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Expressions of my soul :) poem #1

If you're into poetry and people who're into poetry, join the community to remove ads and share your poetry. There are things people want from me but can you not see that some things cannot be. I just want to be me, I write poems decently fast. But its so hard to spit bars.

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I dont want fame or glory, but with these hands I'll tame the expressions within me. Read my words imagine my world, but never see me in it. I'll share a new point of view, but only the open minded few can understand the work of hand, pen and paper. Is it a talent to write such raw feelings, only you, the being reading this can judge. Judge my words, my flaws and my ideals.

Do I hit you deep in the feels?

Maybe you and I are looking for our inner selves. It feels like digging through a book shelf. But as we age we find our greatest collection of stories and just as many worries.

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A pile of imperfections but there are still perfect moments. Day 22 It was a restless night when I couldnt sleep so I started writing and after reading it over many times I settled down and could finally sleep.

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Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza Mar Kurt Carman May In this space and time that we call memories, Eyes closed tight…we wince to recall special moments long gone. Some, we merely exist to relive, and others are meant for painful lessons learned. Strumming through the cob webs, we coerce ourselves through this jaded door, Only to find, this time, a feeling of remorse followed by expressions of grief.

Like a bank account, we deposit memories daily, Some are easily recalled and others are over and done. The room was silent.

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Somewhere along the span of my mother's 35 short years on this planet, her immune system made a giant mistake. For uncertain reasons, her body began to attack nerve cells, severely affecting her brain's processing ability and mobility.

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The only medication that had ever subdued the symptoms was beginning to kill her. I still have plenty of time. There was no way in hell I was going to let my family see me cry.

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  8. This was a joke. My mom was not going to die. The morbid implication of those two short words spoke worlds louder than any words I could muster. I ran, and ran, and ran. I ran until my lungs hurt, and then kept running. But when we learnt it, we started intensive therapy.

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    6. At four, Aman used to stare for hours at the English newspapers and magazines brought home by his father, who works in a printing press. The parents thought he was imitating people reading books and magazines.

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      But when he started learning to write using augmentative and alternative communication devices like writing tablets and touch pads, Aman surprised everyone by writing words and meaningful sentences. Earlier, we thought he was replicating from his memory and started giving him topics to write.

      In the poem Sky, Aman writes: To pen each poem, Aman needs a day or two, and beside him his mother. The family goes on short trips and Aman loves the journeys that gives him new subjects apart from enough time to play with his siblings Fathima Nasrin and Muhammed Hazin. Tuesday, Sep 18, Last Update: Lifestyle , Viral and Trending. Updated Apr 13, , Duchess of Sussex backs cookbook to help project set up after deadly London fire.