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The effectiveness of immunizing the population lies in coverage of the largest portion possible of the "herd," to limit spread of these targeted diseases. Nonetheless, the decision to immunize rightly belongs to the individual--or the parent, in case of children. I have serious concerns about the shift in the ecology of the population by immunologic eradication of certain diseases, which has been followed by the incidence of new illnesses, heretofore unknown. Whether vaccines have contributed to this shift is an open question, but worthy of consideration in the array of modifications of our environment which have taken place in this and the past century.

Another ecological consideration is that vaccines have limited years of effectiveness, regularly underestimated by public health authorities for example, the shorter than expected duration of immunity to measles from the measles vaccine, with the requirement for immunization of college-age people who had been vaccinated in their childhood.

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Also, when people contract these vaccine- targeted diseases later in life such as measles and chickenpox , they tend to get more severe cases. This is one of the many areas in which we must be very careful about trying to gain dominion over Nature. I have chosen to vaccinate my child. If so, what remedy and how should I give it? The best anecdotal evidence for giving a homeopathic remedy after vaccination comes from the use of Thuja occidentalis after smallpox vaccination, where it reportedly prevented some of the serious side effects common to that vaccination.

Many homeopaths have extrapolated that experience into using Thuja after all vaccinations. The logic of this choice is dubious. For about three years I used Thuja, Silicea, or Arnica in my practice routinely after vaccination. I found no observable difference in the subsequent nine years when I did not use any routine remedies.

Homoeopathy and immunization. | British Journal of General Practice

I noted that when children are of specific constitutional types such as Silicea, Thuja, Medorrhinum, and Stramonium, they are more susceptible to the stress of vaccination and develop symptoms consistent with their constitution. Strong consideration should be given to the prophylactic use of these remedies for these specific children at the time of vaccination.

If these children are not treated prophylactically and subsequently develop symptoms, the symptoms will usually disappear after they receive their constitutional remedy. I do not recommend the routine use of homeopathic remedies for any purpose. Homeopathic prescriptions are based upon presenting symptoms. If no symptoms are present, then do not treat. I recommend using Vitamins C, A, and D to prevent complications of vaccines. Thuja is specific to smallpox vaccine reactions.

If symptoms of fever, lethargy, or worse develop after a vaccine, then treat with the homeopathic medicine most similar to the symptoms, whether it is Aconite, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Cuprum, or any other indicated medicine. There are two options open to you if you decide to vaccinate. The first is to give the disease in remedy form i. It is best if you see a homeopath who can prescribe the remedies for you rather than doing it yourself.

The second option is to vaccinate and wait and see if there are any obvious side effects and then see your homeopath who will prescribe the appropriate remedy for your child, depending on the side effects and your child's constitution. The problem with this approach is that first, you may not pick up on the more subtle side effects of the vaccine, and second, if your child suffers a delayed side effect, say three weeks after the vaccination, you might not realize that this reaction was caused by the vaccine.

Don't forget to take your baby to a homeopath before you vaccinate so that the homeopath has a chance to see your child before and after vaccinations to get a good idea of any changes in their health or personality. The following remedies will help with any localized or short-term effects; if you suspect that any longer term problems date from the time of a vaccination then you will need to consult a qualified homeopath for an individualized prescription. Remedies for the immediate side-effects of vaccination: Symptoms brought on by fear or trauma following the vaccination itself.

The symptoms could include feverishness, sleeplessness, earache, or cold symptoms. Fever or convulsions following a vaccination. Swelling or localized pain at the site of the injection.

Homeopathy and immunisation

The chosen remedy should be given in the 30C potency 3 times a day for days depending on the severity of the reaction. As with all homeopathic remedies, the remedy should be stopped once signs of improvement are noticed. Will a homeopathic remedy for the side effects of the vaccination antidote the vaccination? Not in my experience or understanding. The bigger concern would be that the vaccination stress would potentially "antidote" the constitutional remedy. Giving the nosode before and after the vaccination will not antidote the vaccine.

I have chosen not to vaccinate my child. The best protection for both vaccinated and unvaccinated children revolves around making them as healthy and resilient as possible. Good nutrition, solid family environment, loving care, fresh air, and exercise go a long way to fostering strong children. Solid constitutional homeopathic care can also improve the strength of the child. Keep your children healthy and stop being afraid of these diseases. Fear is an outmoded response to childhood infectious disease. Promote the strength of your child's immune system instead, and avoid things that can weaken it.

This will prevent complications of diseases. Keep your child's diet clean. Avoid foods that promote inflammatory reactions. Do not give your child partially hydrogenated fats, the ones contained in packaged snack foods. Read labels of prepared foods and you will find these fats in crackers, chips, cookies, and desserts.

These fats promote inflammation and prevent healthy fatty acids from being incorporated into cells. Stop feeding your child fried foods. The oils are rancid. Stay away from fast food burger palaces. Supplement your child's diet with omega-3 fats in the form of fish oil supplements, cod liver oil, or Neuromins made from algae. Avoid foods with added sugar. Stop giving your child sugared breakfast cereals, sodas, cookies, and ice cream.

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Corn syrup is especially difficult for the body to metabolize. Corn syrup is everywhere. Use fruit spreads instead of jam. Offer lots of fresh and dried fruits or fruit rolls. Use whole grains and whole wheat bread rather than products made with "wheat flour," which means white flour. Use organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and juices whenever possible, and your child will not be eating pesticides that injure the liver. It is important if you decide not to vaccinate that you are responsible about your child's health.

