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Its birth will kill Mike, obviously, but it also potentially spells the end of humanity. Their plan must be foiled, but Mike is not alone, as he is guided by the Keeper of the Scrolls, the creepy female-esque figure on the box cover, who holds no love for the Ancients.

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There are a handful of characters in town, but they never speak more than a line or two. Each room has a text description at the bottom of the screen, a remnant from the days of text adventures, but the writing is astoundingly juvenile. At least Dark Seed delivers on the promise of H.

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The palette in the Dark World changes to an unsettling grey, and scenery is warped into the frightening bio-mechanical horrorscapes the Swiss surrealist is known for. Mike is a digitized sprite, played by one of the designers, also named Mike Dawson. The nightmare scenes, much like the head-rape in the intro, are also memorably gruesome.

Unfortunately, the game only takes place in a window about half the size of the screen — the rest is simply an overly elaborate frame, with the dialog window at the bottom.


While the visuals do a decent job of building a suitably creepy atmosphere, the rest of the game is undone by extremely haphazard design. Dark Seed takes place over the course of three days, and runs in real time. There is little direction or purpose beyond the occasionally cryptic clues stumbled onto.

Late in the game you become wanted by the police, who stand guard outside your house. There is no way back in, unless you tied the rope to the gargoyle on the balcony earlier in the game. This is one of the least cruel moments — there are some absolutely infuriating ones. For example, the Normal World and the Dark World are connected to each other, but in vaguely defined terms.

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Sometimes these make sense, like opening a secret passage in the human world will trigger its counterpart to open in the parallel world. Others are more bizarre, like how starting the car in your garage back home will then activate the power generators of the alien starship in the Dark World. But the most maddening involves your run-ins with the police.

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Later, when you get in the same exact scenario in the alien word, all of these items are mysteriously retrievable. And even amidst the terrible framework, the events that occur are simply bizarre. One important event, for some reason, is to meet your new neighbor Delbert for a get-together.

When you do meet him, all he does is play fetch with his dog, almost infinitely.

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Now it depends on you as how much effort you can show in finding the aliens and saving the world. But at the same time, you need to keep a watch at the clock which runs at a faster speed.

You need to visit various peoples and collect relevant information. But if you slow down then you might miss appointments and run slow to know what goes around. The designer thought of simple puzzles but you need to act wisely and save as much time as possible. In the game session, you get to know about the real world alien version.

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But you get the only chance to get in. Play to know what else waits for you in the Dark Seed. Cyberdreams Cyberdreams was founded in by Patrick Ketchum and owned by Rolf Klug, and stayed in business till Not rated - login - and rate. I think I consulted a walkthrough once or twice to get through it from memory. But stuck in mind, amazing atmosphere and surreal story.

Fits Geiger like a glove. R Geiger did the art for this one. It was an interesting game, but some of the puzzles were nigh on impossible. The automatic game launcher applet has been removed because of vast unsolvable false positives antiviruses warnings.

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