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Anna marked it as to-read Aug 05, Tawnya marked it as to-read Aug 20, Emily marked it as to-read Jan 26, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Emma Rose is quickly rising as a new author with a lot to offer. She self-published her first book in and has since risen to a Top author in Amazon's Erotica category, among others. Part of her quick rise can be attributed to her small, but growing, group of fans who promote her work and offer her feedback as Beta Readers, an offer she extends to potential fans at the end of each of her works.

Interested fans can apply to her beta reader program and receive one of her works for free through her website: Books by Emma Rose. Trivia About Breathless, Book 3. No trivia or quizzes yet. I loved how Josie spurned the advances Ash kept making towards her. She ends her relationship with a man who was just playing Dom to her sub but when he attacks her Ash finally steps in and takes the reins…not only with her ex but also with Josie herself. He tries to make her feel needed, loved and encourages her by buying her artwork behind her back..

Burn is sensual and erotically sexy without being over the top or hardcore. Instead Banks gives us men who dominate in bed, love completely and emotionally consume the heroine. I thought Ash would be a bit darker then he actually was based on what was said in the past two books, but instead he was just kinda lonely and tired of the threesomes he used to share with Jace.

While he considers Jace and Gabe his family, he still longs for that connection his own real family has never given him. Josie gives him a chance to finally have what he wanted and he was unwilling to let her go once finding her. I was wondering if there would be an actual conclusion to an incident that happened in book one between Mia, Gabe and an investment man and Burn finally gives readers that ending.

I wished there would have been more of a threat throughout the books but it does result in a very climactic event and while it was kinda out of nowhere, it made for some good, emotionally wrought reading. Maya Banks is always at the top of my reading pile and Burn only cemented her place. Banks is an exquisite story teller! Erotic, emotionally charged and compelling, a wonderful ending to her Breathless trilogy! I give Burn by Maya Banks 5 stars! Fever was sadly rather slow and predictable almost like every other billionaire romance in its gene. I found myself putting the book down way too often than i normally would..

May 28, Yolanda March rated it liked it. I wasn't really to thrilled on Ashs story! It seem to similar to Jaces story! I would of liked to be more convinced of his dying love! I still enjoyed all the streamy sex scenes! I just think it is sad I wanted to know more about Brittany and Kai relationships more than the main characters of this book! It was not horrible but not wonderful!!! May 14, Lynne rated it it was ok. It's no secret I'm not a big fan of this series. Book two, in my opinion, was absolutely ridiculous, the premise anyway. The premise of this one was better at least, but still had the same issues I've continued to have with this series: I get that can happen, sometimes.

But, in this series, it happens way too quickly and for seemingly no r It's no secret I'm not a big fan of this series. But, in this series, it happens way too quickly and for seemingly no reason at all. I could rant on forever. Let's just say, I think I had a solid 7 eye rolls in before page All that said, I still did read the book.

Why, after book two did I even bother with this one? And, in all honesty, even though I have mixed feelings about Ms. Banks and her repertoire, the woman does do two things well in all her books This book very much reminded me of a tamed down smex wise version of her Sweet series -- very similar formulas with each of the guys being friends and working together, and each book being about them, and all the girls become friends and do silly things together as a side-diversion story, and all-in-all, it's one big happy family.

It's all just a bit much for me. Too far flung even for a romance story. There are many, many other, and better, book options in this genre that I'd recommend to folks first, even from Ms. Banks still a pretty big fan of all but one of her Highlander books. Aug 08, Shannon rated it did not like it Shelves: I quit about halfway in.

The characters got less and less developed as this series went on. I'd recommend reading Rush and not bothering with the rest of them. The author wants us to believe that the 3 male leads all have different personalities, but they really don't-- they're all written exactly the same and, oh! Ash is the one who's supposed to be carefree and charming, but he's the same grunting caveman as the rest of them underneath.

See a Problem?

