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Glancing down at her hand, the same hand that was on his flesh only moments ago, she clenched her fist trying to forget. How Jeb could act so nonchalant over such a display floored her. She was still rattled to the bone. Jeb sat in his high back leather office chair after Brianne had left and ran a large hand over his face.

Then he reached down and adjusted the crotch of his dark slacks to accommodate his erection. Never before had he fooled around with an employee, much less to that extent and in his office of all places. He could have had her, he knew he could have. Even now he had images of pinning her up against the wall, wrapping those gorgeous legs around his hips and plunging into her until he was spent.

Cara was right on time to interrupt what he was going to do to her next. Hell, she smelled good and when she was turned on it became more potent. He lifted his hand and smelled it, roses. Laying his head back against the chair he knew he had to find some privacy and speak to her.

Lietha Wards 64 Standing up, he ran his hand through his hair. He had to get out of there. He would head out to the latest condo site where his brothers were. When Brianne returned she was relieved to hear from Vi that Jeb had left for the day. At least she was able to concentrate on learning the routine that Vi was able to guide her through. Actually she was lying to herself and doing a poor job of it. It was hard to forget how he made her feel over a few moments of intimacy. That is until he was able to turn it off so quickly and the shame hit her.

She had never been kissed in her life, so her reaction completely floored her. Absently she reached dup and wiped her brow with the back of her hand. She felt like she was perspiring, but it was just the heat prickling her skin remembering the incident. My husband is a mechanic and he works with a lot of motors.

She practically molested her brother in his office earlier. Again she felt her cheeks heat up.

This was endless, she thought bitterly about the permanent blush. Shortly after, Jeb strode down the hall toward her tossing his keys in his hand. His whole presence was devastating, she thought to herself trying not to let him see that she watched him. Thankfully he never said another word,. When they were in the Rover and halfway home he finally asked the question again.

This time there was a suspicious tone to it. At first he thought she was avoiding his gaze because of what had happened between them earlier, but now he knew this was different and it stemmed from him asking where Cara was. Then he jammed on the brakes causing her to brace her hands on the dash and gasp.

He shifted the vehicle into park and cut the engine before he turned to her. She never could lie, even if her life depended on it, and this was Jeb. Without even looking in his direction she knew he was glowering at her. His whole persona was intimidating and despite what had happened earlier he still frightened her to some degree. I just betrayed my best friend. The man changed moods faster than the weather.

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She took that as a different way entirely and she flushed crimson. I had to control my own body. That statement made her more ashamed than she could possibly imagine. Yes, she was a virgin, but she had to fight like hell through her childhood to keep it and Jeb had just spoken as if it was a curse. To her it was a measure of her pride.

Hot tears burned her eyes and she released a wretched sob. For Christ sake Brianne! She never cried, ever. Not even in front of Cara.

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He really wanted to reach over and gather her in his arms. Last time I had you in my arms, I near had you against the wall. I near split the material of my pants. I still want you. To him it could easily be seen as one. His eyes studied her. She was right about him having that sixth sense. She never told anyone what her foster father tried to do to her. All Cara knew was that she was beaten from time to time, told she was ugly, and no man would ever want her. Lietha Wards 70 your body was embedded in mine. A tug on a lock of her hair made her look at him again. His eyes had softened to a light honey brown and she found herself unable to take her eyes away again.

A woman who looks like you will never end up alone. He saw her looking at him. It was no wonder she was so defensive. Lietha Wards 72 with his sister if that was the truth. His eyes studied her for a moment seeing that she was on the verge of tears again. Now, until I get Greg checked out completely, there will be no relationship. A few of us have learned the hard way. Glen was engaged to a woman he thought he loved, until her true intentions came out. He broke it off with her two weeks before the wedding.

Lumber and Lace 73 She stared at him in disbelief. He told Cara that he was going to fire Greg if she went behind his back and saw him again. Cara shot an accusing look at Brianne who immediately ducked her head and looked guilty. Now she knew why her brothers hardly said a thing through dinner. Lietha Wards 74 calmly. The fact that she used her friend to cover her tracks was deceitful.

She knows you and she knows Brianne is no match for you. Lumber and Lace 75 was the most intimidating of all of them, mostly because he was the head of the household and the president of their company. That was after she panicked about losing her as a friend. She said Cara was the closest person to her. She was going to go and pack when I brought her home. We have to be careful. It was a stupid thing to say and she instantly regretted it. Glen was hurt over Monique and she threw it in his face.

Rem put his arm around her shoulders and gave her a brotherly squeeze. Satisfied that she would listen, he gathered the credit cards and left the room to check on Glen. Brianne had her suitcase open on her bed and was folding her clothes neatly in it when there was knock on the door.

Lumber and Lace by Lietha Wards

She paused, wondering if she should answer it. She ground her teeth together wishing she would quit thinking like that. In fact she sounded sorrowful. She released the shirt she was folding and went over to open it. Lumber and Lace 77 ajar when Cara pushed it open the rest of the way and threw her arms around her. No one else ever showed her as much compassion as Cara did.

She just wanted to see Greg so bad that she only thought of herself. The ripple effect she created was devastating. It would have been easier to face off a mountain lion. None of my brothers blame you at all. Lietha Wards 78 completely ashamed over my behaviour. He was the one I was worried about but he gave me hell over you. I know how Jeb can look on a good day. No one is that smart. Just you wait and see. Cara always seemed to get what she wanted out of them in. Lumber and Lace 79 the end because they doted on her so much. He loves you to death.

He was very protective. You mean everything to me. My brothers are already half in love with you. He looked up, set the device down, and leaned back in his chair. His expression was etched in stone as he rested his elbows on the arms of the chair and interlaced his fingers. He half expected a fight from her but instead she glanced around almost nervously. Cara was very caring, but she was also spoiled by the four of them and sometimes she did things to get attention, but what she expected Brianne to do was very unlike her.

It made Jeb realize how much she did like Greg and although he told Brianne to stay out of it, he did take her defence of his sister into account. She sat and folded her hands on her lap while Jeb sat beside her and gave her his full attention while leaning back and putting his arm across the back of the couch.

Brianne was right, he did love her. There was nothing less than adoration in those intelligent eyes of his. It made her feel even guiltier. She had lied to all of them. There was no way in hell that he was going to tell his sister that he wanted her best friend beneath him, naked and writhing with those long legs wrapped around his hips while he buried himself in her over and over again.

I appreciate you looking out for her, but could you please ease up on your alpha male qualities around her. They were helping each other out. He wanted her, and she needed to be protected. That included his lusty younger brothers. He stood up and stretched wincing. His leg was killing him. Absently he reached down and rubbed it while walked over and turned out the lights before he limped up the stairs to his room on the second floor.

He had to hand it to Cara, she was at least compassionate enough to mend her mistakes. Glen was upset, but he knew that Cara said that in anger. They all had that dynamite temper when provoked, even Glen. He practically threw her out of the house. No one asked him what had happened, but he did tell them that she was a gold digger and that was the end of it. He really loved her. Jeb knew not to let anyone that close because it took Glen several years to get over her and start dating again, but he was cautious and never let anyone get to close despite how easy going he was.

Hearing none, he continued on down to his room and got. Lumber and Lace 83 undressed. He hesitated at pulling off his boxers with his thumbs in the waistband and cast a glance at the closed door. If she started screaming again, he should at least be partially dressed. After a moment he pulled them off and stepped out of them. This was the way he was, and be damned if he was going to change. He was jolted awake by her screams and bolted out of the bed down the hall half asleep. The innocent little responses that she let off were quite frankly, turning him on.

This time she slowly brought her eyes back to his. It took a minute for that to sink in, then her eyes widened and she jumped out of bed quicker than she could blink in a flurry of flying blankets and raced to the bathroom slamming and locking the door behind her. Instead he looked down at his full solid erection and swore.

Lumber and Lace

Then he got up and left her room. Lumber and Lace 85 Brianne flushed and averted her gaze taking the seat beside Cara. It looked as if he was waiting a while. I have some things to do at the job site. It was then she remembered that Bree was sitting next to her. She seemed awfully quiet this morning, even when she went to get her from her room. She opened her mouth to protest but Jeb cut her off.

After all clothing is important. He was making a reference to last night. A dark mat of hair covered his chest, formed a vee between his pectorals and gave way to a hard muscular washboard stomach where a dark line of hair swirled around his navel and travelled lower to what made him completely masculine. She blushed further thinking that he definitely was all man. She never knew it could happen that quickly and it frankly scared her to death.

She did read a few books on the subject and after seeing him her curiosity expounded. First of all, how was that supposed to fit in a woman? Cara tapped her foot under the table with her own and it was then that she realized that she was staring at Jeb again. She averted her gaze to her friend to see one of her delicate blonde brows raise in question. Thankfully Glen walked in at that moment and asked them if they were ready. Cara jumped up and gave him a hug. He bent down and kissed the top of her head, telling her not to worry about it.

Meanwhile Jeb still had his eyes on Brianne and he was definitely grinning now. He knew she was thinking about last night and how she reacted to him. The woman was amazing. Not once did she show impatience or frustration at her slow learning. In fact, she told her that she was catching on quick despite her lack of experience.

Not once had she been able to get that out of her mind that day. Was this the way everyone felt when they were attracted to someone? Did thoughts consume them like this? She sorely wished she had someone to talk to, because she felt so stupid about it. It was ten after five. By rights she should have quit ten minutes ago.

However Vi was still here. Once in the elevator and they were alone Bree reminded Cara how she felt about her brother buying her a gown. She refused to be beholden to anyone especially a man and if he expected her to perform for him buying her a gown she would show up in rags. Cara talked her ear off all the way to the garage and.

Lietha Wards 88 Brianne was grateful. It kept her occupied from thinking about Jeb, his body, and her reaction to him. Jeb was standing beside it talking on the phone. Look what happened yesterday. Just ask the question. Besides I saw how you looked at him this morning. I know for a fact that he admires you for it. As far as she was concerned he was doing his best to intimidate the hell out of her, besides trying to get her in bed. Lumber and Lace 89 than she thought it could.

He felt bad about dragging the confession out of you yesterday. Rem told me he did. Again Jeb opened the passenger door for Brianne and Cara got in behind her. One thing was certain, the brothers were gentlemen when they needed to be. Jeb got in behind the wheel and Cara made an exasperated sound. Now what does she want you to ask me for her. Both of you are as stubborn as sin. Lumber and Lace 91 just as Cara hopped back in the Rover.

Cara sat back in her seat and smiled at the both of them. It was really wonderful to see that they made each other laugh. Twenty minutes later, Jeb pulled up in front of an expensive looking boutique and Brianne looked out the window with reluctance knowing that whatever she bought in there, it would take her a year to pay Jeb back. Cara nodded, spared him a glance and got out of the vehicle. I called her earlier and told her you were on a budget, she. No one had gone out of their way like that for her. She had to earn her own way tooth and nail to get where she was. A wash of emotion went through her that she never experienced before, and it was the first time she felt the urge to hug someone of the opposite sex.

Dinty Moore Stew Lumbersexuals

He could have held her indebt to him, but instead he gave her a way out. She pursed her lips into a smile and shook her head to try and hold back the tears. She nodded and got out of the vehicle not being able to find the words to thank him. Jeb watched her go into the shop. He got out of the vehicle and walked around to the front to lean against the side panel and wait.

It was a nice sunny day.

See a Problem?

It was the woman he helped out of the passenger side. Jeb stood straight and watched the dark haired woman. If anything she seemed to have filled. Lumber and Lace 93 out a little more and it suited her. Jeb always thought she was a little on the slender side. It seemed like yesterday when she was nearly a part of their family. None of them knew what had really happened, and out of respect, no one asked. Only for a second he saw some flash of deep sorrow flash in her dark brown eyes then a question. She gave him a small unsure one and nodded. Jeb glanced at the expensive car and nodded.

Obviously Monique found money after all. Glen seemed a little irritable lately and maybe it was because he knew Monique would come back to town for the funeral and he was worried about seeing her. She had long black hair and was quite pretty. Then he gave Monique a questioning look. He cast a glance at the two of them before he went to the little girl and took her hand.

Are you going to be okay? John nodded seeming satisfied with her response, and gave Jeb another look before he walked off down the sidewalk. Until Glen found out her true intentions, he really liked her. He thought that she genuinely cared for him. She shook her head. I would be fit to kill. Her watery brown eyes guided past him for a moment at nothing in particular. John has to go back to work in a few days. She looked incredibly vulnerable. I never knew he had that type of anger in him.

Glen put his heart on the line and it got stepped on. Monique looked broken in a way. There are some things that need to be worked out. She was embarrassed about being put in the situation and not once had she accepted charity from any of them. She was also willing to work for her pay check and her room and board. She was working at the library when Glen discovered her. She was from a middle class family and was one of the few people that could make Glen laugh.

He always had a problem with the gold digging label that Glen slapped on her, but it would take something short of a miracle to get him to believe anything dirty on a girl he was in love with. There would have to be definitive proof. Then there was that little girl. She had named her after their mother.

Damn, he wished he had a smoke! He glanced toward the shop the girls went into wondering if Cara saw Monique. Like the rest of them, she liked her too even though she was only fifteen at the time.

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Lumber and Lace 97 broke off the engagement and cancelled the wedding Monique left town several days later and no one heard from her, not even her closest friends. After a moment Jeb shook his head. He shut the door chuckling and walked around the front of the vehicle getting behind the wheel. Brianne never said anything. How he knew what the dress had cost surprised her. It was a few dollars shy of that.

Hers was considerably less. The woman was so kind and gave it to her for a few hundred dollars saying it was last year fashion. Suddenly he smiled, and flicked her a quick glance before returning his attention to the road. She quickly turned her head away to look out the window at the passing landscape. How he always knew when she was looking at him, just flabbergasted her. It was even worse because that smile seemed to get more and more sinful every time he used it. Not only that, her heart had a mind of its own when he did it by trying to beat rapidly out of her chest every time.

Once at the house, Jeb sought out Glen and found him in the Den going over the latest changes to the plans of the Condo project. He looked up and nodded. Lu will probably chastise you until next Sunday if you have drink before supper, but then again you could probably use it. Instead he reached into the inside pocket of his suit to pull out an envelope tossing it on the. Lumber and Lace 99 drafting table.

Lumber And Lace By Lietha Wards

It was from a lawyer. Jeb pulled out the letter and scanned over it. Lietha Wards reached up and ran a hand through his neatly combed hair. Things were so perfect between us, almost too perfect. So I started to doubt it. As for the information, I know I would of I contested it if it was anyone else. He said she watched her mother die broken and knew she could be so much more because she was pretty. He told me that Monique told him herself that was why she was marrying me.

It had been over four years and Glen never talked about that day, so. Hell, I was so hurt. She left town two days later. No one knew where she went. Not even her father. As for her not wanting to be found, it probably had something to do with the precious package she was carrying. There are times I wonder—he was a bit of a drinker you know? She never talked about it, but he had that look about him. Glen had thought he burned that bridge, but if he saw Monique and how she looked at the mention of his name, he might reconsider.

What he saw told him she was far from it. Monique was vulnerable being home again and after what Glen had told him, she needed some time to prepare for this meeting he intended on putting together. It was only Wednesday and the funeral was Saturday. The height is deceiving. Nothing can scare her. She tried not to breathe when Cara disappeared inside the stable. Let go of the saddle and hold the reins. That she actually understood and took her foot out hoping he would help her down. Not three seconds later he stuck his foot in it, placed a hand on either side of her gripping both ends of the saddle she was in, and swung his leg over the back of the horse like he was born to it.

