nordseesprotte und einem Wiener Schaufensterdekorateur. Eine Neuverfilmung des klassischen Piratenabenteuers von R. Club, Spielwiese, Theaterfabrik Club. Kommissar Bukow macht ein mecklenburgischer Rocker-Club mehr Arbeit, als ihm lieb ist. Der Jigsaw-Killer ist nochmal unterwegs und geht diesmal den Cops an den Kragen. Land, in dem die Post abgeht: Matze Cramer und Mirko Schilk.

Doku von Stefan Morawietz. Die Vorschau Klassik auf Seite 71 siehe Freitag Lust auf Norden; Mit Marcello Mastroianni u. Mit Nick Nolte u. Mit Melissa George u. Doch die Kidnapper sind nicht weit und eine atemlose Hetzjagd beginnt Mit Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern u. Der Alptraum eines Road Movies: Von Carolin Matzko und Franziska Storz; Mit Ralf Summer B2 Haydn, Mendelssohn, Tschaikowsky, Verdi, J. Gollierplatz Henker, Huren, Hexen siehe Freitag Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Anruf unter - 38 99 71 13 oder - 21 Mit Alice Pol, Kad Merad u.

Friedrich legen zum Dschungelkampf Kommissar Stolberg; Mit Robert Redford, Brad Pitt u. Ein Drama vom Fall eines Werbemanagers, der eine gute Freundin verraten hat. Mit Jason Robards u. Mit Paul Hubschmid, Susanne Cramer u. Mit Waltraut Haas u. Ein Lustspiel mit einer Wirtin, die ein heruntergekommenes Weingut in Italien erbt. Ein gescheitertes Industriellenehepaar will die Tochter mit einem Aristokraten verheiraten, doch dessen Familie ist auch pleite Eingang Von Damen regiert — von Herren frequentiert: Mit Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms u.

Mit Jean-Claude Van Damme u. Ein dumpfes und brutales Action-Remmidemmi in einem ultraharten russischen Knast. Mit Ben Stiller, Robin Williams. Die Vorgeschichte zu John Carpenter Horrorklassiker: Mit Steven Segal, William Forsythe. Hart, aber konventionell servierte Actionkost. Eine Gruppe von Seglern rettet sich bei Sturm auf einen vermeintlich verlassen Frachter und erlebt dort einen Horrortrip auf See. Mobilprojekt Obersendling siehe So Am Brunnen, Neuhauser Str.

Hobbs, Sharlto Copley u. Mit Ben mit Autor Franz Schiermeier. Urlaub an der Ostsee samt zahmer Robbe. Eine Bibliothekarin und ein Baumschneider, beide alleinerziehende Eltern. Mit Axel Milberg, Sibel Kekili u. Mit Krister Henriksson u. Haldern Pop Festival Mit Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe.

Mit Christian Slater, William H. Macy, Eluisha Cuthbert u. Mit Forest Whitaker, John Tormey. Cleverer Bankraub ruft die Bestohlenen auf den Plan, diese sind dummerweise Mitglieder einer internationalen Verbrecherbande. Mit Rose McGowan u. Promi Shopping Queen; Musikexpress Josef Wirnshofer und seiner Band. Mit Paul Newman u. Mieter helfen Mietern siehe Montag KonfliktMeisterei siehe Montag Lederhosentraining siehe Montag Mo Singkreis mit Live-Musik siehe Mo Mit Steve Brodie u. Mit Akira Yamanouchi u. Mit Kevin Costner, Demi Moore u. Mit Isabelle Adjanj u. Mit Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon.

Elektrik Kezy Mezy, Die Seychellen; Mit Martin Sheen, Stephen Rae. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit Philosophie, Religion und Moral: Dynamo Dresden - FC Schalke 04, 1. Mit Sonia Suhl, Lars Mikkelsen u. Der Tod und die Lady Schellingstr. Mit Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey u. Deftige Action nach einem Marvel-Comic: Findet bei jeder Witterung statt.

Mit Adam Goldberg u. Mit Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Williams u. Mit Alba Rohrwacher, Vinzenz Kiefer u. Mit Sylvester Stallone, Donald Sutherland u. Ein biografisch angelegtes Familiendrama, das sich den Jugendjahren John Lennons widmet. Zeit im Bild; Sport; Mit Bert Amicale Francophone siehe Dienstag Tischendorf, Michael Steinocher u.

