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Lori's father, shattered and slipping into depression, becomes a recluse, although he tries to pretend for Lori's sake that nothing is wrong. Her mother's death also distresses Lori, but she is aware of the change in her father and assigns herself the role of caregiver. Her grades begin to slip, and she becomes alienated from her peers. Her primary social group, a Wiccan circle, expels her, claiming she is emitting "black energy" after her mother's death in actuality, the circle's leader, Lori's best friend Dawn, is jealous of Lori's real and growing powers.

Having recently left Gotham City following the destruction of their clock tower headquarters, the superhero team the Birds of Prey are traveling the country by jet in order to identify and help previously unknown metahumans. Oracle becomes aware of Lori's power, but not her specific abilities. She sends Huntress , disguised as a school teacher, to keep an eye on Lori and offer counseling, while Black Canary is tasked with keeping surveillance on all of Lori's activities, to determine the specific nature and strength of her powers.

Lori abruptly leaves her boyfriend, Kyle, when she manifests Doctor Fate 's powers, and seeks out a trio of suspected drug dealers.

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Before Lori can use lethal force, Black Canary intervenes. Doctor Fate's power fades, and Lori flees the scene, tailed by Black Canary. Suddenly manifesting Zatanna 's powers, Lori binds and gags Canary and escapes. Black Canary and Huntress unite to tail Kyle in the hopes of rediscovering Lori, and instead find that Kyle is two-timing Lori with Dawn.

Lori discovers the same thing shortly afterwards and prepares to destroy a shopping mall having now manifested the powers of Black Adam in her efforts to avenge herself on Kyle.

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Black Canary is able to bring her down in an all-out brawl, but the Huntress brings a stop to Lori's rampage by presenting a contrite Dawn. Oracle turns Lori over to the care of the real Doctor Fate, where she can receive guidance in the use of her powers. Black Alice makes her second appearance in the Day of Vengeance miniseries. The Shadowpact asks for her aid in confronting the Spectre and Eclipso. Despite her efforts, she does little more than delay the Spectre. Alice does manage to temporarily take the Spectre's powers. Since he is hostless, all this does is make the Spectre an intangible phantom, immune to harm.

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After witnessing both the death of the wizard Shazam and the destruction of the Rock of Eternity at the hands of the Spectre, she declines an offer to join the Shadowpact, choosing to return to her father and her hometown. Later, in the Villains United: They attempt to get her to join the Society , offering both training and the resurrection of her mother.

The Birds of Prey attempt to intervene. A frustrated and enraged Black Alice who almost hangs Black Canary to death using Wonder Woman's golden lasso teleports everyone to the outskirts of Dayton and states that she just wishes to be left alone. She returns home with her parents, her mother apparently fully resurrected, but living in a constant-shock state she barely speaks, mechanically doing house chores. Lori's life continues downhill, with her father turning alcoholic again due to his wife's condition, and popular boys and girls continuing to bully her at school.


She summons the traveling helmet of Doctor Fate in an attempt to tame its powers. When the helmet starts to punish everyone who wrongs her, even her loved ones, Lori realizes that she does not need more power to attain happiness and sets the helmet free, spending more time to help rehabilitate her father. However, she soon snaps when Oracle reveals that her mood swings are a side effect of the antidepressants she has been taking to restrain herself, and that Lori has mirrored her mother's own addiction.

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Her addiction to antidepressants saves her when she is kidnapped by Darkseid 's henchmen and taken to the "Dark Side Club. Finding Misfit similarly trapped, but almost completely brainwashed and vulnerable, she briefly contemplates the idea of stealing her teleport abilities to flee alone. After discovering in Darkseid's files that she may be a blood relative of Misfit, she has a change of heart, and helps the girl escape. Please follow our community guidelines. Posts tagged ' Alice Power'.

Introducing our Chemistry Advisory Board 1 December by Alice Power We have been keeping you up to date about our collaboration with the Royal Society of Chemistry since it started,…. The old plant was sold. The inauguration of the new plant took place in March At the end of World War II to , the power supply industry in South Africa was severely handicapped by the shortage of generating capacity and distribution equipment. With the return to normal commercial and industrial conditions, there was a huge upsurge in electricity requirements throughout the country.

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However, the available generating capacity in the newly-established Border Undertaking was insufficient to meet the anticipated demand and additions to all three stations were planned. Steam supplies from the station to two industrial consumers were discontinued as a consequence. In all boilers were emptied and dried out. The diesel generator was run for trial and a few occasions when abnormal conditions arose at West Bank.

The steam plant was used for two periods in August during installation of transformers at Gately Substation. In April , the diesel generator was dismantled and sold.

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At a public meeting held on 9 August the proposal of the Alice Town Council to light the town by electricity was "carried almost unanimously". Street lighting was at that time by means of oil lamps. However, when World War I was over, the Administrator of the Cape "was very adverse to municipalities going in for any schemes" due to the financial situation. By June the matter was again raised, but shelved a second time because of uncertainty in prices and the market conditions.

An amended scheme was proposed in November whereby a feeder would be constructed and Lovedale offered power and light as well.