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The Moshi IonSlim 10K is a lightweight, attractive power bank with Power Delivery support to even keep a laptop going. But at just 10K capacity, can it justify its steep price point? Find out in our review. Rise of the Rest, a U. The much-discussed Ford Ranger Raptor off-road pickup truck is the long-awaited little sibling to the Ford F Raptor.

Canonical has begun the process of formulating policies surrounding snap packages that could ship in Ubuntu by default in future releases. Policies are important to ensure stability of the software. The creators of aSweatLife. During the Activision earnings call, it was revealed that both Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 had performed insanely well, as had microtransactions. Researchers at The Australian National University ANU have designed a new type of intelligent system based on deep learning that can learn to solve decision-making problems, including problems more complex than it has been With more and more mobile apps taking advantage of virtual reality, these apps are on the forefront of developing technology's wide range of possibilities.

Learn about data lakes, using Avro at the data sourcing layer, and using columnar format for high-performance access. This post runs through several simple ways to test both the successful and the error cases of macros when writing applications in Scala with code examples. Software testing is becoming easier, artificial intelligence automates the testing process, AI will encourage human creativity, and AI will eliminate bugs.

Best electric bikes,e-bikes,eapc Kodi is a superb, and very flexible free media center, but in the past year or so legal crackdowns, court cases, vanishing add-ons and other bad publicity have made people wary of it, and understandably so. The McLaren Senna claims road-legal track car top spot-worthiness. Beginning with Logan and Jake Paul In the past week, the U. We have yet to see the Nintendo Switch online service that was promised.

It has been delayed but according to the President of Nintendo, the wait for the announcement of the Nintendo Switch online service will be worth it. Looking at the Internet through Westphalian-tinted glasses is not going to make us safer or more secure. We discuss everything that we know about Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire including gameplay, release date, pre-order options, and more. Do you care about your data? If yes, I hope you are backing it up. In other words, it is smart to leverage the cloud, but you should also store your data locally.

Redundancy is key, folks. But in , a lot of people are going to tasked with a difficult choice: And at first, this proposition might sound A player that goes by the name Matti Hietanen recently developed a program called Cinematic Tools, which enables players to take control of the in-game camera. He has used the tool to make a photo mode of the game The Division. On that Ubisoft has permanently banned him form the game The Division. Microtransactions is a divisive topic among the video game community, while there is a significant portion of it speaking against it, there are also those in great number who support microtransactions silently and buy into them.

The computer in your car is a treasure trove of information about gas mileage, engine performance, maintenance issues, and more, but without an OBD2 scanner, most can only communicate with you through the primitive language of dashboard warning lights. Intuit says that tax prep season started six days later that last year, shifting tax revenue to the third quarter. Cryptocurrency mining has been booming for some time and while the value of Bitcoin has reduced over the course of the last few days we are not sure whether or not the mining bubble has popped or not.

Having that said, it seems like Inno3D, one of the GPU manufacturers is taking a stand against cryptocurrency miners. Many makers now have at their disposal an artificial intelligence tools that automates the design process for 3D-printable parts without manual 3D modeling. Researchers at Idiap and EPFL have been working with psychologists to understand how people form first impressions from photos. They focused on how people respond to properties available on Airbnb. Better analysis of human In the last 20 years, the games industry has had to adapt to dizzying technological, economical and social changes.

Here, I will analyze the industry- The internet has a new favorite team A Star Wars Story. V could be making a comeback, in movie form. Plus, more teases for Krypton and Ash vs. By the power of spoilers! Today we're doing another.. Everyone likes apps, but the best ones often cost money. A discussion of mobile security issues that enterprises face, and how solutions such as AI, the cloud, and enhance authentication can help mitigate risks. Altitude Angel to use cash to swoop on Europe, N America Yes, keys your devs put in public repos got forked. Sombra is the next Overwatch hero to get a rework.

The changes were actually added… Bitcoin is trying to sell itself as a virtual currency, but how easy is it to spend it? And where can you spend it? All Our Asias embraces the power of bit Dragon Quest Builders Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Dragon Quest Builders and getting started with the Nintendo Switch version. A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there.

Oracle missed off yearly survey, staffer claims 'malicious bias' Management comes with an implicit role in overseeing the health of employees as well as the company. Learn what behaviors can help make a low-stress workplace. We interviewed 14 tech industry executives about the role of performance testing in production. Here are some their perspectives as we wrapped up the session.

WeTravel wants to be the payment platform for small travel companies and group trips. Founded by three immigrant entrepreneurs who met at University of.. All but one supported Windows versions getting it PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' replay system arrived with the game's full release last year, and has since been used as a means of catching cheaters.

To this end, over one million rule breakers were banned from the game in January alone. Creative players have however been using the new mode with different ideas in mind. One such videographer is Sonny Evans. Otherwise known for his Grand Theft Auto 5 machinima Digital secretary ups ante, but users say it's riddled with bugs Businesses go to great lengths to protect their corporate networks, but when staff take work home it can be hard to ensure data is kept secure when using personal devices and accessing data from the cloud. Proof-of-concept exploit for Cisco's out-of severity bug surfaces days after researcher details his attack.

Devs quit, suggest Britain's health service bosses used them to bag Microsoft deal Puls will send a tech to your office on your schedule. And to ice that cake, here's a BBH-exclusive discount! The FCC's recent net neutrality ruling has the potential enterprises engaged in digital business, and cloud companies and their customers are forced into paying premiums for their Internet access.

Facial recognition app promises to verify your age to bouncers Over , downloads for an alpha version from a self-financed Indie studio is not Epic's battle royale title Fortnite has smashed a brand new record for concurrent users but that has not been without its issues. In a - admittedly, very t Google may enter the gaming business with a cloud-based service and home console, code-named "Yeti.

Xiaomi's founder and CEO has written a rousing, and very public, open letter detailing his ambitious plans for the next few years. The new CEO is trying to develop a healthy relationship with the studio heads. This puts it in the realm of some of the cheapest Windows laptops on the market of this display size. Each week, the Inside Track showcases the best service and support companies operating in the games industry.

Security teams increasingly rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect assets. Will a requirement to explain how they make decisions make them less effective? Reuters reported on February 6 that the Consumer Financial Pr Deploying a cloud management platform can make adopting a multi-cloud approach to consuming IT resources easier, but choosing one that is the right fit for your enterprise can be a challenge for CIOs, finds Stuart Burns.

The director of Orignal Resident Evil 2 Hideki Kamiya, recently posted his image on Instagram and on Twitter with a caption that implies a possible collaboration way with Capcom. Seeing the post many are convinced that Okami 2 may be the reason. Even today, as mobile and e-commerce payment options flood the market, few companies are willing to do away with cash acceptance. But a handful of brands have launched cashless locations, taking a bold step into a future where cash is no longer king. This analysis of building bitmaps from streams and unsorted batch creation considers how to get the most speed out of your code.

Companies need to think hard about what to do with technologies that are old but still much loved. Theatres and other entertainment venues are in a constant war with ticket fraudsters commanding botnet armies, as are other purveyors of high-value, limited-edition goods.

City hires an IT contractor for the help desk for a few months, and it soon becomes clear that, when it comes to temp workers, HR and IT have very different priorities. Indie dev heroes add cross-platform action to turn-based strategy The salaries for tech workers in London fell well below the figures for major US cities in Patents shows a full-screen Samsung smartphone Graphene is an exciting material for sensor development, especially combined with embedded RFID technology. See what this means for IoT. See the tech winners of the Devies, one of the largest software developer awards ceremonies in the world, including Electric Cloud, Sauce Labs, and more.