This is basically a more boring retread of the second novel. And the characters not talking in full sentences I really wanted to hurl my Kindle across the room. View all 3 comments. Aug 10, Melissa rated it it was amazing. If I could give this more stars I would. My kindle was sucked into my face literally. Ash is my new Alpha hot ass crush Im hoping for more books that link these characters together. Feb 03, Auntee rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of the series. A little disappointing for me. Wasn't fully sold on the insta-love between Ash and Josie and was a little bit bored by the 'I am a Dom, will you be my sub' theme.

Maybe I've had enough of this kind of storyline? It just seemed that not a whole lot was going on in this book, and I was tempted to skim a few times but I didn't. Things did pick up for me near the end It sure took a long time for Ash's "deception" to be revealed , and this whole villain who view spoiler [ attacked Jo A little disappointing for me. Things did pick up for me near the end It sure took a long time for Ash's "deception" to be revealed , and this whole villain who view spoiler [ attacked Josie hide spoiler ] plot line seemed to come and go very quickly, but at least it held my interest.

I could understand it if their story was next, or maybe in a spin-off series? But since it's not, I expected more than this tease. Maybe it was edited out so the book wouldn't be too long? For me, this series started out on a high note but didn't quite live up to its potential. Maybe it was because I waited almost 2 years before I finally got around to reading this one that it lost some of its impact? Anyway, a lukewarm 3 stars. This story contains explicit sex--both oral and anal; and language. Also some spanking with a belt, I think--enough to leave welts , and the use of a sex toy.

Some mostly off the pages violence too. Not for the faint of heart. I enjoyed the third book in the Breathless Series. I've noticed that they've taken out the "trilogy" after "Breathless", so I'm wondering if there will be more books. I wouldn't mind Caroline or Brittany's stories.

I liked Ash and Josie's story. It wasn't very angsty, and they fell into a relationship easily. Of course, there is some conflict, but it doesn't season the entire relationship. I think Ash is one of those men that is a good man in spite of the viper's nest he was raised in. And Jos I enjoyed the third book in the Breathless Series. And Josie has a vast capacity for love and an ability to give Ash what he needs.

To care and take care of someone. Ash will do anything to protect what he considers his family- Gabe and Jace and their women, along with Josie and Brittany, his sister. I love all of these alpha males and their take charge attitudes.

Rush Breathless #1 Maya Banks Audiobook

Again, like the rest of the series this is BDSM without calling it such and there is no safeword. One of the best parts of the book was the girl's night out. They have one in every book but they get better and better. I laugh at every one. Dec 20, Angela rated it liked it. IDK Read a full review and others here: I'm just gonna come right out and say it I was pretty disappointed in this book. I was so excited for the final book in the Breathless Trilogy because it was about Ash, who has only made small appearances in the other two.

He was who I was looked forward to seeing in the other two books. They constantly were saying how he was the polar opposite of Gabe and Jace Turns out they were wrong He was exactly like the other two boys. So much so I felt like I wasn't even reading a different book. In Rush we got to see Gabe and Mia's interesting and commanding relationship.

In Fever we got Jace and Bethany's dark turned sensitive relationship. Both those books were so different from one another. I felt like Banks just took Gabe and Jace and tried to mash them together to give us Ash. It didn't work out. The only thing that was different in this book was the small twist towards the end and the girl. Josie was actually different from the other two women featured in one and two.

She was suppose to be like the other two women so I guess it was nice that at least someone ended up different. Burn was also a lot less steam than the other two. The flow of the story was nice and it kept a pretty steady pace, but overall was just lacking the spark that we got from before. Some parts of this book were five star quality while others were more like two. I find myself going back and forth when I was trying to rate this on Goodreads One second I put it at a four right after I put it as a two.

