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In the 21st century, French is one of the working languages for many international bodies, and remains the lingua franca of sporting institutions like the International Olympic Committee and FIFA. German, meanwhile, continues to hold sway in the academic world, particularly within the sciences.

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The English language has become so embedded in business, social and diplomatic interactions that its continued use is likely to hold out. French then dominated until the UK joined the bloc in , ushering in English as the third official language. French ruminations on the topic have been particularly high in volume. While industry statistics depict a decline in English learners in Europe, they are tangled with the effects of exchange rate changes and more long-term industry trends, such as the growing ease of internet learning.

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The practical reality is the English language has become so embedded in business, social and diplomatic interactions that the everyday call for its continued use is likely to hold out. This can be argued from both an outward-looking, global perspective and an inward-looking, European perspective. From a global perspective, English is the fastest-spreading language in human history, and is spoken at a useful level by one in four people around the world — the million English-speaking EU citizens compose just 10 percent of the worldwide total.

Further, an Ipsos Mori study found 67 percent of those working in jobs that require international communication said most of their exchanges were conducted in English.

Many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English, and have structured schemes to facilitate this. The argument for the utility of English from an inward-looking perspective is also convincing.

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The number of English speakers across Europe reflects the huge investment that so many have already made in learning it, while many international companies expect employees to be fluent in English, and have invested in structured schemes to facilitate this. According to a Eurobarometer study, 38 percent of EU citizens speak English as a foreign language to a working proficiency.

You can speak, Germany, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese or an other language without English you do not have any chance. Sharing my experience of speaking English in Germany: I am Spanish, and I have developed my professional career in the Netherlands and Germany for more than 6 years, and I always did it in English.

English language in Europe

Both countries are extremely English friendly, specially Amsterdam and Berlin, the two cities I worked in. However in Germany it can be quite tricky to live with English only. In order to grow professionally it is highly recommended that you learn both languages for both countries. English is "nice to have" if you don't work in the UK or USA or the far east as you will need the local language as well at least in basic plus level.

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Read these tips to help your recruitment process! Toggle navigation Go Places! European Countries That Speak English Many European countries that speak English do so as their second language, throughout the continent, a large percentage of the population are able to speak two, three and sometimes even four languages for example language learning app Babbel found this to be the case in one of the smallest countries in Europe, Luxembourg!

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  • SOUTHERN EUROPE A popular destination for so many English speaking expats due to factors such as the wonderful food, weather and a different lifestyle to back home, we see here that in this region there are plenty of English speakers for us to converse with, however the figures are not as high as places like Germany where almost three quarters of the population speak English.

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    English Speaking Countries In Europe

    Brexit or no Brexit, might is right! English will become even more important in the European Union in the near future. I thought that Poland was placed in a better position. These results if that is what they are are not surprising, similarities in language structure make it much easier to learn English for "natives" of these countries. More importantly yet in a very related manner the cultural and economic similarities make learning English easy.

    They consume English media from a young age Finally, being rich countries whose citizens have access to good education and cultural materials such as books, makes the whole thing a comparative cinch. Swedes' "success" in English is as surprising as Spaniards' in Portugal or Russians' in the Bulgaria.

    Who in Europe speaks English best?

    Why should I learn foreign languages? Well actually there are lots of reasons! Are you at the office this summer? We give you some tips to enjoy summer while you are working. Toggle navigation Go Places! English as a second language: Who in Europe speaks it best? Updated 31st July Who in Europe speaks English best?