Learn about research that is using assistance from artificial intelligence combined with crowdsourcing to stamp out corruption.

2 Days & 1 Night - Season 3 : Pretty Boys Winter Camp Part 1 [ENG/THA/2016.12.25]

Once tech companies find a solution to their delivery stream, they may be in danger of becoming too reliant on it. Find out more about the "One Tool Fallacy. Here's a breakdown of considerations to keep in mind when planning for microservices architecture in your software development, such as domain driven design. Celestial choirs are coming to your screen soon Yet another Apple devices catches fire suddenly The private exploit seller is expanding its reach to acquire bugs in popular Linux builds.

HudsonAlpha sought to create more standardization and best practices to unify IT operations to support all types of applications in a hybrid cloud environment. And that's exactly what its new solution did. With the arrival of the upcoming firmware 5. It addresses a key frustration for PS4 Pro us… A half dozen IT industry reports out this week, reveal insight into the technical and personnel challenges facing enterprises.

Paul Saffo says that communication technologies historically take 30 years or more to find their true purpose. Just look at how the Internet today is different than it was back in I am beginning to think this idea applies also to new computing technologies like artificial intelligence AI. Lauri Love talks to Computer Weekly about plans to collaborate with others to tackle malware, and use cryptocurrencies to create new ways for businesses to work News Corp's chief executive on Thursday took a swipe at Google and Facebook for fostering a "dysfunctional" and "debased" online environment which harms the news media and responsible journalism.

Gamasutra speaks with a medical professional and a handful of devs about their personal stories of burnout, and how, as an industry, we can better pre Pledges simple workflow creation tools as next act after grand Q4 and FY One of Brazil's top newspapers, the Folha de S. Paulo, announced Thursday it would stop publishing on its Facebook page after the social network announced it would give personal content more visibility.

Developers, developers, developers — sigh — , of them were booted too! Group CTO Mark Ridley admits recruitment difficulties in hiring Moodle developers, but found success by enabling remote working practises Steve Yegge torches Chocolate Factory on his way out Company's journey from the heart of IT to the rest of the business continues Chocolate Factory touts more ways to blast banners Privacy preserved, promise, because Mozilla wants to reinvent web ads If you're unsure about learning Kotlin, check out the benefits the language offers over Java, including data classes, Android support, and null safety.

Google bans forced redirects used by Zirconium to infect Macs, PCs with nasties There's controversy in the crypto community after one of the founders of a prominent wallet service for storing and sending cryptocurrencies abruptly.. Gaming keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, but which is the best one? EE has been conducting tests of a powerful 4G antenna that it claims can provide isolated rural homes with broadband speeds equivalent to full-fibre Virtual reality is everywhere, and it is quickly gaining traction in the architecture industry.

Database giant happy as Larry that copyright infringement ruling allowed to stand, though Java 9 and Vert. Three senior figures from the UK tech sector spell out to House of Lords EU committee the problems the industry faces as uncertainty shrouds the future. Implement these improvements to your DevOps QA process by integrating continuous testing practices for more control over code quality, fewer bugs, and more. This compilation of interesting healthcare use cases details how IoT, wearables, and analytics can work together to help doctors, nurses, and patients alike.

Learn how big code can be addressed today through the semantic web, semantic tags, deep learning, virtual assistants, NLP APIs, and test-driven frameworks. Ask Firebase answers questions about using the Firebase platform for mobile development. This week, the hosts tackle identity, data, and Firebase predictions.

FB VR devs invite you to flick the screen rate The first step to DevOps for the database is continuous integration and the second step to DevOps for the database is release management. A programmer discusses various packages and frameworks from several different programming languages that allow developers to create OpenAPI definitions. Learn about detecting faces, cropping faces with facial recognition, pixelating or blurring faces, and facial recognition.

All the bits that make it a server are being deprecated Brings in designers to apply a new coat of UI before world thinks it looks too shabby to run A fundraising would bring Ant a step closer to a hotly anticipated initial public offering. Speaking to a joint Australian Parliament committee on the digital economy, Huawei has said national security cannot be used to 'disguise protectionism' for every public policy decision by governments globally.

There will be a new generation of Jaegers that will be clashing against a different breed of Kaiju, much bigger and powerful than the ones before, in Pacific Rim: Let's dive into the requires, exports, opens, and provides module directives and how to use them to create effective modules using JDK 9.

This week isn't turning out to be great one for Uber in Japan. Two of its investors -- Didi and SoftBank -- are teaming up to launch a rival service, while.. Law and order surveillance enthusiast George 'Metadata' Brandis is off to London. His replacement, Christian Porter, is a Star Wars tragic who avoided taking responsibility for Centrelink's robo-debt debacle. But you may find its latest idea a little puzzling. Fresh from launching iits Apple.. Players around the world are complaining on social media about the outage, and Sony has now confirmed the issues on its PSN Status site.

This is a complete outage for PSN. Addressing an inquiry into Australia's trade system and the digital economy, Ambassador for Cybercrime Tobias Feakin said the nation and its neighbours are thinking 'quite actively' about how to join forces on cyber deterrence. Meanwhile, Bruce Perens wants his legal bills footed A number of iOS app developers have been mystified by a new wave of app rejections related to their use of Apple's emojis.

They've suspected that a new App.. Wayland doesn't share nicely, and its crashes are catastrophic There are countless beasts to hunt down, capture, or even fish in World, including the Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird. The Phantom Bird, like its name implies, is well-hidden and is difficult to find in the game.

This makes completing the related request from the Endemic Life Researcher a challenging task. Thankfully, catching the Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird is a simple task enough if you know where to look and what to do exactly. That's where we come in. We know the best places to find the Phantom Bird and how to catch it in a swift, sufficient manner. There are a couple of locations in the game that are the best places to find it. It's worth noting that the Phantom Bird lives on the backs of larger creatures like the Apceros and Aptonoth.

Your best bet is going to locations filled with those two beasts, as you're sure to eventually find one with Monster Hunter World Phantom Birds on its back. Unfortunately, it is a random chance encounter with the birds so it does take patience. Because of this, we recommend switching back-and-forth between the Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest areas. Each time you do this, check the Apceros and Aptonoth to see if you find the nests of the Monster Hunter World Phantom Bird on their backs.

When you finally do find one, switch to your Ghillie suit and sneak on over. When you're close enough, use your capture net to snag one of these priceless Phantom Birds. More Monster Hunter World Guides: World ships 6 million games faster than any other Capcom game venturebeat. All 14 types evaluated vg Read the Patch Notes gamerevolution.

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Charge Blade guide — how to get the best from your builds and combos vg How to get the Evasion Mantle vg Deviljho DLC — everything we know so far vg World is Capcom's fastest selling game ever gamereactor. Zero Dawn Quest gamerant. Early Friday morning, Eurogamer confirmed these rumors through multiple sources. Former Lucas Arts Singapore developers are also said to be on the Metroid team. However, shortly after E3, Nintendo announced that Retro would not be at the helm of MP4 but did not mention who had been chosen to head up the game.

Eurogamer initially reached out to Nintendo directly for confirmation of the rumors. Of course, Nintendo simply said they do not comment on rumors and speculation, so other sources were sought. There is no indication of when it will be out but it is not likely to be finished this year.

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Fans will just have to wait for Nintendo to officially throw them a bone with a trailer, screenshots or some other news. In the meantime, there is still plenty of Switch content to keep us busy and some of it will be eligible for purchase using My Nintendo Gold points starting next month. Metroid Prime 4 is being developed by Bandai Namco Singapore polygon. The Switch continues to be a platform where indie developers go to release and port their games, most likely contributing to that achievement.

