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No matter what is happening in your life, think of the blessings you do have. Beating the Holiday Blues. Retrieved on December 14, , from https: Find help or get online counseling now.

Post-vacation blues

Here are the key causes for the holiday blues: Pressure to feel merry: Do you feel joyous when holiday decorations go up and store windows fill with gifts? The disparity between how you actually feel and what you think you are supposed to feel can cause you guilt and confusion. This phenomenon can start you off on the wrong foot, even before the festivities begin. Remembrances of holidays past: Consciously or unconsciously, you have a mental record of previous holidays.

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Your mood may be contaminated by the specter of sad holidays past. If your current life circumstances are unhappy, however, you may long for the happy holidays you once enjoyed.

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Reminders of loved ones lost: Holidays are a time for reflection. All too often your thoughts turn to beloved family members and friends who have passed away. The subsequent sense of loss you feel can spoil even the happiest of celebrations.

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Additionally, separation from family members emotional or geographic can be particularly painful at this time of year. One of the joys of the holiday season is to give to others. Many people are adversely impacted by the relative loss of sunlight they experience during the winter months. This phenomenon even has a name: Your holiday blues will only be exacerbated by limited sunshine.

Hectic holidays can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. You may feel a sense of loss or frustration.

Learn why people get depressed over the holidays and how you can overcome end of the year sadness

That can turn into the blues. Clinical depression is a disorder that may need to be relieved with medicine. The holiday blues could need something as simple as a good listener. Clinical depression, however, can be triggered in a number of ways at or just after the holidays.

There is also a tendency to link the holiday blues with seasonal affective disorder SAD , also called depression with seasonal pattern. SAD, however, is a diagnosable problem linked to fewer hours of sunlight during the winter. People with the holiday blues also can also have SAD.

Post Travel Depression, Vacation Blues, PTD

But, the 2 are not directly related. People with SAD have symptoms of major depression throughout the fall and winter. You might ease your holiday blues with something as simple as getting enough rest.

Feeling sad? Here's how to beat the holiday blues

People tend to lose sleep during the holidays and end up shortchanging themselves. Lack of sleep can cause cloudy thinking, and irritability. It can also hamper your ability to deal with everyday stress. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and getting some exercise can ease the blues. Also, make an effort to stay positive. If you are thinking about suicide, call or your healthcare provider right away.