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After the match, Zandig awarded the win to Thumbtack Jack. It was held in Dover, Delaware. Lobo then entered Flash into the tournament and challenged anyone in the locker room. The Messiah returned and defeated Flash with Carlito's Way.

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This event would also be the last he wrestled in. My Ass was held in Smyrna, Delaware. This year there were no non-tournament matches held, however, the number of entrants rose from eight to twelve including representatives of Canada's International Wrestling Syndicate.

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As well as featuring Gypsy Joe as special guest referee for the tournament final. The format changed slightly for this show, with the first round matches being three-way elimination matches, the second round matches being 4-way double elimination matches, and the final being a single elimination 4-way match. Fast Forward took place September 15, Tournament of Death VII took place for the third year in a row in Smyrna, Delaware, on May 17, and marked the first time a female competitor had entered the tournament. Attendance was reported as Attendance was around Rewind took place on October 25, , after being postponed due to weather issues from the day before, at the Ultraviolent Underground in Townsend, Delaware.

The Wizard-Prince Amontet creates the Tournament Maximus to find a cadre of heroes to recover a mystical treasure he covets. The Empyrean Diamond is hidden on the Lost Island of Shumakai at the top of an extra-dimensional tower.

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Anyone who completes the entire tournament, and recovers the gem, will win a favor from the supremely powerful Wizard-Prince. Others forge through the deadly obstacles and monsters of the first two stages and move on to the final assault on the tower. Brion, however, decides that the cost of this quest is not worth the price. He drops out of the tournament and urges others to do so as well, lest they be killed in the final stage.

His words prove prophetic, as the air-based monsters and dangers inside the other-dimensional tower — the Empyrean Keep — prove even more deadly than the qualifying tournament. When Father Pius unexpectedly tries to assassinate Amontet, Crimson sacrifices herself to protect the wizard. Amontet kills Pius, and rather than save her own life, Crimson uses her boon from the wizard to save Piro, whose neck was snapped in the tower, and have him returned to full health.

Erisa, the sole remaining champion, chooses to heal her lover Uldred , who had been maimed in an earlier stage of the tournament; the wizard-prince does this easily. Amontet then takes the Empyrean Diamond and teleports away; for him, all the death and carnage has been worth it. Contestants and spectators leave the island as Shumakai begins to fade from reality once more.



Will it ever return? See the numerous Crimson stories and The Crimson Collection. Four years later, Shumakai appears again, and the Wizard-Prince Amontet sponsors a second Tournament Maximus to find heroes to plunder another mystical treasure: Brion Wilde also returns, but this time as the creator of Safe Harbor , an anti-bloodsport movement trying to stop the tournament. A number of other contestants are saved by Yan Zhigong , a girl kung fu master who was wounded in TOD 1. Uldred intends to drop out, too, but Cretia poisons Erisa and Uldred is forced to continue to gain the antidote.

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The final stage takes place in the Deluvian Temple , through a portal which leads to a dimension filled with watery perils. The dangers are made even more deadly because one of the finalists has been replaced with a dragonkyn shapechanger, who slays Aquaron , the self-proclaimed triton king and master of the gill-man slaves.

I shipped off all of the print books yesterday, and this morning I sent out the final backers-only wallpaper s.

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Both the softcover and hardcover books arrived today -- and they look ready to ship. I've sent the backers' Omnibus softcover off to the printer for proofs along with single-edition versions TOD 1 is up on the same sites, and has probably migrated Arriving in your e-mail Final polish starts tomorrow, and -- with a little bit of luck -- I'll have one or perhaps Work is proceeding apace on rewrites of both TOD books -- but to keep you amused in the meantime, I've put together e-book editions of stories featuring the TOD characters TOD maintained its funding past the deadline and the Tournament is officially a go!

In case you haven't heard, late last night we reached our funding goal! Live writing starts when Everyone who pledges by Friday night will get an extra e-book I'm so overwhelmed and grateful that I'm already starting to think up some Share this project Done. On the lost isle of Shumakai, contestants battle in the Tournament Maximus to claim either fortune I've said this elsewhere, but I figure y'all might like to hear it, too July 24, Tournament of Death 4 Previews Available!

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Hi Tournament of Death 1 Backers! Now is the time to make sure you and your friends doing miss out! Tournament of Death 3! The live-writing portion of TOD 3 is done, and the novel is finished!