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Why not — with sentences like this that stirs your curiosity and intrigue: F 5 full stars because of the following: For example, the first sentence on the chapter on Exodus says: It would be great to search the Bible to see where else He started with a baby. Christmas comes to mind immediately of course.

In Exodus, it was Moses; 3 It is very easy reading, so much so that you can read it from cover to cover. The author often uses stories to illustrate a point, such as the one about his visit to a factory where everything seemed to be a chaotic mess, until someone gives you a guided tour. He said Leviticus is like that.

No wonder I could never read Leviticus without scratching my head! First a timeline, then an overview of the whole book, then discussion questions, personal application and suggested further reading.

All these are interspersed with pictures, a window with the chapter objectives, and a window showing the major themes of the books and the relevant references; 5 This will be a great companion for when you want to read the Bible through the year and want to have a good overview before you go into each book; 6 Because of the discussion and personal application questions at the back of each chapter, it will make for a good Bible study group guide.

I have not read through the whole book it is over pages long! Feb 06, Retha rated it it was amazing Shelves: Adventuring through the Bible is a great adventure through the greatest book ever written, the Bible. Adventuring through the Bible does not replace the Bible, but is the perfect study aid for individuals and groups to be used alongside the Bible. Revised Revised edition 1 October New resources and study helps are included with the revision of this helpful aid.

This revised edition had greater readability and accuracy. The 9 Parts the Bible is divided into are: Apocrypha Adventuring through the Bible is filled with information. There is also a chapter that discusses the Apocrypha, explaining what the Apocrypha is and why it is not considered inspired Word of God. The Apocrypha are historical text that shed light on history during the gap of years between the two Testaments. True Adventure Adventuring through the Bible is truly an adventure, and like any adventure there are always more treasures and awesome discoveries to make and mysteries to unravel.

I highly recommend Adventuring through the Bible to every reader and Bible student. Whether you know nothing or a lot about the Bible, Adventuring through the Bible will encourage you to know more about the Bible and the Author, Jesus Christ our Savior. Discovery House Publishers as part of their media review bloggers program provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review. View all 4 comments.


Adventuring Through the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible

May 14, christianchicklit rated it it was amazing. There is an outline of each book, a timeline of key events, pictures and a general summary of each book of the Bible. Each chapter also includes discussion questions and personal applications for each book of the Bible that would make for a very interesting Bible Study discussion!!!

A lot of planning and thought went into the development of this book which is actually a revision of an earlier edition.

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Great resource that provides a quick snapshot and overview of the different books and key issues in the Bible. A free electronic copy of this book was provided to me by Discovery House Publishers and NetGalley in exchange for my fair and unbiased review of this book. I received a free digital copy for review. This is a great reference book to have on hand. This is the edition. At the beginning there is a history timeline that takes several pages. Throughout the book there are some beautiful color pictures of the Holy Land.

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Then there is an entire Bible overview, followed by the Old Testament overview. Each book of the Bible has just a few pages dedicated to it in this book. Each book's chapter has some current life anecdotes, followed by themes and impor I received a free digital copy for review. Each book's chapter has some current life anecdotes, followed by themes and important aspects found within that book of the Bible. Main characters are introduced and real life applications are found at the end of each chapter.

At the end of the book are a variety of Bible reading plans. If you don't yet have a good overall Bible reference book, this is a good one to invest in. Jun 08, Beyond the Pages rated it it was amazing. A very comprehensive and detailed resource book! The Legacy of Abraham, Man of Faith. Body Life, Revised and Expanded. Talking with My Father: Jesus Teaches on Prayer. Following the Ways of the Word. Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook. If you've ever led a small group or tried to study the Bible on your own , you'll appreciate this comprehensive overview of the Bible.

In this new, enhanced, full-color edition, Stedman uses non-technical language to explain events and characters in the Bible, illustrate and chart important movements, and offer insights into religious and social customs of Bible times. This one-stop resource for studying and understanding God's Word is an excellent tool for pastors, laypeople, and small groups.

Adventuring Through the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible by Ray C. Stedman

Hardcover Number of Pages: Discovery House Publication Date: The Epistle to the 21st Century 1 Corinthians 2 Corinthians: The Calling of the Saints Ephesians Philippians: Power to Endure with Joy Colossians 1 Thessalonians: Hope for a Hopeless World 1 Thessalonians 2 Thessalonians: Restrainers of Lawlessness 2 Thessalonians 1 Timothy: Pastor's Primer 1 Timothy 2 Timothy: How Not to Collapse 2 Timothy Titus: Truth and Proof Titus Philemon: A Brother Restored Philemon Hebrews: All About Faith Hebrews James: The Activity of Faith James 1 Peter: Living Stones 1 Peter 2 Peter: In the Face of Falsehood 2 Peter 1 John: The Vital Balance 2 John 3 John: Contending for the Faith Jude Revelation: The End -- and a New Beginning Revelation.

Adventuring Through the Bible Get a thorough overview of the entire Bible in an exciting way with the new and enhanced edition of Adventuring Through the Bible. The Method of Faith. The Way to Wholeness.

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The Incomplete Christian Life. The Law That Delivers. The Pattern of Defeat. The Romance of Redemption. The Death of the Flesh. The Story of David.

How to Lose a Kingdom. David and the Ark of God. God's King in God's House.

A Queen Under Control. The Worship of an Honest Heart. That Men May Know Wisdom. The Inspired Book of Error. A Love Song and a Hymn.