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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Aug 24, Misti marked it as unfinished. I paid 99 cents for this collection and it wasn't worth it; I wouldn't recommend it. Apr 23, Jonathan R Huff rated it it was amazing. Nice collection Most of the stories were great and even the bad ones were good. Added a few more authors to my wish list as a result of this collection.

Apr 18, Gil rated it liked it. Entertaining New Entertaining series, some better than others.

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Kept me entertained and occupied while recovering from surgery. Worth the few bucks for the series. Nov 27, Tanya Saunders rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such a great deal on so many great authors in one package at the time I purchased. Regardless of price, a good intro to new authors as well as some favorites I already have. It amazes me that there are so many ways to write about a ZA. To be quite honest, I have been a fan on and off of zombie stories, starting with movies. I had not read a single zombie book until about last year. I am hooked and although I take a break from time to time for another book I desire, I am hooked and will keep re Such a great deal on so many great authors in one package at the time I purchased.

I am hooked and although I take a break from time to time for another book I desire, I am hooked and will keep reading, as long as they keep writing. Thanks to all the authors for sharing their talents and stories. Oct 24, Tamara rated it it was amazing. Mega Z Collection Wow! What a wonderful idea, to bring so many zombie tales together in one place.

The books span quite a range of concept and impact So give each a fair chance to stand alone as you enjoy a whole lotta reading for a t-tiny price. I didn't read these all together, I spliced them in between other books. It was a treat to have them waiting for me, and I have used them as a springboard to add other books to my wish list. Aug 22, Joni Graves added it Shelves: I really love this collection of Zombie books. It is taking me longer than usual to read this collection, but I have to say that I am completely enthralled with each unique book and simply love all of them.

I will write more on this subject when I finish them. Sep 10, Colin Hickey rated it liked it Shelves: Good mixture of zombie novels, exploring different elements of the genre. As with any compilation there are some great, and some dreadful entries.. Feb 18, Chloe Alibrahim rated it it was amazing. What an awesome collection of zombie books! Zombie lovers need to read this collection! I scant wait to read more from these amazing authors! Sep 10, David added it Shelves: A few others were decent and the rest I couldn't finish.

Mya rated it really liked it Mar 27, Maxwell Zachs rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Yolo rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Brandy rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Rosemary Potter rated it really liked it Aug 15, MJ rated it really liked it Feb 22, Brooks rated it liked it May 11, Sherry Williamson rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Carson rated it liked it Feb 19, Helene rated it liked it Dec 10, Tanika rated it liked it Sep 14, Kevin D rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Bev Vlahov rated it it was amazing May 17, Melanie rated it it was amazing Sep 06, William Warner rated it really liked it Feb 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Joe McKinney has been a patrol officer for the San Antonio Police Department, a homicide detective, a disaster mitigation specialist, a patrol commander, and a successful novelist. The Red Man has regained nearly all of his memories and his sense of self, but the necrosis filovirus has left him hopelessly insane. It has also given him the ability to communicate through normal speech with his army, and through grunts, smells and moaning, with the zombies. He is the next step in evolution in this world made up of two different species of humanity. Nate Royal, for all his many faults, is immune to the necrosis filovirus.

This puts him in direct opposition to the Red Man: They represent opposite ends of the spectrum, and a meeting between the two is inevitable. It also opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. A man immune to the zombie virus could redefine the struggle they have spent their lives fighting for. Nate has never had things very easy. Mark Kellogg was able to help Nate along, but only after many hours of shared suffering and individual attention. Now that Kellogg is gone, Nate is like a compass needle spinning aimlessly around the dial, trying to find his true north.

But Nate remains vital, for even after all these years, he still carries the flash drive that Dr. Mark Kellogg put around his neck just before he died. Contained in that flash drive is the answer that humanity has been waiting for, the cure to the necrosis filovirus. The trouble is that Nate has run out of gas, spiritually speaking. And then he finds Ben Richardson. While the two of them are floating downstream on the Mississippi, Nate rediscovers the true north he has been missing.

He takes from Ben Richardson the guidance he needs to confront the Red Man. Whether, ultimately, he is successful, depends on your point of view. What kind of future do you want? The world has been overrun by zombies and left in ruin. But there are still groups of people left alive, and they are carving out an existence in the wasteland.

How hard could that be, right? Kids have been dating forever. Well, when taking your date out involves high speed pursuits through zombie-infested ruins and being used as pawns in an underhanded power grab scheme, nothing is as easy as it seems. I had made a few readers mad with the ending to Dead City, and I wanted to address the criticism before I went on with the rest of the series. And that meant writing about Eddie Hudson again.

The thing to remember about Eddie Hudson is that he is not a reliable reporter. Most people get that wrong about him. So this story really becomes as much a conversation between father and son as it does a commentary on the Dead World series itself. I think the answer hinges on personal accountability. He gave me some important advice on personal responsibility. Right before I left for my first date, he gave me the only bit of parental sex education I ever received. I guess it took. People keep asking me if they need to read the Dead World in a certain order.

Okay, that was for all those folks who are completely new to the series. The rest of you, those who have read at least one of the books and are looking for some insight into the rest of the series, what follows is for you. If you want to read the Dead World series the way the author would like the series read, this is it: And much thanks for this lengthy and informative background on your zombie books.

Hope Apocalypse of the Dead keeps you coming back for more. A lot of people my wife among them have told me that Barnes is their favorite character in Apocalypse of the Dead. But the thing about Barnes you have to remember is that he is emotionally exhausted. You may remember in the opening chapter when Barnes is looking down on the refugees as they are being shot by the Coast Guard and he feels something go numb inside. This is the beginning of the exhaustion I mention. Later, Richardson makes comments about how many of the Quarantine Authority troops end up going AWOL, or worse, commit suicide, because of the daily stress of their job.

This is another indicator that Barnes is wearing thin. Then we have the scene where he beheads the bandit trying to kill him and screams at the head. The journey across the country wears Barnes down past his breaking point, ultimately culminating in the bedroom of the RV where he kicks the corpse of the man who has eaten himself to death. He realizes that Robin is a natural born teacher, that Kyra is a natural born messenger, that Sandra Tellez is a natural born medic.

He has that ability to look deep into someone, and in many cases, deeper than the person themselves can see. Aaron says he sees a natural leader, a fighter. Ultimately, Barnes and Ed Moore are opposites. Both start from similar backgrounds, and both are forced to lead a ragtag army of survivors through a countryside full of zombies, but they end up on opposite sides of Jasper precisely because of the issue of emotional exhaustion. Barnes has been fighting a long time, and his natural response to exhaustion is to fight even harder.

Ed has had things a little easier. He is exhausted, due to his age, but he is far from emotionally exhausted, and that is what gives him the reserves to resist Jasper. What I want to know is, are you or they , ever going to publish them together in one volume? Not to make myself sound super important or anything. Thanks a ton, man! I do actually have a short story collection coming out in , called Nightmares and Grimoires.

And thanks again for reading. I really appreciate it. I just came across one of your books, Dead City last week. I read it in a setting and ran out the next day to get a copy of Apocalypse of the Dead. I have read 25 zombie books in the last year and you are in my top three now. I am looking forward to your next one in April, and like the previous poster i am excited to see that your short stories are coming out in a single collection soon.

Feel free to post on Amazon as well. Amazon reviews are always helpful. And just out of curiousity, who are the other two on your short list? I just finished two if the Dead City series, it was amazing. The books gave me a few restless nights of getting up to look in the backyard for the zombies LOL… Thank you waiting for the next!! Brain Keane writes great zombies also, and you two are my favs so far! Thanks Angela, glad to hear it! Yeah, Brian is a great author. I love reading his stuff. I think Ghoul is my favorite of his. Complex characters in a very complex environment.