I didn't like the build up between Ash and Josie. The reason I liked the other two guys was because they were all dominant and in control Ash was like that at first but then slowly started slipping Levering himself upward, he kissed her forehead and then smoothed the hair from her face before kissing her lips. The Ash I've read up until now doesn't ask how it was for you, because he knows he's good. None of these men ask the women.

Josie was also suppose to be strong willed and when the painting thing is revealed she should have stood her ground longer. I just didn't get them. Pretty sure I spent most of my time shaking my head and saying no than I did actually enjoying it. Poor Ash…He was feeling pretty lonely after losing his partner and crime and sex Jace.

I was really hoping Ash would find someone special. I really liked how the story begins, with Ash and Josie meeting in the park. I always have huge expectations for Maya Banks releases because she is one of my favorite authors. I have struggled a bit with this series, liking book two much more then book one. Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe it was a character disconnect. I really liked Josie as a character, the free spirited artist, sensual, sensitive. Bad boy, anything goes Ash. I just think Josie was a little blah for him. I pictured him with someone a little edgier.

In my mind, he needed someone who was going to present more of a challenge. Kind of a bummer. Revenge was doled out, a possible who done it? Overall, I enjoyed the book and was glad to meet up past characters. I will definitely continue reading any future books in this series… Aug 09, Jacquelyn Ayres rated it liked it. I really wanted to give this a four when I got to the end. While the sex scenes were hot as usual, the repetition of the characters thoughts were killing me.

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All I kept thinking was "Are they ever going to get over this chick's last boyfriend? The next thing that bothered me was h I really wanted to give this a four when I got to the end. The next thing that bothered me was how ignorant Ash sounded. It's normal to drop a word in the beginning of a sentence ie. I even checked "Fever" to see if he talked like that in that book. I think it didn't bother me as much because he obviously didn't talk as much in the other books as he did in this one.

The only bad thing about the last quarter of the book was that it was the last quarter of the book. I felt like I was finally getting to Josie and Ash. Their story was finally blossoming and then it was done. So I was disappointed. Will I read another book by Maya Banks? View all 12 comments. This one has Spoilers Because if you read the first novel Boy decides that the Universe revolves around Girl. Boy decides that he has to hug and squeeze and the name Girl George. Either before or after Boy does something really stupid and creates a Secret.

Boy and Girl are Happy. Girl goes out for Ladies Night. Girl finds out Secret and leaves Boy.

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Rush (Breathless, #1) by Maya Banks

Eventually Boy and Girl get back together again Note: Eventually Boy and Girl get back together again. I thought at first this was like the most anti-feminist novel I have seen. Josie always felt like she had ultimate control. She submitted because she wanted to, not because she felt pressured to. First Ash tells her that he never wants her to kneel.


Then he tells her he wants her naked and waiting when he gets home. Her trying to figure out what to do had me laughing aloud. Aug 08, April Mckaskle rated it liked it. Some real angst, feelings, connection, character development and in this case Cabe is in love with his best friend and partner's younger sister, Mia for years. He is older and he got burned by his crazy ex, so how he decides to approach the situation??? He breaks out a freaking contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That w 3 Stars I like sexy books. That worked out for Christian I'm-fucked-up Grey, it will work out for everyone! From there it is pretty much downhill. These two knuckleheads more so Gabe hide behind the freaking contract and just refuse to face reality Admittedly, this book is saved by the pretty good sex, a grovel to end of grovels and a fairytale view spoiler [marriage proposal hide spoiler ]. My exact feelings during the book: By the way, I'm definitely reading the next! View all comments. How do I hate thee?

Let me count the ways: Who do you belong to? She should have thrown him a dog bone and told him to fetch and made her escape. Just suffers from asshole-itis and calls it kink. Every other paragraph is sex. I'm going to spank you, Mia. What a twit for signing it. I also wanted to mention the scene where he has his business associates watch Mia give him head.