President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima said that the 3DS is still profitable and the company hopes "consumers will embrace it together with Nintendo Switch. But as for what transpires in the future, that is uncharted territory. The 3DS saw a bump in sales over this past holiday season, but that doesn't seem to be enough for Nintendo to say with certainty what their plans for the handheld console are.

Nintendo wants everyone to buy a Switch polygon. The Switch's biggest challenge is broadening its appeal gamasutra. The news comes four days into a trial brought about by Waymo, after it alleged that former employees, including Anthony Levandowski, had stolen confidential information to use in a new self-driving vehicle venture called Otto, which was subsequently acquired by Uber. According to a Bloomberg report today, however, Uber has agreed to pay around 0. In many ways, it was unusual for the Waymo and Uber spat to make it to trial in the first place, given that the duo would not want their dirty laundry put out for the world to see.

Less than a week into the trial, however, the two companies have clearly agreed that things have gone far enough — they both want to be spared the embarrassment of any more secrets coming out in what was shaping up to be one of the highest profile trials involving technology companies in a long time. Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a delivery service that will compete with UPS and FedEx and ultimately give it control of the last mile of delivery.

The e-commerce giant historically has optimized its supply chain, distribution and logistics and then handed off to carriers such as UPS, FedEx and the U. The effort will roll out in Los Angeles. Yet another industry has to answer the dreaded Amazon question. Hell, even healthcare has to address Amazon these days. Amazon's move to develop its own shipping service isn't surprising. Shipping could hamper Amazon's plans in the future. A shipping service could also be a profit engine. Shipping is a massive expense.

Stifel analyst David Ross noted: Meanwhile, Amazon mentioned how shipping is critical to its business in its annual report. Amazon said in its K: Add it up and the surprise isn't that Amazon is launching SWA. The real surprise is that it took Amazon this long to do it. More on Amazon's key initiatives on delivery: Apple has filed a copyright takedown request with GitHub to force the company to remove leaked source code information.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the company confirmed and addressed the leak. There are many layers of hardware and software protections built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the newest software releases to benefit from the latest protections. The solution provides a wider range of organizations to better manage and protect themselves from cyber risks.

However, it seems Samsung may be going against this trend if recent leaked images of the Galaxy S9 are anything to go by. Though the images seem to be centered around the upcoming Samsung DeX Pad, they clearly show what appears to be a Galaxy S9 device with its headphone jack intact. This information was previously confirmed by VentureBeat through "someone briefed on the company's plans" but now we may have additional proof. The so-called 'DeX Pad,' first reported here: The previously mentioned DeX Pad will serve as a dock for the phone, allowing users to lay it flat for use as a touchpad or a virtual keyboard.

Though Samsung's apparent decision to retain the 3. When Apple first introduced the Apple TV 4K in September, one of the new features it touted for it as well as the earlier fourth-generation Apple TV was the integration of live-streamed news. The news services included are all U.

S-focused, so at least for the time being, this feature is going to be useful mostly to those located in the U. Tapping that icon will bring you to that app if you have it installed, or prompt you to install it from the App Store if you have not yet installed it. Now you can watch new 'live news' channels zdnet.

Uber power ranking in order of least embarrassed to most owned. The lawsuit hampered his competition and sidelined his former star employee Anthony Levandowski perhaps permanently. A lot of the executives and engineers in this case clearly thought they were dominating a chess match against their rivals, but out of all of them, Page seems to be the one actually pulling strings while avoiding embarrassment and career collapse. Congrats, ya evil genius.

Multiple forensic investigations on devices belonging to the Otto team turned up sketchy correspondence and internal Google documents. But it also unearthed a lot of random garbage, like a photo of a basket of muffins that ended up getting significant airtime during the trial. The muffins, she explained, were at least tangentially related to the stolen Google files. Lidar, the hunk of metal and lasers that serves as the eyes of a self-driving car, got more headlines in the past year than any obscure piece of complicated hardware could ever hope to generate.

The hardware at all levels was a second class citizen. But even without a verdict, lidar got its day in the sun. It even got memorialized in earrings and at Burning Man! Khosrowshahi is good at apologizing, and today was no exception: But the company managed to dodge a permanent injunction that would have hampered its ability to develop self-driving cars, and cleared the path for its IPO next year. The timing of this settlement is a little awkward for Waymo. The company had been slowly laying the groundwork for its case this week, trotting out forensic evidence and damning texts and emails between Uber executives.

But the real heart of its case—the technical details of its trade secrets—got unexpectedly and suddenly shelved today with the announcement of the settlement. Waymo also inexplicably burned up a bunch of its time yesterday going into seemingly unnecessary detail about how Google secures its cloud infrastructure, bringing in an engineer to explain basic cybersecurity terms like phishing and whitelisting to the jury. Lyft is mayyybe coming out okay here. On the other hand, given that Levandowski and the Otto team were planning to sell to Uber from the start, maybe Lyft got played and was never really in the running to buy Otto at all.

Kalanick emerged from trial relatively unscathed. The behind-the-scenes peek into his text messages and other correspondence leading up to the Otto deal was cringeworthy, but court testimony made it pretty clear that he instructed Levandowski not to bring Google trade secrets to Uber. He left his beloved robotics company for a chance to work at Uber, where he ended up surrounded by Silicon Valley-types who were hellbent on beating out their competition, no matter the cost.

Before this lawsuit, Levandowski could get a meeting with anyone in Silicon Valley. But now, Levandowski looks like a guy whose greed and ego far outweighed his talent—his former co-workers even warned Uber employees that he was an untrustworthy backstabber. He fumbled his way through what appeared to be a half-baked scheme to steal intellectual property from Google, apparently under the impression that telling people to delete his text messages would be enough to obscure the mile-wide forensic slime trail he left on his work and personal devices.

But despite all that, Levandowski is still a partial winner—at least for now. The domain that Waymo used to store a repository of its autonomous vehicle design files had a very goofy name, yakshaves. Like Levandowski, he had a strong reputation in the industry that is now sullied. These people really got screwed. It actually appeared 12 times. We regret the error. Uber extends an olive branch to Waymo as it settles trade secret lawsuit digitaltrends.

Everything you need to know digitaltrends. After using a two-question survey to crowdsource which news sites are trustworthy, Facebook could soon ask users to help determine which comments pop up first on public page posts. Facebook recently confirmed that the platform is testing a downvote button for comments on Pages posts. The test is running for a small percentage of Android users in the U. What the downvote button does is to drive some of the irrelevant or misleading comments farther down the list, which means fewer users will see them. The button allows users to essentially report a comment, and after downvoting, users that are included in the test can say why they downvoted the comment, including buttons for offensive, misleading and off-topic.

Facebook is also stressing that downvote and a dislike button are not one and the same. Upvoting and downvoting is a Reddit concept that allows the readers to moderate the comments themselves, crowdsourcing the ranking of each post in a discussion. The move leaves the trustworthiness marker as something crowdsourced, relieving Facebook of the responsibility as the company works to find a happy medium somewhere between the role of fake news in the last presidential election and remaining free of the liability of publishers that choose which news to publish.

Facebook is testing a 'downvote' button for users to flag comments techspot. Two of the biggest gaming trends of the last five years have been Souls-like combat systems and battle royale games. Now those two ideas will meet in Egress, a new battle royale game that is looking to appeal to the Dark Souls crowd. Check out the announcement trailer for Egress right here: In Egress, players will explore a city set in an alternate universe that combines Victorian-era England with Lovecraftian horror elements and an 80s-inspired aesthetic. Like other battle royale games, players are tasked with exploring the game world and making sure that they are the last player standing.

