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Désirs, amours et autres destins noirs : récits d'une psychiatrie de l'amour

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Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera Lyrics | SongMeanings

British food in Belgium, a taste of home Longing for a bit of British flavour? This guide explains how to get a Belgian SIM card and mobile phone, compare Belgian mobile operators and call a Belgian mobile number. Television and internet providers in Belgium Our guide to choosing television, telephone, mobile and internet providers in Belgium and Exchanging a foreign licence: We will be dusts and blown away but our souls carry on.

Translation Unafraid of where the road may take me We'll see, we'll have to savor Twists and turns, the hollow of your back It will be all right The wind will take them Your transmission to the Big Dipper And the course of the race An instant of soft velvet Even if it's no use The wind will take them Everything fades but The wind will carry us Gentle kisses and machine gun bullets And the wounds which torment us The castles of old days Of yesterday and today The wind will take them Genetics in backpacks Chromosomes in the atmosphere Taxis to the galaxies And what about my magic carpet?

The wind will take it Everything fades but The wind will take it The scent of lost years Things that can come knocking Infinite destinies We pick one and what do we keep?

Translation Here is the best English version I've found: I'm not afraid of the journey We have to see it; we have to taste it The meanders in the small of the back All will be well there The wind will carry us Your message to The Great Bear And course the path takes A moment of softness Even if it's good for nothing, goes The wind will take it away All will disappear but The wind will carry us Caresses and hails of bullets And this wound that tears us apart A palace of other days Of yesterday and tomorrow The wind will carry them Bound by genetics Chromosomes in the atmosphere Taxis for the galaxies And my flying carpet says?

The wind will carry it away All will disappear but The wind will carry us The sweet smell of yester years that might knock at your door An infinity of destinies We suggest one, but can we keep it? The wind will take it away Whilst the tide rises And as we count our dues I take into my hollow shadow Some of your dust The wind carries it All will disappear but The wind will carry us from muzikum. General Comment I love this song.

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My french may not be the best but nothing gets me through the day more than a little noir desir: General Comment i totally have to agree Cette chanson est des plus belles et je ne trouve meme pas mes mots pour raconter toute l'emotion qu'elle me transmet I just love it very very much.

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