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Life in my nation. They have taken these words from us and it is the firmest foundation in their progress. These worlds proceed from the religion of truth and the truths of belief. They are our property, the property of the believers[39]. Again, the light of religion is the light of life. In addition to these, it is important in our discussion to mention some challenges facing global system in order to propose some solutions by Bediuzzaman said Nursi perspectives. Mostly they are seen to be the inescapable evils of life, despite the advances in medicine, science, and technology modern times.

For just as these tremendous advances have eliminated illness and disaster indeed there is no sign of their lessening, so too have they not offered any care for the non-physical pain and suffering which result from them, and exacerbated them. This is surely true for all facets of modern western civilization. Although its material progress has greatly improved the material lives of a certain section of humanity, it has clearly not brought with it happiness and fulfillment for humanity[44]. In the discussion of global challenges, what Bediuzzaman Said Nursi suggests as remedies or solutions?

The need to recognize and worship Al-mighty Allah with all His Most beautiful names and attributes and to obey His laws, those manifested in the universe and those revealed through his prophets. And through the darkness of unbelief, he descends to the lowest of low and falls to a position fit for Hell[46] what is the position of Bediuzzaman concerning Medicine and medication? In using medication, one should be aware that the effects of medicines are for Almighty Allah God just as He provides them.

The strategies of preventing faith from weakness can be found as has prescribed by Islam in the following segments:. A which explained various issues of human life happiness and sadness. There is no doubt that it contains powerful medication for securing sickness of mankind. The messenger of Allah used to ponder the meanings of the Books of Allah and recite it when he stood in prayer at night and recited one single ayah verse from the book of Allah.

Whilst he was praying, without going any further than that one ayah until morning. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for mean of understanding. Reading or listening careful the life stories of the prophets and nations including the issues that are related to promises of reward, threats of punishment rules and regulations, reports, stories and good morals and its effects on the heart are various.


Simply because the heart is the controller of the faculties which are like soldiers and followers, if it is sound, they will be sound, and if it is corrupt they will be corrupt. A seerah, and other kinds of knowledge etc. Regular attendance at gatherings of dhikr remembrance of Allah. This leads to an increase in faith. Faith affects social progress. In this respect, encouraging doing good and forbidding evil are the most important characteristic of a believer.

The duty of a pious person is to express this with their actions as well as their speech and to advise good and prevent evil in a gentle manner.


However, the only way to protect society against Divine punishment is to encourage people to do good and to forbid them from evil this is the task of every believer with Taqwa and sincerity. We have to be aware of our duties on the path of Allah without this sense of duty and affection a person can not be successful in advising other of what is good and what is evil. In addition to this, it should be taken into consideration element of wisdom when serving the society.

Without doubt those who work in the service of Islam and society spread great energy around them that every thing finds life through them, by enlightening their environment, they increase their own illumination[63]. According to Osman Nuri[64] sincere service is the result of a sound heart. Success in servitude requires knowledge, wisdom, efficiency, equanimity and a responsible character and personality. The way to achieve is by being guided to the path of a true believer by the principles and guidance of the Quran. This following prayer of the prophet S. A should be in the hearts and prayers of those who continuously perform their duties as human beings.

The prayer above of the prophet Mohammad S. A emphasizes the need for sensitivity and thoughtfulness, as well as action and progress in society[68] Osman Nuri points out that sometimes helping one person of good character can be equal to helping thousands of people if you supply the means to an intelligent person it will never be wasted[69] All these, cannot be effective without sound faith and sincerity that light for human progress. And this is so that elevated, pure spirits may be distinguished from lowly ones.

And this is so that eminent dispositions may be differentiated through their progress from wicked ones. And this his so that sound natures may be picked out through their development[70] striving and exertion from among corrupted rotten ones. And this requires is being tested and tried. And this demands his accountability due to the obligations laid on him al-taklif to perfect him and his happiness[71] but the question that should be asked here, what his the relationship between faith and accountability according to Bediuzzaman Said Nursi perspective?

The issues of accountability is an important subject in Muslim philosophy through which Bediuzzaman Said Nursi tried to analyse this subject in his book Risale-i Nur collection[72] For him, accountability is not an independent affair which has nothing to do with a responsibility in human life. Accountability and responsibility are just like two faces for one coin. For Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, a man whose life is so brief can not experience the true essence of justice in this transient world, it for this reason that matter are postponed for a supreme tribunal.

For true justice requires that man, this apparently creature should be rewarded and punished not in accordance with his pettiness, but in accordance with his crime. Above mentioned shows that I Man or faith gives to men sense of responsibility and accountability in his life. God only provides guidance for us to know what is good and what is bad. Surely we guide him to the right way. The prescription is to prepare the ground for the recovery of society in a permanent and healthy manner by raising up people with strong faith and by supporting their faith.

Yes, this job takes a lot of time, but there is no other choice. Let us remind you of another famous Hadith that confirms what we talk about here: As a matter of fact, Bediuzzaman would spend all of his effort and energy on this path. This service of faith and knowledge that began with Risale-i Nur, is and moral struggle and an intellectual movement, which does not aim any worldly or political purpose. Just as it has nothing to do with politics, it actually has no conflict with existing regime either.