This means that while the game does have some projectile attacks for players to utilize, it is much more focused on melee. It also sounds like the game will have defined playable heroes for players to choose from, each with their own unique attacks and abilities, so that seems like it should shakeup the battle royale formula as well.

Even though Egress is clearly trying to capitalize on the immense popularity of games like PUBG and Dark Souls, it does sound like the game has plenty of new ideas of its own. With the many battle royale games in development at the moment, and rumors that big games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Battlefield will be dabbling in the genre, hopefully Egress does enough to stand out and deliver a compelling experience. Fortnite Battle Royale performance and settings guide pcgamer.

But what Nintendo is talking about here is hardware ubiquity, and what that could bring to the platform. Expanding the Nintendo Switch world this way is a means of eliminating risk. The company can focus on local multiplayer games, for instance, or even release new modules for Labo that require multiple systems. Or it can even work on ideas no one has yet thought of. Right now, Nintendo has no real competition in the console or portable space, which lets it make interesting moves without fear. For now, Nintendo is in a great competitive situation. The challenge is going to be to keep that momentum going.

More specifically, Xur is back to offer players a selection of exotic armor and one weapon, as well as a few consumables. This week, Destiny 2 players can find Xur on the destination Io. These three items should be relatively familiar to regulars of Xur since they are not from the new Curse of Osiris inventory. For the first time in Destiny 2, Xur is selling the Jade Rabbit scout rifle, a returning exotic weapon from Destiny 1.

This may be the first time that a lot of players are able to get ahold of a Jade Rabbit, as it was a PS4 exclusive item back when it released in D1. Unfortunately, while the weapon was a solid PvE and PvP option in the past, its D2 counterpart is a little more lackluster.

Xur location and inventory for February vg Presently, the firm uses an infobox with an exclamation mark to alert users to the status of insecure sites. Some links in the article may not be viewable as you are using an AdBlocker. Please add us to your whitelist to enable the website to function properly.

The timing is of course opportune, partially due to the post-holiday hea Microsoft Store online today kicked off its Countdown to sale. You can get huge discounts on popular apps, hottest games, movies and TV. Find the deals that are available below. Microsoft Store will announce a new deal daily at midnight ET through Dec. You will be able to save up You can now get huge discounts on popular laptops as part of the Lenovo Black Friday If you are looking for a mainstream laptop, check out the Ideapad s which comes with premium met You will be able to find amazing deals on HP laptops, desktops, monitors, The biggest change in the Nightfall from Destiny to its sequel was the introduction of a timer, and new modifiers designed to prevent players from simply running through the mission avoiding enemies.

It was a controversial decision, and Bungie acknowledged in its weekly blog post yesterday that the setup has many inherent issues. Nightfall should be a challenging test that only the bravest Guardians dare face. Fireteams of any size should be able to participate, from organized clan groups to skilled solo players. Players should be able to determine their own challenge level, by going slow and steady or fast and wild, with elective modifiers to test the most hardcore veterans. Your final score will separate the best from the rest, and with high risk comes high reward.

Each terrible villain that players face should have a very rare and powerful unique item, themed to them, that tumbles to the ground as they collapse into a pile of bones. Conquering Nightfall should be a badge of honor, with the best players able to show off their achievements with new dynamic emblems and exclusive auras.

Bungie is also introducing a new mechanic, Challenge Cards. Three different modifiers will be available at first: Bungie said it wants to listen to player feedback before it adds more modifiers. Reaching that mark will also unlock a buff that raises Vanguard token drops by 25 percent, and the buff will apply for your entire fireteam. For instance, you might have to play Eater of Worlds with a modifier called Marksman — under which precision hits do more damage and each one returns one round to the magazine — and a loadout consisting of a kinetic hand cannon, a scout rifle in the energy slot and a linear fusion rifle as your heavy weapon.

If Bungie can get these changes right, it could bring people back into the fold. Bungie explains how Nightfall scoring changes will work starting with the next update vg Forget using your face or finger. Fujitsu said it teamed up with Microsoft to bring palm vein authentication to Windows 10 Pro. Now it is officially supported by Windows Hello. With facial recognition, Windows Hello will scan your face using an infrared camera for password-free access to Windows Meanwhile, fingerprint scanners require you to swipe a specific finger over a sensor.

In both cases, your face and finger provide unique patterns used by Windows 10 to confirm your identity. The veins in your hand create a unique roadmap, just like your fingerprint, but there is no swiping involved. This may prove to be a faster method of accessing Windows 10 given that fingerprint scanners require a precise swipe of your finger. Any deviation demands you to re-swipe your finger. But having a unique pattern of veins is only part of the equation.

They are buried under the skin as well, making replication nearly impossible. The result is a unique, black pattern that is saved by Windows Hello, and used as a comparison when you scan a hand to access Windows 10 Pro. The company investigated different vein-based methods with other undisclosed body parts but concluded that the palm produced the best pattern. Fujitsu did not indicate any plans to license its technology out to other PC manufacturers for mainstream Windows-based devices.

According to Microsoft, 60 percent of all security attacks are the result of compromised user credentials. That led to the development of Windows Hello and support for biometrics, enabling Windows 10 device owners to access their PC using their face or finger. While these methods eliminate the need for entering login credentials, hackers could theoretically get by using photos and fingerprints.

But as Fujitsu points out, veins reside under the skin, and the technology requires a constant flow of blood. This may be the best credential-free Windows Hello solution to date, and hopefully a feature we will soon see in mainstream Windows 10 PCs. No more Windows 10 passwords? Microsoft says Hello to palm-vein biometrics zdnet.

And a familiar one: Nearly 12 years ago, Apple said basically the same thing about the same-priced iPod Hi-Fi, which was discontinued the next year. HomePod was delayed from its original December release date until today, which initial reports blamed on unspecified software issues, and later reports suggested were due to problems with multi-HomePod synchronization — specifically two units in one room, or more units across a house. The first reviews of new Apple products always come from people who were selected by the company to receive special briefings and early review hardware. The overall experience has been called well-suited to some Apple Music users, but far less than ideal for those without Apple Music.

Alexa works across Amazon devices and a rapidly growing number of non-Amazon devices. It lets you make calls, control smart home accessories, place orders at Amazon, and add third-party skills that can do thousands of different things ranging from games to ordering services. On the Echo Plus, Alexa also works as a smart home hub, and lets you set up accessories. It is capable of making calls, controlling smart home accessories, providing travel information, translating words into multiple languages, looking up recipes, offering nutrition guidance, answering trivia questions, looking up stocks, and telling jokes.

A number of features have yet to arrive before HomePod feels feature-complete. HomePod is available in Apple Stores now across the U. Apple HomePod review techadvisor. Yesterday, we learned that Samsung is finally beginning its rollout of Android 8. Indeed, one might say that Samsung and software updates go together like fish fingers and custard, as the company isn't exactly renowned for pushing them out in a timely fashion or supporting devices for an extended period of time.

This month, the S6 and S6 edge will turn three years old. It's rare for any Android OEM to support a device for longer than two years, let alone three. Perhaps the least surprising of the lot is the Galaxy Note5. While that will be three years old this summer, it makes sense for it to be supported for longer since its successor, the Galaxy Note7, had a habit of catching fire and was eventually pulled from the market with existing devices getting updated so that they're essentially useless. The Oreo updates are confirmed for the T-Mobile variants of these devices, so it's unclear if it will be coming to other models.

