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It's a long frustrating position to be in, and for an entry level job at that. I have never felt like I have had to jump through so many hoops just to be looked at amongst the hundreds of applicants i. Each and every flaw is looked upon in what feels like a negative manner. Only after years of trying does one understand that even for the perfect candidate, it comes down to who you know or dumb luck.

I've made my mistakes in life as a kid but grew out of it shoplifting, and underage drinking. However, for many LEO hopefuls like myself, agencies just dont care. They are unwilling to overlook the change people make, unwilling to see the challenges applicants faced in their pasts; which they overcame to be where they're at today. As each year dwindles by and I continue to rack up tenure at my agency, I wonder if I ever was meant to be a cop, or if I am forever destined to remaine confined with society's worst as repayment for my sins.

JacquelineDeane55 in Greeneville, Tennessee. But here is the bad news. You see, nobody is truly a good person. You see, only God is truly good. Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever hated anyone? If you have, then you have sinned. Killing others is also a sin, and yet you hear every day on the news that someone has murdered somebody else. Because mankind are sinners and on their way to a burning Hell. Now that you know that no one is good in God's eyes, how do we then become good? How do we become vindicated before God?

The Bible teaches that we need to have Jesus' righteousness but the only way to do that is to come to Him by faith:. So you see that you need to believe in your heart that God raised up Jesus from the dead, and you also need to confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

If you die without Christ, you will spend eternity in Hell. In our modern world today, people think that Hell is a place of never-ending parties and good times. They think that all of their friends will be there. But that is far from the truth. You would think that these people have never read the Bible, or that they have never taken it seriously.

I Wish I Never Became a Police Officer

The Bible teaches that Hell is a place of never-ending fire and torment, and my dear friend, that is not very much fun this truth has scared a lot of people. It is a place of tears and no hope. It is darkness and loneliness. You won't be able to see anyone at all. It is eternal separation from God Himself. Since God is the Source of Joy and Happiness, that means that everything apart from Him is tears, sorrow, and no happiness. So my dear friend, for your own eternal safety, I pray that you will accept Jesus Christ into your heart today, and make Him Lord over your life.

If you have done this, you need to find a Bible-believing church where you can grow in God's Word. And you also need to find out what God wants you to do with your life, so that you may serve Him. Cop Appreciator in Moreno Valley, California. Jonathan in Brooklyn, New York said: I hope you realize your girlfriend was wrong.

She should have stuck by you. SO's of cops, firefighters, and military have to serve alongside them. It goes with the relationship. Many Navy spouses do not see their SO's for months at a time. Same with their kids. But its the sacrifice you are willing to make to serve your community or country. Many women ARE willing to make that sacrifice. Great idea in Las Vegas, Nevada. Both of you have a very noble and hard professions. I've been on the Police force for 17 years. I want to extend my thank you to joe boy for watching my family at night while I watch after others.

I want to thank justagirl for helping my sister when she was an addict thanks to you she is now getting her Masters and helping others. Our jobs are very difficult.

Top Cities for Police Officer Jobs

I can only hope for better days ahead. But know that I have seen the difference we make as a whole hundreds of miles apart. Patsfan in East Sandwich, Massachusetts. I just recently retired as an Officer in New Hampshire. I have been offered numerous other LE jobs and I'm here to tell you that I will never ever put a uniform on again. It is not the public that makes the job so degrading but the administration.

He sets double standards, one for him and his pals on the force and then another standard for all the others. His list of accomplishments are distinguished. He got a NH State Trooper suspended after he begged the trooper to let him go on a Drunk Driving charge which the poor trooper did , has appeared in a sex tape involving one of his former dispatchers, has involved himself in extramarrital affairs and has been forced to leave all three New Hampshire police departments where he served as police chief.

He surrounds himself with a few close friends, one of which is now his Captain from NH of course. How he got hired in Mashpee is beyond me as they obviously failed to conduct a proper background investigation, otherwise the above mentioned items would have been uncovered. Oh, that's right one of his friends was serving as interim chief at the time in Mashpee. My point is, your career will be dictated by administrators such as Chief Rodney, do as I say and certainly not as I do. I am proud to have served but disgraced to have served under Chief Rodney Collins.

To those who are looking and just have to take on the career, find a big city department, stay under the radar and click off your years. Hello, would like to speak to you about your comments. You don't need to tell me your name or anything but I would like more information He did though hire back, Kevin Smith, who was terminated, by Sheriff Rhodes for stealing, while he was on duty. He also hired back another individual, who was investigated, for asking sexual favors, to not write a female a speeding ticket.

Sheriffs Adams also in relations, with a female, by the name of Carroll Updike, who is thirty five years younger, than he. She has also slept with numerous Officers in the Sheriffs Office. How he made Sheriff is a miracle. Sheriff Adams was even investigated for having stolen farm Equiptment , on his property. For all Officers coming out of the Academy, Stay away from Politics and people like him.

Hi, just noticed your post and not surprised. The nutcase was from Dinwiddie County at the time and the individual who you mentioned trespassed into Brunswick County the day after to call me a liar and defend the nut who stalked and harassed my family. The last I heard, the nut was demented in a nursing home somewhere.

