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ANR will notify the French coordinators when the submission site for full proposals opens.

German Draw my Life - Zeichne mein Leben - Get Germanized Edition

DFG will update its dedicated web page when this information becomes available. Please note that proposals in the social sciences and humanities must be submitted in the dedicated ANR-DFG call in social sciences and humanities with separate deadlines. For further information from the DFG concerning eligibility criteria, the submission process, contacts and status updates please refer to:.

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With my youngster's manner and my schoolgirl's outfit I was the ideal recruit for this kind of mission. We knew that the Wehrmacht carried out unannounced controls at the entrance to villages. Each time I felt like my life was hanging by a thread.

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I avoided looking at the soldiers for fear they would be able to see the panic in my eyes. While they inspected my panniers I would think of the documents or the revolver I was hiding under the food.

Life in occupied France during the second world war | World news | The Guardian

In general the Germans made do with a cursory glance, then laughed knowingly: I knew from experience that they would put up with our little bit of food trafficking, especially when they were dealing with a young lady. Even so I dreaded the fatal moment when a rather more zealous soldier would have the curiosity to look underneath the meat.

Some days I would be seized by irrepressible anxiety. The fleeting vision of a man in a trench coat through the reflection of a shop window would instantly plunge me into a state of total panic. A suspicious noise on the staircase and I would think I was about to be arrested, taken to the Gestapo and tortured. Our bosses had often talked to us about the bathtub torture that the Germans inflicted on Resistance members.

Life in occupied France during the second world war

Would I be able to take it without talking? This improvement in making ends meet is also reflected in a reduction in perceived tensions between rich and poor: People in Germany are also relatively satisfied with the quality of their public services. The ratings for all the measured services in the survey are above the respective EU28 averages.

Additionally, many of the services have improved in recent years.

How France was managed: Observer report, September 1941

For instance, the perceived quality of health services has increased from 6. The perceived quality of the education system has also increased from 6. Although the state pension system gets the lowest rating among the seven key public services surveyed, this is a common trend and it is still slightly above the EU average.

The perceived quality of social housing has also remained stable since But if socio-economic and class tensions in Germany are gradually subsiding, they are increasingly being replaced, and superseded, by perceived tensions between racial and ethnic groups.