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Other functions will be treated through the course of this article. For further discussion, see Cullen and Keller , Tzedakis and Martlew , and Christakis , p. While the majority of pithoi were made out of clay, wood could also be used, and I will note some metallic versions attested in the sources; archaeologists also cite the no longer extant dark green stone pithos found in the tomb of Clytemnestra. The fact that the extant fragments assign different genealogies and marital histories to Pandora suggests that at this stage of its formation the story had not assumed a single canonical form.

Proklos notes in a scholion to Erga 89 a variant in which Prometheus acquires the pithos from the satyrs, but this may be derived from one of the several fifth-century satyr plays that treat the Prometheus-Pandora story. For the view that Hesiod offers an original version made up of several previously independent motifs, see Faraone , p. On issues of definition, see too Simantoni-Bournia , p. In her detailed description of how a potter would fashion his vessel, Simantoni-Bournia , p.

This is a point treated in greater detail below. See Pilides , p. Note too that they can be very large, measuring up to two meters and more. Vessels belonging to the Tenian-Boeotian group have subsequently been found, among other places, at sites in Sparta, Crete, Rhodes, Thera and the northern Cyclades, where Andros and Tenos played a leading role in the manufacture of pithoi. Itinerant potters from Tenos may have carried their techniques to other regions, including Boeotia.

The discussions listed in n. See too Simantoni-bournia , p. B 25; for this see Simantoni-Bournia , p. I return to this image later on.

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See too Brown , p. See too the very early painted pithos from Cnossos discussed in Baur Neils does not, however, connect the metallic jar she argues for with the making of Pandora. For a more recent assessment, which reaches much the same conclusion, see Simantoni-Bournia , p. Note too a white-ground lekythos for this, see Cullen and Keller , p. In this Hermes guides the psuchai of the dead from the Underworld through the mouth of a sunken pithos. See West ad loc. For discussion, see Topper and Langdon , p. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books.

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OpenEdition is a web platform for electronic publishing and academic communication in the humanities and social sciences. Desktop version Mobile version. Results per book Results per chapter. The Wanderings of Io: Spatial Readings into Greek Mythology. Search inside the book. The Priority of Pots: Hesiod , Erga , Theogony , Pandora , pithos. The discussions listed in I return to this ima See too the very early painted pithos from Cnossos discusse Neils does not, however, connect the metallic jar she argues for with the making Note too a white-groun Zoom in Original jpeg, 88k. Zoom in Original jpeg, k.

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Dossier : Mères et maternités en Grèce ancienne

Pandora entrances every man she meets but something is missing in her life, and her relationship with Mason's Hendrik brings her to learn the meaning of undying love and the sacrifices we might make. Occasionally the film lapses into pretension, thinking it's a bit clever for itself.

The voice-over jars a bit at times, and some of the dialogue is very flowery and oh-so-mystical. But it's still a great film because it creates an atmosphere so unlike any other. I believe the print is in major need of restoration because I can't fathom how a Jack Cardiff-photographed film could look so poor in some places Mason's teeth etc. It's very romantic, and I loved the flashback to when Mason killed his beautiful wife. It really shouldn't work, because it's very dramatic and a bit too orchestrated, but it does because Mason's acting is so terrific.

I swear I love him more every time I see him. Lewin directs with a keen vision and doesn't often stray from the ethereal atmosphere, to the viewers delight. We get truly superb performances by the entire cast, particularly Ava Gardner, who delivers a heart-felt and very memorable performance.

Another major addition to this film is the musical score by classical composer Alan Rawsthorne, which is dream-like and uplifting, yet blended with a sense of melancholy. The score also blends poetically with the other-worldly visual richness to extraordinary effect. Fans of classic fantasy films are sure to be delighted. Ave Gardener and James Mason are perfectly cast for this epic unfolding and exploration of pure love.

The love which is realised contrasts with and exceeds the self centred manifestations demonstrated by the other characters who are colourful and vivid and in its nobility and apparent brevity proves that context is what lends meaning to life. The final scenes are wonderfully free from restraining causes and effects with a judgement of love from? The colours of the production is as intense as the mythic setting for the story and helps the suspension of disbelief. The setting is not of the same importance to the story as Shangri-la to the plot of 'Beyond the Blue Horizon' which explores similar issues of a man exploring a context to give meaning to what he is or could be.

These are both aspects of the question we all eventually ask ourselves. This is definitely not a movie for everybody. It is a bit of an odd number, a romantic love story as well as a fantasy intended for for adults. Hollywood, which, these days, usually produces movies intended for audiences in high school or, at most, their early 20s, doesn't do films like this one. Neither, for that matter, does much of anybody else.

In fact, About the only other example of this unusual genre that comes immediately to mind is the haunting "A Matter of Life and Death", produced in Britain by Powell and Pressburger. The story revolves around the appearance of a Dutch yachtsman among a group of wealthy expatriates residing in a Spanish seaside village called "Esperanza" Hope. He turns out to be none other than the legendary Flying Dutchman. Every seven years he is permitted to re-appear on land briefly, to attempt to find a woman who will agree to die for him, thus freeing him from his curse of sailing the seas for eternity.

