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Fill out your responses to the questions below. Remember your teacher can see your answers! La gente me describe como: Trato de ahorrar un poquito de dinero cada semana o mes. Compro montones de cosas que luego no uso. Vuelva a intentarlo Su personalidad financiera es: Arquitecto Planificador, Ahorrador Los arquitectos elaboran planes detallados y se apegan a ellos hasta el final.

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Consumers and businesses can expect to see lower utility costs this year. The fund will operate four major portfolios: NYSERDA will undertake a variety of activities to stimulate consumer demand for clean energy alternatives, energy efficiency while helping to build clean energy supply chains to meet that growing customer demand. The fund finalizes the funding and confirms the long-term commitment for NY-Sun and for the growing solar electric market and industry in New York State, by supporting rapid and continued cost reduction.

To leverage private sector investment, expand the availability of capital and increase confidence in lending for clean energy projects, the fund will complete the capitalization of the innovative NY Green Bank. As New York State moves to a cleaner, more efficient, and more widely distributed energy system, the Clean Energy Fund will help spur innovations through research and technology development that will drive clean-tech business growth and job creation while providing more energy choices to residential and business customers.

By acting today and not tomorrow, we ensure our grid will be modernized and strengthened as we also lower New Yorker's electricity rates by implementing the most cost-effective solutions to meet our challenges. The Commission today approved a public process to adopt a Clean Energy Standard that will also include a separate support mechanism for upstate nuclear power plants.

Since nuclear facilities do not produce greenhouse gas emissions, they will help the State transition to a future under the Clean Energy Standard without losing ground on emission reductions statewide. The Commission also took other groundbreaking steps today to advance Governor Cuomo's Reforming the Energy Vision Strategy, or REV, by directing major electric and gas utilities to develop new, cutting-edge energy efficiency programs, on both a regional and statewide basis.

It also established a benefit-cost analysis framework for evaluating new energy proposals, such as smaller, cleaner power plants, to determine whether they meet the energy- and cost-saving goals of REV. The Clean Energy Fund supports the environmental goals of both REV and the Clean Energy Standard by reducing an estimated million tons of carbon emissions the equivalent of removing 1.

Energy efficiency and other priority initiatives of the fund are also expected to save We will build on the success of previous energy-development programs in a way that meets evolving customer and market needs and transition away from approaches that rely almost exclusively on ratepayer subsidies, which is unsustainable if we are to meet our ambitious goals in the long-run. It also creates the demand for clean energy and the certainty we need to accelerate the growth of a dynamic clean tech economy that stimulates private investment and job creation.

The Clean Energy Fund will allow New York to build a clean tech industry while furthering its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide utility savings for New Yorkers. As the Commission develops a Clean Energy Standard, it will create new incentives for large scale renewables and a new mechanism to prevent the premature retirement of safe, upstate nuclear power plants during this transition. In addition, the Commission ruled that the Clean Energy Standard should include non-emitting generation resources, like the nuclear power facilities in upstate New York.

Without these plants, the state would lose some of the emission reductions already achieved by the state and possibly lead to an increase of more than 12 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. To complement further programs supported by the Clean Energy Fund, the Commission is directing that each investor-owned utility seek to improve their own energy-efficiency programs to better engage customers and meet the overall goals of the Clean Energy Standard and the State Energy Plan.

Energy-efficiency programs offered by major utilities are poised to offer greater value and new, cost-saving services to consumers under streamlined rules approved today. However, the utilities and NYSERDA are directed to actively evaluate and develop innovative programs that reach deeper into low-income communities. Cuomo's strategy to build a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers.

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Senators voted Thursday to carry it over until they return June 14 for a special session. Senators will attempt to tweak current state law that penalizes businesses for hiring illegal workers. The state's labor director and attorney general want legislators to bring the law in line with last week's U. Both laws penalize businesses for hiring workers in the country illegally.

Because the high court upheld Arizona's last week, tweaking South Carolina's would ensure it too passes constitutional muster, said Catherine Templeton, director of the state Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Larry Martin, R-Pickens, told senators Wednesday evening. He was the chairman of a three-member panel looking into the issue, and the only one to attend the meeting.

