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For the first time in the s,highways to and from Pinedale were generally paved and passable year-round. One result was the consolidation of several small rural school districts into a single larger one based in Pinedale. Better roads meant parents in the rural areas could get their children to Pinedale for education. A kindergarten was added to the elementary school and a new high school was built.


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In , Sublette was the only county in Wyoming without a public library. Residents took charge, formed associations and raised money and books for a community library. In , new state law provided state assistance to county libraries, and community leaders from Pinedale and Big Piney created a county library system to take advantage of the new state funding. The s in the United States was a time of social unrest and transition. Voices for social and political change were heard in Pinedale, but did not seem to affect those making a living from the land and the limited economy of Sublette County.

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Pinedale streets saw no protest marches, but continued to be used for cattle drives, high-school homecoming parades and racetracks for horses and drivers in chariot and cutter races. A national spotlight fell on Pinedale in the early s, however, when the community protested the use of atomic devices to assist with natural gas extraction in an area south of town. Ultimately, the community won when the project failed. In , the community began celebrating Rendezvous Days, held annually in July. The tradition continues today. Pinedale has generally experienced relatively slow growth.

It is a community that survived throughout the 20th century because of agriculture and tourism. The Pinedale of the past, though, began to change profoundly in the late s with the exploration for and extraction of natural gas in massive fields south of town--in the Jonah Field and the Pinedale Anticline. The community continues to grapple with rapid change, especially with the influx of new people in Pinedale and the surrounding area who come to work in the mineral industry.

Hundreds of people participate in or watch rodeos, parades, chariot races, ski-joring when a skier is pulled by a horse dogsled races and other events during annual summer and winter carnivals. Tourism is still an important part of the local economy. Activities during Rendezvous Days include rodeos, parades and picnics, and draw crowds from near and far. Nearby Fremont Lake continues to be popular. Its deep-blue glacial water draws folks for picnics, boating, water skiing and of course, fishing--even in winter. As it has every year since , Pinedale, Wyo.

The museum first opened in and continues to develop new exhibits. The museum is open May 1 through November 1. The library was built in and features traditional log architecture on a grand scale. Skip to main content. An isolated spot In , Pinedale was incorporated and gained its popular claim to fame as the incorporated town farthest from a railroad in the United States. Hard times A decade later, Pinedale residents suffered hard times during the Great Depression. Phones, power and a library In the s, Pinedale began feeling the national postwar boom.

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Fur trade and natural gas In , the community began celebrating Rendezvous Days, held annually in July. Resources Noble, Ann Chambers. Images of America, Pinedale. Charleston, South Carolina, Arcadia Publishing, The article offers glimpse of the pride and anxiety a small town felt as its sons went off to war. Many early Wyoming newspapers may be accessed via the Wyoming Newspaper Project, http: Glendo, Wyoming; High Plains Press, For further reading and research Diary of a wagon trip from Boulder, Wyo.

Illustrations The photo of Pinedale's first graduating class of 8th graders, is from the Paul Allen collection. Until , eighth grade was the highest level taught at the Pinedale school. Used with thanks to the collection and to the author. See a good selection of historical photos of Sublette County here. Contributed by Judi Myers and in possession of Judi Myers.

Katie King Daniels 6 images - Daniels family pictures. Contributed by Katie King and in possession of Katie King. Kemmerer Camera 20 images - Pictures of buildings in the area from a special Edition of the Kemmerer Camera in Early 's. Contributed by George Barp and in possession of George Barp.

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Marincic 29 images - Marincic family pictures. Contributed by Helena Linn and in possession of Helena Linn. Marj Guio 8 images - Big Piney pictures. Contributed by Marj Guio and in possession of Marj Guio. Contributed by Carrie Anderson and in possession of Carrie Anderson. O'Brien images - Family pictures mostly in the early LaBarge area. Contributed by Shirley Setzler and in possession of Shirley Setzler.

Otto Leifer 5 images - Otto Leifer family pictures. Pat Johnson 49 images - Family pictures, some showing early Big Piney.

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Contributed by Pat Johnson and in possession of Pat Johnson. Paul Allen images - Vast collection of pictures of Sublette County and its residents ranging from 's to 's mostly taken by Paul Allen with some by CC Feltner and others. Reta Carr 9 images - Family pictures. Sadie Hall images - Pictures of during the early 's in Sublette County.

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Vible images - Family pictures with many in and around early Pinedale. This program receives Federal financial assistance for identification and protection of historic properties. The contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Department of the Interior.

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