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Drawing by Olafur Brynjulfsson illustrated a medieval version of the Edda. Loki immediately saw his great opportunity. He made the plant into a dart and gave it the blind god. When the dart pierced Balder through, he fell down dead. This was the worst deed ever performed by the gods and they knew that Loki was responsible, but they could not punish him; it was forbidden to spill blood on the assembly area.

He had great knowledge of the future and he knew he was doomed to be devoured one day. It was only a matter of time. Everyone and everything on earth complied by weeping but the giantess Thokk it was again Loki in one of his many disguises did not. Hel refused to release Balder. Loki was punished for his part in Balder's death. After she had asked everyone and everything she returned to Asgard and told the Gods that Balder was now safe from all dangers.

The Gods were curious and wanted to see if Balder really was safe from all dangers so they decided to have a bit of fun.

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Some of the Gods started to shoot arrows at Balder and others threw stones at him, but nothing seemed to cause any injury to him, and all the Gods thought it was remarkable. But when Loki, son of Laufey saw this, he got furious. Loki shapeshifted himself into a woman and went to talk with Frigga at her house Fensalir. When he arrived at her house, Frigg asked him what all the noise from the assembly were all about. The woman replied, everyone is shooting arrows at Balder, yet he suffers no injury. Frigg replied; Nothing will harm Balder, I have received oaths from everyone and everything that nothing will harm Balder.

Frigg replied; Almost everything, there was one thing that I thought was too young to ask for an oath, and that was the mistletoe that grows west of Valhalla. After hearing this the woman disappeared, Loki shapeshifted back into himself and went to get the mistletoe and brought it back to the assembly. When Loki arrived at the assembly he noticed Hod, standing at the edge of the circle people. Loki went over to talk to him. Loki replied; You should be behaving like the other Gods and honoring Balder like they do.

I will help you Hod and direct you to where he is standing, I have this twig you can shoot at him. The shot went right through Balder, and he fell to the ground dead. The atmosphere with music, laughter, and joy quickly turned into grief. The Gods stood completely still as they were frozen in time, unable to say a single word. Some of the Gods tried to speak, but they could only weep and were not able to express their grief in words.

Odin suffered the most, not only had he lost his beloved son, he knew what the death of Balder meant. For you see, Odin had been told about Ragnarok by a seer, and the first warning was the death of Balder. Weeks went by, and the Gods had started to accept their loss of the beloved Balder. The god fell on his face. There was no sound in Gladsheim, no sound, only the roaring of silence.

The gods could not speak. They looked at the fairest and most wise of them all, shining and lifeless, and they could not even move from where they stood to lift him.

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The Death of Baldr

The gods stared at each other and then they turned to stare at Hod and Loki. They had no doubt. The ground of Gladsheim was hallowed and no one was ready to shed blood in the sanctuary. Hod could not see the fearsome gaze of that gathering, Loki could not withstand it. He loped towards the doors of Gladsheim and slunk away into the darkness. Then the terrible silence was broken. One goddess began to weep, seized by wild grief. And the weeping of one unlocked the floodgates of them all. When they tried to speak, they found they could not tell their grief and their words were choked with tears.

Odin himself was there and, of all the gods and goddesses, he was the most deeply afflicted. Frigg was the first to speak. The mourning company turned to face her. Gladsheim began to breathe and sound again. Odin gave servants orders. Allfather took the reins and handed them to Hermod. Then, in Gladsheim, Hermod mounted Sleipnir. He looked down at the upturned faces of the gods and goddesses and at the fair fallen body of Balder. Hermod galloped out into the darkness and on towards the endless night.

The gods and goddesses did not sleep; they kept a silent vigil in Gladsheim.

Death Of Norse God Balder And Loki’s Mischief That Led To Destruction In Ragnarok

Day began to dawn: They carried him down to the sea and laid his corpse near Ringhorn, his own great boat with its curved prow. They took hold of the stern and tried to launch the boat, but their grief had so exhausted them that they could not summon up the strength to shift it on its rollers. Then the gods sent a messenger speeding to Jotunheim to ask for the help of the giantess Hyrrokin.

A great crowd out of Asgard sat near the water, watching the pulse of the waves. They were pensive and subdued, none of them so strong that he could escape the flux of his own feelings and comfort the others. In a while Hyrrokin came. She was huge and grim, riding a wolf with vipers for reins. As soon as she leaped off her steed, Odin summoned four Berserks and told them to watch over the wolf and the vipers and ensure they caused no harm.

The very sight of the four men in their animal skins angered the wolf; its eyes flickered and it snarled. The Berserks seised the viper-reins but they were unable to hold the wolf fast. First it dragged them one way, then another, slithering helplessly through the sand, as it tried to break free. Then the Berserks became as mad as wolves themselves and in fury they rained blows on the wolf with their club-like fists. They struck it down and left it for dead in the sand. Hyrrokin, meanwhile, stalked up to Ringhorn.

She looked at the boat, so large and yet so sweeping and graceful, and gripped the prow. Then she dug in her heels and with a horrible grunt she pulled — pulled so hard that Ringhorn raced screaming down the rollers and crashed into the water. The pine rollers burst into flames and the nine worlds trembled. His fingers closed round his hammer and he felt his old strength surging back into him. Hyrrokin looked at Thor scornfully. He kicked at the sand, causing a sandstorm, and walked up and down. They set down his spotless body on a high bench, covered in crimson cloth. And when she saw Balder lying there lifeless, her body shook; she could not control it.

She was tearless, in too much pain for tears now. The daughter of Nep died there, and she was carried out to Ringhorn and laid beside her dead husband. Odin was there; his ravens, Thought and Memory, perched on his shoulders. Frigg accompanied him, and so did the Valkyries: Freyr had come to the cremation in his chariot drawn by Guilinbursti, the gold-bristled boar fashioned for him by the dwarfs Brokk and Eitri.

The Death of Balder

Heimdall had ridden out of Asgard on his mount Gold Tuft. And Freyja sat in her chariot drawn by cats. The elves were there. The dwarfs were there. And hundreds of frost giants and rock giants stood there too, a great gang who had followed Hyrrokin out of Jotunheim.

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That was a vast concourse, a mingling of mourners and the merely curious on the foreshore, scuffing the strip of sand that never wholly belongs to earth or to sea. The seabirds rose and wheeled and dipped, screaming, the sea sobbed, and everyone there watched the ritual on Ringhorn.

A pyre was built round the body of Balder and his wife Nanna, dry faggots that needed nothing more than a spark to leap into their own life and consume the lifeless bodies that lay upon them, releasing their spirits to travel on. Then many treasures were laid within Ringhorn — buckles and brooches and rings, clasps and pins — and not only treasures but knives and buckets and scissors and spindles and spades and all the fabric of life.

Then a servant plunged a short dagger into its throat. It gave a violent jerk and, without a sound, crumpled amongst the wrack. No sooner was it dead than its body was hacked up, and the pieces were thrown into Ringhorn. Now Odin strode through the shallows and gripped the gunwale. He climbed into the boat and stood over the body of his dead son.

DEATH OF BALDER - Norse Mythology 4

For some time he gazed at him. Again he gazed at his son; then he left Ringhorn. At a sign from Odin a servant stepped forward with a lighted brand.

He set fire to the pyre and at once a steady plume of smoke, twisting and spiralling, rose into the calm air. He passed right in front of Thor and Thor was so enraged that he put out a foot and tripped him.

Before Lit had time to pick himself up, Thor gave him a terrible kick. The dwarf flew through the air and landed right on the licking and curdling pyre.