It is possible to claim that this mission is summarized in these words: We will try to understand the reasons why Bediuzzaman could not get along with the Government of Ankara just by taking some of the statements made in the Press Statement of the Risale-i Nur Institute. You can reach to the full text entitled "Press Release: Meeting between Bediuzzaman and M. Kemal" on the top-right hand corner of the web page: Kemal took place at the Train Station.

Bediuzzaman came to the station in order to leave from Ankara. Ke al as also at the statio , ith the pu pose of changing his mind and stay there, asked him to think over the gorgeous offer he had made. However, there was not anything changed. In the meantime, his nephew Abdurrahman asked the opinion of his uncle on the same subject.

An exemplary and remarkable conversation took place between them. Some of the men from the upper classes was making some bright proposals to Said Nursi to stay and to work with the new Parliament. In fact, Abdurrahman's desire was also in this direction. He wanted his uncle to stay in Ankara and to work with top administration. Ho e e , Ustad Bediuzza a s intention and thoughts were very different. He wanted to get away from the men he had never been able to go along well; therefore, he wanted to leave Ankara and go to his ho eto.

His nephew was together with him at that time. Moreover, there were some important people, waiting at the station. Why did not you accept those bright proposals made to you? However, these proposals were made only to you, not to a o e else. I have read all the signs in their faces and actions. I cannot work with such men. Then revered uncle, let me kill him right here with my dagger. Besides, if he is the heralded person, you cannot kill him anyway. Each will do his own work. That's why I would prefer to go to Van and to get engaged in a long-term struggle of knowledge rather than working or fighting with them, by the virtue of this reason and hidden cause.

Bediuzzaman's ideas in relation to political and governmental actions are a scientific interpretation and a personal opinion. As you know, it is not possible to object to personal opinions and scientific interpretations; they cannot be subjected to judg e t. I his defe se i the Cou t of Ista ul, he stated that: Fo ea s, I ha e been exposed to incomparable betrayals, tortures and imprisonment.

All these slanders and imputations could be based a few points: Naturally, there are oppositions to all types of governments. No one can be held responsible due to an idea or method that he accepts with his heart and with his mind, as long as he does not act against the security and order. This is a legal rule 2 that is known by everybody.

On the basis of this delusion and imagination, they made me suffer for twenty-eight years. They made me crawl from one city to another, from one court to another. They threw me from one dungeon to another. They have segregated me, poisoned me, and insulted me in every possible way A real Muslim, sincere believer would never be a party leading to anarchy and disorder. Unrest and anarchy is strongly rejected by the religion. Because anarchy does not recognize any ight 3 We see the following word in page of Kastamonu Addendum of Risale-i Nur: And neither we consider it nor the Risale-i Nur allows us to do so.

But we do not accept, we do not act in this way and, we don't it. Then, later, the courts brought this issue up as an assault against a commander. The Afyon Court had shown this assault as a reason for the increase in my punishment. However, let us assume that I have just written it now and let us assume that this commander is still alive. The courts did not hold the espo si le f o this poi t of ie. A d e e o let s assu e that the old leaders of the party were equal to one third of that commander; , today's newspapers , are slapping 20 times more to that leaders compared that what I did to that commander with my interpretation of that hadith; but they are not still held liable and they are left free.

He is death, no longer here; he has no connection with neither with the government nor with this world. However, when the leaders of the old party are still deputies, bureaucrats and they are still related to the government, the free newspapers are taking revenge from them perhaps hundreds times more compared to the slap given the Risale-i Nur.

And the scholars in Istanbul asked me these questions. And they asked also many other things taking this opportunity. In brief, they told me that there is such a hadith: And they asked me its meaning.

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Will be closed and in azan and Kamet special calls for prayer , the name of Allah will be replaced by others. Otherwise, it does not mean that people in general will fall into disbelief. Risale-i Nur Collection, Rays, 5th Ray, p. And I tell this, to those people with bad intentions: Yes, as I have proved in the court," Honors, positive deeds, material and immaterial prizes are to be given to the army; imperfections, negative deeds are to be known from the head, the President.

On the basis of this rule of reality, I told that "the triumphs and honors of the hero army and its active soldiers and offices who are actively working as their heads cannot be given to Mustafa Kemal; maybe only mistakes can be given to him". Now, I am claiming that in fact those, who accuse me of not liking him, do not like our hero army and they are nourishing the army and I consider them as the betrayers of the Nation "As I have already proved this truth in the court; I am ready to prove it to his obstinate friends.

I love million members, the officers of the brave army of this blessed nation; I respect them and keep their dignity as high as possible. Other reasons are just pretexts. Therefore, I am obliged to tell my opponents: He asked me to come to Ankara, in order to gratify me and to appoint me as the general preacher for the provinces of the East. Therefore, I went there. These three points that juts will be presented dissuaded me from his friendship.

