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Hate serious blunders, not sincere brothers. Humans have never been good at this. And the philosophical and emotional climate today makes it even harder — since truth claims are only seen as a cloak for power-grabbing. But consider what Spurgeon says and seek to become like him. Notice the intensity of hate and love. Where the Spirit of God is there must be love, and if I have once known and recognized any man to be my brother in Christ Jesus, the love of Christ constraineth me no more to think of him as a stranger or foreigner, but a fellow citizen with the saints.

I hate his High Churchism, but I love George Herbert from my very soul, and I have a warm corner in my heart for every man who is like him. Let me find a man who loves my Lord Jesus Christ as George Herbert did and I do not ask myself whether I shall love him or not; there is no room for question, for I cannot help myself; unless I can leave off loving Jesus Christ, I cannot cease loving those who love him.

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The Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Sermons , vol. For the sake of a witness to the world, seek out ways to show love for brothers and sisters across boundaries — both the kind of boundaries that should be removed, and the kind of boundaries which commitment to the truth and unity in the truth forbids you to remove. Do this for the glory of God.

The Unity of the Faith

Let Francis Schaeffer be your guide. It is in the midst of a difference that we have our golden opportunity. When everything is going well and we are all standing around in a nice little circle, there is not much to be seen by the world. But when we come to the place where there is a real difference, and we exhibit uncompromised principles but at the same time observable love , then there is something that the world can see, something they can use to judge that these really are Christians, and that Jesus has indeed been sent by the Father.

Complete Works , vol. When all is said and done, ambiguities remain. What kinds of boundaries should define local churches, schools, denominations, conferences, para-church ministries, city-wide prayer gathering, evangelistic efforts? Nevertheless we are not without anchors. Finally, there is the integral unity of faith that exists among the members of the Catholic Church. Integral or Catholic unity of faith implies the acceptance by divine faith of the whole objective Christian revelation.

Central to this concept is the recognition of the visible, divinely appointed, definitive indicator of revelation, the pope and the bishops, who constitute the authoritative teaching Church or magisterium. A Catholic, because of ignorance, may not explicitly accept some of the elements of divine revelation; yet, in adhering to the magisterium as part of the revealed economy and as the divinely assured teacher and interpreter of the whole of that economy, he implicitly adheres to all that God reveals.

Hence, he participates in the fullness of the unity of faith. On the other hand, those rejecting — even in good faith — the magisterium, reject not only a part of the revealed economy but also the only means by which the total objective content of that economy can be ascertained.



Several properties characterize the integral Catholic unity of faith. First, it is ecclesiastical.

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Besides being an internal unity based upon the possession of the one supernatural virtue of faith and all the gifts of supernatural grace and charity that normally accompany this virtue, it is also a unity expressed in the believing acceptance of a visible magisterium and whatever that magisterium indicates belongs to the economy of salvation. Therefore, it ultimately involves the acceptance of all the essential elements of the Church: Hence, to possess Catholic unity of faith is to be fully integrated into the Church; it is to be a member.

It speaks against everything the Bible teaches. A literate Buddhist could correct the denominations on these errors. Why does such ignorance persist to this day? When Light is revealed, they reject it because they would be dismissed by their organizations; it would destroy their careers. Conversely, those who are born of God always receive correction by the Word.

We will be in the translation if we know that we know that we know. Look at Hebrews 11 where Paul mentions many of the Old Testament heroes of faith for our example. Every one of these knew by faith who he was and what God expected of him.

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It was because God had revealed to Abel what the original sin was that caused the "fall" that He understood God's requirement and offered a type or symbol of the Antidote. There can be no guesswork in faith. Faith is a revelation of the mind of God, and the end-time Bride must understand the Word and know what He wants Her to do with It. Remember God is unchanging, and as spirits don't die, men tend to make the same mistakes generation after generation. Christ's First Coming was preceded by a prophet with the Office or anointing we call "Elijah.

