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Several prisoners said, they were denied basic hygenic articles, even though they asked for it repeatidly. In one case, the request from a young women was met with the statement: It was burning up in the cells, there were up to eight prisoners in one cell, instead of five, even though not all the cells were occupied. The prisoners got two slices of bread in 24 hours, access to restrooms was granted wery scarcly.

N24 "Lebendig Begraben" Alltag in der Isolationshaft HD Doku

There where few mattresses and no blankets. With kicks against the cell doors, the prisoners were kept awake. Some cells had constant light, while others had none at all. An injured women, who was taken to the GeSa on Friday July 7th with a suspected nose break, did not recieve food for 15 hours. Her injury was not x-rayed. She was only seen by a judge 40 hours after her arrest, who released her at 11pm that same day. The prisoners in custody are generally only allowed visitors with a permission from the judge.

These visits where being strictly surveilled letter from Fabios mother to her son from August 7th, Additionally, it was impossible to send packages with clean clothes to the prisoners for weeks. Fleeing or hiding evidence, which is usually the reason for enforcing custody, did not play any role. Therefore the custody itself presents as a preventive measure. A non german passport, strenghtend the accuse, of being a potential enemy to society, leading to longer custody and harsher sentences.

Additionally many released prisoners recieved letters, asking them for a voluntary DNA analysis. In general one can say, it became pretty obvious through all the trials, that no matter which person was in front of the judge and no matter what the charges were, every single one of them was blamed for the riots, especially those on friday night and ultimatly sentenced for them.

This type of mass participation during street fights and attacks on cops should be prevented in the future. The fear of the power hungry advocats, became clear in the politicaly motivated pleas, in which they tried to paint the activists as isolated criminials, without any political identities. A technique used worldwide.

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In the past, their statements could usually not stand the cross examination in court, so that few people excluding especially kurdish activists , were placed on probation, but very rarely recieved prison time. Another issue can be found in the german so called left scene: In the 80s a campaign arouse from the german left scene: A campaign, which was based on the right to refuse any statements. According to this right, anyone who is arrested or on trial can refuse any statement in front of the cops or the judge, except stating the details on the passport.

Understanding this right as a weapon- as a way of protecting structures or other people - but also as an act of resistance - in the sense ofwithdrawing yourself from any dialogue with the state, is sadly not a given anymore. A decision of making a statement in court or not, is often an individual one or left up to the strategy of the lawyers. The strategies from the lawyer often focused on reaching deals, which can be described as an understanding between the judge and prosecutor and the defense attorney, which usually forces the defense to agree to certain points brought up by the judge in exchange for a softer sentence and in confessions, which under certain circumstances can be justified.

Though there were not only deals and confessions within the prisoners, that could under certain circumstances be a valid choice, but it went as far as prisoners apologizing to the judges and cops, as well as to the HASPA bank and Budnikowsky store. A 28 year old guy from hamburg read his confession out loud. He said, he did not know what possesed him that evening. It was simply his curiosity that drove him to the Schanze, after he saw pictures of the riots in TV. Upon arrival, the crowd swept him along. He was actually on his way to Barmbeck that night, where he know lives, when he coincidentally passed the riots at Pferdemarkt, where he was attacked with pepper spray, which made him angry, additionally he had taken cocain that night as well.

Fabio marks a clear exception here, he wrote a political statement, which he read out in front of the court. This is not only sign of bravery and political knowledge, it is also an importatn step for all of us to fight against the repression, not buckly in the face of danger and fight against the criminilisation of our struggles. There are several examples of the g20 trials at the end of the article.

Some are also in english. Keeping the raids and the recent publication of mug shots in mind, more trials are probably soon to follow. During the evening of july 1st, the apartments of two comrades was searched by police. During the raids, USB sticks, computers, private cell phones and clothes were taken. One affected person was charged with planning crimes in the context of the g20 summit.

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Observations were noticed in the days before the raids. The second person was released that same evening. After the G20 Summit, hamburg police raided the international center B5 in st Paul. Without stating any reason, people were handcuffed and the rooms on the center and two adjoining private apartments were searched.