It seems likely though, since if Samsung is compiling Oreo for these older devices, it makes sense to do it for all of them, rather than just a carrier variant. However, we believe he has exhibited a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his channel not only unsuitable for advertisers, but also potentially damaging to the broader creator community.

This new move goes one step further and hits Paul where it hurts creators the most He has also used inappropriate tags for videos and most egregiously, encouraged people to participate in the Tide Pod Challenge in which people eat Tide Pod detergent packs. The latter of which, YouTube has taken very seriously. While the short-term effect of suspending Logan Paul's ad revenue will hurt him specifically, the long-term effect could harm other YouTubers as well.

Last year saw the brief reluctance of advertisers to display their ads on YouTube videos due to inappropriate content. However, this had the side effect of hurting otherwise harmless content creators who saw ad revenue drop sharply due to advertiser fears. Logan Paul's repeated stunts could potentially start another "Adpocalypse" in which advertisers drop support for popular YouTubers due to fear of being associated with inappropriate content. YouTube could possibly drop Paul from the Partner Program completely which would permanently eliminate monetization from ads on YouTube.

Specifically, Qualcomm wants to know: Broadcom living a nightmare as Qualcomm rejects another takeover bid neowin. He then took them off and placed them down on a piece of gym equipment and went to fetch help. When he returned one of the AirPods appeared to have already exploded.

The story of mobiles or accessories exploding is not a new thing.

Last year, Samsung was in the news when it recalled Note 7 after a battery issue that led to several devices bursting into flames. Apple has responded to the incident and is investigating to find if it happened due to a defect in a single unit or something has gone wrong with Airpods. The victim did share his experience on a local news channel and the video does show one of the Airpods in pretty bad condition. We do hope that Apple identifies the issue and do a recall if needed before anyone gets severely hurt. Neowin Some links in the article may not be viewable as you are using an AdBlocker.

The best free media player is getting even better. After three years of development, VLC 3. The new version is available from Videolan. Chromecast discovery tops the list. Chromecast support in VLC 3. Music playback on VLC 3. The icons at the bottom of the window are cleaner, and the small icons used within menu items are also new. True to its heritage, VLC 3. All good things must come to an end, however, and this will be the last version of VLC for some platforms. For a full list of all the changes to VLC with version 3.

VLC media player receives a major update mspoweruser. Anjanath are a large Brute Wyvern species of monster that aggressive pursues anything unfortunate enough to meet its path. For more details on every monster in Monster Hunter World, check out our full list. Craft fire-resistant armour and a weapon with water, thunder or ice elemental damage Find Anjanath in north-west of the Ancient Forest Get behind and underneath the Anjanath, sticking close enough to the base of his tail so you can hit his legs, but with enough distance so you can avoid his backwards kick Follow the glowing Scoutflies when he retreats to the upper levels of the map Back off when the Anjanath picks fights with other monsters, and use these distractions to unleash big attacks Once he starts to weaken, use jumping attacks to mount and topple the Anjanath and leave him vulnerable Anjanath are found in the west and north-west of the Ancient Forest, on the lowest level, in areas 7,8 and 9.

Often you can find them sleeping, so wind up a big hit before instigating a fight. If Anjanath starts to retreat during your fight, you can rely on your Scoutflies to find it again. However, be aware that he can go up a level to areas 13 and They can attack hunters at close range on all sides of their body, as well as underneath them. However, try to keep too much distance and they will throw themselves at you with a heavy jumping attack. Check out our guide to the armour sets in Monster Hunter World and pack one with flame resistance for this fight — we recommend the Rathalos set.

Dodging and positioning are most important. If you planning on bringing a bowgun, make use of power, paralysis and poison coatings. To do this, dodge its initial charge and get behind Anjanath. Arekkz does a great job of taking up this position in the video embedded below. In a tight spot, you can rely on you Palico or use other nearby monsters as a distraction. Anjanath are aggressive and will pick a fight with anything, so take advantage of this to regroup in a pinch. Doing this will drop a shiny too. Another way to keep the flames at bay is to aim for flaps that occasionally open up on its lower back.

When you wear Anjanath down, they will try to retreat to a different area. Give chase by following your Scoutflies, but be aware that Anjanath are dangerous until the very end. Use this time to resharpen your weapon, then track it down and resume where you left off. Water Thunder Ice Anjanath are weak to water, thunder and ice elemental attacks — in that order — so utilise weapons that do those kinds of damage against it.

Fire elemental attacks are not a good idea when hunting Anjanath, since it has an affinity and therefore strong resistance to that element. Anjanath drop many useful items, including not only their Anjanath fang, plate, tail, scale and nosebone, but the flame sac as well. You can unlock Investigations by encountering and battling monsters, or you can examine the footprints and mucus they leave behind when they move.

Take a full at our full guide for everything you need to know about Monster Hunter World. This list includes 20 of our top recommendations and where you can find them online. They all have a touch a romance, even if some have very different moods. Despite several setbacks and an uncertain future, the movie ends with a memorably hopeful final shot, with the pair walking arm-in-arm up the road. Humphrey Bogart at long last won his only Oscar for his portrayal of Charlie Allnut, hard-drinking captain of the steam boat of the title.

But when things turn dangerous and Samuel is killed, Charlie decides to rescue Rose and get her out of there. Rose decides that they ought to attack a German gunship to do their bit, but Charlie only wants to save his own hide. While there, Joe falls for singer Sugar Kane a wonderful, very funny Marilyn Monroe and disguises himself as a millionaire with a Cary Grant-like lilt to his voice to seduce her. Brown falls for the in-drag version of Jerry. Joe uses this resource to further his ruse. Of course, true love wins in the end.

Even though it was directed by Oscar favorite Norman Jewison—who usually specialized in serious, nominatable movies—this brisk comedy still holds up remarkably well today, thanks to its snappy patter, warmth, and lovable misfit characters. She believes she is cursed to be husband killer, but she reluctantly accepts a marriage proposal from a new man, Johnny Cammareri Danny Aiello. Johnny asks her to find his estranged brother and invite him to the wedding.

That turns out to be the passionate, sad-eyed Ronny Nicolas Cage , who wears a prosthetic hand and who instantly strikes sparks with Loretta. Playwright John Patrick Shanley won an Oscar for his screenplay. Crisply and brightly directed by Frank Oz, the rest of the movie deals with the fallout that Howard faces. Howard also wrestles with his own feelings, which is complicated when handsome, gay entertainment reporter Tom Selleck begins hanging around. The two stories spiral apart from there, each one containing similarities and radical differences, and each one compelling.

One night he calls a phone sex service and finds himself the victim of a credit card scam. Then, he finds a harmonium in the street. When he meets his true love, Lena Emily Watson , that same day, he finds it hard to explain any of this weird stuff to her. The movie takes a wonderful detour as Lena flies to Hawaii and Barry decides to follow her, and then as Barry must fight to defend her honor.

This movie can just flat-out make your day. A price you pick gets you hours of premium coding instruction, from Python to Angular and everything in between. With the Pay What You Want bundles, you can get something incredible for as little as you want to pay. Included in this Pay What You Want deal, are the following courses: The following courses require a minimum of the average price: Or Pay What You Want for the unlocked course: Make it onto the leaderboard at ANY point during the sale and gain one entry to the giveaway!

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Neowin benefits from shared revenue of each sale made through our branded deals site, and it all goes toward the running costs. Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in dzone. Faster Than Light had us rerouting power, repairing damage and performing other spaceship management tasks in a strategy-like atmosphere instead of piloting the ship and shooting bogies. It is fast-paced, fun and has a great soundtrack. Subset this week unveiled its newest title which will be called Into the Breach.