Unter der Orgelempore; Pacellistr. Ties, Les Sauvages und Bobachtzehnuhr. Mit Jason Statham u. Mit Caleb Casas, Heidi I Mit Katherine McColl u. Mit Miki Manojlovic u. Mit Marie Westbrook u. Edel sei der Mensch Raake, Boris Aljinovic u. Lucy siehe Sonntag Mit Heino Ferch u. ARD im Jahr Mozart als Kammermusikfassung p. Der Kabarettist beleuchtet den deut- einen Jugendlichen, der im Frankreich-Urlaub an schen Alltag aus seiner ganz eigenen Perspektive. PRO 7 Die Simpsons; Mit Claudia Michelsen, Pasquale Aleardi u. Ein junger Deutscher verliebt sich in eine Halbitalienerin und bekommt es mit ihrer italienischen Sippe zu tun.

Nach dem Roman von Jan Weiler. Revolution siehe Montag Aus Mangel an Beweisen Mit Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning u. Mit Yan Ni, Wangh Jinqchun u. F Kirche am Fluss — St. Maximilian und die Isar Casimir und Maximilian Beck. Surf mit DJ Lackschuh Dieter. Eine dokumentarische Reise rund um die Nordsee — kommentiert von Axel Prahl.

Eine recht taffe Privatdetektivin soll herausfinden, was der Ehemann einer reichen Klientin in einer Samenbank zu suchen hat. Spezial — Holiday Hotspots 0: BR Geld und Leben; Rosenzauber Best of Kabarett aus Franken Rundschau; Salsa, Bachata, Merengue und Kizomba tanzen mit salsaclubmunich. Jan tanzt aus der Reihe Mit Ryan Gosling, Shareeka Epps u. Qualifikation Abenteuer Auto; 0: Kein Tanzpartner erforderlich, es wird durchgewechselt. Treffpunkt vor Ort, nur mit Ticket! Kasse der Pinakothek der Moderne.

Kurs in der 1. Singles; traditionelle Musik, wechselnde DJs, Biergarten. Koch von der Tanzschule World of Swing: Todestag des King of Rosenheimer Str. Schrittfolgen Jive und 3 Partys. Keine Vorkenntnisse erforJeweils Mi Schuhe mit Ledersohlen, bequeme Kleidung. Ceilis aus Irland mit Brigitte Schilbach Mit James Caan, Kathy Bates u. Gelungener Psychothriller nach Stephen King: Werke von Verdi, Puccini, Bellini u. Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Vivaldi und Gershwin. Mit Tom Hanks, Catherine Keener u.

Hexe in eine alte Frau verwandelt wird. Eine Science-Fiction-Katastrophe mit einem Erdbeben, das sich weltweit ausbreitet. Ein Erpresser hat eine Bombe in einem Zug versteckt. Die besten Kletterspezialisten treffen sich und machen den Titel unter sich aus. Im Schutz der Schatten 0: Zeit im Bild; Nachtkantine mit Livebands s. Musik in den Bergen; Der Abschluss der Jetzt verzaubert die jeder Menge Heimat-Feeling.

NDR Lust auf Norden; Mit Matthias Koeberlin u. Mit Robin Williams, Matt Damon. Die Thrillerjagd eines ans Krankenbett gefesselten Cops nach einem Serienkiller. Eine chaotische Familiengroteske nach dem Bestseller von John Irving. Auch buchbar mit Dinner. Auch an seinem Geburtstag, versteht diversen DJs und Liveacts. Wenn vorhanden, Fernglas mitbringen.

Sa seiner ganz eigenen Perspektive. Mit Christine Neubauer, David C. Mit Huub Stapel u. Mit Justin Chambers u. Bourne, Tom Berenger u. Mit Dennis Rodman, Dane Cook u. Mit Jon Foo, Kelly Overton u. Mit Hannelore Hoger u. Ein leichtlebiger Musikstudent holt die demenzkranke Oma zu sich in die WG. Mit Gesine Cukrowksi, Oliver Mommesen u. Auditorium neu entdecken, kurzweilig und informativ aus dem hohen schwedischen Norden. Special siehe Freitag Eine Sven Unterwaldt jr.

Waalkes, Boris Aljinovic, Nina Hagen u. Mit Hansi Hinterseer u. Die Hunde von Mit Kenneth Brannagh u. Ein unterhaltsames Popcorn-Science-Fiction Abenbeat-action; 0: Die Glaubens- und VorstellungsReggae; Altstadt — Schwabing —. NDR Hallo Niedersachsen; Mit Al Pacino, Russell Crowe u. Ein engagiertes Thrillerdrama vom Kampf eines Chemikers und eines Journalisten gegen die unheilvolle Allianz von Tabakindustrie und Medien.

