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Talbon was struck by another very important thing. It all hung together. The stories Cheryl told — even though it was upsetting to think people could do stuff like that — they were not disjointed They were not repetitive in terms of "I've heard this before". It was not just she'd someone trying consciously or unconsciously to get attention.

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She didn't come up with them again [after telling the story once and dealing with it]. Once it was done, it was done. And I think that was probably the biggest factor for me in her believability. I got no sense that she was using these stories to make herself a really interesting person to me so I'd really want to work with her, or something. Or that she was just living in this stuff like it was her life. Once she dealt with it and processed it, it was gone.

We just went on to other things. Parts of her were integrating where she could say,"I have a sense that some particular alter has folded in with some basic alter", and she didn't bring it up again.

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She didn't say that this alter has reappeared to cause more problems. That just didn't happen. The therapist had learned from training and experience that when real integration occurs, it is permanent and the patient moves on. It is important to point out, however, that I recognize that someone who is multiple is actually a single fragmented person rather than many people.

On the outside, a multiple is probably not visibly different from anyone else.

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But that image is only an imitation: In fact, since it is difficult for the multiple to understand how singletons think, some of them might think that is is you who are strange. Just as a singleton cannot become a multiple at will, a multiple cannot become a singleton until and unless the barriers between the parts of the self are removed. Those barriers were put up to enable the child to tolerate, and so survive, unavoidable abuse. Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. The client who comes to therapy is not "the" person; there are other personalities to meet and work with.

When DID was still officially called MPD, the "person" who lived life on the outside was known as the "host" personality, and the other parts were known as alters. These terms, unfortunately, implied that all the parts other than the host were guests, and therefore of less importance than the host.

They were somehow secondary.

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Detachment from emotional and physical pain during trauma can result in alterations in memory encoding and storage. In turn, this leads to fragmentation and compartmentalization of memory and impairments in retrieving memory. Some personality systems are set up with an inner world full of wires or strings that connect switches to their effects. These can facilitate a series of actions by a series of insiders.

Dissociative Disorders Quotes

For example, one part watches the person function in the outside world, and presses a button if he or she sees the person disobeying instructions. The button is connected to an internal wire, which rings a bell in the ear of another part. This part then engages in his or her trained behaviour, opening a door to release the pain of a rape, or cutting the person's arm in a certain pattern, or pushing out a child part. So the watcher has no idea of who the other part is or what she or he does. These events can be quite complicated.

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Have you ever just heeded The deep sadness inside? Put life on hold, put time aside? Have you ever let the tears start letting out the hidden pain from deep inside your heart? Have you ever let yourself cry not counting the minutes, the hours? Just crying while time goes by? Have you ever let yourself cry, not knowing how long it will last, the tears and sadness of the past?

Have you ever just cried and cried knowing you won't stop? Tears flowing, an endless tide. Have you ever cried the whole day, until exhausted, you sleep? The wall of sadness inside maybe a little less deep. Triggering Poetry and Writing. The Poisoned Stream The poison stream continues feeding its floodwaters of cancer and despair, but the bleeding butterfly has escaped. The toxic place and its people no longer have any place in her life, she is free of them all and has flown far away to where there is only light and love.

It is an accursed place, fed by deception and dishonesty. Dedicated to 4 Krige Street, Heidelberg.

Dying Is Easy A bleeding butterfly flies away, A lonely red poppy for remembrance weeps, And the cold, abandoned ruined doorway allows a glimpse of the prison bars of light within. His cruel cowardice hurt the most.

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He was the Light of Her Life. Its greedily and jealously hoarded treasures fade as they gather dust. He died as she said he would, a lonely and bitter old man. His vengeful rage, greed and malice killed him.

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She is free of him and he will rot in hell for eternity. The red poppy of remembrance has lost its Life's Blood of compassion and love, All that remains is spite, hatred and pain. And the bleeding butterfly continues moving away forever. It was neither real nor honest, without any love at all. One day in the near future a book will be published about this poisoned and poisonous dynasty of hate, greed and lack of love.

Pan, Pan, is dead. The indestructible Golden Chain lies torn apart forever. The bleeding butterfly continues flying away. She was the Joy of Her Heart. Money "The miser sits alone. So nasty, mean-spirited and small. Delusional and so contemptible!