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And when those side plots ran out on us like baby daddies I was left dazed, yearning, and wet. I had to excuse myself for eruptions of diarrhea about 3 times. The costume design and special effects of the demons and Zombies and angels and Jersey Shore were terrifying and brutal. I would recommend wearing a mixing bowl duct taped to your ass for your maiden viewing.

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And of course the ending was superb. Tear jerking, if you will. Needless to say, we all became better friends that night. And respectively, better lovers. We had passionate intercourse that night. I have the becoming to thank for that. Please, if you want to be astonished to the point of tingling genitalia, do yourself a favor, the becoming.

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However, the structure of the song stayed close to the album version, with distortion used on the acoustic guitar for the loud parts. These performances also dropped the Robot Joxx sample loop. No, I'm not insane, I don't think the zombie apocalypse is upon us, my point is, people are smarter than you think. It doesn't take an erstwhile Marine you randomly meet to tell you its freaking zombies chapters later. I really felt this dumbed down her otherwise impressive and capable heroes for me. Really, this may not make much of a difference for other readers, but it is kind of a sore spot for me when it comes to zombie fiction in general.

The Final Verdict Regardless this was an amazing read for me full of action, true horror, and visceral emotion. Well written and superbly edited, The Becoming is a zombie novel you don't want to miss. Looking forward to the rest of the series! I received no compensation for the views stated. All opinions are my own. May 12, Carlie rated it it was ok Shelves: This book is unbelievable. A marine, an Israeli soldier, and a Memphis cop. No mention of zombies as of yet. They think people are just rioting and if they can get to the cops or the hospital they can get help even though they watch guys chase down and eat another guy.

Unbelievab This book is unbelievable. It is hard to believe two grown men and a woman can be so oblivious. And if I have to hear about the IDF one more time! The lead guy was an immature blockhead. Moving on for now. Mar 04, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm going to be upfront and totally honest. This read was a bit disappointing. I have heard nothing but good reviews on this and apparently my expectations went above and beyond what the author was capable of delivering. It's not the crappiest read I have ever had the displeasure of reading, but it's pretty close up there.

Here is what I didn't like: All Three Main Characters. You have Ethan who is a Memphis cop. Next you have his his bff for the past 7 years.

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  4. She is a woman who lived next door t I'm going to be upfront and totally honest. She is a woman who lived next door to him. Her name is Cade and she spent 7 years as a soldier and marksman in the IDF Israeli Defense Forces , and last but not least a gung ho Marine named Brandt who ran from Atlanta where the virus originally started.

    Neither one of these clowns have the brains that God gave a billy goat. On top of that their personalities are inconsistent with their careers. It's weird and makes no sense. Here are a few examples. Ethan - Memphis cop who loves his wife, Cade's niece, and helping people. A week or so after the fall he turns into a big dick. That is pretty much the only way I can describe him.

    He had no intention of letting Theo and Gray join the group. In fact he stomped around like a three year old having a temper tantrum and kept saying he wanted them out of the hideout. I have a hard time believing that someone's attitude can dramatically change that quickly. Cade - Her personality is like Dr.

    One minutes she's joking and making jokes and the next minute she's pissed and punching people.

    The Becoming

    Make a decision on what personality you want this woman to pursue and stick with it. If you want her to be bi-polar than write it into the storyline so I can stop getting whiplash from the erratic mood swings that make no sense. This type of behavior would not sit well in the IDF. Brandt - This dude is seriously a Marine? His behavior is not very consistent with a Marine. Is he supposed to be one of those that like to stray from the pack..

    If he acted this way while actually stationed somewhere he would have gotten his whole team killed within the first week. His behavior is unstable, erratic, and not very well thought out. Was it his first day in the marines when the virus went down. If so then maybe I can understand why he acts the way he does. The three of them together seems like a lost cause. If their ever was a Zombie outbreak I wouldn't go with people like that even if they had really big guns.

    Neither one of them seem to have any common sense. Cade is always asking Brandt what the plan is and Brandt keeps asking Cade. I came pretty damn close to hurling my kindle across the lawn after about the 15th time of listening to those two ask, "What's the plan? Halfway into the book we get two more characters, Theo and his brother Gary. Theo is a paramedic and his brother Gary is a mechanic.

