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It would make more sense to silence the actress! We've seen Waverly in video conference with his agents before, but this scene, while working in the exposition about the diamonds, gives us an important point about the Command. As Waverly says, chasing diamond smugglers is not their business -- but the stability of the world economy is. Note the silent byplay between Solo and Illya, as the local staff lady shifts her attentions between them. Montalban's Rafael Delgado, thief extraordinaire, dominates this episode.

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Mann's Blodgett, the true villain, is rather dull, as is Victoria the Innocent. Then we get real business, with our guys in coveralls and caps pulling a daring daylight reconnaissance at the Peacock establishment. I find it a little hard to swallow okay, a lot that Peacock's wouldn't own the foundation beneath their vault and have security men or systems there. Certainly Blodgett rattles off some Italian insults porco: On their arrival, it becomes clear: Blodgett shoots Freddie, his mole within Pogue's, before Freddie could tell them he'd loaded the two into one of the crates.

Better if the crate had been in a separate compartment. Hard to believe that one of The Family didn't notice Illya clinging to the side of the building sooner, or that they failed to dispatch him permanently.

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Better if he could have scurried up and gotten away by springing from roof to roof. It is funny, though, to see his hands alone emerge from the drift of newspapers to answer his communicator. And while the Rio office scene is both well-done for its glimpse of the multi-ethnic staff and puzzling fans? I kept expecting him to be hiding, only to have a violent sneeze give him away. It's true, we're never told how Delgado spirited the uncut diamonds away from Blodgett. But the hint that he will tell them later, and then his death before he can finish the tale, work well enough.

At the end, the script both giveth and taketh away.

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The presence of Waverly, sporting a crisp Panama, comes as a charming surprise. She fainted, she swooned, she whined, she batted her eyelashes at Solo one too many times. The Family was rather amusing. I started a drinking game for the number of times Larry D. I know he was going for the East London accent, famously associated with the Kray twins and their organized crime racket from the 60s, but by slipping in and out of the accent, the device became comical as opposed to threatening. Okay, I take that back.

There is was one piece of redemption. I think you guys may be putting too much thought into it. By this point in the series, the leading men had already established good chemistry. I like the scene in which Kuryakin receives a neck massage from a comely U. If this same scene was played out in a drama today, it would be two guys sitting at a table talking to another old guy. Also, Montalban is fantastic in this episode, which is reason enough to enjoy it. My main beef with U.

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Admittedly, MGM had a great backlot, but I longed for the show to open up a bit. I also spent too much time on the Paramount lot, but occasionally got onto the L. It was a male-oriented world then, and our culture reflected it. Has gender balance improved since then? Of course, and that is fantastic. Yes, this episode is fair game for critique, but it should be done in comparison to other shows of its period.

And have female spies really progressed that much? Sure, Yvonne Strahovski on CHUCK got to shoot guns and unbelievably beat up the bad guys, but they also managed to squeeze her into a bikini or lingerie or a tiny black dress in most episodes. On 21 January , Jeanne told the Cardinal that Marie Antoinette wanted to buy the necklace; but, not wishing to purchase such an expensive item publicly during a time of need, the Queen wanted the Cardinal to act as a secret intermediary.

A little while later, Rohan negotiated the purchase of the necklace for 2,, livres, to be paid in installments. He claimed to have the Queen's authorization for the purchase and showed the jewelers the conditions of the bargain in the Queen's handwriting. Rohan took the necklace to Jeanne's house, where a man, whom Rohan believed to be a valet of the Queen, came to fetch it.

Marie Antoinette and the Affair of the Diamond Necklace - Marie Antoinette - Biography

When time came to pay, Jeanne de la Motte presented the Cardinal's notes, but these were insufficient. She had the story of the negotiations repeated for her.

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The controversy of the event stems from the arrest of the Cardinal in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and the trial that declared him innocent and Mme de La Motte and her accomplices guilty. Rohan produced a letter signed "Marie Antoinette de France". Rohan was arrested and taken to the Bastille ; on the way, he sent home a note ordering the destruction of his correspondence.

Jeanne was not arrested until three days later, giving her a chance to destroy her papers. The Cardinal de Rohan accepted the Parlement de Paris as judges. Pope Pius VI was incensed, since he believed that the cardinal should be tried by his natural judge i. However, his notes remained unanswered. A sensational trial resulted in the acquittal of the Cardinal, Leguay, and Cagliostro on 31 May The forger Villette was banished. Public opinion was much excited by this trial. Marie Antoinette was blameless in the matter, Rohan was an innocent dupe, and that the La Mottes deceived both for their own ends.

Despite findings to the contrary, many people in France persisted in the belief that the Queen used the La Mottes as an instrument to satisfy her hatred of the Cardinal de Rohan. Various circumstances fortified this belief. There was the Queen's disappointment at Rohan's acquittal, and the fact that the Cardinal was afterwards deprived by the King of his charges and exiled to the Abbey of la Chaise-Dieu. All these factors led to a huge decline in the Queen's popularity and encouraged an image of her among the masses as a manipulative spendthrift, more interested in vanity than in the welfare of France and the French.

The affair of the diamond necklace was important in discrediting the Bourbon monarchy in the eyes of the French people, four years before the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette became even more unpopular, and malicious gossip about her made her a greater liability to her husband.