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They formed a guard of honour at the church entrance and again at the cemetery for their star player. Three of his closest teammates laid a wreath on his coffin.

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But their tears gave way to chuckles when family friend Craig Johnson told mourners about the big boy whom younger kids idolised because he was "always there to teach them about basketball, footy or how to get a chick or two". Cory, 16, loved to party, loved his friends and his football, but most of all he loved "his idol, his best friend, his father Rex", Mr Johnson said. Rex Dowling was inconsolable yesterday, clutching the hand of his sister Sue Taggert, who had helped him bring up his only son.


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The three were very close and Cory had served up plenty of mischief to Rex and Sue over the years, Mr Taggert said, but his quick wit and smile always won them over in the end. There were broad grins all around the church when Mr Taggert recalled Cory's ability to spend his father's money. Cory was also "addicted" to the internet, chatting with friends at all hours or running up huge phone bills with endless calls to girls.

T he final mission phases include a series of impressive ring-grazing orbits, as illustrated here:.

Cassini's farewell to Saturn, and the brightest star and planet in the night sky - January

Each side of the hexagon measures 13,km, larger than the diameter of Earth! The evening sky is currently dominated by the planet Venus. Look towards the southwest approximately 20 minutes after sunset and it is hard to miss. Mother Nature's free neutral density filter Venus pic.

V enus is the brightest planet visible from Earth, and able to cast shadows under the right conditions.

Moon, Mars and Venus over the Solent. Although Venus will be an easy naked eye target, Neptune requires a pair of binoculars or a telescope to see.

On this occasion, Venus will appear 78, times brighter than Neptune. A s Venus is the brightest planet, Sirius is the brightest night time star.

Farewell! bright Star! (Kiallmark, George)

T he Great Dog appears to be running up the sky, his triangular head being immediately left of Sirius. From here, it should be possible to make out the vaguely rectangular body, back legs and an upturned tail. Look 4 degrees, or 8 apparent full Moon diameters, south of Sirius to locate the open cluster M41 which sits close to the naked eye threshold.

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Binoculars show this beautiful winter cluster well. Look above and left of Sirius for a distance slightly greater than the height of the main pattern of Orion. The ill-defined and faint constellation of Monoceros, the Unicorn, occupies most of the triangle along with the winter Milky Way. A sweep through the area with a pair of binoculars shows various star clusters such as M50, the Heart-shaped Cluster, and NGC which looks like the pattern forming the number 6 on a die.

S lightly north of the Rosette is a complex region of sky containing a cluster and several glowing nebulae.