    Now Gary has asthma. Why is it that Theo is carrying Gary's inhaler in the medics bag. What is he three and can't be trusted? My son who is 15 and is capable of self carrying and keeping track of his inhaler, so is his 11 year old sister. The guy who is not capable of carrying his own inhaler and is a car mechanic, and also claims that he's not good at the information thing seems to know more about the infected in the way that they react than the cop, marine, and the IDF soldier.

    Not a one of these characters are believable in any way shape or form. Now let's talk about the plot. It didn't flow from chapter to chapter. Some chapters seemed hurried and written poorly with no action what so ever and then some went on and one and never seemed to end even though nothing much was going on. Very few of the chapters seemed like they should follow the other. The zombies were a bit lackluster as well. Will I read Book 2?

    Yes, I do believe I will. There's a story in there somewhere, an excellent one at that. It needs some serious fine tuining for that potential to shine. I know this was the authors first book and I was a bit disappointed, but I am hoping that suggestions from others readers were taken and applied to the rest of the series. View all 6 comments. Jan 12, Patrick D'Orazio rated it really liked it. The Becoming tells the tale of three people in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Brandt is a military man who flees Atlanta not long after the start of the Michaluk virus.

    He was at the epicenter, having volunteered to be one of the guards at the CDC when the plague first broke free from one of the labs.

    Oraclez - The Becoming (Nine Inch Nails cover)

    As the city crumbles and the dead begin to rise, he heads west to Alabama while the virus spreads further out from the city at the same time. Ethan and Cade, two friends living in Memphis The Becoming tells the tale of three people in the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Ethan and Cade, two friends living in Memphis, are swept up in the story not long after as the virus plows through the entire southeastern United States.

    Ethan is a Memphis police officer who just got promoted while Cade is his next door neighbor and a former member of the Israeli Defense Force, or IDF, who has immigrated to the United States. Things hit the fan pretty fast in this tale, with the bulk of the early story dealing with Ethan and Cade coping with their first horrific exposure to the virus and then hitting the road, trying to figure out how to survive as everyone around them turns into flesh eating monsters.

    They hook up with Brandt while trying to see if Ethan's mother is still alive in her small Alabama town, and together the three decide to head back west, toward Mississippi and with the hope of outrunning the fast moving virus. Naturally, there are interpersonal conflicts between the three, and they also end up meeting a few other survivors that add to the intense interpersonal relationships. This tale is the first of what I believe is a trilogy, and focuses quite well on the key things that tend to work well in zombie apocalypse novels: This story has both of those, and its focus on the three main characters serves it well.

    They are well drawn and fit well into the survivor roles with their skills and training in the military and police force. But despite those talents, they are just as human as anyone else and coping with such incredible tragedy is quite difficult for them. The good, the bad, and the ugly of their personalities rear their heads when they are dealing with one another, the undead, and the other survivors that appear in this story.

    While the characters each ticked me off in turn and made me want to slap each one of them for acting the way they do, they were all also trying to do their best to remain human and doing what they can to help each other out, giving me reason to like them at the same time.

    Their reactions to the tragedies that unfold around them were real for the most part, though a couple of instances bothered me: Even with those minor complaints, the characters have a realness to them that helped me feel comfortable rooting for them to survive. Overall, the writing in The Becoming is solid and the editing is excellent.

    I look forward to seeing what Ms. Jan 05, Ulises rated it liked it. This is a tricky review to write because the author is a friend of mine and she's been super supportive of my own literary work.

    "The Becoming" lyrics

    But I'll give it my best shot. Overall, this is a good story. I think that it's a promising start for a writer who clearly has a lot of potential as a storyteller. But it also demonstrates some of the issues that we all go through as budding writers. From a technical standpoint, the overuse of adverbs slows down the narrative. Adverbs are one of those things that we have This is a tricky review to write because the author is a friend of mine and she's been super supportive of my own literary work. Adverbs are one of those things that we have to employ sparingly oops , so it's problematic that the adverbs are as plentiful as they are.

