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To which I replied how glad I was to have been a part of it. At a late dinner after the dance, she asked if I wanted to stay with her that night, and I said yes.

Going Home With My Best Friend

And then in her apartment we had that kiss, and I knew I was where I wanted to be. Sybil, on the other hand, is retired and stayed in an unhappy relationship with an alcoholic for more than 30 years. Even though my M. I want to stay with her and for us to experience happiness together. And, yes, responding to each other physically. Yet even now, I do not see myself as a lesbian. I don't know what I am or what label there is for me.

But I do know that in this instance, I am definitely in love with this particular woman. My family, friends and even co-workers are very happy for me. Janie came down the stairs dressed and apologized, "I'm so sorry, Holly. I thought I read the signs better. I wanted to give you a birthday to remember. She went to the kitchen and returned with a wrapped present, "Here's your real present. I laughed, before asking, suddenly very curious, "Sooooo, what did you get me? I unwrapped the box and was shocked to see a new camera.

I gasped, "Janie, this is too much. Plus, you can't put a price on friendship. I learned that Cindy was actually staying overnight at Janie's mom's for the night, and tonight was my surprise birthday celebration. Janie sent me upstairs to get into something a little more sexy than my t-shirt and jeans and then we headed out for a late dinner and even later movie. All night, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have her.

I also began questioning whether I had made the right decision to push her away when that intimate moment occurred. I was definitely curious. Could I have a sexual relationship with another woman? What would happen if it didn't go well? I couldn't fathom Janie not in my life anymore. What would my parents say if I brought a woman home? Yet, I was never happier than when I was with Janie. That was definitely true. Over the next month, Janie never brought up that day and stopped flirting with me completely. There is that saying 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone' and that was definitely true in this case.

I missed Janie's teasing sexual innuendo, I missed her gentle touches. I continually replayed that brief moment when her naked body touched me and almost nightly my bedtime routine included masturbating to that moment but with a much different ending. My feelings confusing me, I went online.

I did some research and eventually ended up finding a site called Literotica. I began reading lesbian stories and found myself imagining me being the protagonist in many of them. I came across an author, silkstockingslover, and after reading a few of her stories and getting turned on majorly, I came across a story called 'Bedding the Babysitter'. That story and its many sequels changed my life.

I imagined I was the young babysitter, Jenny, and that Megan, the seductress of the story, was Janie. I couldn't stop pleasuring myself and frantically fingered my fevered cunt until all my pent up sexual frustration exploded out of me when I reached orgasm.

Falling in Love with my Best Friend - Lesbian Sex -

I kept reading and reading the entire story series and wishing that was me and Janie; I realized that I was submissive through this story; I loved pleasing people in all aspects of my life including in the bedroom; I wanted Janie to dominate and make love to me as happened to Jenny by both Megan and, later, a cheerleader named Karen. I came to grips that I likely was a lesbian, or at least leaning that way, as I no longer found guys attractive and I had been hit on many times while working at the coffee shop as well at school while finishing up my degree.

I wanted to be with Janie, but I wasn't sure how to say so after I had rejected her so harshly. I emailed silkstockingslover to thank her for the great stories, especially 'Bedding the Babysitter' and we began an online friendship. I won't get into the many emails we shared, but I told her my predicament and asked for advice. Being the kind-hearted woman she was, she gave me advice and I decided to make a move. But first I received my degree and started a new job working as a secretary and thus had to quit working at the coffee place, making it more challenging to follow silkstockingslover's suggestions.

Determined to show Janie how I felt, I decided to make my move. I asked her to meet for supper and she said sure. She could tell something was up as she asked, "Are you okay? I have regretted it ever since. I don't know why I pushed you away, as I am pretty sure I am in love with you.

I wish I could turn back time and redo that event. Can we, can we have a redo? I watched her walk away, my heart sinking into my stomach as I realized I had probably just fucked up our friendship. I decided I needed an answer and needed to apologize for putting her in such a situation. I walked into the washroom and saw her standing in front of the mirror wiping tears from her face. I asked, trying to be a friend and not a lover to be, "Is everything okay?

My whole body became jelly from her touch and I knew, without a doubt, all my insecurities and questions about my sexuality were answered, as this was the best feeling I had ever felt. When she broke the kiss, I started babbling. I just couldn't understand my own feelings and was overwhelmed and confused.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I heard those words said to me. I stammered back, in utter awe of the situation, "I-I-I love you too. We finished eating in silence, both our heads spinning with our new revelation. Once dinner was done, I went to pay and when I returned we headed to the parking lot, each of us having brought our own cars.

She said, as we stood in front of my car, "I have to go home, I only have a babysitter until nine, but we need to continue this conversation. For now on you're going to live with me! At my house till we have this all settled. I turned to face Kenzi and I smiled. I closed my eyes.

Kenzi had pulled me closer and we fell asleep next to each other. I woke up and it was a little darker. I looked at the time on ny watch and it said 5: We slept for 8 hours. I looked at her ready to wake her up. But I stopped and saw her and she looked so beautiful in the moment.

The way the falling sun caught her face. I studdied it and my eyes fell to her lips. I bit my lip wanting so badly to kiss her.

‘falling in love’ stories

But I knew she would be startled and probably run away. So I just woke her up. Moms gunna be mad I hadn't checked in!


Oh how I wish we were still cuddled next to each other. Me and Bo got carried away after school and I totally forgot.

Lesbian Romance: BFF turned lovers

By the way I'm coming home with Bo. She won't care that much. Not everything but enough to always let me come over whenever and at any time. I liked that about her. We wouldn't wanna get her any bad just incase. We got to the car but we were already done eating. We were hungry and finished the food fastly.