For twenty years, I secluded myself and I did not interfere in their world. I had interpreted that hadith thirty-six years ago. Then, it happened that it was this man who was meant with this hadith. There is an explanation of it in the third basis of my defense in the court. Because, if a battalion kills a terrible enemy, each soldier in that battalion will rise to the rank of a veteran; and if it is given to the Major, these thousand will be reduced to one; if as a result of the mistake of that Major, he becomes a cruel killer; and this mistake is given to whole battalion, then this one killing becomes thousands of killings and thousand soldiers will be responsible from this crime and all of them shall be punished.

In the same way, if the obvious important mistakes are not given to the dead man who has committed them, then, with the transfer of the responsibility for those mistakes, the army, which have, maybe for five-hundred or maybe for thousands of years, demonstrated to the whole world, that it had a fight for rightfulness and justice signing its edict of honor medal of honor and its being on the front line for the sake of Qur'an with its swords and blood, this mistake will be increased to thousands and increased, the bright past of that army would be darkened ant the army of this century would be in a position of shame and responsibility before the armies of the previous centuries.

All the written documents belonging to Said Nursi, similar letters, treatises, petitions, were examined by the courts line by line and as a result, the Supreme Court had its final judgment "in a way which can't be tried again", that there was no element of crime in these documents. In fact, accepting or rejecting the comments over and interpretations of a cognate hadith related to a man that would come in the dooms day, damaging the Religion of Islam is wholly a matter of religion, knowledge and conscience.

However, there is an important point to be made here. If there is an important assertion or scholarly determination as to "who the person damaging the religion and Qur'an is" made by an Islamic scholar whose the scientific level that has been affirmed, accepted and respected by everybody, warning us to get protected from the damage, these determinations would be taken into consideration and emphasized by those with religious sensitivity as it is a very important matter.

Here, in the narration of the two Hadiths, which we present below, in terms of their meaning, the importance of the danger of Last-days and Deccal is emphasized and as a Community, we are warned of being aware of this danger. I so e of the e ses of Qu a , it is lea l stated that the real meaning of the some of these metaphors could only be known by scholars who has reached to a certain level. This is the perspective from which we should evaluate the news given by 5th Ray and its interpretation of the hadiths.

From this point, we consider it as a very natural situation when someone with religious sensitivities wonders about and examines the interpretations made by a grand scholar like Bediuzzaman and credit such interpretations. It is obvious that, such scholarly findings shall be welcomed and respected by a believer.

A devout person will of course say, "Oh, let us not be in a misguidance not to know who is reported in the hadith to be that man harmful to Qur'an". This is the dimension of the matter related to conscience, religion and knowledge, and it has nothing to do with the law. On the other hand, this issue has another aspect related to the deeds, in other words, its dimension not related to interpretation which can change from one person to another, but to concrete works and actions.

This is the point to which Bediuzzaman draws our attention. In a petition presented to the Court, we find the following statements: Here we want to emphasize the expression of "who has proved with his action". Actions carried out under the name of reforms and their nature are obvious. It would be an appropriate approach to analyze these actions from the perspective of whether such actions are in conformity with the provisions of the Religion, whether they are contrasting with the requirements of faith and therefore, whether such practices are damaging the religion or not.

In fact, people with religious sensitivity would see when they look at such actions, the matters that they could not approve religiously and in deed, they should do so. Non acceptance and disapproval of the following actions by religious persons and their mental rejection is a natural result of the freedom of thought and conscience and it is a asi hu a ight: By making use of this most basic human right, Bediuzzaman openly stated that he was opposing mentally and scholarly some practices that were being made, and that he did not approve them as an Islamic scholar.

So much negative propaganda was made about Bediuzzaman claiming that he was opposed to the regime, abusing religion for politics, with the intention of destroying state's order. In fact, he was, on purpose, mistaken for Sheikh Said. With the document obtained from different sources, we presented the position of Bediuzzaman against such allegations without making any personal comment.

Although Bediuzzaman was opposed to some of the actions taken by the government both logically and politically, he never attempted to revolt and oppose the regime physically; even he tried to prevent those who made these attempts and he talked about the fallacy of such an endeavor. The following is the most stunning example of this situation: In , during the incident of Sheikh Said, Sheikh Said sent him a letter asking for his support. Bediuzzaman, who did not accept the proposal of Sheikh Said, suggested him to give up this dangerous and erroneous attempt, which would certainly be fruitless.

Sheikh Said told him: If you participate and help us, we will be victorious". In reply, he did not give support by saying: Besides, i his e e pla lette , he ga e so e ad i e and warned him: It has raised many saints and given many martyrs. It is not right to draw sword towards the grandchildren of such a nation. We are Muslims, and we are their brothers. Do not make one brother fight with another. It is prohibited by the religion. The sword is to be drawn against the external enemy.

It cannot be used inside the country. In this day and age, our only remedy is to enlighten and to show the true path with the truths of Qur'an and faith and to wipe out the ignorance, which is our greatest enemy. Please give up your attempt. Because, it will not give any result. Thousands of innocent men and women could be perished due to a few villain. In Barla, which used to be one of the oldest villages in Isparta, the literacy rate was very low and most of the population was made up elderly people.

Apparently, it was chosen by the neurotic government as the most appropriate location for seclusion of Bediuzzaman from everybody and everything. Bediuzzaman started to grow and burgeon, like a flower made of gold, in this soil where he had been thrown to decay. Bediuzzaman was left there without any access to library and books. But, he had already made his memory a library with 90 books about religious and various sciences that he had already studied and memorized with the wisdom of the faith.

Bediuzzaman was viewing the books that he had read and memorized as steps leading him to the truths of Qur'an. He had reached to such a level of knowledge that, he was able to write books by directly getting inspired by Qur'an without feeling any need to make a reference to any other book or to keep them besides. The answers, which should be given against the doubts that had accumulated for centuries against Islam, and an innovative interpretation of Islam that did not conflict with the essence and the basic principles of the Religion needed to be presented to the humanity together with moral cures taken from the pharmacy of Qur'an.

Risale-I Nur, was written and spread in an unprecedented way that had not been observed in the history until then. In those days, reading and teaching the Qur'an and the writing and publication of all kinds of books with religious content were forbidden. Usage of our alphabet, which was the reflection of a cultural accumulation of years was also forbidden. Please have a look at the note provided below. On the other hand, given the changing world order, Bediuzzaman had the following interpretation of Jihad: The people of Anatolia, who embraced the works written by Bediuzzaman, at a time when there were great efforts for the oblivion of religious values, started a moral mobilization.

The works written by Bediuzzaman, who was under tight police control, were being secretly reproduced and distributed. The preparation of Moreover, this was happening in a century where the use of printing press was spreading. In the years that would follow, many lawsuits were filed against Risale-i Nur and Bediuzzaman. Too many groundless allegations were made against him, from abusing the religion for politics to attempting to change the regime the order of the state by establishing an organization.

The Risale-i Nur, which was nothing more than a faith service and a way of conveying the truths of Islam, was thoroughly examined and explored. Bediuzzaman devoted his entire life of to the service of Risale-i Nur until his death in He spent 28 years of his life, as period of suffering, facing many charges in the courts and imprisonments; close surveillance, exiles and forced settlement under the repeated threats of poisoning and death. However, with Allah's mercy, this grand struggle did not remain fruitless, millions of people voluntarily backed this struggle made in the name of Qur'an and they made all kinds of material and moral sacrifices in order transmit his works to humans in every corner of the world.

In the past, the threats used to come from outside, therefore, it was easier to resist them. Now the danger is coming from the inside. The worm has entered inside the body. Now, it has become more difficult to resist. I am afraid that the society would not be able to stand these pressures. Because it is not able to sense the enemy.

If the foresight of the society becomes so blind, the fortress of faith would be in danger. Here you are, this is my sorrow, my only sorrow. Otherwise, I do not have time even for thinking the troubles and hardships that I faced. I wish I had thousand times more hardship but the future of the fortress of faith would be secure. With what kind of measures shall the Islamic society resist this contagious disease? With Western world's rotten, stinky, disgusting, invalid formulas? Or with the new and fresh principles of faith of the Islamic society?

I see that big heads are helpless and careless. The rotten pillars of infidelity cannot keep up the fortress of faith. Therefore, I have concentrated my efforts only over faith. They consider me as a hodja of Madrasa, who is foundered in the swamp of scholasticism. I have spent my time studying positive sciences, today's sciences and philosophy. I have solved most difficult questions in these areas.

Altri titoli da considerare

Even I have written some books in these subjects. However, I am not informed about such games of logic and I do not pay attention to the deceits in philosophy. I am talking about inner life of the society, about conscience and faith. I am working on the basis of unity tavhid and faith established by Qur'an; and this is the main pillar of the Islamic society. Once this pillar is shaken, we cannot talk about the society. Why have you picked on that or this person?

I am not even aware of this. There is a big fire in front of me. Its flames are reaching to the sky. My child is burning inside, my faith is on fire. I am running to put up this fire, to save my faith. On my way, if somebody is trying to trip me up, and I stumble on him; is this of great significance? Compared to this great fire, could this small incidence have any importance? In every parts of the world, numerous academic activities such symposiums, panels, seminars and conferences are organized about Risale-i Nur and Bediuzzaman; they are studied within the context of doctorate dissertations.

Even the possibility of using them as textbooks in the educational institutions of some foreign countries, establishment of departments or institutes about them come to the agenda and in some cases these are also put into practice. We would like to conclude here with the following words that Bediuzzaman had written for those who wanted to visit him and participate in his conversations; the words that express the importance of reading Risale-i Nur.

Definitely, I am telling you, each book of Risale-i Nur is a Said. Whatever book you read, you can benefit from it ten times more than meeting me; besides, you would be like properly having met me". No , at this poi t, e a see ou sel es as ha i g just stepped i o a isla d full of t easu es. We ha e fou d the pla e he e the t easu e is hidde. We ha e see ge s, ut ot all of the. Pe haps, just a s all po tio of the … Afte this poi t, the dis o e just sta ts a d ou ill ha e the p i ilege of li i g the ost e iti g episodes of ou life ad e tu e- if ou app e iate its alue ell — that ill last a lifeti e a d e e e d.

The ea i gful eauties, that ou ill dis o e , a d the hea e l pleasu es, that ou ill taste, ill e e e d. If ou ask ho to o ti ue this jou e of dis o e , ithi this spi itual t easu e, hi h is alled faith, the e ould like to epl i t o a s: As e ha e p e iousl e tio ed, the k o ledge of faith is ot like othe hi h a e lea ed at o e a d o te plated a out, a d that the shah a d the sulta of all s ie es is the k o ledge of faith.

The ealities elated to faith a e t uths a out hi h e eed to thi k e e o e e t like e eed ate a d food. It is ot possi le to sa I ha e u de stood o e, that is e ough. Lea i g, tea hi g a d aki g othe s lea fo the asis of the eligio of Isla. Allah ill aise so e people f o thei g a es o the Da of Judge e t i a state that thei fa es ill e glo i g ith adia t light. The shall e seated o pulpits ade of pea ls.

Othe people shall e thei ele ated state.

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  • Janssenhaus: Kriminalroman (Kriminalromane im GMEINER-Verlag) (German Edition);
  • Cover the Resurrection and the Hereafter - Risale-i Nur.

The Co pa io s su itted: O Messe ge of Allah! Who a e these people? Tell us thei disti guishi g ualities. These a e the people ho lo e ea h othe fo the sake of Allah o l. People olu ta il o e togethe fo these le tu es a d the t to lea a d u de sta d the t uths of Qu a as the elate to this e tu. It is o l Allah ho ould sho the ight path. What ou all as the u tai pe haps is a illia t i o. The lessi gs of Allah, espe iall those e eat do ot o e out of the sk ithi a ig asket.

said nursi 1 islam english

Dis ega di g these offi e s a d ist eati g the ould ea dis espe ti g a d i sulti g the ule ho se t the. I a si ila fashio , it is Allah ho di e ts us to the ight path, leadi g us to sal atio. Ho do e k o that this is ot the ase?

Would t espe ti g a d atta hi g i po ta e to these i te edia ies also a ou t to a i g A out the light of faith a d sal atio se t Allah th ough these ea s? Isla pla es g eat i po ta e o telli g a out the ighteous a d the t uth; sp eadi g the k o ledge, lea i g a d tea hi g it. This is a ealit o pati le ith the atu e of the atte. So make nothing the peer or partner of God now that you know. As for worship, it expands his spirit and raises his value; it causes his abilities to unfold and develop, allowing him to become worthy of eternal happiness.

Worship is also a means of rectifying and purifying his inclinations, and of realizing his hopes and making them fruitful, and marshalling his ideas and setting them in order, and also of reining in and limiting his three powers of appetite, anger, and intellect. Worship also removes the rust of nature from his members, physical and spiritual, each of which when transparent is like a window onto his private world and that of humankind. Also, when performed with both conscience and mind and heart and body, worship raises man to the dignity of which he is worth and to his appointed perfection.

It is a subtle, elevated relation, an illustrious lofty connection between the bondsman and the One Worshipped. This relation constitutes the utmost degree of human perfection. Look at the new life after death…our transition to eternal will be similar! I was reading Sincerity and Brotherhood and I realized that what Bediuzzaman said is very applicable to the current problems we are witnessing here and around the world.

I encourage all of us to deeply reflect on the following wisdom of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, and please share this important material with your friends. We all know how much humanity is hurting today and needs this timeless advice:. Two world wars have shown how evil, destructive, and what an awesome wrong is enmity. It has become clear that there is no benefit in it at all. In which case, on condition they are not aggressive, do not let the evils of our enemies attract your enmity. Hell and Divine punishment are enough for them. But this hostility and enmity is to slight powerful causes of love towards the believers, like belief, Islam, and fellow-humanity; it is to reduce their value.

It is a lunacy like preferring the insignificant causes of enmity to the causes of love, which are as great as a mountain. Since love and enmity are contrary to one another, like light and darkness, they cannot truly combine. The opposite of whichever is predominant in the heart cannot at the same time be truly present. Every week, we hear through the media that new things are being discovered in the universe such as a new star or planet, or a previously unknown phenomenon.

Understandably, we get excited and we enjoy what the scientists discover, even though our eyes have not seen what theirs have. This reminds me that we should also thoroughly enjoy the news which comes from Prophets and Messengers, for they are no less credible than the scientists. By this way, our lives become wholesome: The Prophets and Messengers are trustworthy. We need to believe these great Envoys of God and prepare ourselves accordingly. Not to prepare ourselves for our future is not wise. Like preparing ourselves for a summer travel, we need to be prepared for the long journey towards Eternal Life.

We cannot afford not to take them seriously. Next time we look at the sky, we should try to remember this: We should heed their words, whether worldly or otherworldly, and be grateful that such excellence is delivered to us as good news. The Grand Sheikh sent for a baker. The baker described the process in detail from beginning to end. Therefore, the Quran has answered your question. I wish all of our readers a very happy and most blessed Eid after fasting the month of Ramadan.

We welc0me and share with you our Eid celebrations for the next few days! The windows and doors were frequently left open during summer months. Flies, which were particularly abundant and bothersome in the summer, would easily enter and continue to buzz around us. One time, I remember a story of Molla Hamid Agabey; the story goes as follows:. After the meal was ready, they left the house to get something.

When they returned, they found the door wide open and the meal had been eaten by a wolf. The students were so disappointed and upset, and they were very angry with the wolf. They kept talking and talking against the wolf. Bediuzzaman came and inquired what they were complaining about. I soon learned of the story and ever since I think of this powerful advice by Bediuzzaman.

I ask that we continue to think about the ramifications of the principles contained in just these few, small treasures. The wisdom is endless, the benefits are saintly, and the implications are far-reaching for all life on this planet. I have more stories from my many years with the Agabeys. I will try, inshallah, to share most of them as we go along…. Muslims around the world have entered the last 10 days of Ramadan. This period is when the Night of Power Layletul Kadr occurs, although the exact night is unknown.

Our focus must be on sincere prayer and seeking closeness to God Almighty. If our intentions and prayers are sincere, we may hope to receive maximum rewards, God Willing. And what can make you know what is the Night of Power? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn. So, come and look at this sacred, eternal profitable trade, then consider it and understand the infinite loss of those who do not appreciate the value of those words.

To put it simply, the month of Ramadan is an extremely profitable display and market for the trade of the hereafter. It is an extremely fertile piece of land for the crops of the hereafter. For the growth and flourishing of actions it is like April showers in the spring. Since it is thus, mankind has been charged with fasting in order not to heedlessly indulge the animal needs of the instinctual soul like eating and drinking, nor to indulge the appetites lustfully and in trivialities. For, by temporarily rising above animality and quitting the calls of this world, man approaches the angelic state and enters upon the trade of the hereafter.

And by fasting, he approaches the state of the hereafter and that of a spirit appearing in bodily form. It is as if man then becomes a sort of mirror reflecting the Eternally Besought One. Indeed, the month of Ramadan comprises and gains a permanent and eternal life in this fleeting world and brief transient life. Subhanallah, what a difference! Muslims around the world are fasting during this holy month of Ramadan. In each country and region, there are different ways that Muslims celebrate the month. The atmosphere is carnival-like as the mosques are lit up and colored lights are strewn on trees and buildings.

Booths in the streets sell religious books, treats and things for children. With modern technology, though, this tradition is fading in the cities, but it still remains popular in the smaller towns and rural areas. The lanterns are put up on balconies and in the streets. Children love them and they commonly carry them around and sing Ramadan songs. In Malaysia and Indonesia , the brightly colored festivities continue. Additionally, the first three to five days of Ramadan is a holiday. Some schools even give the whole month off for students. Muslims there celebrate this day by opening their homes to family and friends and serving lots of food.

Guests bring a small gift of sweets or fruit. Even the king and queen and the prime minister and his wife have open houses for all who want to attend. In the United States , it is of course different for Muslims during Ramadan. As most are not Muslim, the same sense of celebration is only apparent in the Muslim communities, but it is not a widespread, public phenomenon. However, mosques in the United States perform a similar role as the ones in Muslim countries. In fact, many Muslims in the US go to mosques in the evenings for Iftar.

Regardless of wherever Ramadan is celebrated , the most important thing for Muslims during this Holy month is to get closer to God through prayer. Additionally, family ties are strengthened and charity is emphasized, while fasting facilitates an awareness that God is provider of all things.

Muslims are very much attuned to the fact that during Ramadan the rewards for their good deeds are multiplied 1, and 30, times on the single, unspecified Night of Power. It is very disheartening to see that many people completely cut off their ability to know and find God.

This choice is a great tragedy and results in not only permanent misery for those who choose this, but it also affects the entire world we live in, precisely because God designed this world as a carefully interwoven and interdependent tapestry. If the ego does not submit to God , it is a dangerous choice. Without submission, the ego claims: Only with faith in God may we as humans come to realize a number of critically important things:.

Unbelief makes man into an extremely impotent beast. Out of thousands of proofs of this matter, the differences in the ways animals and man come into the world are a clear indication and decisive proof. Yes, these differences show that humanity becomes humanity through belief. For when animals come into the world, they come complete in all points in accordance with their abilities as though having been perfected in another world; that is, they are sent. They learn all the conditions of their lives, their relationships with the universe, and the laws of life in either two hours or two days or two months, and become proficient in them.

Animals like sparrows and bees acquire in twenty days the power to survive and proficiency in their actions that man only acquires in twenty years; that is, they are inspired with them. Their duty is active worship. In regard to his nature and abilities everything is tied to knowledge. And the foundation, source, light, and spirit of all true knowledge is knowledge of God, and its essence and basis is belief in God.

