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They soon discovered there were no elephants where there was supposed to be many.

Soon another mission was availed to them and they began another extraordinary journey to save the remaining elephants in this region. They were up against heavily armed poachers who were fighting for all the ivory they could get. Once the poachers realized that Mark and Delia were trying to save the remaining elephants prices were put on their heads and assassination attempts ensued. Instead of prosecuting poachers they caught they employed them to protect the elephants. They taught everything from wildlife conservation to AIDS prevention in local schools and for the next 23 years they made Zambia their home.

The poaching in North Luangwa National Park slowed considerably. In one year they counted elephant carcasses…the next only They are working now to save grizzly bears and wolves. Their time in Africa may be over but their legacy is far from it. The elephants in The North Luangwa National Park have been largely protected because of the 23 years they spent there.

On the night that I read that book I was contemplating dropping out of college. I had gone back to school at the age of 35 to get the science degree I had always dreamed of. But it was hard, much harder than I thought it would be. Mark and Delia Owens discovered important data about the animals they studied. They found that unlike the Serengeti lion, the Kalahari lionesses are welcomed in different prides.

In general, the Kalahari lioness is a more devoted mother than those in the Serengeti. The fact that the brown hyena lives in clans at first mystified Mark and Delia.

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Since hyenas are lone scavengers they could see no reason for them living in clans. Later, they discover that the brown hyena's cubs are raised communally. In the cases of both the desert lion and the brown hyena, Mark and Delia determine that the adverse conditions of the Kalahari that include fires, droughts and lack of food and water are the compelling reasons for the animals' unique behaviors.

After seven years in the Kalahari, Mark and Delia have grown to love and respect the animals they studied and knew so well. But their research is complete and it is time to go home. They fly away from their beloved animals with regret.

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