The game will be a turn-based strategy game played out on a small grid that is only 8x8 squares. The player will control three mech pilots who can apparently travel through time. The primary objective will be to protect the structures on each grid. The buildings on the battlefield provide power to the mechs. Losing too many can severely hamper progress on the next level. The game is somewhat unforgiving in this manner in that power to the mechs is not replenished between levels. When you are defeated, send help back through time to save another timeline!

I never could wrap my head around time travel complexities. In any case, it sounds like another fun creation from the studio. The game has low system requirements 1. Subset says it will be unlocking the game on Steam on February Microsoft is laying its cards out on the table. The software giant has produced a tool that's claimed to show users how much personal information Windows 10 collects and sends back to Redmond for diagnostics.

It reveals that stuff like the computer's device name, OS version, and serial number, as well as more detailed records such as installed apps, preference settings, and details on each application's usage, are beamed back to Microsoft. The idea, says the Office giant, is to let users know exactly what data is being collected and kicked into the company's cloud each time their PC sends a diagnostics report back to the mothership. That app will also be upgraded to provide users with more information on data collection, including activity history for the user's Microsoft account.

Microsoft is also planning an update to the app to allow users to export dashboard reports, view media consumption information, and delete reported data for some reason this isn't already allowed. The Dashboard and Data Viewer apps arrive after Microsoft was taken to task by governments for what many saw as overly intrusive data collection by Windows Microsoft has since added new privacy controls to let users control what gets sent back to Redmond.

The entrance ramp to the bridge on the Manhattan side was named the Ari Halberstam Memorial Ramp in memory of the victim. In , truck driver Iyman Faris was sentenced to about 20 years in prison for providing material support to Al-Qaeda, after an earlier plot to destroy the bridge by cutting through its support wires with blowtorches was thwarted through information the National Security Agency uncovered through wiretapped phone conversations and interrogation of Al-Qaeda militants.

The bunker, hidden within the masonry anchorage, still contained the emergency supplies that were being stored for a potential nuclear attack by the Soviet Union. The centennary celebrations on May 24, , saw a cavalcade of cars crossing the bridge, led by President Ronald Reagan.

A flotilla of ships visited the harbor, parades were held, and in the evening the sky over the bridge was illuminated by Grucci fireworks. Beginning on May 22, , festivities were held over a five-day period to celebrate the th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. The events kicked off with a live performance of the Brooklyn Philharmonic in Empire—Fulton Ferry State Park, followed by special lighting of the bridge's towers and a fireworks display.

Just before the anniversary celebrations, the Telectroscope, which created a video link between New York and London, was installed on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. The installation lasted for a few weeks and permitted viewers in New York to see people looking into a matching telectroscope in front of London's Tower Bridge. Contemporaries marveled at what technology was capable of and the bridge became a symbol of the optimism of the time.

John Perry Barlow wrote in the late 20th century of the "literal and genuinely religious leap of faith" embodied in the Brooklyn Bridge References to "selling the Brooklyn Bridge" abound in American culture, sometimes as examples of rural gullibility but more often in connection with an idea that strains credulity. For example, "If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you. Parker and William McCloundy are two early 20th-century con-men who had allegedly successfully perpetrated this scam on unwitting tourists. New York City Department of Transportation.

National Register of Historic Places. National Historic Landmark summary listing. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle: The New York Times. Undersea Hyperb Med 31 4: South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society journal 29 2. Emily Warren Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge. American Society of Civil Engineers.


Brooklyn Bridge-tower rests on sand". Archived from the original on Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing. Barnum — MSN Encarta". Retrieved October 23, The Museum of Broadcast Communications. The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. The New York Times: Ari Halberstam Memorial Site. Daily News New York. Art of the Brooklyn Bridge: Strogartz, Steven, Daniel M. Crowd synchrony on the Millennium Bridge," Nature, Vol.

University of Chicago Press. ISBN [2nd ed. March 6, - defender of the Alamo - Died for Texas Independence with his fellow soldiers. Kimble 3 "The Immortal 32". He was the commander of that unit and led his men into the Alamo on March 1, This group of heroes, from Gonzales, would be the only ones to answer the beleaguered garrison's desperate plea for reinforcements. Because of their extreme bravery and sacrifice, Kimble and his men will forever be known as the "Immortal Kent K , David B.

Byrd Lockhart and Lt. Travis K , superior commander, were also attached to this roll. The example in the photo is the result of normal, everyday tidal action in a single incident. Sandown, Isle of Wight. There was also circular reasoning applied with the assumed age of 'index' fossils based on evolutionary preconceptions used to date strata in the Geologic Column.

Download Of Free Books Skip Wormo Episode 11 River Trip By J S Mcgough Pdf B00aqnboho

Some of the wealth of field evidence can be observed here: However they claim it is a rare phenomenon, which they known about for many years, and which does nothing to invalidate the Geologic Column, the fossil record, evotuionary timescale, or any of the old assumptions regarding strata formation, sedimentation and the superposition principle.

They fail to face up to the fact that rapid stratification is not an extraordinary phenonemon, but rather the prevailing and normal mechanism of sedimantary deposition whenever and wherever there is moving, sediment-laden water. However they claim it is a rare phenomenon, which they have known about for many years, and which does nothing to invalidate the Geologic Column, the fossil record, evotuionary timescale, or any of the old assumptions regarding strata formation, sedimentation and the superposition principle.

The field evidence in the image presented here - of rapid, simultaneous stratification refutes the Superposition Principle, and the Principle of Lateral Continuity. We now know, the Superposition Principle only applies on a rare occasion of sedimentary deposits in perfectly, still water. Sandown beach, Isle of Wight. The Sazerac is a local New Orleans variation of a cognac or whiskey cocktail, named for the Sazerac de Forge et Fils brand of cognac brandy that served as its original main ingredient.

Some claim it is the oldest known American cocktail,[3] with origins in pre—Civil War New Orleans, although drink historian David Wondrich is among those who dispute this,[4] and American instances of published usage of the word cocktail to describe a mixture of spirits, bitters, and sugar can be traced to the dawn of the 19th century. Around , Sewell T. Legend has it that Bird began serving the "Sazerac Cocktail", made with Sazerac cognac imported by Taylor, and allegedly with bitters being made by the local apothecary, Antoine Amedie Peychaud.

The Sazerac Coffee House subsequently changed hands several times, when around , Thomas Handy became its proprietor. It is around this time that the primary ingredient changed from cognac to rye whiskey, due to the phylloxera epidemic in Europe that devastated the vineyards of France.

At some point before his death in , Handy recorded the recipe for the cocktail, which made its first printed appearance in William T. The Sazerac is a simple variation on a plain whiskey or cognac cocktail alcohol, sugar, water, and bitters and could have been ordered in any latter 19th Century bar in the U. It was this type of variation to the cocktail that caused patrons uninterested in the new complexities of cocktails to request their drinks to be made the Old Fashioned way. By the early 20th Century, simple cocktails like the Sazerac had become a somewhat rare curiosity, which would eventually rekindle their popularity.

He was known to dispense a proprietary mix of aromatic bitters from an old family recipe. According to popular myth, he served his drink in the large end of an egg cup that was called a coquetier in French, and the Americanized mispronunciation resulted in the word "cocktail". Once, as the story has it, fishermen would paint their terrace homes around the dock in varying colours so they could recognise their own as they returned from the sea.