Then ties her up and allows them to touch her NOT penetrate. Of course things go bad and he's all "I fucked up and forgive me. This book is billed as an erotic romance. I'm sorry, but there was nothing remotely romantic about this book. I won't even get into the portions of the book when they are at work and he makes her walk around with a butt plug all day View all 49 comments.

I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever read a more jerky and selfish hero. There was nothing sexy or appealing about him or his behavior! That said, I ended up enjoying this story more than I thought I would. It's Maya Banks after all! Trust me, it's its own story and a brilliantly written one at that! View all 45 comments. Jan 19, Auntee rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of the author; fans of erotic romance. I think I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would Don't know why I ended up with tears Banks must be doing something right for me to get so emotionally involved!

This is the first book in a new trilogy Breathless for Maya Banks. The trilogy is about three rich, powerful best friends, all in their late thirties Gabe, Jace, and Ash. Rush is Gabe Hamilton's story. Gabe has had a rough time for the past few years--the sudden dissolution of his marriage and the publicity about it has left him feeling humiliated and betrayed; and the end of his own parents 38 year marriage has left him reeling.

Apparently there is no such thing as everlasting love, and Gabe no longer believes in it or is looking for it. The few relationships he's had since the end of his marriage all start and end the same. No longer does Gabe trust--the women he's involved in all must sign a contract.

There is no longer emotions involved for Gabe--no heart on the line or any real feelings are involved. He will not be blindsided again. Any woman he's involved with must now sign a contract, giving up total contol to him inside and outside the bedroom. Gabe makes all the decisions--the woman is his to command. Of course, all her physical and financial needs will be met, but don't expect Gabe to give you any more than that. His heart is no longer available. Enter year-old dark-haired beauty Mia Crestwell Jace's sister. Mia has a special relationship with her overprotective brother.

After their parents were killed in a car accident when Mia was young, Jace became like a parent to her, spoiling and protecting her. Now finally finished with her schooling, Mia works at a pastry shop, not quite ready to spread her wings but knows that she must put all that schooling to good use. Jace's friends Gabe and Ash have been like brothers to her growing up, but now that she's older, Mia can admit to herself that she's had more than sisterly feelings towards Gabe. The dark haired, arrogant, confident, sexy bad boy has always been her secret crush.

Gabe wasn't available to her when he was married, but now that he's not Gabe has always had warm feelings for Mia. But he's pushed them aside because of their 14 year age difference. But now that Mia is "of age", the age difference doesn't matter to Gabe. She's all grown up and quite a stunner--and he has to have her! It's time she left that bakery job Of course she would have to sign one of his contracts and will she be surprised with all that he expects her to do?

Series Review: Breathless by Maya Banks

Gabe has a healthy kink going on Oh Gabe, is there any doubt? Gabe and Mia strike a deal, and once Mia reads the contract, her head says "You've got to be kidding", but her body has other ideas. She's wanted Gabe too long to give up on this chance with him, so she plunges right in. Gabe promises to ease Mia into his whole kinky desires He's gotta have her--often, and hard!

And Mia, bless her heart, is up for the challenge.: Now, I must admit, there came a time when I was getting just a wee bit bored reading about Gabe and Mia's sexual exploits. Go to work in the same office , Gabe does a little work, looks over at Mia, locks the door, says "strip' or "On yours kness" or "Come here", and it's sex-in-the-office-time. Come home, eat a little dinner, Gabe says "Strip", "On your knees", "Come here", etc. Where was this all leading? Will Mia get bored with this? Doesn't she crave something more? Will Gabe's reputation as a "beast" in bed be enough for her?

Will Gabe ever want Mia for anything more than sex? Will he finally develop some cracks in the wall around his heart? Will he finally stop fighting his feelings and give in? Ah, yes, have a little faith, Gabe does display some emotional growth, and Mia isn't quite the doormat that I feared she would become. Maya Banks kicks the book into high gear eventually, when Gabe is forced to admit his feelings for Mia but not until he makes a huge mistake that nearly costs him everything.