But the verse is general, it states that every supplication is answered. To answer is one thing, to accept is something quite different. For example, if a sick child calls the doctor, saying: Or knowing that it is harmful for his illness, he will give him nothing. I wish to dedicate this post to my friend, Dr. His services to Risale-i Nur were outstanding, to say the least. His sudden and unexpected death came while traveling to Jordan, Saturday, July 2nd, this year. We pray for his family now. We also pray that his invaluable services to better understanding of Islam in the United States will continue.

Ibrahim was the first full-time Muslim faculty member at an accredited Christian Seminary, the Hartford Seminary. Ibrahim was the Chairperson for the conference. We all really enjoyed the presentations on the Risale-i Nur. Ibrahim was the one person responsible for this conference taking place. I was coming from Phoenix, Arizona and at one point, Dr.

Inshaallah, his soul will be blessed and rewarded whenever our team holds seminars or lectures in Phoenix. Needless to say, he brought so much good to very many people around the world. We will not forget him. Do not suppose that you own yourself, for you have no control over any of the things that concern you; such a load would be heavy. Also, you are unable to protect yourself, to avoid disasters, or to do those things that you must.

Leave grief behind, be joyful! Discard your troubles and find serenity! In our modern world, we are facing a worldwide break down of education about God. This ignorance is not limited to any one religion nor to any one country, it has reached epidemic levels globally. To further illustrate, all we need to do is review the number of terrorist attacks which happen seemingly continuously in different places, originating from different people. We need to ask questions, out-loud, among each other. Why are they this way?

What is our responsibility? And finally, what do we do about it? A truly God-believing person does not harm any life.

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  7. This has been true throughout the history of mankind. When we see people doing anything contrary to this truth, we need to examine their education system concerning God. These numbers are remarkably high. We understand that each society or nation will implement these measures differently based on their style. What we recommend is to incorporate God into these measures. However, I wish to emphasize that this is not about my God vs.

    In theology, we call all these believers, the People of the Book. Sadly, this unacceptable shame is happening in our modern time of advanced knowledge and technology, a time in which we have much deeper understanding of everything except God. To find the solution, scholars of all faiths need to brainstorm together, objectively. Our input to them about this dilemma will be presenting a masterpiece on God: Today, millions of people around the world testify to this fact that Bediuzzaman makes the truth of God crystal clear. He brings great clarity about God through his unique methodology utilizing sound reasonings and logical proofs of God.

    Human beings are searching for higher power, they are yearning for a true, tangible connection to the mystical realms. This craving for magic is a clear indication of a very crucial and fundamental human quest; precisely, finding God and actualizing their dreams in their ordinary lives. A perfect example of this occurred this weekend with the opening of the final Harry Potter movie. According to the Los Angeles Times, the film had the highest-gross-opening of all time at the domestic and international box office. These statistics reflect the unprecedented numbers of people yearning to reach beyond their ordinary lives to connect with the non-ordinary.

    Experiencing the extraordinary is possible, but all dreams come true only through God, no other means. Thus this deep spiritual hunger people feel for the extraordinary is possibly only through God. I will add my input on this: Your unanswered needs will serve as your indicator that you need to push yourself harder and further on your journey. We simply need to realize our next step then is to seek these things with God because the real power is with Him and comes through Him to His loved ones.

    And, becoming one of His loved ones is certainly within the reach of each of us. And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.

    The Quran and Hadiths are telling us that the only benefits or rewards we will see in the Afterlife come from the good deeds we achieve here on Earth. The importance of this is that we utilize and invest our time in service to other beings. Then our efforts will come to fruition in the Afterlife, our permanent life. Wasting our time and efforts here means waste our rewards in Heaven. The wage for deeds and acts of service here is given in the Intermediate Realm and the Hereafter. Acts here produce fruits there. This being the truth of the matter, the results of actions that look to the hereafter should not be sought in this world.

    If they are given, they should be received not gratefully, but regretfully. For in Paradise, the more fruits are picked, the more they grow.


    So it is hardly sensible to consume in this world in fleeting fashion the fruits of action that pertain to the hereafter, which are lasting. It is like exchanging a permanent lamp for one that will last a minute and then flicker out. December Issue of Nur-the Light is Here!

    December 26, By Admin Leave a Comment. Blog , Nur Publisher's Newsletter. January 29, By Admin 1 Comment. January 28, By Admin Leave a Comment. Here is the link: The following hadith of Prophet Muhammad shows all of us how sweet, comprehensive and beautiful are his teachings about living in perfect harmony in a multi-cultural society: New Online Education — Bediuzzaman Video 1: The following nine points illuminate this truth: Bediuzzaman and Two Stories World renowned scholar, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi per Official Autobiography, First Edition, , was and continues to be one of the most phenomenal spiritual Masters of all time, and indeed, certainly the most extraordinary luminary of this millennium.

    Nur-the Light Sep-Dec Issue: Below are a few tastes of what this issue contains: New Issue of Nur-the Light Eid: Our stamp is one; our seal is one; we are mastered by our Sustainer; We glorify Him through our subjugation; We recite His Names; we are each of us in ecstasy, a member of the mighty circle of the Milky Way. Look at the Larger Picture! July 17, By Admin 4 Comments. May 31, By Admin 1 Comment. May 29, By Admin Leave a Comment.