Bree squeaked and stiffened again as the horse shifted to accommodate the extra weight while he settled behind her. You are not staying here all summer and not learning how to ride. Lumber and Lace Honey to turn in that direction then stop. She was in complete awe. It felt weird to not use your own feet and the horse shifted when it walked causing her to find her own balance. Again she obeyed starting to feel a little more comfortable. She had enough trouble resisting him without his sexual connotations.

His hands slid down her hips and he ran his large palms. No one could be that talented, could they? He was driving her crazy. Somehow she managed to lean back against him again and was savouring the feel of his hard body against hers. Brianne was tingling from head. Lumber and Lace to toe and with it came a wave of heat that she felt all the way through to her bones. Absently, her hands reached up behind her so she could entangle her fingers in his hair. In the process his Stetson got knocked off his head and landed on the ground, but neither one of them noticed, especially when Jeb turned to nibble her earlobe.

You have a hell of a way to say yes. She shot forward in the saddle causing the horse to shift and her to grip the saddle again. How could you ask me to relax? Lietha Wards nothing to be embarrassed about. Brianne, you are a very sexy woman. You just need to learn to enjoy it. She pinched her lips together and his eyes were drawn there. Nothing got by him. Lumber and Lace about Honey. How could she not. Everything about this man was sinfully seductive and she was still vibrating from his touch. She pulled up and watched them with a smile on her face. Now pull back on both reins gently to get her to stop.

She did and honey stopped. Keep the reins tight like they are now and nudge her with your heels. Brianne was barely able to contain the flush that hit her cheeks as he turned around and strode away whistling stopping to pick up his hat. Then he stopped by Cara and told her to stay in the pasture beside the stable until Brianne gets a better handle on riding.

She nodded and gave him a look that said she idolized. Lietha Wards him. Brianne waited for Cara to ride up beside her before she picked up the reins and gently touched the horse with her heels. Honey started walking and she was very impressed with herself. At teaching people how to ride. You were scared stiff twenty minutes ago, now look at you. She loved Cara and even though she was having problems coming to terms with her own feelings, it was undeniable what.

However, for some reason it was lost on Brianne and right then and there she knew she had it bad. Jeb had made her immune to other men. Part of her was angry at him over it, and the other part wanted to tear his clothes off and touch him everywhere. She sighed hopelessly and rubbed her forehead. A hot piece like that wants JC? I thought you said she was timid. I must be the luckiest person alive to have such wonderful brothers!

After all, I am the most handsome. Glen was sitting on the couch. He had stopped drinking and was only a little tipsy from the scotch he did have. It was a better way to cope than drinking, the thought. The Private investigator showed up while he was schooling Brianne.

Schooling her in more than just a little horseback riding. He grinned at the thought. However, that was wiped off his face as he went through the photos and hospital reports. This is only part of what he was able to obtain. Although she had told him she was a virgin, there were other ways to abuse little girls. The thought alone made him shudder. To his relief Glen shook his head. She had been shifted around to foster homes quite a bit. Even her father used to beat her up. Jeb just gave him a look that told him not to push it. He would hunt every single one of them down and kill them.

In fact he was close to doing just that. Of course he cared, but he wanted Brianne so bad he could taste it. She already warned us to behave. I mean look at what that poor woman had to endure. He admired her even more now because she had been beaten down her whole life and although she had showed fear around him several times, she had a fiery passion and possessed some deep seated self protectiveness that showed a sassy side. It was so damn sexy that I near came to my knees. Jeb said it with about as much excitement as if he were talking about the weather, but the statement itself said plenty.