This scene in Paris really made me dislike him, but it also made me understand him, and strangely enough, it made him seem more human. After that scene, I was really pulling for him, hoping he could get his act together and finally realize what Mia meant to him. Even though Gabe was a dominant lover and liked his women submissive, there was nothing too kinky.

I found the most exciting scene was one where Gabe finally let Mia have her way with him--it was sensuous, exciting, loving and emotional. So, off to a good start. Sometimes the first book in a series gets a bit bogged down in the details, but this one didn't. I think Mia and Gabe were both well-drawn characters.

I will admit that I didn't quite understand Gabe's feelings about not wanting to get "involved' again. There were times when I thought he was kind of cowardly and needed to just admit his feelings and man up! But yeah, he did make me cry at the end, so I'm going to forgive him of his asshat moments. And Mia, I love what you did when view spoiler [ you were being blackmailed! And I especially love how you told off Gabe--yes, make him crawl! This book entertained, kept me turning the pages, and make me tear up at the end.

Not bad for a first in the series! This book contains explicit sex oral and anal ; graphic language; some bondage and spanking; exhibitionism; and the use of some sex toys. Not for the faint of heart! View all 51 comments. I was a little nervous about this one. I really really enjoyed this one. Add to that a past which has left him with no ability to trust in a relationship, and an obsession with h I was a little nervous about this one. Add to that a past which has left him with no ability to trust in a relationship, and an obsession with his best friends little sister, and sparks are guaranteed.

I loved watching Gabe struggle with his real feelings for Mia. I wanted to smack him more than once and tell him to stop being such a blind fool, but I still loved him. When he would let himself go, and be sweet, he just melted my heart. He is lucky that Mia is more forgiving then I would have been in similar circumstances. The fact that they had mutually lusted after each other for years before finally coming together gave an edge of desperation to them that was seriously hot. Not to mention arrogant and assholish. Nothing I love more than a alpha man on his knees.

The teaser chapter just about killed me. View all 24 comments. Oct 20, Mandi Schreiner rated it did not like it Shelves: Maya Banks has a new trilogy releasing following three billionaires who run swanky hotels. Let me say this — sometimes having an asshole hero can be fun. He is initially rude to the heroine, arrogant, demanding in bed etc.. There is romance Maya Banks has a new trilogy releasing following three billionaires who run swanky hotels.

There is romance within all the assholeness. He was a sexy asshole. Gabe has needs — he needs to be in control, he needs to dominate and he is extremely possessive. Mia has been lusting after Gabe as well. There is mutual lusting. Mia is very spoiled and pampered and protected by her big brother so Mia fears telling him her true feelings for his best friend. But here is where things go bad for me. Mia has a good education yet works in a bakery. Gabe thinks she is wasting her potential so he wants her to be his personal assistant.

But the personal assistant position also means she would be having an exclusive sexual relationship with him. Just what every college graduate dreams of. Gabe is such a jerk. Mia goes along with it all. There is no romance. There is nothing outside the bedroom. Gabe uses Mia hard and then has remorse after she leaves, just to do it again the next time. He is possessive and jealous not in a fun way. And yes, there are some stalker, jealous heroes out there that work really well for me — hello Gideon Cross!

He humiliates her and as the reader it made me feel bad. Mia liked it maybe?

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  3. Breathless, Book #3 (An Adult Romance).
  4. No interest in discovering how it all ends. View all 37 comments. Mar 23, P. Lupton rated it did not like it. This book is a DNF for me. I don't like the characters at all, and so far haven't been able to identify a plot outside of sex. And don't even get me started on the fact that it's exactly like 50 Shades.

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    He presents her with a contract? What I loved about 50 Shades is that Ana fought Christian at every turn and refused to give up her independence. Mia is just handing it to Gabe. And when Gabe says he's going to give the contract to his lawyer I burst out laughing. No lawyer would do anything with a contract where a person signs away their basic human rights. It's illegal and unenforceable.