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Floor debate began to drag following his explanation, so senators carried over discussion until the last day of the regular session. The proposal will be considered along with minor technical changes to a bill that would require officers to try to check suspects' immigration status, which is similar to a separate Arizona law that is being challenged in court.

Unlike the Arizona law, South Carolina's measure would bar officers from holding someone on suspicion of being in the country illegally. That bill is back in the Senate after the House approved its version last week. The tweaks would do away with fining businesses for violating the law and instead threaten to revoke the business licenses they need to operate, as well as other filings, such as articles of incorporation. Businesses would also be limited to using E-verify, the federal online verification program, rather than having the option of hiring workers who hold a driver's license from South Carolina or other approved state.

Martin said the high court's ruling clarifies that state documents, such as a driver's license, can't solely be used to determine if someone is in the country legally, but E-verify is acceptable. It is clear states can't impose civil fines but can suspend business licenses, he said. South Carolina's law took effect in stages, and began applying to businesses of all sizes last July.

Because the Supreme Court ruled penalties must be limited to employers who knowingly violate the law, the proposed amendment would still give companies what Templeton called an "oops" provision. Before yanking companies' ability to operate, the state would give businesses a warning on their first offense, and put them on probation for a second. Templeton had asked for the change, saying she needed a way to enforce the order. So far, the agency has ordered only one temporary closure - of a Mexican restaurant in Columbia - and the company complied.

But the current law threatens to take away a state business license that doesn't physically exist, so the threat lacks teeth, she said. The amendment would provide that, she said, by giving the state the ability to revoke actual licenses granted by various agencies. For the last month, Templeton's agency has been unable to audit companies and check for illegal workers, after the Department of Homeland Security stopped the state from looking at employers' E-verify records. On Wednesday, the agency's 22 immigration inspectors were laid off. The employees randomly audited companies - concentrating in industries that tend to hire illegal workers - as well as responded to complaints.

The issue arose in February, after an employer's attorney raised privacy concerns. Templeton believes the Supreme Court ruling could force Homeland Security to develop a policy that gives states a way to check employers. The state could not determine whether specific workers were checked, Templeton said. El director laboral y el fiscal general del estado quieren alinear la ley de con el dictamen emanado por la Corte Suprema.

Templeton ha solicitado el cambio, diciendo que necesitaba un modo de ejecutar la orden. Se ha suspendido a 22 inspectores migratorios de la agencia.

El estado no puede determinar si se ha verificado a ciertos trabajadores en particular, dijo Templeton. AMC Project General field: Usage of domestic raw materials, national added value, work stability, qualified and continuous development of work skills, elevated social responsability towards production.

Operational Procedures General field: Non compliance of any of the required conditions for Service activation prevents the Service functionality. Internet, e-Commerce Source text - English "Are all insecure services, protocols, and ports identified, and are security features documented and implemented for each identified service? For example, block traffic originating from the Internet with an internal address. Methods to obscure IP addressing may include, but are not limited to: This requirement does not supersede stricter requirements in place for displays of cardholder data—for example, legal or payment card brand requirements for point-of-sale POS receipts.

It is a relatively trivial effort for a malicious individual to reconstruct original PAN data if they have access to both the truncated and hashed version of a PAN. It is not required that public keys be stored in one of these forms. AND - Do dual control procedures require that at least two people are required to perform any key management operations and no one person has access to the authentication materials for example, passwords or keys of another?

Dictionary of spoken Spanish

Examples of manual key management operations include, but are not limited to: For example, for browser-based implementations: Are periodic evaluations performed to identify and evaluate evolving malware threats in order to confirm whether those systems considered to not be commonly affected by malicious software continue as such? If passwords are short or simple to guess, it is relatively easy for a malicious individual to find these weak accounts and compromise a network under the guise of a valid user ID.