    Also, some of the adverbs are, well, unnecessary. As my editor once told me, "If someone is slamming the door, it goes without saying that they're slamming it angrily, so no need to say that they're slamming it angrily. From a narrative standpoint, I had a few issues with the story. One is the plague itself. It's great that the author dedicates so much time to her characters, but the plague almost becomes an afterthought.

    They have the ability to think, which is scary. I also had a few issues with some of the characters. The male lead seems rather quick to abandon his wife to her fate at least initially , and the female lead, while a total kickass, also behaves somewhat bratty from time to time. I suppose this just makes them much more human, and that's a good thing. But their emotions do seem a bit on the implausible side.

    Nine Inch Nails - The Becoming - text, překlad -

    After the immediate horrors they've experienced and WOW, the horrors come quick and shockingly , I would expect them to act a bit more broken down. They seem to have their stuff together a bit too neatly given their circumstances. So, having said all this, I did enjoy the book. And it's an amazingly promising start for the author. Put it this way: And given her prodigious rate of production, that's going to happen sooner than later. Jan 31, J. My initial review was apparently an earlier draft and most of what I mentioned had either been edited out, changed or rewritten.

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    Now that The Becoming is available on Amazon and Audible, I just have to say that it is truly an honor to be asked to review her revised work. For a first time author in this genre, Ms. With the revisions, the reader now has some insight into who this character is and a little about his motivations beyond surviving contact with the infected. A beautifully written sequence, rich in detail and character development. As the story progresses, we meet Cade and Ethan, next door neighbors, one being a city police officer and the other a former IDF soldier.

    Not to give anything away but pay attention to the interaction between these two and you might catch something that most readers would miss. Ethan, what some would call an off-duty alcoholic is nicely detailed to a point where the reader can picture just what kind of person he is. Cade, the neighbor and former IDF soldier, comes across as someone who just wants to have a normal life in a quiet neighborhood and enjoy backyard barbeques with her friends.

    Events transpire and the outbreak reaches their respective homes and as one could imagine, bad things happen. There were a couple of issues that I discussed with Ms. Overall, the first version of The Becoming read like it was a teaser trailer and this version is the Full Monty. Jan 16, Jason rated it liked it Shelves: I don't include book summaries in my reviews since Goodreads already provides the consumer with a full overview.

    I always enjoy a good dystopic novel, especially when it involves zombies. I thought Meigs did a nice job of capturing how surreal it would be to see a zombie-type infection discussed on the news and its subsequent spread across the country. Meigs has a lot of cool background knowledge on the military, weapons, tactics, etc. I didn't ever feel that I knew the characters I don't include book summaries in my reviews since Goodreads already provides the consumer with a full overview. I didn't ever feel that I knew the characters very well. I would've liked more intimate backgrounds and development of the characters so that I would care more about their outcomes.

    Also, it became clear at one point that the characters knew about zombies yet, after this one mention, the word never came up again. This was surprising to me. You'd think that they'd compare the "infected" to what they've seen in books and movies about zombies. That would've felt natural. One of the characters took ample notes about what he'd heard on the radio, etc.

    I would've liked to hear more of his observations of the infected and their patterns. Not a bad book. It was enjoyable enough that it kept me engaged throughout. It could've been better but it also could've been worse. OK first I have to agree with Giselle on this People think zombie stories are all about blood and gore when in reality its about the fight, survival, and triumphs that the characters overcome. Each character tugs at your heart and you pull for them to fight and survive. This book is exactly like that.

    I immediately liked Brandt and knew he would be one of my favorites. I liked the military background he has so I knew he would be awesome. When Ethan and Cade are introduced.. I will have to admit.. I felt more for Cade than Ethan but as the story progresses and "Events" occur you begin to feel for him too.


    Another one of my favorite characters has a small part in this book but I just have a feeling that she will be more of a fighter in the 2nd book. She is a young 14 year old girl who has managed to survive on her own since the outbreak against all odds. I am really looking forward to delving into here character!! I read this book in 3 days. It had action, suspense, loss, grief, and survival. It had all the characteristics that make a story amazing. I cannot wait to read the 2nd in the series and see what happens next for these characters. Jan 30, Melyooo rated it really liked it Shelves: