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We welcome visitors to our club whatever your level of play - beginner through to grandmaster. Players are asked to be seated at least five minutes before the scheduled commencement of play. If necessary, session hosts will assist you to arrange a partner or substitute.

Welcome tothis week's episode of The Bridge Zone. Club members and visitors from nearby clubs celebrated the arrival of Spring with a fun day of bridge.

Palmerston North Bridge Club

Spring themed costumes were the order of the day and all entered into the spirit of the occasion. So how does it rate against other shows with multiples of the same cast member in a clone-off? The biggest comparison one could make with the clone storyline is obviously Battlestar Galactica. In BSG, a single actor or actress played multiple versions of the same Cylon model, sometimes in the same scene.

Many of those Cylons developed very different personalities based along the same archtypical models—a Six played by Trisha Helfer would always act similarly to other Sixes and so on.

Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

This was a purposeful choice, as it was meant to indicate that these Cylons all came from the base type and were only permutations based on differences in programming and experience. A similar model was used for the clone troops in the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. In the series, though the troopers all came from the DNA of a single original person, it is their experiences as grown soldiers that develop them as individuals.

Some of the most interesting episodes in that series centered around the differences in the troopers, their interpersonal relationships with one another, and the different choices they made. In the end, the troopers were treated more like individuals than the Cylons of BSG ever were. All three shows, however, tackle a very basic concept—can a clone be an individual?

Welcome to the Dead Dad Club

Is it nature that makes them similar or nurture which sets them apart? Is a clone trooper any different than the others that stand beside him? And are the women of Orphan Black , scattered across the world in some kind of bizarre experiment, really all that different from one another? This is a question that Orphan Black takes head on and succeeds where others may have only grazed the surface of the issue. In comparison to other clone-heavy shows, Orphan Black goes right to the heart of the nature versus nurture debate.

Sometimes I used my newly half-orphaned status as a personal defense weapon.

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In response to the person who said, after my 2 week retreat to Bali,. I started to swap passed and died , depending on whether my conversation partner seemed truly interested or just morbidly curious. Its members say most of the same things as everyone else, but are more visceral in their delivery. They are perhaps less empathetic, but their rawness is more comforting. So for those of you who are not part of this Club that no one wants to join, I offer some tips for handling its newly inducted members.

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  7. Your experience with the deceased was unique, with some moments shared in private. His favorite pastry was sfogliatella. Everyone in his orbit felt special and loved.

    Welcome to the Palmerston North Bridge Club

    He never got mad. Text, call, put that emoji heart on the Facebook post.