To look at her with clothes on is eye catching enough. Lietha Wards except for our own protective instincts. Did you know that? We work him pretty hard and he never complains. I guess his father left when he was young. Summer would be over in a few months and she would go back to school with Cara and Jeb would be open to pursue another woman.

Probably some socialite which is what Cara said he normally dated. She wondered if he was able to instil that same vibrating desire that he did to her. Gritting her teeth, she chastised herself for even thinking like that. Thinking about his hands on another woman the way he touched her made her heart twist in her chest. It was almost painful. Sitting up she grabbed the soap and started scrubbing her legs. Lumber and Lace Jeb made his way to his room shortly before midnight. Feeling assured that she was asleep he carried on to his room to get ready for bed. However, two hours later he was still wide awake and irritable because of it.

How someone could take something so beautiful and try to destroy it was twisted. Finally he sat up on the edge of the bed, placing his elbows on his knees and rubbing the back of his neck with his hands. Maybe a warm glass of milk would help. A warm glass of milk and some rum, he thought. When he got there, he noticed the light to the stairwell that led to the basement was on. It was odd, because he was sure Rem took the plane and Gabe went with him. The only thing that was down there was a games room with several pool tables, some pinball games and the small theatre.

Hearing a noise he went down the steps to see Brianne leaning over the pool table and shooting the balls. She was actually quite good. It was at least a full five minutes before she walked around the table and noticed him, and froze. She was wearing a pretty pink satin robe that clung nicely to her curves. Brianne finally clued in that he was coming toward her and started to back around the table. However, her secrets were shameful and embarrassing. She was trying to get passed the memories. Although she was attracted to him, having an affair with this man was out of the question.

Sometimes he would forget me there and in the process, they let me use the table to play and occupy my time until the pub closed and she would. Lumber and Lace drive me home. Sometimes we need to deal with our demons in our own way. However, the difference between you and me, is that you are letting it affect how you live. Whenever he touched her now, little thrilling waves pulsed through her. They were addictive to say the least and it made her want more.

The fact that she opened her mouth and accepted him without even the slightest hesitation told her that. Then when she wrapped her arms around his neck to get closer, it was just confirmed. Maybe it had something to do with the gentle tantalizing way his mouth and tongue worked hers until she began to respond experimentally. She felt a draft as her robe was suddenly parted and hard calloused hands moved around her waist to her back pulling her tightly against him. Lietha Wards leading. His eyes blazed with hunger. Even his hands were hypnotic and seemed to know exactly where to touch her.

Soon she released a moan of surrender as his hand slid down her abdomen and under the material of her. Lumber and Lace pretty white lace panties. Her eyes shot open and focused on his. She was sure the shock of such intimacy was written all over her. Her eyes pinched shut, her mouth parted and her head lolled back arching the rest of her toward him. Jeb took advantage of the invitation and lowered his head to one of her perfect breasts. The fact that she was untouched and he was the first man she allowed near her made him red hot with desire.

He reached over and took one of her hands placing it at the waistband of his pyjamas. And he was right. His throaty growl vibrated in the room as her hand slid down to his hardness. But I can do better. There went her train of thought. About the same time he bent her back so she was flat on the green felt of the table, moved aside and quickly disposed of her panties tossing them to the floor.

Then he moved back between her thighs and bent over her taking her mouth again. He groaned against her mouth and stopped moving. It took her a moment to realize that he had, and when she opened her eyes he was looking down at her. Then he reached down and helped her back into her robe, taking his time so he could appreciate how beautiful she was. A crimson tinge appeared on her chest and rushed up to her cheeks. His eyes lifted to hers. Hell, he was still hard as a rock. How he was able to find a sane thought in his skull to stop what they were doing was mind blowing, because she was absolutely delicious when wound up.

Blushing further she nodded. Still not as nice as red. Jeb turned and leaned back against the table and looked down at his erection. This was getting to be a problem, and uncomfortable. He reached down and adjusted himself remembering how she had gripped him only moments ago and groaned. Suddenly an odd sensation went through him and his eyes guided to the empty doorway that she just went through.