Unfortunately now I have to wait a explicit year for Zombie King. Great I love to see new authors hit the scene because they have the raw energy of a stage one Zombie…If you have the time how about a big Vampire book that shows them as truly evil and not the teen heart-throb of today.. I really enjoyed writing both Eleanor and Shaw. It would be great to reconnect with Eleanor sometime soon…. I agree with your choices of vampire stories, by the way. I hate the Nancy Boy vampires too.

Next up is a mummy story, then a ghost story, but after that, who knows, a vampire story could be fun. Glad you liked the book! And yeah, I do have plans to continue the story I started with Apocalypse of the Dead. Thanks again for the kind words! I bought Dead City almost by accident.

When I read the summary of the book I kept it in my Amazon shopping cart. I just finished Apocalypse of the Dead. I was ecstatic when I saw that there were 2 more books in the series and even more so when I realized that I have 3 books of short stories that have Survivors, Ethical Solutions and Dating in Dead World in them. Your books bring the readers right into the stories and make them feel like they are there with the characters. They let you experience the desperation and panic that the main characters go through. I used to work in a book store and I know the thrill of picking something up by accident, only to discover something I later grow to enjoy.

I got to know the writing of John Irving that way. Where did you find Ethical Solutions, by the way? The neighbourhood dogs barking in the distance now fill me with a wondering dread, is there something coming out of the woods? Your writing definitely struck a chord! Enough gushing from me, hurry up with the Zombie King!!

Top 10 books about the apocalypse

By the way, I was in Brighton early last year and fell in love with the town. My wife and I had a great time. JJ, just read your post and had to say something.. I grew up in Manchester and after watching Dawn of the Dead at 7 years old allways had it in the back of my mind.. I happened to be walking around a bookstore one day looking for a new book to read and I stumbled upon Dead City. I have been a zombie fan since before I can remember and read practically anything I can get my hands on about them.

I love hearing that people are connecting with the books. I love finding new authors that way. Hope you enjoy Flesh Eaters! Hey, I just wanted to let you know I love your books. I first read Dead City right after it came out, my sisters friend let me borrow it and I loved it. Then just this year I was working at borders and put Apocalypse of the Dead on the shelf and realized it was your book and bought it on the spot.

Just finished Flesh Eaters and have to say it was amazing. Keep up the great work can wait for Zombie King to come out. Thanks for the amazing books! Too many times I brought my paycheck home in a bag. I just sent you an email, as follows: Thanks again for taking a chance on my books. Took your advice and started with Flesheaters before Apocalypse. I hope it is as satisfying as I am imagining! I was actually shocked when Capt. Shaw joined in trying to kill Eleanor. I had to go back and re-read the paragraph to be sure it was actually the captain.

In the midst of all that craziness and death, you would think that people would hold life more sacred. I think I need to work on that naieve thing. For me, Captain Shaw was on the rails as far as his destiny was concerned. He was so absorbed with his sense of duty, first to family, then to honor, that anything between his family and their continued existence was going to become his enemy.

Right or wrong, Eleanor falls into that category, and so he has to attack. Anthony is in a slightly different position, as he and his brothers are really the two sides of their father, and for me, that means that neither one is capable of true redemption. Well, I got to finish Flesh Eaters over the weekend and had to let it settle before responding.

You certainly turned the situation around on me and I actually ended up feeling sorry for them. I loved the switch-a-roo with the backpack! Thought that was very fitting after all Eleanor and her family had to endure. All in all, this was a much more tense rollercoaster ride and I actually did put it down a couple of times.

Once because a situation with the characters frustrated me and once or twice because the situation was just so tense I needed a moment to regroup! I think my favorite part of that book to write was the scene on the roof at the end. The last forty or fifty pages pretty much came out in one sitting. Thanks again for the kind words. That means a lot. Big fan of the Dead World books, interesting behind-the-scenes stuff here. And I had no idea there were short stories set in that milieu, too. Like epic poems, apocalyptic fiction refers originally to a very specific type of literature originating in a certain area.