    As far as I know, slavery contracts were abolished in the early eighteen hundreds. Gabe could draw up any contract he wants, but it would be a formality, not a legality. SMH And, speaking of independence, Mia takes a "job" as Gabe's personal assistant and sex is a requirement of her job. Well, when a man pays you for sex there is a name for that. I don't like the characters or the story, not for me at all. And what a disappointment because I have liked Maya Banks in the past. View all 16 comments. Sep 18, Shawna rated it liked it Shelves: The angst and drama seemed needless and calculated, although it resulted in some good groveling by the hero.

    Even previously released authors are having their book covers reimaged. Give me a hot cover with a yummy, chesttastic hunk of manflesh or of a couple in an erotic embrace over random, vague images of elements, jewelry, feathers, perfume, ribbons, smoke, flowers, ties, masks, etc. View all 28 comments. Aug 09, Emily May rated it did not like it Shelves: All cold sex, absolutely no chemistry or sensuality. The guy - Gabe - is an arrogant, selfish asshole who doesn't care about anything except fulfilling his control-freak needs and banging his best friend's sister. He whips out a contract before every sexual relationship so the women can't accuse him of abuse.

    And he is jealous to the point of being genuinely scary. There is also nothing outside of the sex - no flirtations, no funny conversation or banter, just sex. It was boring and I hated Gabe. Sep 20, Amy rated it did not like it Shelves: Originally posted at http: With the fourteen year age difference between the two, he has never acted on his lust until now. At age sixteen Mia had fantasies of Gabe and to this day his confidence and arrogance draws her to him like a moth to a flame.

    Gabe sweeps Mia into a dance, then a devouring kiss, and finally demands that she meet with him in his office the following day. Gabe proposes that Mia come to work for him at HCM as his personal assistant, but the position is only a mask. Nothing but thorough, Gabe presents her with a contract that outlines everything he demands of their relationship.

    The contract basically states that Mia will submit and cede all power to Gabe not only in the bedroom but in all aspects of their relationship. Mia knows that she is walking a fine line with not only her emotions but her heart. She agrees to sign the contract and so begins their journey of dysfunction. In fact that is all Gabe wants with Mia; a contract to fuck with a bit of kink thrown in for good measure. His desire for her has loomed for years yet he has no feelings for Mia other than obsession and possession.

    From the moment he initiated the contract of their relationship, I saw nothing but a cold-hearted bastard. Gabe has loving parents, no troubled past or abuse; only a messy divorce with his first and only wife. Yet he is void of emotion, calculated in getting his way and screw the consequences to anyone else. He wanted to laugh. Maybe he thought it in an attempt to make himself feel better.

    He could say one thing all he wanted, but he was a damn liar and he knew it. There is no romance that builds between the two. Their chemistry is all physical and frankly its hollow and unsexy. Mia frustrated me throughout the book because she was hot and cold with her emotions. One moment she is standing up to Gabe and then she is like a limp dishrag once he put his hands on her. The only real connection they had was through sex.

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    As the reader, I wanted to gag. If there was any evidence that Gabe had developed feelings for Mia, it was destroyed during that incident. The only reason I continued to the end was to see if Ms. They both were fun, flirty and showed real emotion even though their time on the page was limited. Neither Jace nor Ash exhibited the harsh, asshole qualities that Gabe possessed.

    If you are a lover of Fifty Shades and want a more mature, contracted version of a heartless relationship, this is your book. If you are like me and are over the Fifty Shades recreations and want romance with originality, then I suggest you quickly pass this one by. View all 11 comments. This book tells the story of Gabe, a billionaire Dom with a serious attraction to his best-friend's little sister, Mia. Of course, Mia is about as off-limits as a woman could be. She's sweet, young, innocent and coddled by her over-protective big brother. Gabe's sure he's going to hell for just thinking of the sex acts he wants to do with Mia.