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The Compensation Handbook might be additional help for you and a great resource to add to your library! Employee compensation costs, facility expenses, utility costs, mortgage or rent payments, insurance costs, […].

5 Entry Level Jobs That Start Healthcare Management Careers

In addition to a salary, internships can offer other benefits as well. In order of importance, the top five aspects […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Trackbacks […] fixed costs is simply a matter of looking at the monthly predictable costs that do not change. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. According to the DOL productivity in manufacturing output per hour increased on average 4. If demand for goods and services is steady, this means that each year fewer workers are needed to supply the economy.

5 Entry Level Jobs That Start Healthcare Management Careers

The second factor behind downsizing is declining revenue due either to a poor economy or increased foreign competition. Finally, if labor is available at lower costs overseas and the work can be transferred, business will relocate jobs to reduce costs. The stream of business news over at least the s and the mids seems to suggest that these factors are very much present, indeed that corporate well-being and layoffs are inversely proportional—as a sampling of headlines shows: Many more stories carry the same message in the body—if not in the headline.

To be sure, stocks rise on any news that a company—especially a troubled company—is cutting costs. Notable in the present context is that so many companies shed jobs as a way of cutting costs. Small business is also subject to seasonal patterns and therefore lays off employees as needed, calling them back at a later time. More painfully, however, the small business must also respond to economic and market pressures and therefore must occasionally reduce its employment because the revenues are just not there.

Every owner, therefore, should have plans and policies for reducing employment permanently. Such managerial techniques involve 1 conformity with law, 2 appropriate communications, and 3 employee assistance, sometimes called "outplacement" in human resources jargon.

In common parlance the first issue is based on fairness but fairness is enforced by employment and civil rights statues. When downsizing the workforce, the owner must base his or her actions on the requirements of the business and lean over backwards to avoid even the suggestion of bias against protected minorities: In most cases job terminations will be based on functions that can no longer be supported; if these have to be reduced rather than eliminated, a neutral criterion like job tenure may be used, with the most junior employees terminated first.

Such a rule would also apply if an across-the-board reduction, based on a percentage of all employees, is adopted.

7 Keys To An Effective Compensation Strategy

The rules being applied should be made public so that their fairness is visible to all involved, whether they stay or leave. Communications are important both to maintain the morale of employees retained and to hold the good will of those discharged. They may be back again.


The practice of announcing a downsizing late on Friday or the day before Christmas reflects very adversely on the owner's courage and tact, of course. Employees may have to leave, but they appreciate a clear statement of the reason why they're being terminated and like to have as much notice as possible. Listed below are five entry-level jobs that can put you on track for a management position. Expect to do tasks such as answering phones, accounts receivable, handling contracts, contacting insurance companies, and hiring and managing staff. As a medical executive assistant, you may get the chance to work directly with C-suite executives or administrators.

How to create your strategic plan for 2018 and beyond

This is where you can get experience overseeing projects and managing them from idea to execution to completion. Human resources managers direct many of the administrative functions of an organization, including recruiting, interviewing, hiring, consulting with management and serving as a link between the organization and its employees. Search for human resources opportunities in the healthcare industry such as in a physician or dentist office. A health informatics officer is in charge of maintaining the security of all patient medical records.

The expectation of the job is that the person in the position will also find better or more efficient ways to process the high volume of records. The job involves developing policies for accessing and updating patient records so that patient privacy is always protected. Technicians will also need to understand and adapt to ongoing changes in software, security and privacy practices.