Or any word, really. But ranting about it is a very geeky thing to do.

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And that Armageddon was supposed to be a place, not the battle that occurs there. But, you know, things change and so do words. Dig my dope, dude? And yeah, you got me there, literary geek all the way. And you nailed it with the use of the word Apocalypse. I just finished Flesheaters, which I had been looking out for after reading Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead at the end of last year, I very much enjoyed all three for a variety of reasons.

So I am really looking forward to Zombie King, sounds like a post apocalyptic nightmare that will be a great read. Speaking of post apoc. Thanks again for the great books. Thanks for the kind words! Great to meet someone from Clear Lake. I remember, many years ago, there were huge empty tracks of swamp-like land everywhere. Now the area is nothing but houses as far as you can see. One of the better ones. Anyway, I bought your 1st 3 plus Quarantined. Where is the Zombie King book and how do I get it???? Thanks for contacting me. Good to meet a brother in blue. The Zombie King should be out by this time next year.

Well, I think I might be able to do something with that. And, the option on the movie rights was just sold on that story, so who knows, maybe there will be a movie of it soon! First off i never realized zombie novels were so common, I thought max brooks was the only one when I first read the survival guide, then i came across your book apocalypse of the dead at a library and have been hooked, i literally read that in 2 or 3 days! Then I won some money on a scratch off, and went and bought dead city and flesh eaters. This time i tried taking my time hahaha, only reading at breaks at work or in bed at home.

And I finished it within 4 or 5 days. Your books are so realistic its ridiculous. I can picture everything so vividly and perfectly in my mind, from the debris to the gore, to the characters and the zombies themselves. Cant forget the destruction either. I figured id leave a message since it appears you reply. I respect you for that. I also respect you for the fact that you have such an amazing gift of using words and metaphors. Also, are you familiar with max brooks?

If so you should know they are filming a world war z movie. Its on his website. Its starring Brad Pitt and some other big names. I just want to thank you for the great reading material, you are truly one of a kind. I am looking forward to Zombie King!! I hope it comes out sooner than later! Hi Reese, thanks for the kind words. And to think, all because of a lucky scratch off ticket!

I hope you enjoy Quarantined. What an amazing writer. Whenever people ask for recommendations on who to read in zombie fiction he always tops my list. Thanks again for reading! They are are fantastic books. Realistic, interesting, and life like. The characters you have created are very believable. If a zombie outbreak were to occur I think it could be similar to your works here. It was my favorite of the three, and since it was fairly short adapting it to the big screen shouldnt be too hard.

Good luck with any future stories you create. I would love to see a movie version of Dead City myself. The book has been optioned three times, but alas, so many things can, and do, go wrong during the process. The script is usually the easy part. Unfortunately, movies are basically art by committee, which means that a ton of different people have to all want to go in the same direction, which rarely happens.

I agree, and wouldnt it be great if George A Romero was directing with Tom Savini doing the special effects.. They really put u in the shows of the people your are following. I love hearing that. Thanks again for making me smile! I wanted to express my admiration for your zombie fiction. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

That is, though potentially deadly, they are impersonal menaces, like trees felled by wind. If you accept my thesis, do you think about this man vs nature framework consciously when you write? More broadly, what frameworks and themes do you seek out, if any, in the genre literature you yourself read? Thank you so much for this. You really put a lot of thought into this, making it a real pleasure to read. Second, thank you for your wonderfully kind words.

They are much appreciated. I do accept that the man vs. This, of course, highlights your second point that our greatest danger actually comes from our fellow men. I hope they will. As for larger themes and frameworks, well, I personally love to see deeply conflicted characters. That kind of conflict, between our higher principles and our family, really makes a character come alive for me.

