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In the Austrian government introduced the Art Restitution Act, [n 8] which looked again at the question of art stolen by the Nazis. Randol Schoenberg to act on her behalf. Schoenberg was the son of a woman she had been friends with since they lived in Vienna. The committee turned down the request, again citing Adele's will as the reason they were retaining the works. The committee's decision recommended that 16 Klimt drawings and 19 pieces of porcelain that had been held by Ferdinand and Adele and which were still at the Galerie Belvedere should be returned, as they fell outside the request of the will.

In March Altmann filed a civil claim against the Austrian government for the return of the paintings. She was informed that the cost of filing consisting of 1. The Austrian government filed for dismissal, based on arguments around the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act The Act granted immunity to sovereign nations except under certain conditions. Schoenberg showed that three of the conditions pertinent to the case were that Altmann's property had been taken in violation of international law; the property was owned by the state in question, or one of its agencies; and that the property had been used on a commercial basis in the US.

To avoid returning to the courts in what could have been lengthy litigation process, arbitration in Austria was agreed upon by both parties, although the Austrians had turned down such a move in Three arbitrators formed the panel. They stated that five of the six paintings in question should be returned to the Bloch-Bauer estate, as outlined in Ferdinand's will; only the Portrait of Amalie Zuckerkandl was to be retained by the gallery.


After the panel's decision was announced, the Galerie Belvedere ran a series of advertisements that appeared in bus stops and on underground railway platforms. The posters said "Ciao Adele", advertising the last opportunity before the painting left the country and long queues formed around the block. Although there were calls from some Austrians for the state to purchase the five paintings, the government stated that the price would be too high to justify the expense. When Altmann was asked what she wanted to do with the paintings, she stated "I would not want any private person to buy these paintings, It is very meaningful to me that they are seen by anybody who wants to see them, because that would have been the wish of my aunt.

Eileen Kinsella, the editor of ARTnews , considered the high price was due to several factors, particularly the painting's provenance, the increasing demand for Austrian Expressionism , rising prices in the art world and "Lauder's passion for and pursuit of this particular work".

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The painting has been on display at the location since. Michael Kimmelman , the chief art critic for the New York Times , was critical of the sale, and wrote that "A story about justice and redemption after the Holocaust has devolved into yet another tale of the crazy, intoxicating art market. All went to private collections. Altmann died in February , aged From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For British film, see Woman in Gold film. For the Blues Pills album, see Lady in Gold album.

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Detail of Judith I , for which Adele modelled. Preparatory sketch for the portrait, c. The painting had been stolen by the Nazis and was one of several such stolen works held by the Leopold. The two panellists agreed on the third, Peter Rummel, a law professor and an expert on Austrian civil law. On her death she left the painting to the Galerie Belvedere.

With no clear evidence to show the transfer from Ferdinand had been coerced or illegal, the panel stated that the Restitution Act did not apply, and the painting should remain with the Galerie Belvedere. Historical Timeline, Neue Galerie. Republic of Austria , p. Republic of Austria , pp. The Accidental Caregiver", Embassy of Austria. Translated by Beyer, Hugh.

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Retrieved 17 April The women claim they were asked to take over from host Antoine de Caunes. We wanted to stay as artists. We would rather paint pictures. They made VERY big offers to us.

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I've seen them on TV! The day we meet, the duo are joined by a strait-laced couple from Frankfurt, who won a day with the artists in a tombola. Hans works in the tax office and is curious about their affairs. What can they offset as a work-related expense, he asks. Eva explains that the beauty of being a walking artwork is that everything that goes into it is a legitimate expense: Their clothes rails, one hidden behind a pink silk curtain printed with their own faces, are full of gaudy costumes. Getting ready, says Adele, is a three-hour process.

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Today, Eva is wearing a glittery blue bindi, aquamarine eyeshadow and red lips, while Adele has opted for purple eye makeup. They are both wearing black bolero jackets, black pearl necklaces, baby pink dresses in chiffon, pale tights and white platform shoes. A huge smile completes the look. If we don't feel like smiling, we don't go out.

The black has a meaning: It also emerges that the dresses were their wedding attire: As a man and woman, the two could have got married any time in their year relationship. But it was important for them to be able to marry as two women. Civil partnerships have been legal in Germany since , but it was only in , after a constitutional court ruling , that transsexuals could apply to have their sex legally changed without changing their body. Eva, who has a deep voice and broad shoulders, went before a judge to argue that, despite her body being male, her soul was not. When the judge, having read numerous psychiatric and psychological reports, agreed, Eva's birth certificate was reissued with her sex as female.

We've invented our own sex. Eva will not reveal her birth name, nor where she is from. When I say she sounds very Austrian, she will only say: Now it is my legal name and I am very proud of it. Gender has always been a key part of their work and look. When they met which they tell me was "dancing on a football pitch in Italy", though I've read other reports , both were producing art that played with gender.

It was when they decided to become a living artwork that they created their hermaphrodite image. We wear ultra-feminine clothing. Never trousers, always heels. But we have these phallic shaved heads.

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Though the pair are art, they are also artists. Stacked in their studio are dozens of self-portraits. Their breakthrough came in at Berlin's Martin Gropius Bau museum: Pictures of the performance went around the world, and the duo have been famous in the art world ever since. There are those, however, who resent their scene-stealing, saying they'd turn up to the opening of an envelope.