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Me with a disabling illness, what now? Give up, or keep going? I will keep going and share my experiences in hopes of helping others in their journey. As you read through this journey, the events will unfold and some will even change over time. This is the nature of rare, chronic diseases.

It has been a long and difficult journey, but God has provided for me and my family during this time. Lung Recipients Around the World. Living With Congestive Heart Failure: A Statistic of One. My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Causes, Symptoms and Treatments.

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Karen Van de Water. The Comprehensive Dental Practice Guide. Song of a Survivor. God Is in Control! My Life with Temporomandibular Tmj. Cries in the Wind. Love Letters of Jesus.

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The Parents' Guide to Clubfoot. The Slim Book of Health Pearls: The Prevention of Medical Errors. Self-Care for the Self-Aware. Clairvoyance, Auras and Developing Occult Powers. It's Okay to Die. Paris' Battle with Neuroblastoma. The Root of All Healing. A Peek Under the Hood. Life After Death Threatened. Life and death struggles, a common thread that connects us as human beings, are vividly revealed in this inspirational and unforgettable true story as told by a mother and her daughter of their babies, born with life threatening birth defects. Swept away on an uncharted and treacherous journey one thing clearly emerges, God, the ultimate thread that held them together through their darkest hours, was waiting for them there.

He gave them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness so He might be glorified through their babies life and death struggles. The baby boy unable to ever speak a word about what he endured in his fight for life went to his grave never knowing what a giant impression his tiny handprint had left on every heart he touchedleaving this world a better place than he found it.

Body Betrayed: My Journey through Sickness and Faith

For the little girl, the veil separating Heaven and Earth was lifted. Mommy, I see an angel! Hoping to get a glimpse, her mommy searched the hospital room eagerly. Where do you see an angel? She pointed overhead, Up there. Although her mommy didnt see the Heavenly being, together they felt the comfort of its presence.

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  7. On their timeless journey of faith, hope, and love, their loving God went with them through it all: Their stories, formed in the crucible of life and death struggles, were transformed by the grace of God into a thing of beauty. He hath made every thing beautiful in his time.

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    Body Betrayed: My Journey through Sickness and Faith by Kerry R. Bunn Sr.

    A Statistic of One. A Miracle Named David. A Modern Medical Miracle. Code Blue Seconds from Death.

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    Love Letters of Jesus. We Will Dance Again. God Is in Control! Testimonies of Godly Women. Painful Tears of Joy. Why I Believe in Jesus. Life After Death Threatened. The Light in the Valley.

    For the Rest of My Life. Stories, Hope When Life Fractures. Beauty Out of Barrenness. The Battle Cry of a Christian Woman. On My Last Nerve. Peace Within the Storm.

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