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Worst tool I've ever used. One person found this helpful. This is a good guide for developing Eclipse plugins.

Since most online documentation for Eclipse is garbage, this will get you up and running in much less time. It doesn't answer all questions but is a handy reference. If you are really intending to write commercial quality plugins for Eclipse or any RCP based application you will want this book.

This is more than a compilation of the online tutorials. Very detailed and covers all the relevant issues. Pretty readable as well. I generally hate tutorials, but these are info dense enough and realistic enough to not make me pull my hair out. The book also works pretty well as a reference for the more advanced material.

The book is well-written, so I have no complaint there. However, the authors have forgotten that some people are visual learners, and would have done well to provide class hierarchy diagrams where appropriate. Looking for a book to start with using Eclipse and writing plug-in for the Eclipse platform,this is a must read book. The book is up to date with the software, easy to understand, and much more.

I highly recommend this book to anyone would like to get involved with Eclipse. Can't wait for the next version. This book is the better one I have found for learning about plugin development for Eclipse. Most books present a very simple example which fails given the scope of Eclipse and the multitude of extension points.

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It tries to address all the things that you may want to do put an action in different places, integrating with different resource types files,etc and existing views editors,etc , saving, UI, UI decoration, and on and on. It takes a project and puts it through a complete development cycle building and adding features through the book.

While I typically don't like books that take a single example and develop it throughout, this has enough meat to make it very useful. One very cool thing with the sample project is that the authors develop JUnit tests for the UI actions and things. This shows not only how to automate testing of the UI features, but how eclipse calls your plugins.

This provides additional insight that is useful not only in testing, but also in feature development. If you use books as a tutorial from end-to-end, and tend to type over the examples to build mechanical memory of code, you may run into a few small snags.

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Chapter 7 misses listing some of the classes you are going to need minor types, which you can figure out , and some minor disagreements in the code will create errors in the project, but these are easy to fix. The code style is OK, but could be more concise and streamlined at times. I would have given the book 5 stars if it wasn't because the book was developed under a pre-release of Eclipse 3.

This made for some of the screen shots to be inconsistent, and very few of the api calls used in the examples are deprecated.

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This is more for Addison-Wesley than for the authors. Publishers always want to release books early, and this is hard on both writers writing against a changing target and the readers getting something that doesn't match the actual product. See all 36 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on June 16, Published on April 22, Published on October 25, Published on October 17, Published on February 10, This book is designed for anyone who wants a deep understanding of Eclipse, and every experienced developer interested in extending Eclipse or the Rational Software Development Platform.

Eric is a easoned software technologist, product developer, entrepreneur, and manager. He has a B. He is an entrepreneur and an expert in the design and application of OO technologies. Dan is the primary architect and product manager for several successful commercial products.

Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins - Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel - Google Книги

Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins is the definitive, start-to-finish guide Eric Clayberg , Dan Rubel. All of these are possible because Eclipse is 'open-source platform-independent framework for the creation of rich-client applications' to quote from Eclipse In 30 Seconds. However, most introductions to Eclipse barely touch on the technicalities of building a robust and complex plug-in.

Not so with this title, by two authors with extensive experience of building and selling commercial Eclipse plug-ins. The book is designed from the bottom-up for Java developers who want to create professional looking and highly functional Eclipse plug-ins.

Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins (2nd Edition) (Eclipse)

The authors, Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel co-founders of Instantiations, developer of CodePro, WindowBuilder and other commercial Eclipse plug-ins , assume that they talking to experienced Java developers who already know and use Eclipse to some extent. The book opens with a first chapter that introduces Eclipse to the first-time user, but to be honest this is probably redundant - would anyone really attempt to build a plug-in for an environment they don't already know?

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Chapter two builds a very simple plug-in that forms the basis of the project that is developed and extended at various points throughout the rest of the book.