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La spada della verità, Vol. 2 by Terry Goodkind (1 star ratings)

There is not a hint of nuance. Man this book is disappearing in a haze! These notes mean nothing to me. Oh, more noxious things. The good guys laughing it up at the idea of hanging a man to death for swearing in front of the queen. Good guys losing their shit in anger that someone else did something they didn't know was wrong because they weren't warned. Good guys keeping stupid, stupid secrets from one another.

Let's turn to the plot. There are so many holes! I won't list all the people who know things they couldn't or the people who don't know things they must. Let's not discuss the many, many, examples of people impetuously stepping on their own feet by rushing into situations and doing something without checking the situation first. You'd think that people who were trained to lead and used to the yoke of rulership would learn not to do that. Maybe by book seven. No, let's focus on the big ones. The Dei ex machina. Need to get somewhere really fast? Need to break this evil old spell?

Need to flush out a coven? Destroy an invading army? I think the only trash fantasy I still remember with actual fondness is that series and just the Magician books by R. Feist, nothing past that first book or two books whatever. A huge disappointment after the first novel. I got through about half of this novel hundreds of pages before I felt all the meandering of the main tale and the love story were making the tale bland. After my glowing review of his first book I reluctantly gave up on this one and the rest of the series. View all 3 comments.

I must admit that I did not actually finish this book, but rather did what I rarely do and cast it aside in utter frustration and bewilderment. My attraction to fantasy…as both a writer and fan…is rooted in the belief that fantasy is the most creative genre where constraints are virtually non-existent.

To my dismay, I am finding that this is often anything but the case. While it is true that there are intriguing new worlds, systems of magic Warning: While it is true that there are intriguing new worlds, systems of magic and cultures aplenty After reading through pages of the second novel of this series, I can only conclude that this author is an idiot of Himalayan proportions. Goodkind kind repeats this vile act, not once, but twice. Though Goodkind attempts to paint their great love in shades of Romeo and Juliet, he fails wretchedly.

All of this slaughter is undertaken in the name of rightful vengeance, honor and the lofty ideals of the grievously offended without ever a thought that descending to the same level creates the same monster. To openly espouse total ethic cleansing as the legitimate action of supposedly moral people is vile. If this is any indication of his personal belief, Goodkind would have had the victors of the Second World War order the extermination of every living Japanese and German survivor. Goodkind is technically a very capable writer, but to propagate this kind of tripe is odious and he should be ashamed.

The worst part of this is that I received all eleven novels as a Christmas present. This has to be one of the most awful books I've ever subjected myself to. There were trouble already with the first book in the series, but I foolishly thought it might get better. I've listened to about a fifth of this audiobook now and that's just about as much as I can stomach. These characters cry constantly. Every little thing has them bawling their eyes out. At times I felt like I was about to drown in tears. A This has to be one of the most awful books I've ever subjected myself to.

Seriously every time any man who isn't Richard sees a woman she becomes prey.

The Sisters of Light was what finally made me give up in disgust. Lifted completely from WoT, it seems to me, and altered clumsily to fit this story instead. Every time someone is being trained for anything at all, it's through torture. Threats are thrown about all over the place. One character is even told by Richard at one point that if he opens his mouth to say anything at all for the rest of the day, even an apology, he will die. And Richard is supposed to be the good guy At the point where I decided I'd had rather enough, one man was about to skin his best friend alive, and as a reward he gets to seduce a girl who didn't have a say in the matter.

He is even told how to manipulate her into letting him.

Pierdomenico Baccalario

And all the way through, it has this feel of someone's fantasy being played out and the impression of the author going 'wow, yeah, cool! It's amazing some of these characters even have a single drop of blood left in them at all. I would say that it was amazing any of them were even sane, but sanity seems to be in short supply already in this book, so perhaps there wasn't really that much of it to lose in the first place Every single woman in this book seems to be a blood thirsty animal and every single man seems to be a potential sexual predator.

All in all, the world building here is horrid. I definitely wouldn't want to live in it, not one bit.

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Even places that are supposed to be peaceful sound pretty awful. There's no balance to it at all. Honestly if it was me having to 'save the world' in this book, I'd probably just leave it to sort it out for itself, because I can't really see much worth saving. Absolutely the most awful dreck. View all 5 comments. Apparently, I have two things going against me liking Goodkind's books, 1 I have read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series prior to starting the Sword of Truth and 2 my threshold for misogyny is not sociopathic.

