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In Malaysia , an anthology or antologi in Malay is a collection of syair , sajak or modern prose , proses , drama scripts, and pantuns. In the twentieth century, anthologies became an important part of poetry publishing for a number of reasons. For English poetry , the Georgian poetry series [1] was trend-setting; it showed the potential success of publishing an identifiable group of younger poets marked out as a 'generation'.

It was followed by numerous collections from the 'stable' of some literary editor, or collated from a given publication, or labelled in some fashion as 'poems of the year'. Academic publishing also followed suit, with the success of the Quiller-Couch Oxford Book of English Verse [2] encouraging other collections not limited to modern poetry.

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Since publishers generally found anthology publication a more flexible medium than the collection of a single poet's work, and indeed rang innumerable changes on the idea as a way of marketing poetry, publication in an anthology in the right company became at times a sought-after form of recognition for poets. The self-definition of movements, dating back at least to Ezra Pound 's efforts on behalf of Imagism , could be linked on one front to the production of an anthology of the like-minded.

Eraserheads - Anthology (2004)

Also, whilst not connected with poetry, publishers have produced collective works of fiction from a number of authors and used the term anthology to describe the collective nature of the text. Media related to Anthologies at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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