    A presentation on Islam in a high school A world history teacher in a small town in USA called our editor to invite him to give a talk on Islam to his 11th grade students in early March of this year. Reintroducing Our Nur-the Light Magazine! March 22, By Admin 1 Comment. We happily share here some tidbits of our new spring issue for all our devoted readers: Highlights of the materials in this issue: Nur-the Light is deeply indebted to the following great individuals: We must remind ourselves and put under the light the most fundamental and most crucial aspects which are absolutely required without exception, they are: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi discusses four rules of sincerity: We may then continue to follow the chain of respect in the Risale-i Nur as described below: The guidance for all Risale-i Nur students is found in the following words: The great scholar of our time, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi , gives us his words to review how we need to understand the purpose of the environment: The first and the most exalted pertains to the Creator.

    It consists of presenting to the gaze of the Pre-Eternal Witness the bejewelled and miraculous wonders He has affixed to the object in question, as if in a military parade. To live for a fleeting second is enough to attain that glance. Indeed, the potentiality and intent for existence is enough, without ever emerging into life.

    This purpose is fully realized, for example, by delicate creatures that vanish swiftly and by seeds and kernels, each a work of art, that never come to life, that is, never bear fruit or flower. They all remain untouched by vanity and purposelessness. Thus the first purpose of all things is to proclaim, by means of their life and existence, the miracles of power and the traces of artistry of the Maker and display them to the gaze of the Glorious Monarch.

    The second purpose of all existence and the result of all being pertains to conscious creation. Everything is like a truth-displaying missive, an artistic poem, or a wise word of the Glorious Maker, offered to the gaze of angels and jinn, of men and animals, and desiring to be read by them. It is an object for the contemplation and instruction of every conscious being that looks upon it.

    The third purpose of all existence and result of all being pertains to the soul of the thing itself, and consists of such minor consequences as the experience of pleasure and joy, and living with some degree of permanence and comfort. If we consider the purpose of a servant employed as a steersman on some royal ship, we see that only one hundredth of that purpose relates to the steersman himself — i. See what wisdom has emblazed on the decree of its light. We are each of us light-scattering proofs of the existence of our Maker, We are witnesses both to His Unity and His Power, We are subtle miracles gilding the face of the skies for the angels to gaze upon.

    We are the innumerable exquisite fruits which the hand of wisdom of the All-Glorious and Beauteous One has fastened To the celestial portion of the tree of creation, to all the branches of the Milky Way. For the inhabitants of the heavens, We are each of us a travelling mosque, a spinning house, a lofty home; Each is an illumining lamp, a mighty ship, an aeroplane. We demonstrated to mankind innumerable proofs, We made them hear with these innumerable tongues of ours; But their accursed unseeing, unbelieving eyes did not see our faces, They did not hear our words. And we are signs that speak the truth: Our stamp is one, our seal is one, We are mastered by our Sustainer, We glorify Him through our subjugation, We recite His Names, We are each of us in ecstasy, A member of the mighty circle of the Milky Way.

    Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi further elaborates on this matter in the following words: Below is an excerpt: Examples of this collective mentality can be read in the following verses: Bediuzzaman Said Nursi elaborates further: Ustad Bediuzzaman Said Nursi provides an eloquent explanation to help us grasp this better: Worship and the Prayers or The Words Dr.

    November 23, By Admin Leave a Comment. To eradicate these false claims, we will first reflect on what Ustad Bediuzzaman explains regarding two extremely important verses in the Quran that are most relevant to the misunderstandings: My reply to our Admin in a conversation about Tahiri Mutlu Agabey: Ustad Bediuzzaman, through his Risale-i Nur works consisting of books on the meaning of the Quran for our contemporary time, sheds further specific light on this otherwise perpetual dilemma: Belief and Man from the Risale-i Nur Collection: We can gain important insight into the meaning and essentials of belief through the words of Ustad Bediuzzaman: Conversely, to commit every kind of sin, and then never to seek pardon for it or concern oneself with it, is a sure sign of the absence of any element of faith Thus my spiritual offspring, an important event has become the occasion for a brief exposition of a long and complex matter.

    Osman Birgeoglu Look at the new life after death…our transition to eternal will be similar! We all know how much humanity is hurting today and needs this timeless advice: Prophet Moses tells us about Eternal Life. Prophet David delivers the Psalms to us. Prophet Jesus teaches us about Judgement Day. Everything is written in the Quran! September 6, By Admin 2 Comments. Our beloved Manisali Ali Hoca told us this true story: One time, I remember a story of Molla Hamid Agabey; the story goes as follows: I will try, inshallah, to share most of them as we go along… Dr.

    Ramadan Around the World! August 11, By Admin 3 Comments. Osman Birgeoglu Ramadan in Jerusalem. To Believe or not to Believe: Only with faith in God may we as humans come to realize a number of critically important things: We are never alone, God is always with us. We are not the owners of anything, God is.