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Melting glaciers throughout Asia, meanwhile, threaten to deprive millions of people of drinking water in the years ahead. By , two-thirds of the global population could face water scarcity. Global Citizen campaigns on universal access to clean drinking water and you can take action on this issue here.

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The tiny zone of holy water in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine is already facing a crisis and the AP captured the situation in a startling photo series. The Dead Sea, a marvel of the natural world, is shrinking. The Jordan River, known for its prominence in the Bible, could be best described along much of its length as a creek. Israel is heading into its fifth year of drought, putting three celebrated biblical bodies of water at risk.

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Swimmers participate in the annual Sea of Galilee swim, the oldest and most popular swimming event, near Tiberias, northern Israel on Sept. The Sea of Galilee, the country's main water source, already stands at a century low.

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An aerial view of the abandoned Kalya water park on the Dead Sea shore is pictured on Nov. Israelis recite morning prayers in an abandoned restaurant overlooking the Dead Sea near Kibbutz Kalya on Oct. This fungus can eat some plastics in a matter of days. The devastation of hurricanes is not felt equally by communities in the storms' paths.

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Homeboy Electronics Recycling gives formerly incarcerated people and used electronics a second shot. Sign in to start taking action.

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Sign up Sign in with Facebook or. This account has been deactivated. Moreover, as a world activist, he has seen the inside of over 30 national prisons. White wrote that "Davis marches to the beat of the Universe while we all march to a broken drum.

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To that end he flew to the "Holy Land" first identified only by his World Passport and was refused entry at Ben Gurion airport by Israeli immigration on the pretext that he issued the passport "to Israel's enemies. His attempt to depart from Israel to Jordan via the Allenby Bridge resulted in being stuck in the middle of the bridge-on the line between the two countries- his passport rejected by both countries.

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Facing Both Jordanian and Israeli soldiers,he declared the line "world territory" and inviolate by both countries. Dedicated to his brother, Meyer Davis, Jr. Mother of five, her "Horatio Alger" story of her husband's rise to prominence is an incredible kaleidoscope of personal history in a hectic heyday of Irving Berlin and Cole Porter tunes, colorful parties including White House and debutante Balls and British royalty soirees all sprinkled with intimate anecdotes about her children's varied careers, including World Citizen Garry.

Christ, Iman Mahdi, Mohammad, Buddha, Socrates, Hypatia, cybernetics, vegetarianism, "world parliament," water as "God on earth," world law, the "new world order, national leaders as "war criminals," Koresh and Waco, Texas, the 27, world citizen student body of City Montessori School, India, design-science vs.