Also the cellar and the adjoining B-movie and FoodCoop was ransacked. Allegedly, the police suspected molotow cocktails in the center, which turned out to be a complete defamation. The hamburg police raided 14 residents, shortly after the summit in Hamburg and Schleswig holstein. Reason for that, was the looting of the Apple Store during the riots on friday night. Several cell phones were located and the owners were charged with concealment of stolen goods.

For the german left and radical left scene, linksunten was the platform, where all the Call ups, daily political news and explanaitions for attacks where published. It was as important to the left scene as it was apparently to the cops, intelligence service and media, since it was obviously seen as a reliable source andearly-warning systemfor pending riots.

The operation of linksunten since as an open network for left media activists was declared a crime by de Maziere. Currently the BKA is searching for the location of the servers, that were being used by the platform. More raids are to be expected.

JVA Augsburg-Gablingen - Bayerisches Staatsministerium der Justiz

The timing of this whole action can only be speculated about. It is possible that the Ministry of Interior wanted to polish up their image, after the weekly press releases about the massive police violence against the anti summit demonstrators. According to police statements, mainly laptops, cellphones and USB sticks, but also several legal weapons were upholded. None of the affected activists were arrested. All the raids were concerning the events during the first day of the summit. Approximatly militant comrades, were on their way to the inner city in the early hours of July 7th, when they met riot cops at Rondenbard, after which the demonstration was destroyed and left many injured.

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Several dozen people were arrested righ there on the spot, their details were recorded and Fabio sat in prison since then. Almost all the raided people, were within the arrested group from that day. They are being charged with severe breach of the peave, attempted physical assault and resistance. We clearly see the raids as a public spectacle as well as an attempt to uncover the alleged organisational structures behind the actions, rather than collecting evidence concerning alleged individual participants. Not confirmed by official sides, but published in several press releases, the cops were mainly searching for evidences on structures, which prepared militant actions and made them possible in Hamburg.

Especially around the area of the Elbchaussee, the cops allegedly discovered containers with masking material, fireworks and clothes, which the police interpreted as evidence for the theory, that local groups organised the logistics for international comrades. Though the police suspects mainly international comrades for setting over 20 cars on fire in the Elbchaussee during July 7th. During the night of july 8th, the hamburg police established an online portal for tips and leads.

Justizvollzugsanstalt Augsburg-Gablingen

They appealed to the curious crowd, to upload any picture or video material from their own smartphones and cameras. Only 12 hours later, they celebrated the fact, that they had already received over files. With this call out for denunciation and betrayal, the police provoked an online coursing.

In total cops are working on cases. Additionaly several pictures made it into the german media. The hamburg police anounced: The first trial was held against Peike, from the Netherlands. He is beeing accused of having thrown two bottles at berline police in the Schanze on the 6th of july. The judge Johann Krieten, known as a right wing hardliner, proclaimed his judgment as followed: He called the riots on friday night, riot tourism with the aim of hunting cops and smashing the windows of the HASPA bank.

Peike is appealing against this judgement. The defendant was stopped and searched on saturday, july 8th, close to Dammtor train station. In his bag pack, the cops found pepper spray, diving goggles and small fire crackers. Again, the trial ended with an obsene harsh punishment of 6 within 2 years of probation. Prosecutor Elsner seized the moment to proclaim his personal propaganda: The defendant should be writing a thank you letter to the cops, who arrested him, had he thrown anything during the demonstration, he would be going to jail for a long time.

The prosecutor accused the 21 year old defendant, of having thrown six bottles in the direction of the cops during the demonstration on the Fishmarket, as well as resisting during his arrest. After the judge explained the right of refusing a statement, the lawyer explained extensivly the defendants plea deal. In the last two months, that he spent in jail, he had learned a lot about loneliness. He never wanted to get himself or his family in such a hell like situation. He was now aware of his stupidity. Cops are also only humans. The judge, sentenced the denfendant to 1 year and 5 months on two years of probation, as well as a euro fine, which should be donated to the widows and orphans of police officers.

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