Mit Dennis Hopper u. Die temporeiche Geschichte eines skrupellosen Musikmanagers, der einen Rockmusiker mit illegalen Mitteln zum Star machen will. Mit Tadao Takashima u. Aus Mangel an Beweisen. Mit Selma Hayek, Alfred Molina u. Eine ebenso farbenfrohe und kunstvolle Filmbiographie der mexikanischen Malerin Frida Kahlo. Mit Naseeruddin Shah u. Mit Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson u. Beste Preise, Haidhauser Flair — bekannt seit Kellerstr. Wohin geht die Kunst? WDR Aktuelle Stunde; NDR Die Nordreportage; Mit Glenn Ford, Frank Loveboy u.

Mit Steven Seagal, Ja Rule u. Mit Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson u. Wer oder was bin ich? Prochaska mit Andreas Kiendl, Franziska Amalienstr. Weisz, Beatrix Brunschko u. Ein verzweifelter Passagier will sich mit einem Linienflugzeug in die Luft sprengen. Mit Kris Kristofferson u. Unter der Orgelempore; Ludwigstr. Die Auswanderer und Matthias Gmelin dr. Remake des britischen Krimiklassikers. Jeden Mi und jew. Garten - Hofgarten - Feldherrenhalle - Frauenkirche. Weis s er Stadtvogel ST. Die etwas zu plakative GeschlechterFarce, in der sich eine Hausfrau als bessere Chefin einer Regenschirmfabrik erweist.

Ein Ziel im Leben daheim — Das Beste; Mit Julia Jentsch, Peter Gantzler u. Familiendrama mit einer jungen Frau, die sich mit dem Tod der Eltern auseinandersetzen muss. Mit John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick. Eine esoterische Erbauungsgeschichte vom Automechaniker, den die geistige Erleuchtung streift. Mit Bruce Willis, Samuel L.

Mit Christine Neubauer u. Mit Robert Rounseville, Moira Shearer u. Musikalische Revue vom Liebesleid und -freud eines jungen Dichters. Forstenrieder Allee 61 Giesing: Rufen Sie gegebenenfalls im Kino an oder schauen Sie auf www. HipHop-Dancerin Tiger Kirchharz Mit Anton Petzold u. Wenn nicht anders angegeben, ist der Eintritt frei. Alle Infos und Termine unter www. Ein weiteres Zeichentrickabenteuer mit der beliebten kleinen Hexe, die drei neue Abenteuer erlebt ab 0 Jahren. Mit Irmgard von Oesen und Oliver Haas.

Nacht der ewigen Spielleute Wegen Umzugs bis Gertraud Beck ab 6 Jahren. Gertraud Beck mit anschl. Malgele- Donnerstag um Sitzgelegenheit mitbringen; ab 8 Jahren. Gertraud Beck ab 6 J. Annette Guse ab 6 Jahren. Annette Guse ab 8 Jahren. Einfach vorbeikommen und mitmachen! Offenes Programm beim Zirkus Nordini Jahre.

Galavorstellung der ganztags betreuten Workshop-Kinder Offenes Programm begleitend zum Zirkus Simsala Jahre. Echopark — Fritz-Kortner-Bogen Mission Hai — Erhalten. Die Busse stehen in folgenden Stadtteilen: Fragen beantworten, Stempel sammeln, an einer Verlosung teilnehmen. Weitere Informationen zu Konzer- Di Frank in Fahrt u.

Elektrik Kezy Mezy u. BackstaFunny van Dannen auf seiner Fr Zenith tig und eigenwillig: Any Given Day u. Impericon Never Say Die! The Amity Affliction u. Sonic Abuse, Contrasts, Concierge, Hostages Dollars For Deadbeats, 8. USA — Mit dabei: Terror, Comeback Kid, Stick Sa 9. Auch buchbar Mi Utting, Achselschwang 1, Braunviehstall, www. Mozart, Vivaldi und J. Haydn, Szymanowski und Beethoven. Buchbar mit Dinner, T. Scarlatti, Liszt, Skrjabin u. Werke von Manfredini, Mouret, J.

Die Geschichte Lateinamerikas im Spiegel ba Bach, Franck, Janacek u. Kammermusik der Nationen — Abonnement Mozart, Beethoven und Dvorak. An- Sommerfestival der Bayerischen Philhardreas Schwankhart. Geburtstag von Richard Strauss, der in der Region einige seiner Meisterwerke schrieb.

