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You will not be disappointed! My only disappointment was I had to get some sleep. I am amazed how Iris Bolling is able to write about several different characters who are working towards the same goal while dealing with personal issues in the process. Iris allows each character to grow throughout the book, giving you the opportunity to identify with more than just one hero and heroine.

You are able to fall in love the with supporting cast as well. Their different backgrounds and professions does not exclude them from being hurt be love and people. It is their differences that brings them together to face their demons and obstacles. I am enjoyed how the each character male or female was not afraid to share their romantic needs and feelings. Iris paints a beautiful picture on how love will conquer all if you give it a second chance. I am excited to read about Ty better known as Tyrone and Kiki story! I forgot to mention that I pre-ordered hard copy of the book but could wait so I downloaded the kindle version.

Iris Bolling books are the must have in hard copy and ebook! Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I am going to try to find the words to explain how much I revere this authors work. She is nothing short of amazing. I have read and loved all seven of her books. I absolutely enjoyed and raved about each and every last one. I knew from the first book she was going to be a shining star. I will support any book she writes; she could rewrite the three little pigs and I would swear it's going to be her best work yet.

Bolling can't publish books quick enough for me as I crave her next release. I give credit where credit is due, she does great job of not keeping her followers waiting too long. While this was a much different read than the beloved "Heart Series", It is just as good in style and her grace shines through in this novel.

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Two sisters, two brothers - one night changes their lives forever. Sounds out there but it works so well. Siri Austin is TK older sister. Having not been herself lately after dealing with a very public divorce, TK badgers her to attend concert to lift her sprits. Siri has a front row seat and Silk is drawn to her as he is singing he cant take his eyes off of her. The sparks fly with these two. While a close encounter with Siri and Silk happens it doesn't flourish like their siblings as Siri pumps the breaks and Silk vows to win her heart.

Night of Seduction/Heaven's Gate

This becomes a true page turner to see how these potential couples interact with each other. Add in the other players and you won't be able to stop reading. Lotoya Wright is the mother of Jason's daughter Sierra and she is nothing but trifling. Kiki is Siri's agent and she adds flair to the story. The mothers Miriam Davies and Kerri Kendrick are the funniest with trying to get their kids together.

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Add in Nana and they are a riot. Ms Bolling does not disappoint in this book. If you loved "The Heart Series" you will continue with this story. True to form all the men in this novel are strong, sexy, career oriented black men. Likewise, the women have it going on also. As I am at the end of each of her novels, I eagerly await her next novel with baited breath. We ask authors to give us something different let us see what else in the arsenal. Ms Bolling took that and ran with it and the result, a stellar performance.

Eric, Siri, Jason, and Tekaya are all single professionals who find that special enchanted love they never thought they would ever find. But it's not easy sailing for these two couples; contrary to what some may believe, having money does not mean a drama free life! Keeping the sea of love in choppy waters is, one ex husband, one baby mama, and one nasty battle-axe of an ex mother in-law and you've got DRAMA for days!!!

Trying to keep the pendulum from knocking out one of the lovable couples as the time and events start to unfold, are their mothers Kerri and Miriam who are a hoot!!!! Rounding out the cast are supporting characters Ty the lawyer and literary agent KiKi, who have no idea that the love boat may just be right around the corner!

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When love, money, power, and greed collide it fuels the engines for this sensual but action packed romantic drama, making this one of my favorite reads this year! Whenever author Iris Bolling introduces readers to her characters, it's like welcoming home old friends. The emotions that ease from her characters glides off each page and penetrate the reader's most sensuous areas. This kind of magnetized love that captivates the heart is gracefully written among the pages in this novel and Ms.

Bolling shares all aspects such as, forgiveness and letting go, which are essential to our well being as well as our hearts. Night of Seduction/Heaven's Gate (): Iris Bolling: Books

This is my third read by Ms. Bolling, which has now qualified her an entry onto my top 15 authors list. I actually cried at the end. It was one of those moments when you gasp and feel the tear slide down your cheek. A Night of Seduction can change your outlook on life and open Heaven's Gate. That result was a gift of love, his daughter Sierra. Accepting his responsibility as a father, he moves the mother of his daughter, Latoya Wright into his home. Expectantly, she wreaks so much havoc in his life he completely gives up on love.

Then he meets the sexy, lovable photographer TeKaya Kendrick and not only does he find a love, he experiences a night of seduction that will last a life time. Night after night he sings, bringing joy and hope of love to millions, but can t seem to find it for himself.

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Then during one of his concerts, his eyes rest on a woman in the front row and his songs take on a new meaning that leads to an unbelievable night of seduction. The woman, he believes to be a call girl, turns out to be a beautiful, baggage filled, school teacher named Siri Austin who just happens to be his key to open Heaven s Gate.