This requirement is intended to apply to all personnel—including general users, administrators, and vendors for support or maintenance with remote access to the network—where that remote access could lead to access to the cardholder data environment. Examples of signs that a device might have been tampered with or substituted include unexpected attachments or cables plugged into the device, missing or changed security labels, broken or differently colored casing, or changes to the serial number or other external markings.

Logging of the following events enables an organization to identify and trace potentially malicious activities.

Whichever methods are used, they must be sufficient to detect and identify any unauthorized devices. Scans must be performed by qualified personnel. For change detection purposes, critical files are usually those that do not regularly change, but the modification of which could indicate a system compromise or risk of compromise. Change detection mechanisms such as file-integrity monitoring products usually come pre-configured with critical files for the related operating system. Other critical files, such as those for custom applications, must be evaluated and defined by the entity that is the merchant or service provider.

Examples of critical technologies include, but are not limited to, remote access and wireless technologies, laptops, tablets, removable electronic media, e-mail usage and Internet usage. Por ejemplo, para implementaciones basadas en el navegador: Los escaneos los debe ejecutar personal calificado. In order to grant this request and officially close your case file, we ask that you complete and sign the withdrawal form below and return this letter in the self-addressed stamped envelope provided no later than March 31, You will remain on the waiting list until your response is received.

Please note that if you wish to apply for waiver services in the future, you must complete a new application. If you have any questions regarding the program or the intent of this letter, please contact DDS. I am not interested in receiving waiver services at this time. I understand that if I desire to have consideration for services through this program in the future, I will have to complete a new ACS Choice form for services. I understand that consideration for services is based on the date the new request is made. My reason s for withdrawal from the Request List is are as follows: Through the Employee Assistance and Resilience Program you can connect with resources and people that can help you thrive personally and professionally.

With the Employee Assistance and Resilience Program, you and your family have direct access to: Private consultation[1]and counseling sessions to assist you with managing any work or personal issue; such as chronic stress, substance misuse, trauma support emotional[1]health, or resilience. Information, training, consultations, and support to enhance the resilience of you and your family members working in high-risk or stressful environments. Live assistance is always available. As an employee, you and your family have access to free, confidential assistance with any work, life, personal, or family issue.

Any time[1], any day, you can contact the service for live assistance including: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year Access available worldwide by phone, email, or web Up to 8 counseling sessions per issue, per year Provides information,[1]resources, and counseling on any work, life, personal, or family issue that matters to you No cost to you and your family to use the service Support and resources available in more than a dozen languages, including French, Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese The service is confidential Employee support is provided by The KonTerra Group, an organization staffed by professionals who are completely independent of your employer.

The KonTerra Group is bound by professional standards regarding confidentiality[1] and does not disclose details of individuals who have contacted the service. Any information[1]you share is at your discretion and will not be shared with your employer. We are ready to assist you with any issue that matters to you and your family.

Topics include, but are not limited to: No matter when, no matter where, you have free, confidential support by phone, email, or web. Call or log on to get started. Con el Programa de Ayuda y Resistencia del Empleado, usted y su familia pueden acceder directamente a: Asistencia en vivo siempre disponible. Como empleado, usted y su familia tienen acceso a asistencia gratuita y confidencial por cualquier problema laboral, personal o familiar. Le apoyamos a nivel mundial. El uso del servicio no tiene costo para usted o su familia.

El servicio es confidencial. Estamos listos para ayudarle con cualquier problema que les afecte a usted y su familia. Los temas incluyen, pero no se limitan a: This program is part of a research study to increase college enrollment in the months following high school graduation. As part of the research study, we are evaluating the optimal number of text messages to send students. Some students may receive one message. Others may receive up to 15 messages.

We hope this information will help students prepare for college. What we will ask your student to do We are asking your student to enroll in a summer texting service. This research has the potential to be included in a broader report about helping New York City high school students prepare for college. The goal of this report is to create solutions to challenges faced by students pertaining to college enrollment and retention. Group one will receive about one text message a week and will be free to text questions to experts at NYC College Line. Group two will receive one introductory text message and will be free to text questions to experts at NYC College Line.