Definitely value bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you set to create any such excellent informative website. I have thoroughly enjoyed your books thus far! Being a microbiologist, I am curious on how you picked a filovirus for the cause of the zombie origins and ability to infect others. I would have maybe guessed you might pick a more common virus that is know to particularly affect the brain and central nervous system — maybe an altered form of rabies perhaps. Can you shed some light on your choice there?

I would be very grateful. Thanks for your patience on my reply. When I was looking for a disease to cause my zombie outbreak, I had a short list of requirements. First and foremost, it needed to be highly contagious, with blood and saliva being the main vectors. Secondly, it needed to fairly unique…as in different from other zombie stories. And lastly, it needed to cause complete depersonalization in its victims.

A rabies-like virus was a natural choice, as you indicated in your comment, but unfortunately, 28 Days Later beat me to it. Probably not as sophisticated a response as you would like, I know, but that was my thought process. I was remembering it wrong recently when I attributed it to Hugo Gernsback.

The way I remember it goes like this: Tell me what it feels like to sit behind the controls! I know I feel that way when reading, or watching, a police procedural. Hopefully there was enough true facts in my description of the necrosis filovirus to give readers the willies. Thanks for the background and commentary! I was really just interested in how you came to arrive at that particular virus for the cause of the zombie epidemic.

I worked on Ebola Virus glycoproteins in the past, so coming across the necrosis filovirus in your books did indeed give me the willies! In any event, keep up the good work and let me know if you will be having any author-related events in Houston. I may have to hit you up for expert assistance if I ever decide to go deeper with the necrosis filovirus.

You blew me away! I told wife, brothers, best friend, and Facebook friends that they have to read it. Thanks so much for this! I too love to read while on the road and I always seem to associate those reads with the places I visited while reading them. Great guess on Huppertz Elementary. Actually, that school is a combination of several San Antonio schools, both old and new. I called it an elementary school mainly because I wanted to avoid anybody guessing what I was up to. I came across Apocalypse of the Dead recently at a used book store.

I have in the last several years become a fan of the zombie genre in all its media forms, particularly the video game Left 4 Dead, the films Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, and the Walking Dead first the show and then the comic. I have an undergrad in philosophy, and once we had a long debate about zombies, particularly their origin and the ethics of killing them.

I was the only one arguing in favor of the virus as a cause the rest said it would be dark magic or sorcery and that as the virus kills the person, their soul no longer resides in the body so it is acceptable to destroy them take that Ken. I am an avid reader, and I usually I read for pleasure at least an hour a night. I mainly read science fiction and fantasy with a little bit of thriller thrown in. The only horror I have read before Dead City was the Odd Thomas series, which I would argue goes more into the supernatural thriller category, but I digress.

I saw Apocalypse and read the back cover. I have not read any zombie fiction in novel form, and with my current obsession with Walking Dead, with season 2 ending I was feeling a sore lack of zombies in my life. I was intrigued by a zombie novel, and was disappointed when I found out it was the second book, but just recently at another store, I found Dead City.

I started reading and was hooked. As a current resident of Houston though only for a few more months and someone who has most of their family in San Antonio though I grew up in Austin, but both my parents are from there, my mom from out in the country close to Lavernia, and my dad from the south side, close to WW White and Rigsby I was thinking about where the heck would I and my family go when the zombie virus infects. I really could feel the frustrations of Eddie, so similar to Rick from Walking Dead, and it was nice to be inside his head to hear his account of those feelings.

The zombie action was good, but also as in Walking Dead, it is second the characters. I will definitely be checking out the rest of Dead World. Are there any plans to publish a collection of all your Dead World short stories? I would love to read those too, but trying to track down all these horror compilations might be too tough. Do you watch it, or read the comic? Anyway, this has been an overly long response that I hope conveys my enjoyment of your work, and I hope to read Apocalypse and Flesh Eaters soon so I can be ready for Mutated when it comes out in September.

