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Study each of the following life path number descriptions through the filter of your own history and experience, paying special attention to the digits of your birth number. And remember that each of the following life paths or callings associated with the digits 1 through 9 represents primary drives and challenges.

  • Decoding Your Life: An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration by Janet D. Swerdlow.
  • Calculate Your Life Path Number and Learn What It Means.
  • Kreuzweg: Chiemgau-Krimi (German Edition).

The 1 life path number centers around creative energy — in the arts writing, visual media, acting, music , or in education, business, family and childrearing, or any other field where creativity gives birth to new directions, solutions, or approaches. The 1 also indicates a knack for inventiveness or reinvention. When those with 1 or double 1 in their birth number tackle their innate insecurity — an underlying sense of inferiority and driving need to prove themselves — and stop trying to fit in, then their creativity flows like a surging river.

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But creative energy is a double-edged sword; it can manifest in positive, productive, constructive forms or in negative or destructive ways such as abuse or addiction. Physical exercise helps those working 1 energy to stay grounded and balanced. Applied in the positive, their energy charms, attracts, and inspires others to their own creative endeavors. The 2 life path number represents a drive to, and issues around, cooperative service but also a tendency to overcooperate, or start a relationship by overhelping, sometimes to the point of servitude — giving and giving whether or not anyone asked — then later resenting and resisting, withdrawing physically or emotionally , feeling taken for granted.

A key for those with 2 involves establishing a balance and boundaries between the needs and responsibilities of others and their own. Those working 2 can be strong and supportive worker bees, nurturers, and caregivers of the world. While fully capable of leading, their deepest and most satisfying calling is bringing loyal, capable support to a person, organization, or mission in service of a higher good.

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The 3 life path number points to an emotionally needy and sensitive soul whether or not outwardly visible to others — a romantic whose acute sensitivity makes criticism especially painful but also helps them intuitively tune in to and connect with others. The 3 centers around a powerful drive for self-expression — through speaking, writing, music, art, public relations, coaching, or teaching.

If the expressive drive of those with 3 is blocked, stifled, or obstructed, they can get moody, depressed, or manipulative hinting at rather than clearly expressing what they need. In the negative, 3 energy takes the form of complaining, sarcasm, insults, gossip, or cutting wit; in the positive, those with 3 in their birth number bring creative, constructive, encouraging, uplifting, enthusiastic expression.

The biggest 3 hurdle is an innate feeling of self-doubt a sense of being unprepared or not capable enough. The courage to push past this hurdle enables those with 3 to bring uplifting expression into the world.

The 4 life path number represents a deep call to structure and stability, but with tendencies to do the opposite. Those with 4 in their birth number are ambitious and gregarious problem solvers with a natural analytical ability; thus, they make excellent managers and organizers. But 4 indicates a tendency to overanalyze that can lead to a sense of confusion, so writing down options and listening to gut feelings can help. Practicing anything over time, or engaging in a construction project, can be immensely helpful.

When they balance strength with flexibility, and analysis with intuition , and temper impulsiveness with patience and persistence, they establish stable foundations in their lives and relationships, and can accomplish great things. The 5 life path number represents freedom — a drive to experience many facets of life. Those working 5 are vivacious, quick-minded, multifaceted individuals who can see life from many angles, but their wide variety of interests can leave them scattered or burned out.

Easily bored, they seek drama and excitement — or they create it.

Decoding Your Life: An Experiential Course in Self-Reintegration

Most of these freedom-loving people favor new experience or adventure direct or vicarious over security or money in the bank. They have a powerful a drive to rescue others and to fight for the underdog. A notable challenge for those with 5 is a tendency to swing from dependence to independence — so they benefit from establishing interdependent relationships and healthy self-reliance in their own lives.

Their key to freedom is discipline in the form of clear priorities and focus — digging one well one hundred feet deep rather than ten wells ten feet deep. Ultimately, in helping to liberate others, they find their own freedom. The 6 life path number points to high ideals and standards of beauty, purity, justice, fairness, and authenticity. But idealism can lead to disappointment, since few people or situations live up to the initial expectations of those working 6.

Disillusion is a big word for them, both in the negative sense of disappointment and in the positive sense of freedom from illusions — maturing into realism and a sense of perspective.

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  4. In a group-learning environment, those with 6 tend to compare themselves to the most accomplished — and even if they do twenty things well, they tend to focus on a single mistake. Once they replace perfectionism with perspective, and learn to accept life as it is, they learn to celebrate their progress rather than obsess about so-called mistakes in the past. Read more about DVD formats. Share your thoughts with other customers.

    Discover Your Life Path Number: The Key to Decoding Your Life Purpose

    Write a customer review. Showing of 3 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The examples and demonstrations are by far the best I have been given.

    Decoding Your Life

    I have read several books on Vedic astrology and the terminology and foreign examples always required multiple readings to get through them. This DVD series takes all that time and frustration away. You absolutely can not get an easier start on this subject than these DVD's. I wish I would have had these to start with, could have saved me months of book pounding and purchases.

    The person filming these DVD's deserves hands down a great applaud, he always zoomed in on the examples on the board, always hinted at Simon to speak up or fix his microphone. I hope he gets a pay bonus for his effort, it made the DVD's so professional. I do not know how many DVD's I have bought that were just really bad quality.

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    I throughly enjoyed these videos.. Simon's dvd's are outstanding. Some people state that seeing Pink Floyd in their youth made them expand their minds, others say an education at Harvard, some even say psychedelics. Simon is well rounded with an amazing sense of humor and delivers these ancient concepts at just the right pace.

    His take on astrology has truly expanded my mind, as I have laughed and cried several times during the ten plus hour ride on these dvds.

    Bestselling Series

    I can't think of anyone more approachable and wise for this format I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a hands on learning style of Jyotish. Grab a pencil and paper, take some notes, and it very may well enrich your life. The presenter takes a complex subject and makes it fun and easy to learn.