We are comparing the two groups' college enrollment rates to better understand if more frequent texting is beneficial. The Department of Education will also provide ideas42 with college enrollment data. Public reports may present aggregate statistics about whether students who receive these messages enroll in college. If you have questions The main researcher conducting this study is Andrew White, a Senior Associate at ideas If you have questions you may contact Andrew White at awhite ideas Puede que algunos estudiantes solo reciban uno.

Otros pueden recibir hasta 15 mensajes. El grupo uno recibe el estimado de un mensaje de texto a la semana y tiene permiso de enviar mensajes con preguntas a los expertos de NYC College Line. Good day, my name is Juan Carlos Urbaez. Even though I referred to myself as a Spanish native speaker, my current work language is English as either source or target language when it comes to translations.

As a matter of fact, at the moment I translate construction industry-related technical-legal documents -as well as institutional communications, minutes and, so on- for a Venezuelan based joint venture company. I kept as well doing translation jobs for the above construction company and private clients: English versions of a professor's human resources-related Ph.

D gradework for Tulane and a market research article due for Israel. I often proofread homeworks of a Moroccan friend of mine who attends college in California, USA -I must admit her English is pretty good, though. Officially, my first jobs are dated back in the early 's, when I was a proofreader for a Jewish weekly in Caracas, Ven. I am as well a obviously not way famous creative writer. In a nutshell, I would define myself a serious, hard-working translator-interpreter who can cope with deadlines. Not only that I like taking challenges but I love outdoing myself over short spaces of time.

Translations, Spanish, English, Italian, technical, scientific, market research, arts, cinema, literature, architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, airport interpreter. Profile last updated Nov 7. More translators and interpreters: Or create a new account.

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Both English and Spanish languages appear on the cards. Conversation cards can also be used with the Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth Calendario de nutricion y actividad fisica Spanish Nutrition Calendar A month, 11" x 17" full color wall calendar featuring healthy recipes, including cheesy chicken casserole, zucchini hummus wraps, frozen pudding sandwiches, golden corn bread, mushroom quinoa, slow cooker roast, and more! Each month highlights a new recipe, suggested meal plan, and food prep ideas. Only low-cost, readily available ingredients and basic equipment are needed to prepare recipes.

Alimentos para las ferias de 4-H de Iowa. Plan ahead for a successful fair experience. Use these guidelines to help select an acceptable product for exhibit, find an approved recipe source, and identify the appropriate preparation method. Audio highlights in English. Audio highlights in Spanish. Wash Your Hands 11" x 8.

Available in English or Spanish. Additional information and requirements to effectively administer the program are available on the SFP website. Dare to Excel newsletter - September Help children succeed at school by creating a home environment that leads to trust, self-control, and independence. This nine-issue series develops themes such as routines, media limits, and good nutrition.

Includes back-to-school tips to get kids ready for a new school year. Dare to Excel newsletter - October Find ways to establish regular routines at home, which help children succeed at school. Routines can foster self-control and independence while reducing impulsive behavior. Includes tips for establishing morning, afternoon, and bedtime routines. Dare to Excel newsletter - November Help your child get the nutrition needed to stay focused in school, perform better, and get along better with others.

Includes tips to encourage kids to try new foods, eat a better breakfast, and eat healthy snacks. Dare to Excel newsletter - December Find ways to set media limits and help your child improve overall performance in school. Too much media time can negatively influence sleep in children. Violent media games can give children negative feelings toward others. Includes tips to manage media time in your home.

Dare to Excel newsletter - January Promote a healthy lifestyle for your children with tips in this newsletter. Most kids want to be physically active — help them move and develop stronger muscles and bones, lower their blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight. Includes a question survey to evaluate your home environment. Dare to Excel newsletter - February Take a look at online safety — the Internet can be a dangerous place for children.

Dare to Excel newsletter - March Help your children grow through service learning as they apply classroom knowledge to meaningful and needed services in the community. Includes ways to give kids a chance to experience personal responsibility and positive social behavior while developing a closer bond with their school and community.