I will definitely recommend the Dead World series to my fellow zombie aficionados. Thanks for your writing, keep it coming! Hi Joe — love your writing. I just finished Apoc and already want to start over with reading all three. I randomly stumbled across this page while looking for more of your stuff. Please keep up the amazing work!

Thanks for the great note, and a huge thank you for tracking down my short fiction. That should be coming out in July of this year. Since you are the father of two young children have you considered writing a fantasy for younger readers? The Hunger Games trilogy. Have you thought about it? I grew up in Sweetwater with your mother-in-law. She and I were avid readers. We read all the classics while in junior high.

One of our teachers had a fit because we were reading Steinbeck. Great to meet a friend of the family! And yes, I have given this a lot of thought. I have several ideas sketched out in notebooks at home. The YA market is incredibly hot right now. Joe, Helen Dagley again, I live in the country about 34 miles from the nearest bookstore, Hastings, in Greenville, Texas.

I called Hastings and they only had three of your books in stock and only one copy of each. Dead City, Flesh Eaters, and Apocalypse of the Dead I had them put those on hold and special order another set of the three. The rest of your books were not available to order through their system. He told me Quarantined was out of print but available through Nook download. I asked why Quarantined was oop since it was nominated for the Bram Stoker award and he said most people download their books now.

I got on the Internet to see what Amazon. I hope that is a typo. I am not opposed to buying a reading machine, but I arrange to have two books a month shipped to two men in prison in Alabama. They love horror and want copies of your books. I also have a son in Delaware with Peter Pan Syndrome who wants me to send copies to him. He played with Pat when they were little but I doubt Pat remembers him.

He might because Jeff remembers Pat.

Ultimate Undead Collection: The Zombie Apocalypse Best Sellers Boxed Set by Joe McKinney

We used to live in Austin where I made a career of attending UT. Anyhow, did you know how hard it is to find your books, and do you have any suggestions? I think good writing transcends genre. You are a good writer. I like what you said about people being isolated individuals, never really knowing each other, and that you were inspired to write to show your baby a side of yourself that she would not see in your officlal role as Daddy.

I wish I had a way to show you and T the side of your m-i-l that lies hidden in my memory of the two of us as young girls, wondering what the future held for us and giggling over which boys we thought were cute. I wanted to be an actress and she wanted to be an artist. Joe, never mind answering the other two messages. I know you are very busy. I do remember what it was like to work a full time job, spend time with the family, and write. My son has had better success than I had locating your work on Amazon. My husband came home and put the donkeys back in their pen, so I was able to leave today without taking them with me and go to the Greenville Hastings to buy the three books they had in stock.

I hope that your out-of-print books will be reissued eventually. I was sad Barnes joined Jasper I kinda liked picturing myself as badass Barnes but he did make an awesome bad guy in the end. I just wanted to thank you for all the entertainment your stories provided and to wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors. Thanks so much for the kind words! And I know what you mean about Barnes. I really enjoyed writing his character. The thing is, I knew from the start that Barnes was a man working beyond his limits.

There was simply no way, psychologically, that a person could continue at the level he was operating on. A word about The Zombie King. After much discussion with the publisher, and with the buyers from several major outlets, the title has been changed to Mutated. The book comes out September 1, , but will probably be available in most bookstores a few days or even weeks before that. Regardless though, thanks for serving this country through the military! I am a native of San Antonio and live in the downtown area.

I just finished Dead City and all I have to say is Damn. That was arguably one of the best zombie novels I have ever read. It was thrilling and how close it hit to home was just like wow. It took me a while to catch on about the street names, but after a while I pieced it together. But I have a question. Since he started on basically Culebra, is the fire station that Eddie takes the survivors too, is that the one on Culebra and Zarzamora? Next to Little Flower? Sure seems like it was.

Seriously bro, if they make Dead City a movie, it could totally work. Btw, any chance of any more zombie novels based in San Antonio? Cause seriously you got it. Very well done, sir! As for making it into a movie, well, I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for all your kind words on this.