Today those colours are the proud hallmark of towns around the coast, from popular Tenby to the tiny bay of Solva and up to beautiful Aberaeron, all of which boast rows of pretty Georgian and Victorian cottages and houses in a rainbow of peach, blue, green, violet and pink. Mark Lewis, from Tenby Museum, acknowledges that the legend has a great resonance, but says there is little proof. In the guidelines of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the authority states that most old buildings in Pembrokeshire are built of stone because this was cheaply available locally.

Buildings were covered with colour washes and renders to both hide the poor quality stones beneath and help keep the buildings more watertight. In its rule book, the authority states: A spokesman for the body said: He said at its height the fishing industry would have provided almost every man in the area with work. The quaint Ceredigion port was established when the Rev Jones-Gwynne obtained a private Act of Parliament to build a harbour in Employing architect Edward Haycock, Aberaeron was transformed from a small fishing village to a thriving port.

One house in four is listed as being of special architectural or historical interest. The attractive houses today are painted in a variety of pastel colours, with their sash windows and porticos highlighted in white. But this, according to town councillor Phil Davies, has not always been the case. In fact, when cement became commonly used as a building material most of the houses in Aberaeron were grey, that was certainly the case when I was a boy. Today while out in a light drizzle yet again, I found myself struggling to find anything to catch my eyes for photographs.

Architecturally speaking, everything was drab and most of the people were hiding there faces under umbrellas; but as time passed and the hour neared for me to leave for work I struck gold. I saw a familiar face, talking to an older man with a guitar. Unfortunately, I can't place her name but I do remember the fact that the last time she and I had talked I snapped her photo with a Street Pulse vendor and exchanged a hello. As luck may have it, she was now in turn talking to a new face to her as well as for me. Politely I let them finish the conversation and then I gave her a flyer for my gallery showing Thursday evening.

I scanned through the man's guitar case, a few loose coins, a pair of pliers, and CD cases with the name David Sewell on them. In my head, I felt I'd heard this name before; whether it was roaming the streets or a friend asking me if I'd taken David's picture before. Either way, as I'd never met David I opted to talking to him for a little while to include in my more strangers project.

As fate may have it, David is no stranger to having his photo taken and a story to go with. It's almost been 30 years, but on May 25 David began his career at a street musician in Madison. Setting himself up with his guitar on what he termed a "toad stool" outside of Peace Park on State Street he strummed a tune, it was a tribute to his mother. As it was her birthday that very first day, he made mere pocket change and wasn't sure that it was the right thing to do but he knew that he loved doing it. So he went out the next day and made more then he did his first day, and as the cycle went.

Only two years later in , he saw a sharp decline in activity for his talent. The true talent had all but left the city and he was left alone, and now still his only income is his performing arts. He does do shows and does play on State frequently, good days are unfortunately overshadowed by not good days. It's all about having a passion and running with it. An artist to his own trade, David also dabbles in the arts with oil based paintings. Frequently in his travels as a truck driver in a previous life, he would snap photos of what he saw as to turn into a painting and in turn potential album art.

A quick search of Youtube turned up plenty of results with a variety of David's tunes so be sure to check that out. He informed me that he wasn't camera shy as often times, a photography class stumbles upon him strumming a tune and uses him as their subject. He teased that the teacher gets frustrated because all the students have taken David's picture, so if you've taken his photo feel free to share it with your story in the comments! The rain started to fall a little heavier and I glanced at the time, it was time to rush off to work. I extended a hand, and invited him out for my show on Thursday at the Yellow Rose Gallery.

Unfortunately prior commitments will keep David from attending, but he will be there in spirit. As of now, I have 67 theoretically 68 just yet to write story for a stranger of the required for total strangers in a calender year. I hope I can get 32 more by the time it's May 29th. Oh yea, I must not forget my shameless plug to the strangers group here on Flickr.

A lot of cool people, with even cooler photographs of total strangers! Check it out, join the group and start a new project! But the artists got involved and did more. The unified heart symbol is one used by Leonard. The Leonard Cohen avatar was created by the talented Burk Bode. Overlay texture from Lenabem-Anna. Went looking for a Bee Orchid, didn't find it but this was the sight that greeted us as we turned a corner on the path. Only had the macro lens with me, pretty pleased with how it came out. Can't remember what the blue flowers are though. Was told by David Sewell who was also on the trip, but I have a memory like one of those things with holes in it Sunrise to sunset on Dartmoor, well, that was the plan!

Missed the sunrise because I took a wrong turning and had to go miles to get back again. Good job really there wasn't a sunrise, it was all gloomy at our first location. Shown here is the second location, Foggintor Quarry which we arrived at around Thanks to David Wiffsmiff for the company, he only nodded off a couple of times today! Work started at Foggintor around The Granite was extracted, and originally used in the construction of Dartmoor Prison constructed to house French prisoners of war. The materials were also used to construct much of Princetown, which grew up around the prison.

Foggintor Quarry has long been abandoned but it was not only a quarry but a thriving community. In it's hey day around hundreds of men were employed in the area. By Hill cottages had a total of 10 dwellings all with very productive gardens. On reaching the quarry it becomes immediately obvious that using the suffix Tor is no longer warranted, all that remains is a hollowed out shell. Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt had visions of Dartmoor being a thriving place to live and work. Dartmoor Prison was his project, he laid the first stone and the Prison was completed in After the declaration of peace in the Prison lay empty.

Sir Thomas had not given up on his Dartmoor ambitions and realised that what Princetown needed was a railway. To carry materials mainly Granite from the moor to the port of Plymouth. The railway was completed in originally a horse drawn tramway transporting granite to Plymouth. The old tracks laid the foundations of what was to become the Plymouth to Yelverton railway, which ceased operations in The much improved transport links allowed Dartmoor Granite to be used much further away. Foggintor granite was used to construct the column of Nelsons column.

The railway served the other quarries long after the closure of Foggintor in Sewell Quarry continued to provide Granite until the 's. This image is copyrighted to Michael John Stokes; Any users, found to replicate, reproduce, circulate, distribute, download, manipulate or otherwise use my images without my written consent will be in breach of copyright laws.

Please contact me at mjs opobs. Sorry, but this photograph can only be viewed large if you are one of my contacts! If you need to bring my attention to a particular photograph please use flickrmail! David Sewell riding his go-kart in front of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe. Ladies with the old Perambulators can be seen in the background enjoying a cup of tea.

See other photo's like this on www. Show runs March and May. Here is a list of some of the other confirmed artists-. Connoisseurs will definitely appreciate the rare Bugatti, which is one of only approximately 40 Type 57S chassis ever built and one of only 17 Atalante Coupes.

25+ Best Easy Halloween Costumes Memes | Minute Memes, Costumer Memes, Needed Memes

Ever since its creation, the car has been carefully and faithfully maintained, so you can expect to see a gorgeous jewel at the Concorso. It has got a long and very interesting history, as it changed numerous owners over time. Its fascinating past is very well documented by marque expert David Sewell. The beautiful classic car boasts a 3, cc supercharged DOHC inline 8-cylinder dry-sump engine, capable of putting out hp and mated with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Thanks to David Wiffsmiff for the company. Apparently, shown here are the remains of the manager's house, very imposing, looking out over the workers below.

I guess any other photographer might have spent ages photographing the ponies, they were everywhere! Dartmoor Prison was his project he laid the first stone and the Prison was completed in ONLY low res available. I've taken a brief break from conjuring up carny silhouettes — partly to get in a bit of regular cartooning practice drawing the likes of Nick Cave and Wolodarsky was hugely enjoyable, and I've missed working in that style and partly cos I wanted to draw a quick Joker picture, as I've just seen The Dark Knight, and was blown away by Heath Ledger's performance You can see a bigger, clearer version if you click here Ledger's Joker really is extraordinarily good — deeply alarming and hypnotic and horribly, darkly funny Which makes me very happy.