I am quite aware that Robert Jordan himself is sub-par and works off of Tolkien and Frank Herbert etc. But Goodkind, my lord, he just rips off ad nauseam from Jordan's constructs and mythologies. Always staying strategically one inch away Apparently, I have two things going against me liking Goodkind's books, 1 I have read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series prior to starting the Sword of Truth and 2 my threshold for misogyny is not sociopathic. Always staying strategically one inch away from legally defined plagiarism. And he doesn't even do anything with what he rips off!

Every character is just a robotic cutout, following a script designed to try to make the reader feel something, regardless of how the character would act in "real life". Now as for the women-hating, geez. If there were a valuable message from all this I guess it would be ok, but there is none! It is completely gratuitous and, more disturbingly, seemingly meant to titillate in some cases.

With Denna, Goodkind at least tries to explore the psyche of a woman who has gone through such ordeals. But that's the extent of his merits, after that he just uses misogyny as an easy and lazy way to get the reader riled up. He apparently does not have the talent to provoke the reader in any other way. Finally, then I start reading about the author, the interviews, etc. He is not a likable person. There is a seediness that permeates this author and his writing.

He is a machiavellian and misogynistic delusional douche. I think that sums up Goodkind in a nutshell. I'm done with the series - unfortunately the second book was a big disappointment to me - very repetitive, with an irritating forever whining hero, and soooo long. As usual, the sequel is inferior to the first novel. Stone of Tears is pretty much the same as the first book in the series. Richard is once again being tortured, Kahlan cries all the time and I keep trying not to fall asleep or throw the book on the opposite wall. Maybe, I will finish it some day, but it won't be today.

I was pushing through despite my dislike for the first book in the series because I'm not a quitter. But when I get to a scene of skinning someone alive followed by rape, I have had enough. This is a violent, dark book with no redeeming qualities. The world-building is derivative with parts of it almost identical to Wheel of Time all of the parts I hated in WOT, actually and the characters are not strong enough to carry the mess of a plot.

I don't know why anyone liked this, let alon I'm done. I don't know why anyone liked this, let alone why it was so popular. Different times, I guess. Where do I even start with this series? First of all, the main characters are horrible and annoying and I can't possibly buy their romance at all. Also, confessors can't get pregnant without turning men into mindless zombies because they can't control their power in the "throes of passion"?

Women don't need to be turned on to have sex and get pregnant! Furthermore, artificial insemination isn't rocket science! Terry Goodkind you are an idiot. And you can fuck directly off wit Where do I even start with this series? And you can fuck directly off with that insanely scarring gang rape scene that made me DNF this one and throw it across the room. I am part of the later camp. I read Wizards First rule some time ago, and cannot say I was really impressed, but it did show enough potential to continue reading. I picked this book up and put it down several times over the past 2 years, and could only read a few chapters before I again would give up reading.

Here are reasons I hated this book: The written dialogue that is included to progress so much of the story I know from some reviews that people either loved this book or REALLY hated it. The written dialogue that is included to progress so much of the story line is choppy at best and may look okay on a printed page, but would not go over very well when spoken aloud.

Characters gie long, redundant explanations for things that they would never state if this was happening in real time. One of my favorite examples is when Richard comes out of the room and the guard explains to him that he has been gone for hours and then gives a detailed account of what Richards magic is like as if the soldier knew Richard did not have a concept of time or what his magic did. Richard is so flippin stubborn throughout most of the book to the point you just want to slap him in the face to get him to shut up and listen for 2 seconds.

My hatred for this character was so strong, I was begging for him to just shut up and do something besides complain. Unneccesary erotic and graphic details. Is that what a woman really thinks about every time she gets into a bath? At times it seems women in this story are less characters and more objects that are subjected to torture and sexual advances.

Most men in the story look like sick perverts and women who are around for pillaging and rape. There was just too much rape for this story to be believable. Most of the men would have no qualms about chopping up children and raping their body parts to be comfortable with. Oh and I almost forgot the details of defecation that came after.

Goodkind's crap moral philosophy. He again and again with redundance ad nauseaum tries to make the torturer into a good guy, and make you feel sorry for them because they were tortured. Denna being the example that jumps to mind. She tortures Richard half to death but then Richard falls in love with her because her only redeeming quality is that she was tortured herself as a child, and that should make her a good guy. Kahlan later forgives her as well for torturing Richard because she appears to her in a vision.

It would be comparable in my mind for making an abusive father a good guy because he was abused himself so he does not have to be accountable for his actions because he was just using what he already knew. Richard is another example. He kills the council for sentancing Kahlan to death, but has no remorse for his actions, stating only that he was angry.

La spada della verità, Vol. 2

As if it is okay to engage in mindless slaughter if you are angry enough, and then try to pass it off as justice. I know Terry Goodkind has overcome many struggles to become a writer, but the writing in this is just poor.