Nerf Zombie Strike - Series Overview & Top Picks

McKinney, I am an aspiring writer interested in writing stories such as youself. I have no writing experience but have an idea and plot and charactor list for a book. If you could, please give me any advise concerning how to go about my project in order to complete a readable and publishable book. I think that you are one of the very top writers in this genre and anxiously await your next book in the Dead World series. Any and all information and advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir, for your time. As you can imagine, there is a huge amount of material out there on how to take a concept from a nacent idea to a fully produced, saleable manuscript.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books on the subject, not to mention seminars and workshops and conventions and everything else. Work the story out from beginning to end and put that down in an outline. Nearly every professional writer out there outlines to some degree or another.

For others, like me, the outlines are exhaustive. My outlines for my novels routinely go anywhere from 60 to 90 pages and contain not only details on the plot, but also character histories and rough drafts of scenes, etc. These workshops will help you hone the story to its sharpest edge. From there, do your homework on publishers and agents. I strongly urge you to pursue the traditional publishing model of getting an agent to represent your work with one of the major New York houses. Awhile back I read Dead City, and really enjoyed it and commented on here about it.

I have just finished reading Apocalypse of the Dead and Flesh Eaters. Great follow-ups, each had its own elements that contributed to the fabric of the dead world. In Apocalypse, the idea of the quarantine breaking down is terrifying, but even more so is what people do when it happens.

He reminds me somewhat of the Governor from Walking Dead, though very different. More terrifying was Jasper. As a religious person myself, it is very dangerous when cults of personality become intertwined with religion, and one leader twists the faith of their people into something like a suicide pact.

The Best Zombie Books Of All-Time

You did a great job of developing Jasper over time from a seemingly good man who cares for his people but with undertones of a crazed dictator. It was easy to imagine how attractive the Grasslands would be after all the craziness of surviving the outbreak and the break-down of the quarantine. It really upped the ante from Dead City, and was thrilling and terrifying.

Flesh Eaters I also enjoyed and terrified by.

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  7. Both the account of the storms, the initial confusion of the rise of the infected and the failure of response by the government all made a perfect storm of terror. The tension was palpable as the situation spun out of control and everyone was just trying to get out alive.

    One question I have about the series, what year does the outbreak happen? In Flesh Eaters, a few things, such as Eleanor saying she was a little girl during Rita and Ike and the reference to a recent movie as being way in the past. Did you intentionally leave the date vague until Flesh Eaters? I just want to know the year, so I make sure I am nowhere near Houston that year! Thanks so much for reading so closely. You are absolutely correct that I left the date of the events intentionally vague…that is, until Flesh Eaters. And Eleanor is the key to dating the series. Excellent deduction on your part!

    Howdy Joe, After randomly acquiring Apocolypse of the Dead audio book on a long road trip, you got me hooked. I am curious how you feel about eBooks, though. It seems like an author like you is perfect for that model mix of short stories and novels in the same world, embracing fan interaction, great fan loyalty. I am looking forward to your short story collection and hope that you are able to release some of the other short stories digitally in the future!

    I got quite a kick out of seeing the mention of El Dorado and Bay Area Blvd, which was very close to our home. Great to meet a fellow Houstonian…and from Clear Lake no less! You should get a kick out Flesh Eaters hopefully! I do mention Clear Lake a few times in that one as well. As for ebooks, yes, this is tied in with my contract at Kensington. Unfortunately, most larger New York publishers are reluctant to give up ebook rights in a contract.

    Just finished Flesh Eaters as well.. Good luck with the publishers. Glad to hear you liked Flesh Eaters. Eleanore first takes the money from Anthony in order to confront him with it, but then realizes that holding on to it is the only way she can keep leverage against him. In the end, after seeing the quarantine wall going up, she realizes that no one is ever coming back to Houston again.