Cops seem to be getting worse. In my town a few years ago , some cops in an unmarked car I didn't know it was an unmarked cop car at the time pulled in front of me on the road. I followed them to the light before taking a left on green. Then, I turned down another road with the signal on , and I saw their car in the rear view window. I fleed because I thought it was some hooligans or something didn't think that it was police , and I ended up running a few stop signs to get away from then.

Eventually, I was caught by a marked car on a street two blocks away, and got a ticket. I appealed it, and told the magistrate what happened, but I didn't get a break. And, the officers who followed me originally and had no business following me weren't even at the hearing just the lady who gave me the ticket. It's the fact that you put a dent in the world.

Escaping From Cops Using Magic - How To Drink In Public

There will always be people that will try to throw red tape at our goals in life. Honestly a dent is better than nothing at all. You really have to go into a career in public service with the mind set "If I helped one person in my whole career then the effort was worth it. I'm sure you would be amazed if all the people that you helped during your career came back to say "Thank You".

Lizzy in Exeter, United Kingdom. Kbeltran in Fargo, North Dakota said: Smith, I am in my 3rd year of Criminal Justice. Right now I am writing my Research assignment, The title is: Life and the stress of wearing the Badge. I am writing about the divorce rate among Police Officers, does an officer think about this when they get married?

And are their children treated the same as other children? Hello, This sounds like a really interesting topic, would I be able to read your finished research assignment? Am happy to share this testimony about the great priest manuka. I am callista, my husband had an affair with another lady for almost 10 years now and it was the worse thing that ever happened to our marriage. I was forced to take a good hard look at my behavior in the marriage and I came to realize that I was partly to blame for his affair.

I had become emotionally unavailable to him and when something good or bad happened in my life, I called my friends instead of my husband. I had stopped allowing him to love me and to support me and he felt as if I no longer needed him. As a musician on the road with his band, it became to much temptation for him when a girl he met on road became interested in him and was more than available for him emotionally and physically.

Once I really started to examine my behavior, I realized that I had as much work to do as he did. When going through all theses problem i came across priest manuka then i explained things to him. Now, My husband cut all tires with his other woman and became committed to working on our marriage to save it. Today, we have a beautiful son, another on the way in a couple weeks, we own our home, and have a fuller, happier life than we ever imagined. After i came across the testimony made by lucy about how this temple of spirit brought back her ex husband for more than 6 years in marriage.

Ms in Dallas, Texas. I agree with you. I feel the same way. The public does not realize how much bs and stress the average cop has to deal with. Most people like myself have no real understanding of what true law enforcement life is like.

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I attended a PD Citizens Academy in Signed up for three ride alongs one in each of our districts. During my time with these three officers I had an opportunity to experience a few moments in the life behind the badge. Most times it was a lot of driving around typing up reports. Then out of nowhere all hell would break loose. Traffic stops were scary. Never knew who we stopped, lol! It was a feeling I will never forget. Almost hit some cars.

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Am I crazy for missing it? I've been wanting to join the PD ever since but I know that at 45 years of age I am well passed the age of chasing down suspects on foot. You have certainly earned it in my eyes! Wordtotheg30 in Yuba City, California. A police officer is simply a tax payers employee to protect and serve. To my knowledge, being a police officer is very difficult.. I'm tankful for ur service for us keeping the streets clean and that's my dream just scared i'm not made for a correctional officer or a police.

Upload your resume Sign in. Forums are open to the public. Content is not continuously monitored. All content is user created. What it's like to climb a mountain with no ropes. I feel for today's police officers. Take for example the way they dress — they look like paramilitaries. When I worked my beat in the tough East End of Sheffield I had a little stick to protect me, and not once did I use it.

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Make it three, then. You start with six guys wanting to rip your face off, and end up at the bar having a pint of beer in full uniform.

  • 'No one has any respect for police officers any more'.
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Is there anything that has improved? I can give you that answer in one short word: It makes me feel sick to my stomach sometimes. But people will seize on that and naturally think everybody is the same. PC Martyn Johnson pictured in One day I was on the beat and I guy came up to me and said, "Have you bought any porn lately?

I worked in the toughest part of Sheffield, and used to walk down the street with both thumbs in my lapels — I was proud. Prevention is better than cure, every time. What makes it different is the speed, depth and richness of the communication that can take place. It can be used as a global medium or a village voice. Tim provides training to agencies on a regular basis both online and in person providing some of the best and most relevant training available for social media, digital media and communications.

Tim Burrows has spoken to audiences large and small on a variety of topics for law enforcement and business interests. All talks are designed around the goals and needs of your agenda and built with your audience and message in mind for success. As a retired police officer, husband and parent, cyber safety for families and their personal safety means a lot to me. While some software can help to insulate people, education is the secret weapon to combat cyber attacks and online bullying.

Almost important is the need for responsible Internet use by our youth today. Tim is available to bring his experience and expertise to your school, organization or event to help educate students and parents alike with presentations designed for each.