Specially as it has the added bonus of Rufus Sewell as the resident villian, being all broody and smouldering And more of the fabulous David Bowie. Look out for his little nods to Buster Keaton from 2mins 38 onwards! Among the first settlers were Jerry Sagar and Green Sewell. The name of the city was changed to Crawford in by Act of the Alabama Legislature. This was done to honor the family of William Harris.

Crawford Masonic Lodge no. The unified heart symbol is one created by Leonard. Commemorative biographical record of northeastern Pennsylvania: All Images From Book. Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Hedied in , Ins wife surviving until To themwere born children as follows: To Charles and Sally Ting-ley were born children as follows: Warren, formany years a prominent farmer, surveyor and jus-tice of the peace at Hop Bottom, died August 15, ; Jackson P.

After his marriage CharlesTingley bought a farm in New Alilford township,later occupied by his son Urbane, and there he re-mained to the close of his life. He possessed a judicial mind, and fre-quently acted as arb. Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Individuals seen from left to right include: Texture taken from The Ghost of a flea. Macro shot using mm, the fake blood is real and from a great shop called 'Screen face' in london - although owing to the overlays your can't really see it. Danielle Rossel flying over Mount Cameroun with David, the pilot at what he loved doing most. Fred Ray began his career while still in high school, influenced by the works of such artists as Howard Pyle, W. Koerner, Frederick Gruger, and N. He later studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He continued with that detective feature in most issues through 72 Oct.

Ray debuted as the Superman cover artist with the one-shot promotional giveaway Superman's Christmas Adventure His redesign of the "S" symbol on Superman's costume became one of the defining features of the character's look during the s to s period fans and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books. Ray also drew the feature in the solo series Tomahawk that began running simultaneously in late As well, for a time in , he briefly drew the Sunday edition of the Batman newspaper comic strip distributed by the McClure Syndicate. Ray continued drawing Tomahawk tales for more than two decades, through at least Tomahawk Dec.

In , he also began drawing and occasionally scripting anthological war-comics stories in DC's G. Ray's last known comics work was the eight-page anthological story "The Lost Battle", written by Bob Haney, in Tomahawk April He drew covers and interior art for magazines including Historical Times, True Frontier, The West and Yank, and designed historical medals and figurines for the Danbury Mint. Ray is best known as the artist of many s 'Superman' covers. He began pencilling 'Superman' covers in and started doing the regular book later that year.

Ray's major contribution to Superman was a new design for the 'S' symbol which has become synonymous with the "Golden Age Superman". Ray also drew a feature of his own, called 'Congo Bill'. He worked for DC until the early s, contributing mainly to war titles. Fred Ray is also the author of several history booklets, and has done illustrations for publications about uniforms. Seit widmet er sich seinem Projekt Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein. Vielleicht interessiert ihn ja, dass genau das Lichtensteins Konzept war. You can also use our FTP Server, which access informations you can find below.

Thanks for doing all the work in connection with Roy's images. Last summer I heard a lecture by someone interested in a line of hair products in Chicago. Some of their packaging used a cat that looked like the Lichtenstein cat which belonged to Andy - I was at the Warhol auction where it came up for sale. Your work it's so interesting! It was a great help as support material. I want to thank you for the opportunity to get closer to Lichtenstein's work it is so difficult to find reliable sources on internet. I am doing a university research paper on the unethical aspects of the pop art movement, such as the appropriation of images icons and comics etc.

It would be of great help to me if I could get further information about your ''Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein'' project if by any chance possible. Besides your project, I am not able to find any form of criticism towards Lichtenstein or any of the other pop artists when considering the appropriation and stealing of images, photographs, ads etc. Just wanted to say thanks for the images they were really interesting on account of the fact that I had to study Lichtenstein last year and my art teacher didn't tell us anything about these!

And that's pretty much it Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein - His art is ugly, derivative, and soulless I just gave a lecture the other day which looked in passing at the way Lichtenstein developed his own unique visual style in the comics paintings - a style not quite like anything present in the comics themselves. Your collection is a wonderful resource - and a fascinating visual work in its own right. Hi David - I love the Deconstructing Lichtenstein page. Personally I mostly prefer the originals, but what do I know.

All the best, Ian. As an avid reader of comics as a kid, the first career I ever thought of as attractive was a comics artist. I stick with the position that comics are a rich genre deserving of serious study. With the blockbuster super hero movies of the past few years, slowly this underground art form is gaining more acclaim.

Kudos David for your contributions on the related Lichtenstein work. At the age of 40, Roy Lichtenstein was suddenly established as a major American painter. Fifty years on, we wonder why, for the phenomenon that brought him fame now seems, even to those old enough to have witnessed and applauded it, shallow and trivial. Worse, no other phenomenon followed it, nor even the mature intelligent development that sometimes lends substance to small talent.

At his death in , in spite of the laudations and laments of international obituarists, some of us realized that we had been duped, that Lichtenstein had so long been accepted as a great, important and innovative painter for no better reason than this had been the much trumpeted perception of apologists profoundly influenced by commercial success. To look at his work in a retrospective exhibition now, is not to strike us inarticulate with awe, but to make us question his position as a painter in the world's first rank of later 20th century artists.

Some of us now go so far as to ask whether he deserves a place even on the parochial foothills of America's Olympus. Should we, indeed, remember him at all? What you're going to come away with, besides a sense of outrage that the Lich became rich and the artists he swiped from did not, is that Lich wasn't a very good swiper--unless he meant to suck all the energy, charm and skill from his four-color victims.

The Web site Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein is a fascinating, side-by-side compendium of Lichtenstein's images and the source materials they derived from - which must have taken countless hours of researching 60s-era comic books. I had no idea that lichtenstein made his paintings from actual comic panels. I always assumed he made them up himself. One of my favorite artists deconstructed Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein October 31st, David Barsalou has spent years deconstructing the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein and finding original source comics.

The legacy of Roy Lichtenstein is not the many works of art he created, or the controversy that surrounds the originality of his pieces. It is a new generation of artist raised on illegal music and movie downloads who have absolutely no regard for intellectual property rights or copyright protection. The new legacy is not inspiration for original art or new directions, but an endless redundancy, an nth degree of copying the popular. A self credentialed artist he specializes in knockoffs of famous works. He seems to have a particular flair for copyright infringement.

This Saturday he is planning his first art exhibit in Tampa, Florida. While he claims to have studied the works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein 1 , in fact he has only traced their images onto his canvas and painted between the lines. His "copycat" art style is so blatantly obvious and unoriginal that it deserves a new name: What is most offensive is that he is using protected Warhol, Lichtenstein works to draw people to his show and gallery for personal profit.

While the proliferation of Pop Art images in posters, advertising and internet sites may make the works and style of Warhol and Lichtenstein ubiquitous, it does not make them unrecognizable as pieces by Warhol or Lichtenstein. An artist who received even rudimentary schooling should be able to acknowledge the giants on whose shoulders he stands.

Ignorance is not an excuse for charlatanism. Lichtenstein is a gigantic hack. Very much enjoying your Deconstructing Excuse the intrusion please, but curious as to what the deconstruction of Roy Lichtenstein is all about on your site. Jack Brogan in Los Angeles worked on some three dimensional brass assemblies featuring dots for Lichtenstein in the nineties while working on a project of mine and often wonder why I haven't seen them in the wider world Thanks, interesting to me, Bugatti Type 37A by Thomas Bersy.

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