    The same goes with Shaw. The very first time he appears, he and Anthony are planning the theft. His directive is protecting his family, same as Eleanore, and at the end, he goes after Eleanore because she knows what his family as done and that gives her the power to put them in jail. Just finished Apocolypse of the Dead, and found it to be extremely entertaining. Barnes was my favorite character, at least, until the end. Thanks for this page as well really shows how much this genre means to a fellow fan.

    Yeah, Apocalypse was a fun book to write. And Barnes a fun character. Joe, I just found your books and I am really loving them! You are an excellent writer. So, your books have brought me extra delight. Great job and keep them coming! You know, I went back to my old home in Clear Lake we lived in Brook Forest when I was growing up a few months ago for the first time in probably fifteen years. Anyway, so glad you liked the books.

    Stirling had a scene where a group of characters facing a terrible catastrophe are considering what to do to escape and thus save themselves and their families at least for a little while longer. If the disaster is short-term and civilization survives after all, the steps required to carry out their plan would make them not only laughingstocks but also non-violent felons. I have to act.

    This is all my long-winded way of asking how you, as an author, think about this decision point when you map out your own stories. Does it emerge organically from the scenario that you have sketched out, or does it precede your development of a plot? What a fantastic note! Thank you so much. You asked if it emerges organically, and I suspect that it does.

    It really depends on the character.

    You see, I outline everything I write in detail long before I actually start writing the book. Some of my outlines have gone as much as 70 to 90 pages, and almost always have extensive notes on character development. What do you think? Joe, I am currently a college student who is writing a paper ha as i write this reply about your book Flesh Eaters.

    I am slightly addicted to Zombies and the Zombie Genre and this is my sencond paper I have manages to write about them. If this actually happens could i contact you for a source? On a completely different not, i have really enjoyed the police aspect you have added into this story. I would also like to thank you for including the above article it has really helped me write my paper! And yes please, feel free to contact me for your paper.

    Yeah, Night of the Living Dead seems to connect so many zombie fans. What great memories I have of being terrified by that film. And thanks for your comments on my writing. This made my morning. I didnt know about them up until now, I doubt you remember due to all of the feedback you get but i left a comment on here talking about how awesome your work is, so hello again. Also I thought the new book was going to be called zombie king? Forgive me for my ignorance. But now that i know its out i have to get it. Thanks for your time. Publishers are notorious for wanting authors to change titles right up to the point of publication, which is what happened here.

    That book is in the final stages of production and should be ready to go early in Also, please feel free to hit me up on Facebook, which is another easy way to get in touch with me. I enjoyed reading the article. I am fascinated with zombies and love zombie movies myself.

    At least, the Walking Dead Series is still around. Also know what you mean about writing for money. I work full time as a nurse in Aussie and write whenever I can, with some books published by a small publisher, and others books I have self published. Maybe one day I can write for a living — gotta have a dream right? Meanwhile, keep writing — love your zombies! You can count on more! Thanks for letting me what you thought of the books!

    Finishing up Mutated right now which is fantastic! So many great characters throughout the novels. I thought Randall Gaines from Apocalypse was such a crazy character. It would be interesting to read from his perspective during the zombie apocalypse. How he became the outlaw biker, how he tracked down the other characters. It would be an interesting development and work with the leading character being the human waste he was.

    With that being said keep up the excellent writing and look forward to your future work! Thanks so much for the kind words. Bottom line a great book that combines law enforcement, action adventure, and horror in one book. Thanks so much Jon! Thrilled you enjoyed the book. There is definitely something there.

    The Additional Best Zombie Books

    To answer your question, no, Mutated is not the end. That teaser was just the first chapter. The rest of the book will be coming out next year as my first novel-length self-published manuscript. Confused by your comment. There is a Deadworld graphic novel series, but it has nothing to do with my books. Well, I barely finished it when I went and bought all the others! After his ordeal getting to the Grasslands, he was mentally exhausted and relieved for someone else to be giving the orders. I actually live about 35 miles West of Cape, and my parents both worked at one of the 2 Hospitals there.