See a Problem?

There seems to be a revisting of concepts too many times, and a waste of space on pages. There is even a whole chapter that includes Kahlan explaining in painful unimportant details how the concept of money works. It feels at times as if he is explaining to the reader how they were ripped off if they bought this book. Foil characters are overly simplistic and really stupid.

When Kahlan stumbles on an army of new recruits, and the officer has a plan as to how 3, soldiers are going to defeat an army of 30, by surrounding him. I had to roll my eyes. You think about of 3, people one of them may say to their leader - hey you think they out number us? What suggestions the support characters give are so incredibly lame, with the intent that the main characters look good because they have at least enough common sense to say "wait a minute maybe killing people is wrong.

Ma la cosa peggiore sono i due idioti che ci vengono imposti come protagonisti. Richard per tutto il libro non fa che comportarsi come un bulletto di periferia, viziato e arr Recensione: Tutti i cattivi hanno come tratto distintivo "stupratore". The world Goodkind has made for this universe appears to have been made up while severely intoxicated or seriously ill with a high fever; It is horrifyingly simple, to the point where it becomes so improbable it automatically lands itself in the "Seriously bad fantasy" realm. Sadly, Goodkind does not stop there, many of his characters and items as well as plots are ripoffs from other books.

You will unmistakably fint the white witch from Narnia, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, the One Ring as well, and plenty others. Goodkind appears to have lost all imagination when he wrote this. To add insult to injury it seems the series was written by a thoroughly sex-starved Goodkind. Several of the groups to which you must read about are in one way or another quite sex-crazed.

And, of course, composed solely of women. It is also poorly concealed conservative American style conservative propaganda. This would almost have been okay if it was not the MacArthy kind of conservatism, catering to the Tea Party nuts of today and whatever the s equivalent was. It could even have been hilariously funny, consider how daft the concept of sex-crazed marxist BDSM mind-reading and bending witches really is. Sadly, it's not a joke. This is probably the only series I have stopped reading because it was unbearably bad.

I can't make it clearer than that. Read at your own peril. The author exploits the generic fantasy plot, with little substance in between. Funnily enough, I read the first third of it at the most - until shortly after the protagonists left the Mud People- and then decided that the plot wasn't travelling along as speedily as I would have liked. Skip to the end and- wow! Not reading it, I'll let you be the judge, but that's certainly the conclusion I came to. A note about the author's overuse of violence and sex often merged into violent sex!

It was after a violent scene featuring a human having sex with a beast, complete with unspeakably grotesque descriptions, that I decided this book was not for me, and skipped to the end. These scenes did not add anything to the story's plot, and in my opinion are simply likely to be the product of a depraved mind. This was a real disappointment, as I enjoyed much of the first book in the series, but I cannot say it strongly enough: Awful lot of raping going on in this book.

Couldn't go 20 pages without some female character being raped, or being threatened with rape, or alluding to rape. I actually had nightmares about rape because of all the suggestion. Its like the worse possible thing that anyone could do to these women is rape them. It got old and it got disturbing. It was an emotional drain. I'm reluctant to pick up the next book for fear of reading more abundant graphic violence against women.

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And the heartsick betwee Awful lot of raping going on in this book. And the heartsick between Khalen and Richard was nauseating. And the characters don't seem to develop a whole lot. The bad guys are just unimaginably evil and and the good guys completely pure and noble and gain victory by letting their rage at injustice and instinct take over. Il risveglio di Galeno , scelto da una giuria di ragazzi della fascia di anni dell'Istituto comprensivo di Cortemaggiore PC.

Collabora con il quotidiano La Repubblica , nelle pagine di cultura, e con il Corriere della Sera , scrivendo sul periodico La Lettura. Serie di romanzi di fantascienza per ragazzi pubblicata da De Agostini. Serie di romanzi fantasy per ragazzi pubblicata da De Agostini. Serie di romanzi per ragazzi in collaborazione con Alessandro Gatti , pubblicata da Mondadori. Serie di romanzi fantasy per ragazzi composta da sette romanzi, pubblicata da Piemme ne Il battello a vapore. Serie di romanzi gialli per ragazzi in collaborazione con Alessandro Gatti , pubblicata da Piemme.

Serie di romanzi per ragazzi in collaborazione con Davide Morosinotto , sotto lo pseudonimo comune di Amelia Drake, pubblicata da Rizzoli. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull'uso delle fonti. Segui i suggerimenti del progetto di riferimento. Contribuisci a migliorarla secondo le convenzioni di Wikipedia.