This means ensuring a good healthy diet. Nobody's perfect, but junk food all day every day is going to weaken their general vitality. Also make sure that your child gets enough exercise and fresh air which is so important for their health. Your child will really benefit from seeing a homeopath who can give a constitutional remedy which will strengthen your child's resistance to disease.

How can I protect them against specific diseases such as measles or whooping cough?

How Homeoprophylaxis Effectively Prevents and Treats Infectious Disease

If your unvaccinated child is exposed to a highly infectious disease, you should consult your homeopath. Avoidance of the exposure is the simplest and most direct course. If this is impossible as in the case of whooping cough which is carried in the adult population , prophylactic use of specific homeopathic remedies may be useful. Studies on preventive use of homeopathic remedies have demonstrated short-term efficacy, up to several weeks. The best homeopathic remedy in this situation is chosen based upon the specific nature of the infectious disease, at that time.

Homeopathic remedies based upon the disease organism or the historical data have also been used with varying efficacy. Breastfeeding is the best protection you can provide for your infant. Continue for at least six to twelve months if possible. The longer you breastfeed, the more benefit your child will experience. Breastfeeding prevents infections and the complications of childhood illness. Seek out a homeopathic practitioner, naturopathic physician, or an acupuncturist familiar with treating children. He or she will provide treatments that build immune function and the strength and health of the vital force.

If you do not vaccinate against common diseases like measles and whooping cough, you have to be aware that your child may catch these diseases. And they often benefit as a result: Read up on the signs and symptoms of each disease so that you can prepare yourself. One option is to see a homeopath who can give you nosodes, which are a homeopathic remedies made from the particular disease.

These won't prevent your child from getting the disease but may lead to a milder case with fewer complications. There have always been a minority of people who have chosen not to vaccinate themselves or their children. In the case of the MMR vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella , this minority has grown in recent years. The theory is that you take a particular remedy into your system, so that it is ready to act should you come into contact with the corresponding disease.

The disease will therefore not get a chance to establish itself and you will not experience any symptoms, or you will experience a milder case of the disease. If the action of the homeopathic remedy isn't needed, the body simply doesn't utilize it. I have heard that instead of conventional vaccinations, I can use homeopathic remedies to immunize my child.

Is this true and if so, how do they work and how should they be given? On review of the available evidence, it appears that some homeopathic remedies are capable of preventing some diseases over the short run i. The best-designed study on homeopathic prevention of disease was done on tularemia in mice. There have been well-documented studies on meningococcal meningitis prevention with homeopathy and good anecdotal reports on the prevention of smallpox. There have also been studies that showed no effect of homeopathy in the prevention of influenza and whooping cough.

Homeopathic remedies clearly appear to have some effect, but better studies are needed before any blanket recommendation can be considered. Additionally, all of the positive studies to date were conducted over a short exposure period after treatment. There have been no studies that have shown long-term efficacy of homeopathic remedies to prevent these diseases.

The remedies are usually given in low potency 6C or 12C on a repeated basis during the exposure. You should remember that occasionally symptoms could result when taking a remedy on a repeated basis, and if this happens it is best to simply stop the remedy and seek professional homeopathic advice.

There is some meager evidence that nosodes or other epidemic remedies may prevent or mitigate the symptoms of disease during an epidemic or following exposure; some surveys have been done on the remedies Pertussin for whooping cough, Influenzinum for influenza, Oscillococcinum for influenza, Menigococcinum for meningitis, and Lathyrus for polio.

There is also a long history in homeopathy of using a remedy that fits most of the cases during an epidemic i. There is no evidence that nosodes provide any long-term protection, however. Classical homeopaths are generally averse to giving remedies routinely that have no relevance to an individual's presenting symptoms because of the possibility of disruption of the case. I am not aware of reliable evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathic immunizations, though I know there are various protocols throughout the world for doing so. I'm concerned that repeated doses of the potentized vaccine materials, as advocated in some of these protocols, could result in proving symptoms along with no guarantee of protection.

There is nothing that you can use homeopathically that will ensure that your child would not get the disease if exposed to it. However, nosodes, which are remedies made from the particular disease, may help result in a less severe case. Homeopaths believe that children benefit greatly from catching the common childhood diseases and as long as they are healthy and nursed well through the illness, they will be fine and show a developmental leap physically and mentally after they have recovered.

I have certainly seen this in my own children. The commonest problems with vaccines are temporary local reactions which occur within days of being immunized. Long-term problems have been suspected from time to time and the situation is different with different immunisations but overall the consensus view among medical experts is that there is no significant evidence of frequent serious long-term side effects with the currently used vaccines. It can also be used to help treat infections diseases caught by those who had medical conditions which prohibited them from being immunised contra-indications.

There is no good evidence that homeopathy has any reliable use as an alternative to immunisation when given to healthy individuals. There are no homeopathic substitutes form immunisation. Some people have suggested using "nosodes" homeopathic preparations of the "bugs" which cause the diseases. There is no evidence that this is effective Relying on nosodes instead on immunisation may create a false sense of security which may in fact increase the risks of catching the disease.

Well-chosen homeopathic remedies prescribed by trained practitioners can successfully treat epidemics of infectious disease even when there are no other alternatives. For example, homeopathic remedies have been shown to relieve and shorten the duration of symptoms during outbreaks of influenza,. It is possible to be prescribed a homeopathic remedy which has been individually selected for you even when you are apparently healthy.

Such a remedy may boost your overall well-being and health making it less likely that you will catch an infection or help you to recover more quickly should you become ill.

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