In the days of John the Baptist, who was the third Elijah, the ministers expected "every valley to be exalted, every mountain and hill to be made low, and all the trees to clap their hands. Regrettably, those ministers rejected John's ministry and consequently could not receive the Word He introduced. They expected the high places to be made low and Zion to be lifted up for the descent of the Heavenly City as we read in Zechariah. If only they had listened to the prophet God sent them. Jesus interpreted these texts and told those ministers THEY were the proud "high places" which were to be abased, and that the "low places" represented the meek with contrite hearts who will be exalted and inherit the earth.

Unity of the Faith and Theological Pluralism ()

Have you ever read John 1: John KNEW precisely who he was, and though he corrected them by Scripture they could not receive his assurance that he was the Elijah of Malachi 3 because their theologians had taught them to be looking for the Elijah of Malachi 4 who was to forerun Christ's second Coming and the "great and dreadful day of the Lord. By interpreting the Word, they make themselves prophets and the Word of God is of no effect to them. They imagine a "shout" will split the heavens, followed by angel trumpeters, and Jesus will visibly descend from heaven with all His saints to gather the Church Home.

But what are the "shout," "Voice," and "Trump? The "shout" of I Thessalonians 4: Christ is "the Archangel" whose "Voice" in the heart of the Bride confirms every Word of the Message with the Bible, thus bringing the Bride "into the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a mature Christian, unto the measure of the fullness of the Word, that henceforth they are no more tossed about by denominational error and sleight of hand" Ephesians 4: This will signal the end of the Gentile dispensation, and three days later, the start of the first resurrection and the manifestation of the sons of God, culminating in the translation of the living saints.

So you see, Christ's precious feet won't touch this earth at this Coming. We meet Him in the air, immortal. Didn't He say His Coming would be "as a thief in the night? The living Bride is few and there will be such distress at this time, She will not even be missed. And blind denominations will go into the tribulation still preaching their false salvation messages.

Are you beginning to see that "the Rapture" is a revelation? The Church is built upon faith or understanding in the Word. Let's briefly look at the resurrection or body change before closing. It is by faith; God's Word only operates by faith. Paul said, "The mighty resurrection power which God wrought in Jesus when He raised Him from the dead" will only respond to faith.

God's Word is creative. The Word of God will produce what was spoken, providing it is spoken under pre-eminence. It must be in its season, in context, and under pre-eminence i.

How did Jesus resurrect? In Ephesians one and two, Paul taught it was by faith that Jesus was resurrected.

It is common knowledge that corruption sets into a dead carcass after three days. By faith in the Word of a previously vindicated prophet. His faith caused that Word to manifest what had been spoken. Had He not been certain He was that One, the Word would never have operated. Abraham knew who he was and he waited for the promised son. All the heroes of faith knew who they were. Had he not known who he was he could never have withstood the terrible might of Rome. The saints who have suffered and died for their faith through all ages could not possibly have overcome had they been in any doubt as to their spiritual identity.

Now the end-time Bride will be changed in the atoms to glorified bodies without seeing death through the manifestation of Her faith, not Her psychology. She will be in no doubt as to her identity.


Like Enoch, She will have perfect faith or understanding of the mind of God. If She can see fulfilled history identified in the Bible She will know what parts of the Word are already fulfilled and without one doubt know what God promised to do in Her day. She will know the things that are to come to pass in Her day. She will know the end of the Gentile dispensation will be signified by a massive earthquake sinking Los Angeles. And that three days later, the first Resurrection will commence. She will be prepared for the persecution to come upon the Bride during which She will manifest the Sons of God, "speaking the creative Word.

And that this will raise Her to greater heights of faith and at the end of fifty days some of the Glorified saints will appear to Her, raising Her faith to receive a new body. Then She will know that in the twinkle of an eye She will be changed. So the translation, like the beginning of our Christian walk, is by faith. There is but one faith and we must come into unity with God through this common understanding. If we meet Him by perfect faith in the Word we shall be gathered to that Meeting in the air.

God bless you all as you prove these things from Genesis to Revelation and receive the faith of God's Word. And God bless you and your testimony as you pass it on to others who love the Lord Jesus and are hungering and thirsting after righteousness.