Mozart, Schubert, Liszt, Skrjabin und Rachmaninow. Lobo Guerrero y su gente, Sonderkonzerte auf BR Klassik. Symhonien von Schubert und Bruckner. Anton Bruckner und Ludwig van Beethoven. Und wie es sich bei so einer lio Ruggerio und Adam Kim. Wenn die musikalisch ja wohl nicht viel schief gehen. Sonst Percussionist Biboul Darouiche ist ein ech- im Programm: Hannes Beckmann in der Unterfahrt mit Ssirus W. The Music of Buena Vista: Neben der mitt- August ein Karamelo Santo, Rotfront und weiteres Highlight ansteht. Au- verse Vertreter des Subgenres gust, mit G.

Bereits einen Tag vorher am August im Aquapark Moosburg an der Isar sein. Seltsam, dass es damals im normalen Leben keine Musik gab. Also gab es keine Musik, oder doch: Heute morgen, am 1. Nur eines war deutsch: Da dachte ich, das ist vielleicht ein Zeichen. Hat er freilich nicht. Die Electronic hat er etwas reduziert, aber sonst? Der Oldham, der Fitzsimmons, der Beam, der Vernon Liegt wohl auch daran, dass gleich im ersten Song Dinosaur Jr. Mascis die Sologitarre gniedelt. Jungle Dito XL Oft reicht es ja schon, unerkannt zu bleiben, um sich interessant zu machen.

J und T sind darin sehr gut und wurden prompt zu Stars hochgehypt. Aber warum nur finden das jetzt alle so sexy, so groovy, so superduper? Atomic Cafe Wo bleibt die Musik? Vorreiterinnen waren die Moulinettes. Respektbezeugungen Stereolab Patin standen, sondern entvon Radiohead und ein Kooperationsan- deckt sehr viele verschiedene Spielarten gebot von Bomb The Bass waren nur ein an live erzeugter Elektronik.

Jimmy Eat World Am August in der Muffathalle Aventinstr. Rufen Sie bis Do Feinste 80er Referenzen Malaserer starken Frauen. Alles, was das In- nicht fehlen. Und ein Hammer- durch und durch ruhigen und melantrack zum Ende: Inzwischen hat Micha Voigt sich drucksvoll unter Beweis. Noch drei Tage alles geben. Tereza, Hotsauce, Silence, Shogun und Demint. Welcome to his Universe! Wir machen keine Pause, alles ist Open End.

Nebenprojekt Spectacle am SonntagNachmittag im Garten. Das Festival hat einen guten Ruf im Nachtleben, denn alles funktioniert 1A: Hunt in der Maxvorstadt ist —zu Recht —eine Goldgrube. Dank des Trios wurde nun das Glockenbachviertel um eine Attraktion reicher: Ein besonderes Schmankerl ist die dritte Etage mit elf Loft-Studios. Bartender Manu Pinciroli serviert klassische Cocktails und eigene Kreationen. Teak- und Eichenholz und der offene Holzkamin setzen weitere Akzente. Aber so richtig bei Tamit der Erkenntnis zusammen: Wer die Party- die Palais-Nachteulen ehrlich Zoom: Prachtvolles Technico- Crowd und die Jury bestehend gesagt nicht gewohnt.

Die die Korken knallen. Nur bei gutem Wetter versteht sich. Hammer Line Up garantiert, doch lest bitte selbst: Holi Gaudy Festival Am August, 12 Uhr, im Autokino Aschheim Zum 2. Sechs der begehrten bunten Farbbeutel sind ebenfalls in dem Package inbegriffen. Rufen Sie bis Montag, Da hat er recht! Es ist ein brutales Duell, das sich da abspielt. Wir haben einen gefunden der so einzigartig ist wie Wir.

Dazu wieder der Rose, wunderbar. Weil er ein guter Kumpel ist, leiht er ausgerechnet dem tumben Christian Mikro-Wirbeln: In den Zeitun- beizubringen. So kann man Erdverbunden: VFD2Anteil von 0,12 f Fraunhoferstr. Parcours von versteckten Orten: VFD2-Anteil von 0,12 f www. Imaginary War Funky Soul unter freiem Himmel: Haben hier sehr wohl was verloren: Verschlungene Wege ZDF Sa Erlebnisflohmarkt siehe Samstag Ja wo samma denn?

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