Those who's taste in movies runs to to things like "Speed II" and "Prom" will probably not like this one. However, those whose taste is a bit more mature, and who appreciate the sort of material that requires a moderate degree of erudition, might appreciate this moody, atmospheric, beautifully photographed and expertly staged story. It seems churlish to begin with a cavil but this print was preceded by an on-screen message that it was a 'restored' version, only to be followed by what looked like a washed-out third or fourth generation print. It may well have been Lewin's intention to shoot in dull tones in but somehow I tend to doubt it.

There's an immediate nod to A Matter Of Life And Death both in the central couple - one dead, one living - and the use of Harold Warrender, a 'scientific' type who complements perfectly Roger Livesey's 'doctor' and also serves as narrator. As for the hokum that masquerades as plot the less said the better, in this case it is definitely a case of Style not Content.

Gardner is so gorgeous she doesn't really need to do anything else yet by MGM had moulded her into a fairly half-decent actress and Mason was well up to handling any real acting that needed doing. On the other hand Sheila Sim demonstrates yet again why her screen career consisted of a mere ten movies, just as well she married Dickie Attenborough otherwise she may have starved to death. Apart from this it's the visuals and symbolism that are the main interest and in a decent print they would have been stunning. Many a man might give up just about anything for a tumble with Ava Gardner.

But what would Ava give up, would she give it all up for a man she truly loved? That questioned is answered if not to everyone's complete satisfaction in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. She's a cool one Ava, one guy commits suicide over her, Nigel Patrick trashes a perfectly good car to prove something to her, even Harrold Warrender who has a sort of Van Helsing like role is not immune to her beauty and charm.

But the guy who's really taken with her is James Mason, the legendary Flying Dutchman. He's been cursed for about years to sail the seas in search of a woman who would lay her life down for him. He gets to port once every seven years to search and he's put in on the northern coast of Spain this time. The color photography by Jack Cardiff is nice, the scenery is almost as beautiful as Ava.

But I think for this film to work, a more innocent type rather than the worldly Ms. Gardner would have to have been written into the story. MartinHafer 23 March This film is a reworking of the legend of the Flying Dutchman. A wild and slightly crazy lady Ava Gardner is flighty and, well, rather nuts. When a sailboat nears her home in Spain, she impulsively swam naked out to the boat and meets a man James Mason after she wraps herself up in a bit of canvas. He seems VERY preoccupied and moody--and is working on a painting that looks a bit like Gardner though I didn't think it looked nearly as close as the film said.

She is clearly intrigued by this new man and wants to spend much time with him. A bit later, Gardner's friend Nigel Patrick shows the moody dude something written in 17th century Dutch--and Mason seems to be able to read it with ease. That's because it is, in fact, his own personal memoirs! It seems he's the famous Flying Dutchman and the paper explains how he came to be cursed to wander the seas alone for eternity--unless, and this is weird, he can get a lady to agree to die for him.

You also learn that Gardner is some sort of reincarnated version of the lady Mason murdered--hence, cursing him to his fate.

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However, it's far from a perfect film and it wasn't exactly my type of film--even though I love older films. The film has two problems for me. First, it's an odd choice having the British actor James Mason play a person who is Dutch. It just didn't seem convincing--much as I love Mason in films. Second, the film took brooding to new heights--with LOTS of pained looks. And, third, the film seemed a bit talky--and I would have preferred a bit more action and romance.

Worth seeing but far from a must-see. By the way, wasn't the murder a bit reminiscent of "Othello"? Well, call me "histrionic" hahahahaha , but I'm watching it just now for perhaps the third or fourth time since I was seven or eight years old. I was dumbstruck by it then. I guess she was, too. I met her 20 years later. She'd literally made herself into this character. The woman men will do anything for. We took her marriage apart then, and took one of mine apart 15 years later.

Well, she wanted to be stimulated, and I evidently did it as well as anyone for a time, even though I was no James Mason, Clark Gable or even Leslie Howard. Today, I am a devotee of direct, wordless experience. The melancholy may dearly love it.

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But those who need to work their way through a "timeless love" may find the keys to their prison cells right here. Funny thing about the legend of the Flying Dutchman is that nobody knows what it exactly is all about. Different stories about the history of the alleged ghost ship exist and different names of its captain also float around. Hendrik van der Zee, as he is being called in this movie, is one of them. This is a movie I just can't really put my finger on. I don't understand what this movie is trying to tell really.

It's hard to label this movie as well. It's a romantic drama with fantasy elements in it as well. It doesn't have an everyday story and also some not so everyday characters in it. Guess the movie is about love and human nature but for me it wasn't very appealing all.

The main characters are quite repulsive ones, of which the female deliberately hurt other persons feelings to get what she want and the man killed the woman he loved out of sheer jealousy. Why should we care about a love story between these two. Of course the characters redeem themselves but no, I just wasn't drawn into it. It's also a rather slowly paced movie. Some excitement wouldn't had harmed the movie. Not that it's dull but its slow pace just makes the movie drag on in parts. You have the feeling that the movie could had easily been halve an hour shorter.

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The movie does still takes some nice turns though, making this movie all in all still a perfectly watchable one. The movie is also good looking. It's a period piece, shot in color. It actually was the first motion color picture Ava Gardner appeared in. It still obviously wan't the most expensive movie to shoot, judging by its visual qualities but it helps that movie that it was being shot at location rather than in sound-studio somewhere. Ava Gardner and James Mason are both obviously some capable actors but because I just wasn't drawn into the movie and it's story I also didn't really got into their characters.

Can't blame the actors for that really, since they are obviously doing the best they can with the material given to them.