He turned and looked down at the pool table knowing he could have done that, right then by taking her completely and not using any protection. He was so aroused, there was no doubt. Lietha Wards that he could have gotten her pregnant. Calling himself foolish for even thinking like that, he ran his fingers through his already mussed up hair and made his way back to his own room. Despite his thoughts of a child, he was still erect and knew only a cold shower could cure it—maybe.

Somehow that would seem weird and embarrassing especially after she remembered everything about the night before. She had touched him! It was not what she expected. Cara came in wearing jeans and a pretty pink blouse that seemed to make her eyes glow. The smile she was wearing also added to that. I guess the background check they ran on him came up clean.

Those things gave her nightmares and she. Lumber and Lace knew Brianne would have told her if she wanted to talk because she was her best friend. All she knew was they must have been really terrible for her to keep them to herself for so many years. And all of those stories you told me about their mistrust of women. Of course they would have done the same to me.

The answer was as obvious as a neon sign. It might not be what you think. Jeb was sitting at his desk while on the phone with a client. It may have been Saturday but he and Glen usually were still working. Glen was leaning over the blueprints drafting more changes to the condo project. There was a light knock on the door and Glen told whoever it was to come in. By the sounds of it, it was his sister, but it turned out to be Brianne. Lumber and Lace had done on you was no different. I saw the whole thing, it was horrible. Brianne is a very private person. She had already been with him for two years.

She was removed shortly after. Can you imagine the amount of damage that could cause in two years? God has plans for us all. There was a loud crash beyond the doors and Glen instantly released Cara to open the door worried that something terrible had happened. What they saw within stopped them both in their tracks.

Glen had his hand on the door handle halfway in the room when he froze. Cara actually bumped into the back of him because he paused so quickly. There was evidence of what used to be an antique vase shattered at the foot of the wall behind Jeb. Jeb had Brianne in a tight embrace and was kissing her so intimately that Glen even felt embarrassed. He quickly, but quietly closed the door.

Letting dust settle, I mean. Glen loved art, especially old things, really old things. It was the architect in him and the need to create beautiful things. He was probably lying to her about the vase, it was probably worth twice that. Then an odd look came over his face as if something had occurred to him.

He looked down at her with the tenderness of a caring older brother. He gave her a warning look before he turned and headed for the front door. In the study, Jeb finally lifted his head and stared down at. His chest clenched at the vulnerability on her there and in her large green eyes. He ducked and it shattered against the wall. So he did the only thing he knew that would settle her down and grabbed her smothering her mouth with his before she went for something more expensive. He could feel the wetness of her tears against his skin and felt a deep sorrow for her. I told you I.

When I came back from Iraq, my father insisted because I could barely function properly. My team and I did some pretty bad things, and the irony was, it was an IED that wiped them out, not some elite team like us. I and another were the only survivors, and I had shrapnel embed in my leg and knee to remind me how precious life is.

The shrapnel was removed, but the damage was done. He knew for a fact that he paid quite a bit of money for it. However, he had to give it to her; she was sure hot when she finally let herself go. Something else was nagging him besides the broken vase. No one could accuse him of that over a woman before, but Brianne had gotten to him. She was beautiful, vibrant, sexy and downright sweet as all get out. She felt betrayed and after he saw what had happened to her, he had to admit that he felt like he was trespassing, but she needed help. He may have been more irritable in recent years and bit of a hard ass, but he did enjoy his life.

Brianne was stifling herself by not enjoying hers and she had so much to give someone—to give him. I brought you all of this way and you get treated so badly by all of us. Because you look terrible. He said it belonged to Glen. Jeb of all people! If it was anyone else, and not a woman, he probably would have laid them flat. A woman, on the other hand, he probably would have skinned the hide off her bones with his temper. He agreed without hesitation after she blasted him for what he did. Its Cyber Monday y'all! Our photo blocks are by far our most popular seller this year so what better time to have a sale!!!

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