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Da Elterntrainings vor allem zur Verminderung von unangepasstem Verhalten von Kindern dienen, gehe ich in einem gesonderten Teil Exkurs auf Trainings ein, die sich auf die Delinquenzrisikoverminderung spezialisiert haben.

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In Kapitel 2 wird der Untersuchungsansatz zum systematischen Vergleich der Elterntrainings dargestellt. Dabei wird auf die Auswahlkriterien der zu untersuchenden Elterntrainings eingegangen.

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Die inhaltlichen Kriterien beziehen sich auf die Unterpunkte: Zu diesem Zweck wird das Konzept der Elterntrainings dargestellt, sowie auf die verschiedenen Erziehungsmethoden z. Aufbaues der Elterntrainings, wobei gesondert auf die einzelnen Kursinhalte hingewiesen wird. Because her is often used to talk about an origin. Technically we're marking "here" as a destination but we're actually asking for an origin.

So, it is almost like this:. Only that her still indicates a change of location. If 2 people are in the same place anyway then both, hin and her work, because all we need is a destination marker. If the people are not in the same place, it makes a difference. All this is a handled a bit differently in dialects though.

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You would have to use the second form "Bitte kommen Sie hierher" and "Bitte setzen Sie sich hierher". The first versions would not be considered correct. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

As I understand, one can just juxtapose them to Ort prepositions: For example, is it the same to say Gehen Sie bitte dort! Do you really want to use setzen to put something, rarely used without an object in the last example or is it rather sich setzen to sit down or sitzen to sit?

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This is not a good example because "hier" allways implies the speakers location. But too me they sound just crazy withour "her" or "hin".

I am learning german last few months and this was very confusing for me. Discussion here helped me a lot. I would also like you to consult this forum. Laufen Sie bitte hier. If the speaker is at the position to which you are supposed to run, they would use "hierher" her to the speaker, hin to a different place. In colloquial speech, hin is dying anyway, being replaced by her irrespective of direction. Thanks, I am afraid, I got confused as well.

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German synonyms from geh(e) hinaus to gehe hinaus

Wrzlprmft Chirlu is right. This contradicts the usual directional distinction of her and hin. Example "First go over there, then come back to here! Gehen Sie erst dort hin, und dann kommen Sie hier her! Example "The pendular moves side to side": Das Pendel bewegt sich hin und her. I am not really convinced of the goal position vs direction because as long as one is not there it is actually the same in my opinion. Is is equally correct to say Bitte setzen Sie sich hierher!

From this it should now be clear that it must be Bitte kommen Sie hierher! However, in German Bitte kommen Sie hier!

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The same goes for Ich komme zu Hause. Hin and her are almost never optional and it really sticks out as a MISTAKE if they are missing Setzen can be considered an exception but Germans don't even agree on whether it builds its past with haben or sein so this is no surprise. Here is some background: Just like in time where we have 3 sectors past present future also in place we have 3 possible functions a location can have: Laufen sie bitte hier. This is not marked in any way so tells us to walk AT the given location here rather than TO.

Laufen sie bitte hierher.